A Full Blue Moon, July 31st 2015 – A new Vision of Change and Freedom.

Blue moon

This full moon will occur on 7° 55′ of Aquarius at 10:43 GMT. Why is it blue you might ask. The expression has nothing to do with the color of the moon. It refers to a rare phenomenon of having either four full moons ( commonly there are 3 ) in a season or two full moons in a month ( commonly there is just one ). In this case the latter is true. This occurs every 2,7 years and is regarded rare enough to call it ‘Once in a blue Moon’ 🙂

In astrology, such an occurrence has special meaning as well. Having two full moons in a month i exceptionally potent and indicates a very dynamic and eventful month. With eventful i’m not just  referring to actual worldly events and happenings, but also to the psychological issues and their developments.

A moon cycle last 29 and a half days. This is the period between two consecutive new moons. In many ancient cultures the cycle of the moon had a very important meaning and believed to have a major influence on people’s lives. People arranged the way the planted and  harvested their crops according to the moon calendar. Astrological predictions were made depending on the energies of the full and new moons. Back then, a lunar cycle was believed to have a very important influence on the psyche and physique of human beings. People of ancient cultures thus arranged their lives to be in a positive sync with the monthly passing of the moon.

In astrology nowadays a new moon represents new beginnings, seeds of what might grow and bloom in the future. Full moons represent peaks of growth and development, harvest times. The energies of the new and the full moon in a month are linked.  A process of growth starts with the new moon and is completed with the full moon. Every cycle has a special energy signature and influence. The way we exploit this energy or react to this influence is of our own choosing. Will we plant something precious to us at the beginning of the moon cycle, tend to whatever grows form it through the month, and finally reap and harvest the fruits of our labor? Or will we do nothing, start nothing, and at the end have nothing to reap and sow. The choice is completely ours. The truth is, much of the monthly lunar potential can go to waste when people do not link with the energies that come knocking at their doors. Some lunar influences will effect certain people in a profound way, meaning they will feel them quite distinctively and overwhelmingly. Its wise to take such an influence under great consideration, as the energies imply strongly that a certain action towards personal growth must be taken. If such an influence is a positive one, an optimistic encouragement to ‘move’ to get ahead in certain areas of life is strongly present. If a person chooses to rather enjoy the positive vibe of these energies instead of responding to them more actively, much of the potential can be lost. If the influence is heavy, negative, it suggest a necessary personal change. Again if an individual does not respond to this properly, the end results can be hurtful and traumatic for the individual. As they say, ‘ You reap what you sow’

This moon on Friday the 31st is the second of two full moons in July. The first happened on July 2nd in Capricorn. As with all full moons, the moon forms an opposition with the sun. This time they aspect each other through Aquarius/Leo.

On one hand we have an airy Moon in Aquarius. She represents need for finding emotional security, emotional expression, rootedness and belonging through freedom of spirit, body and mind, through change, ‘revolution’, progress and authenticity. This is the energy of the ‘water carrier’ who seeks to constantly change the way things are, to reshape the world. It represents the affinity for constant progress, freedom and development. It also provides exceptional new insight, perspective on things in life.



On the other hand we have the fiery Sun in Leo. He represents the life force, the energy and desire to create, the ‘want’ to proudly express our unique individuality. This is the energy of Leo that provides us with the vision of our true selves and enriches us with the passion and desire to become the ‘Kings and Queens’ , true masters of our personal potentials. It encourages us to develop into unique human beings and to express our unique individuality openly and proudly.



So, we have an Aquarian Moon and a Leo Sun. An emotional need for personal freedom and space, need for change, movement an insightful breakthrough Vs a passionate vision of our true selves. I would say, no need for saying ‘versus’, this energy can go hand in hand very well indeed! Oppositions tend to seek harmony, to balance opposing energies, to find a middle ground, moderation, a fusion of two different elements into a third entity. This is Temperance, this is what full moons are about. This time we are fusing air and fire. One provides insight in how to be free, how to change and grow, the other, a visionary goal of that change and growth process. If we use and balance this energy well, it can do wonders for us!

People that will feel the influence of this full moon are the ones with personal planets and points between 5 – 10 degrees of the fixed signs ( Leo, Aquarius, Taurus, Scorpio). People, born any year from January 27th – 31st, April 26th – 30th, July 29th – August 2nd, or October 29th – November 2nd, will also be especially receptive to this Full Moon energy.

This full moon stands alone as it does not  form any hard aspects with other transiting planets. This means its energy is very potent and focused, however, it is occurring at a very specific time.  We have entered the period of retrograde Venus, which forms a powerful square with Saturn. Jupiter is joining this square as he is forming a conjunction with the Venus. A very turbulent time of growth, restrictions, frustrations, hard work and effort in matters ruled by Venus. I will not discuss the details of this Venus retrograde at this point, so if you want to learn more about Venus and her journey this summer, you can read the article i wrote specifically about this astrological influence.


