Weekly prediction, October 26th – November 1st – Completion Act


This week is dominated by the Full moon in Taurus, taking place this Tuesday on the 27th. As i explained in previous posts, this moon will be about completing a cycle, and she will also signify the end of this adjustment, healing period that started in early September. The Full Moons are by their nature the high point of the lunar cycle when we reap what we sowed, when things come into fruition. Seeds that were planted with the New Moon two weeks ago have now grown into whatever we wanted them or let them to grow, and now its time for harvest.

As with all moons, catching the right balance between the energies of the sun and the moon is important. As they oppose each other during this lunar phase, it means we need to merge two very opposite yet complementary energies. So, whats the idea with this Full Moon?

We need to merge energies of Taurus and Scorpio.  Its about trying to find peace, comfort, sensual pleasure and material and emotional security while starting anew, fresh, reigniting old or flaming up new passions of living. It is an emotionally very intense and sensual moon, and it will influence our ability to satisfy our desires and passions. As Taurus/Scorpio axis also rules dependency, codependency issues,  and also issues of self worth, values, resource management, this moon will hit our relationship sector  as well as our finances, assets and our value systems.  How do we share what we have? Do we give or withhold what we posses? Are we in position to give or do we need someone else’s support? How do we manage our resources, how do we earn money, how do we seek and implement security into our lives? Do we owe people something, are we in some kind of debt? Are we independent or codependent? These are some of the questions that will be raised during this Full Moon. Sharing, giving or receiving doesn’t just have to do with money or material resources alone. It can be about any kind of resource we posses and place worth upon, material or non material.

This Moon boosts our need to seek stability, peace, security and comfort in our lives. Its about finding personal strength, and the feeling of self worth and self sustainability. The need for material security and a comfortable life is emphasized too. With the Sun in Scorpio we desire change, transformation and that desire has become a part of our conscious mental process, something we know we want, we need. To find lost passions and the true joys of living once again is what this is all about. The Scorpio is about letting go, about letting things that serve us no more to die, but it is also, now more than ever, a rebirth, a clean new slate, a fresh beginning. The intense energy of Scorpio with the ability to destroy, annihilate, also has the capacity to create. By doing so, this energy completes a cycle and begins creating something new. That is the true purpose of this Full Moon. Realizing that ending is actually a new beginning is the true message. ‘Adjustment’ was the driving force of the previous months, as we re-balanced, and re-harmonized ourselves, but now is the time to step out of the fire completely reborn, purged, just like the phoenix out of the ashes. Rediscovered or new desires and passions should drive us to find that peace, stability in our lives. To find that self confidence and personal strength. The Moon’s influence is also about realizing what we have, what and whom we value in life. This brings us to the question how do we share ourselves. The important Venus Retrograde cycle has taught us an important lesson in regards to love and relationship sharing. We need to implement those new lessons in order to change our ways of giving and taking in our relations with others. It is the completion act following the Libra/Aries balancing act. Libra/Aries energy initiated processes of fairness, justice, balance, Taurus/Scorpio energy completes these processes, as people finally share what needs to be shared, they pay their debts or withhold their resources as they realize they are being taken advantage of. Unhealthy codependency issues will be resolved for good, obsessive behavioral patterns will be rechecked and finally dealt with.

Sharing what is ours with the people we love is important, providing and receiving security, support for and from the people we care about is paramount! Cutting away the leechers and vampires is imperative! Sharing, merging and supporting in a healthy, balanced way is how you do it under the influence of this Moon. Its also important to remember that sharing and giving is done only if we feel strong and confident enough to do it, having an excess of resources and energies to give to others. If you do not feel strong enough to give, than don’t, as you will drain yourself even more instead of trying to take care of yourself and trying to find your own strong personal center again.

Stating once more, this Completion act, this sharing, establishing true self worth, finding new personal strength can be performed through the medium of material and also non material spheres. It can be about money, material assets, material fortunes or it can be about anything else that people share with each other like love, compassion or sex for instance.

Anyhow, this Moon is the Completion act. Its when we realize what we have and what more we need to build, to acquire. Its when we realize what we need to share, and what we need to give, and of course….we finally do all these things up above! Self worth, self confidence, independence and personal strength are the keywords that come first. Sharing, giving and merging are the keywords that come second! 🙂 This is how we know what is in our capability and in our power to give and share and what is definitely not. 🙂

Have a nice week! 😉


Weekly prediction October 19th – October 25th. Adjustment, the balance between death and the new life.