As said, this full moon is happening at quite an eventful time. It also has an interesting linkage with the new moon that occurred on July 16th in Cancer. This Cancer new moon expressed great need and desire for emotional fulfillment of any kind, the desire to belong, to care, to nurture, to be cared for and to be nurtured. This influence heralded a time of retrograde Venus, emphasizing that how we love and what and whom we love, will be of an exceptional importance throughout this summer.  The upcoming Aquarius moon offers great insight directly in these matters of love, relationships, personal values. What are the things, people, activities, projects, careers, life paths we like, love or would sure like to love? 🙂 How can we express ourselves freely in these matters? Here are a few questions you might want to ask yourself during this lunation;

How do I need to change and what do I need to change about myself  in order to freely express my true personal potential? 

How do i become someone i would really like and love to become?

How do I become a unique individual who is not afraid to express his true self, his true emotions, feelings, values?

What is my true vision of self, what is my true potential? What would i like it to be?

What can i do different this time not to repeat old patterns, what can i do to change and to become someone i was destined to become?

How do i need to start behaving and expressing myself  in my relationships, so that it would serve a greater vision of myself?

How do i become free and true to myself, not to be restricted by other people’s opinions and judgments?

What are my true values, how do i build my life upon these values?

This full moon in Aquarius offers you a precious insight in how to change your life, how to be free in openly expressing your inner self, how to make progress from a standstill.  You can start your own personal revolution if you want. The Sun illuminates the way towards greater self expression and self realization. Do not be afraid to take a chance and try to become the person you feel you are on the inside. Don’t be afraid to be proud about it. Let the Moon show you the way you can become this person, let her , so she can help you make this breakthrough. You can become this person, by taking up on some project,  you are thinking about taking on for a long time. You can become this person by starting activities, hobbies that reflect your true self. You can become this person, by choosing to be with the people you really love, with the people who help you become you. You can become this person by choosing to follow a career or life path you love no matter how weird, unconventional it may be. You can become this person by doing the stuff you like, love and value. You can become this person by taking on any goal that will make you feel free, that will allow you to express the unique core of your own being.

Do it, free your spirit, your body and mind, become that person!


Journey of Venus begins

Tonight, Venus starts her retrograde journey back into Leo. The moon has just entered Scorpio and she will make sure this weekend  will be full of emotional roller coasters. The 1st quarter moon joins the Venus/Saturn square on Sunday and that might bring some quite heavy emotional burdens, especially, feelings of loneliness, separation, desire and need to belong and to be loved. Jealousy, anger and emotional hurt are not excluded as well.

This moon brings also a heightened sense of intuition. Use this energy for introspection as the powerful Scorpio energy will allow for some serious probing of the soul. This energy will be most intensely felt by Scorpios, Leos, Taureans, Aquarians and people with important points around 26° – 29° of above listed fixed signs.

Observe closely which personal themes, problems or situations in your life will come to the fore at the beginning of this Venus retrograde. This will be the energy you will be dealing with until the beginning of September.

Soul Searching

Venus retrograde, July 25th – September 6th – A little add on :)

As i wrote extensively about the upcoming Venus retrograde influence on relationships in the previous article, i forgot to mention that Venus is not just about relating to others. For many people this retrograde might not be so much about conflicts on the outside but more about difficult times within themselves on the inside.

Venus represents our concept of beauty, our values. Wherever our Venus is placed it describes what we like and love in general. It’s about things, activities, work and projects we like or love to do, just as much its about people we like or love to be with. This said, the upcoming retrograde might just as well be a very difficult internal struggle, where we might reconsider and reevaluate our way we love to self express. Of course, this struggle within might just as well spread out to cause difficulties and conflicts within our relationships as well. Life paths or careers we would like to pursue might prove not to be as good for us as we initially thought, or our goals we desire to reach so much, prove to be very difficult to attain and will require a lot of additional effort, work, perseverance and discipline to achieve. This will be a big blow to self worth and self esteem for many people, but again the solution is to hang in there, be patient and keep the right goals in focus. Projects, activities, hobbies we have great affinity for, might prove to be more difficult to enjoy during this cycle.

Saturn might dampen our desire and love to self express, as much in daily activities, as with the people we love. That however will be a good thing. It will surely provide us with a very realistic viewpoint where we are in our lives. Where were we delusional, unrealistic in our expectations, desires and wishes? It will be an important reality check, offering us the opportunity to see how do we truly love to express ourselves in this world. It will be an opportunity to realize what our true values, desires and passions are, and with hard work and effort, we will set ourselves on the right life path we were destined to take.

Venus Retrograde July 25th – September 6.9. ;Drama, Karma and learning how to love in the Ordinary world

Hello dear readers, as i mentioned in a shorter facebook post, there are some quite difficult times ahead as we will face the 2015 Venus retrograde cycle. I promised you an article where i will explain the energies and works of this upcoming phenomena in more detail and, here it is. 🙂 Before we get down to analyzing the aspects i guess i should write some sort of disclaimer first. 🙂 It is important to understand that transitory astrological aspects do not affect all people in the same way. Some feel them quite intensely, others leave certain astrological periods without a scratch. Some profit from them some do not. It all depends on the individual natal charts. If the transits affect the chart noticeably, the individual will definitely feel their influence. If they don’t connect to the natal chart, the individual will be more or less unaffected by the transits. This venus retrograde will be no exception. You might ask yourself now, ‘Will i be affected?’To answer that question i’m listing the groups of people that will potentially feel this retrograde the most. However, figuring out if you belong to any of these astrological groups requires you to have some basic astrological knowledge and requires you to understand the layout of your own natal chart. If you don’t have that you should at least know in which zodiac sign you were born. 🙂 This Venus retrograde will affect mostly people who have important planets and points, or were born between 0° of mutable signs (Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo, Pisces) and 14° of fixed signs (Leo, Scorpio, Taurus, Aquarius). Among these groups of people Venus retrograde will most intensely affect Leos and Scorpios or people with strong Scorpio or Leo traits. Secondly, Taureans and Aquarians will be affected profoundly as well. Here are also the important dates to look out for. Venus has entered the shadow zone of the retrograde cycle on June 21st and that was the time when the first themes of whats coming during its retrograde appeared. Next important dates will be: July 24th, 25th and 26th as Venus goes retrograde. Watch out for the high point of retrograde cycle in the beginning of August, dates between 4th till 8th of August. Another important date will be September 6th as Venus goes direct again. Expect the issues of this retrograde period endure well into the beginning of October as the Venus finally leaves the shadow zone and the process will be complete. This said we can get down to some detailed work. 🙂 Venus retrograde period is a cycle that repeats itself every 18 months. We could say its rare enogh to have an impact. 🙂 When venus is retrograde, she moves backwards in the sky. It is an apparent movement as seen by a beholder on Earth. In astrology, retrograde periods are a time when the energy of the planet shifts and begins to behave differently. It is a time of reflection, reevaluation, time to make or do things differently, time to experiment and try new and different approaches. It is not a very stable period but that is exactly the point. With venus retrograde we reevaluate our relationships, values, financial situations, desires, the way we love, appreciate and value in general. It might be quite a turbulent time as we learn, experience new aspects of love, accept new values or upgrade existing ones. We could say that the way we love or the way we are loved is put to the test. Whatever the result it helps us understand what works for us and what doesn’t in the matters ruled by venus. The upcoming Venus retrograde will be exceptionally powerful, as said in the title it will be very dramatic and karmic. Venus goes retrograde on July 25th in Virgo and returns to Leo where it will spend most of its retrograde period. Venus in Leo is already a very powerful and potentially explosive combination. On her journey Venus will clash with Saturn in Scorpio and receive a boost from Jupiter in Leo. This is indication of some quite frustrating, dramatic and karmic complications and conflicts regarding relationships of all kinds. Venus in Leo is extremely proud, can be very loving, playful, passionate and generous, a little self centered but charming nonetheless. However, she can also be an exceptional drama queen, especially when stirred by aspects such as Jupiter, the planet that boosts, grows and expands whatever it touches. The desire for love, acceptance, affection when these two conjunct will go through the roof. We are talking of some seriously passionate desire to express yourself wholeheartedly as a loving individual. The desire to be accepted, valued and loved passionately and wholeheartedly in return will also be there of course. Feeling excessively proud with highly sensitive egos will make some vulnerable even to the tiny hurts of the heart and that will create the drama queen effect. 🙂 This process of expression and expectation of love, generosity, acceptance will be blocked and restrained profoundly by the greatest party pooper in astrology, Saturn. 🙂 The energy of this planet is of a very karmic nature. We do not call him ‘father time’ or ‘the great teacher’ for no reason. Saturn’s influence is that of restraint, slowdown, blockage. What Saturn does is basically a reality check. When something doesn’t work properly in our lives, Saturn will make us become aware of that. When something should be working better than it is but we don’t do anything about it, Saturn will make sure we do. Saturn is a guide to success and personal accomplishment, but his way is a way of hard effort, discipline and patience. It is a very structured and pragmatic energy, that teaches us how to function in our everyday lives successfully. This energy is the builder of great character, but it will take its time to get there. World wonders were not built over night. Saturn transits can affect us in various ways, but there are a few common themes. When Saturn affects an area of our life it will slow down the progress we