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This weekend was mostly influenced by the ever wise, expanding and social Sagittarius moon. The square aspect she formed with Mars and Jupiter in Virgo on Saturday the 17th really boosted our emotional perception, and our emotional responses. It was generally a very positive influence, favoring and encouraging any kind of social interaction, making new friends, meeting and communicating with people. Travel was favored (mostly short trips), as was participation in any kind of activities that offer spiritual knowledge and contribute to our personal self awareness. This Moon, Mars and Jupiter square also expanded our awareness in regard to our state of emotional security, our needs. This  either had a positive or negative result. Positive and less harmful response to our emotional well being would have resulted in overindulgence. However, if we are feeling a bit under the weather lately, or worse, if we feel depressed, or just generally unhappy, than this influence could have brought a very intense emotional awareness of our past emotional scars, wounds and fears. Whatever the influence of this weekend’s aspect was, good or bad, its role was to bring greater understanding and awareness into our lives, giving us the chance to see the greater picture, to acquire new vision and to gain knowledge in how to properly grow and expand towards our personal fulfillment.

With this Virgo/Sagittarius insight we enter this new week. A week that will mark the passage of the Sun between Libra and Scorpio, starting something new, and than making it through the finish line. With the initiation of the balancing act last week with the New Moon on October 12th, we finally decided to actively seek balance and harmony in our lives. It is true, that this lunation is heavily hindered by Uranus who on one side encourages us to try something new, to aspire towards change and yet constantly disrupts our lives, making this balancing act a really difficult thing to achieve. And yet, Libra is about initiation, as all Cardinal signs are. Therefore we must strive towards making those right decisions, we need to restore balance where there is none, we need to act fairly, justly and we need to compromise. All this in the light of a new exciting change. The change comes in the form of rebirth. This is the dominion of Scorpio. As all Cardinal signs are followed by a fixed sign such as Scorpio, this fixed energy is about completion. Its about bringing something to its fulfillment, and with Scorpio its also about allowing something new to be born, for something new and completely different to rise from the ashes. Creating, molding and completing our new selves, Scorpio will offer us a chance to purge ourselves and rise transformed, ready to passionately engage in life to passionately and purely pursue our desires, to love, to express from our core being, without those pesky, hindering fears and self destructing behaviors. To do that we must first complete the Libra ‘job’. Achieving the new karmic balance and harmony in our lives is the only ticket  to harnessing this transforming Scorpio energy. Balance anything that needs and screams for balance and stop controlling issues in your life you have no control over. Do not try to seek balance through false control. You will find harmony and peace by letting go, allowing the controlling part of yourself to die, thus enabling what ever is hidden, suppressed, denied, to emerge and flourish. I cannot express the importance of this enough.  The first square Moon will emphasize this transition as the sun enters in Scorpio at the end of the next week, This will be the week when the first seedlings of the New Moon emerge above ground. The energy of this first major lunar phase will be about facing our first challenges of this Libra balancing act and it will encourage us to move forward. Towards what? Well, towards the Full Moon In Taurus/Scorpio on October 27th, towards completion of this October Lunar cycle and towards the completion of the first step of our new and bold journey. What sense of completion will the end of the month carry for you? What will be your new form of expression? How will you achieve the fulfillment and rebirth of the Taurus/Scorpio energy? How will you acieve the true control and power over your life through stability and strength? You start deciding this week!

Important dates:

October 20th – First square moon in Capricorn squaring Sun in Libra; disciplined hard work and effort in order to achieve the first results of the ‘balancing act’. Challenging time, demanding patience and prudent emotional expression to achieve compromising deals, arrangements. Be cautious of letting the mind to rule emotions to much. Too much emotional isolation and distancing is also not advisable. Use the mind to balance and structure emotions in order to learn to express them more effectively. Strive for structure and balance, but do not sacrifice the profundity of emotional expression thus hindering emotional awareness.

October 23th – Sun moves to Scorpio; the start of the completion cycle, molding of the ‘new self’, the new form of expression begins to emerge.

October 24th – Mercury leaves the shadow zone squaring Pluto in Capricorn; additional and final transformative information, knowledge and insight as how to balance yourself even further. Good for starting new ways of communicating with people, for putting new ideas into practice. Changed and altered thinking patterns, more attuned with the goal of greater personal and social balance and fairness. Avoid verbal conflicts and break free from power struggles with others, especially the need to be right all the time, to maintain control for all costs.

Weekly prediction, October 12th – 18th, The Amazing Balancing Act


So, if the past weeks were all about harmony, balance, fairness and how do we attain these things in our lives, guess what, with the New Moon on Monday the 12th this week is going to deal with all mighty Libra too. 😉 However as i mentioned in my last week prediction, this moon is going to be about implementing our choices and decisions in our daily lives. Its not just about searching and finding the balance anymore its not just about figuring out what balance means to us in general, its about finally seeing whats fair whats unfair, what is just and what is unjust, its time to start with the balancing act.

And what the hell does that even mean, you’re going to say. Well it means just that, start balancing and harmonizing your life actively, expel or moderate the conflicts, extremes that exist in your life, start ‘living’ your decisions, do the right thing for yourself, the weighing is over.