make there significantly. Whether we are moving towards something that is good for us or whether we are fixing something long overdue, we will need to invest a lot of hard work, patience and discipline to get there or to fix it. Saturn in its negative influence is known to boost self criticism and reduce self confidence, especially in Scorpio. Failure is experienced much more negatively and hope is sometimes reduced significantly. Positively Saturn teaches us to work hard for what is good and right for us. It builds our confidence over time and strengthens us. If we follow the path Saturn lays out in front of us we can achieve life lasting success in any kind of situation and in all matters of life. During this Venus retrograde, Saturn is returning in Scorpio for a couple of months. What did he forget there? A good question, especially because he is connecting in a square with transiting Venus since July 13th. They will square each other for almost three weeks! Venus/Saturn square can be a very difficult aspect. Expression of love will be much more difficult, problems within existing relationships will become apparent, a sort of a reality check in any kind of partnerships. Relationships only forming will have a difficult time getting there, a blockage, obstacle of some kind will appear, emotional or physical in nature. Relationships might become hard work and effort. Will we invest ourselves in our partnerships or will we realize there is nothing more worth to work for. Venus/Saturn combination will reveal whom we truly love, value, appreciate, who is truly right for us, and vice versa, who is not. Still a decision and process to establish, create or break a relationship will be quite difficult and frustrating. The lack of love, general cooldown of feelings and separations are general themes of this aspect. It sounds horrible, but it might do some real wonders for us as we realize exactly how we relate to people, how we value, appreciate things and people. Do we do it in a right or wrong way. We will also realize how others relate to us, how they love, value and appreciate us. We will keep the right people and cast out the wrong. As Saturn often works as a separative influence in relationships, it is also the glue of the relationships. People that are right for one another will feel the need to connect nonetheless and will do so despite all the difficulties. Saturn will also bring back to life broken, old and forgotten relationships if there are some karmic issues that need to be resolved. Simply put, if people are meant to be together, or if they need to resolve something important together Saturn/Venus square will make sure they come together and stay together for as long it needs be. In the beginning of August Venus/Saturn square will be joined by another player, Jupiter. Jupiter and Venus conjunction will not respond very well to the restrictive influence of Saturn. Emotional upsets, conflicts, emotional outbursts, emotional drama, fights and arguments are quite probable. Venus/Jupiter want passion, love, generosity and want to give all of these, here, now and all over the place. Saturn in Scoprio, making us feel intensely needy, passionate but also very afraid of rejection with low self esteem and self criticism, wont give us the opportunity to express ourselves that easily. This can lead to one hell of a buum. 🙂 We are also talking about fixed signs, whose energies are very hard to move or change. They are the most stubborn of all the signs. Emotionally intense but restrained, slow paced, mentally analytical, and rigid Saturn in Scorpio will inflame, the proud, loving, playful, ready to give and at the same time ready to accept Venus/Jupiter in Leo. Again put simply this Karma will go hand in hand with some serious Drama. The key of handling this Venus retrograde cycle is patience and the willingness to work hard. Venus and Jupiter will provide the desire and passion for love, Saturn will direct us in the right direction. It is important that we realize who is worthy of our love, affection, our company and our cooperation. It is also important to question ourselves if we are truly worthy of the love, respect, acceptance and value of others. How do we behave in our relationships and partnerships? Do we deserve the people in our lives? Observe yourself as this cycle will show you how you truly relate, love and value. How does that work for you in reality? Are you happy? Do you feel loved, accepted, do you truly express your self in matters of love? Are you fair towards others, do you cooperate they way you should with others? Do you value the right things, the right people? Do you love the people as they deserve it? Do people value, love, respect and accept you as they should? These are some of the questions that will be raised during this retrograde, read them carefully as they will be soon at the tip of your tongue.:) Remember, this will be a difficult time, especially for the people mentioned above. It is important that we become aware where the Saturn is pointing at. What doesn’t work in our relationships, what is broken in our relationships, what are we doing wrong, what are we afraid of, what frustrates us, how do we need to change ourselves and what do we need to change in our realtionships. Be very vigilant as these themes will open up, observe closely and act properly and responsibly. Love is not just a matter of our fantasy infatuations and dreams, it is a vital part of a our real world, our everyday life. This Venus retrograde will make us realize that we need to take responsibility for the way we love and value. It will make us realize that true passion and generosity is reserved for the people and relationships that truly deserve it. This retrograde will help us overcome obstacles, make changes, and give us courage to invest our time and energy in true and meaningful relations. It will upgrade and enrich our value system and most importantly, it will bring us closer to learning just how to love passionately, truly and openly in this Ordinary world. 🙂