We know Libra is all about finding that perfect balance in our lives especially in our relationships. We know this sign is all about being fair, being cooperative, essentially its about recognizing, respecting ‘the others’ in our lives. More importantly it is also about recognizing the differences, dualities, conflicts, even extremes within ourselves, and finding this balance and harmony within. This is exactly what we have been doing for the last three weeks. With the Mercury going retrograde in Libra, with the Sun being there as well, illumination and reflection was brought to areas of our lives that needed this Libra touch the most. Whether it was about our hurtful or pleasant past, future careers, jobs, our daily obligations, our personal, business relationships, our health issues, our sex lives, our families, our hobbies, activities, whatever we were dealing with during these past weeks more than ever involved cooperation with others and thus definitely needed this Libra touch. Mercury helped us to gain new perspectives, helped us to learn more about balancing ourselves, brought us new ideas and presented us with many choices, and decisions. The Sun made us aware of how we can individually express ourselves in a harmonious way with others and ourselves, it brought new understanding of fairness, justice, balance to our conscious minds.

With this New moon in Libra starting at the beginning of the week we can finally plant the seeds of our new, reformed and balanced vision of ourselves. If you still don’t know how to decide on how you want to deal with the world around you, if you’re still pondering on your choices, you better expedite that, because this New moon favors the bold and disrupts the confused.

The New moon this Monday makes one hell of a opposition to transiting Uranus. This is the planet of chaos, freedom, constant change, progress. Its influence is known to bring unexpected, sudden and disrupting events and developments in our lives. Things start very quickly and  are also prone to end very quickly with this planet. Whenever Uranus is making a long term transit to an important point or planet in your chart, expect some very hectic and erratic lifestyle in the area of life which this personal planet of yours in connected to. So getting back to our New Moon this week. Its the first New moon after the Solar eclipse in September which makes it important. Uranus however, is going to make it even more important. Its going to be either really exciting for some of us, or pretty damn disrupting for the rest. Why is that? Well we know Libra, where the moon is going to conjunct the Sun this Monday the 12th, is about peace and harmony. This is something Uranus has very little respect for. It will be a general challenge to find balance with the hectic influence of  Uranus. However, this will also bring new interesting development in many areas of or lives we were struggling with or just plainly dealing with more than usual for the past few weeks.

This New Moon is great for new, bold and fresh beginnings in almost all areas of our lives. Most of the things we will initiate however will have to do with other people and will demand that we  successfully perform our balancing act. Its all about putting yourself truly out there in a exciting new way and try to stand your ground while you recognize and accept other people standing their ground. I said this Moon favors the bold as it encourages us to do something different, perhaps terrifying, to start balancing ourselves in a new radical way. Of course its a challenge, but the desire to step out, to break free is helping us out. The Uranus in Aries is also all about impulsiveness, taking initiative, taking charge. You have to make sure you wont make hasty decisions, you wont act to rashly and do something stupid. But if you now realize what needs to be done to finally change and balance things in your life than by all means do not be afraid, and go for it. Live out this new and exciting transformation.

I also said that this moon will disrupt the confused and the undecided. It is true. If you know and feel a change is a necessity in your life but you still feel like not making that important decision, being stuck in all these old patterns you would rather weigh in your mind than balance yourself in the real life…well, than this moon might bring disruptive influence. Unexpected developments, events that will put you in a chaotic position where you will have to respond one way or the other, might occur. In haste, such people might suddenly decide to act rashly, being caught all unprepared and that. Believe me, you would rather face the restlessness that Uranus brings with a determined and with a self aware spirit than with a confused and wavering heart.

Old themes, issues and stories that no longer serve our true purpose have no place here with this New Moon. If we reconnect with our past, it has to be something that is worth to be renewed, re balanced, resurrected. Some issues will definitely have this karmic ring to it, yelling out: ” Fix this, before you move on” Justice, fairness will most likely play a part with these past things. If we hadn’t done the right thing by now, the time has come to finally put things the way they should be. Balancing the past and bringing justice to certain old issues before we move on is therefore also important. On the other hand, we had enough time to think during these past weeks to realize whom and what we truly value, love and care for in this life, and we had enough time to decide if our past is something we want to include in this new balanced way of living we chose or if its time to move on.

New activities, projects, hobbies, jobs, career choices, new or renewed relationships of all kinds have a green light. Go for something and someone that helps you find this sense of harmony, balance and most importantly, peace. Go for someone or something that gives you sense of new and challenging excitement. The Uranus helps us to break free from old patterns and our comfort zones. It encourages our spirit to try new things, to renew things. Together with the New Moon it should give a vision of a new future to those who are ready to perform the balancing act, who are ready to find a way to bring harmony and peace to their hearts, and bring balance, fairness and cooperation to their social environment.

It is time to cut the ties to those unhealthy, unfair, unbalanced attachments. Get loose from these devilish chains. With this New Moon we need to find and get the respect back, for ourselves and for others. We need to achieve cooperation, equality in relationships that matter to us and balance them out until we get it right. We need to be fair with others and ourselves. We need to find peace and harmony in our hearts and minds. And, most importantly, we have to find new, different ways to achieve all of these things. We have to do something we have never done before, something that will give us the feeling that we finally broke free.

Weekly prediction, Ocober 5th – 11th – Sheding light


Hello everybody,

this week’s planetary energies just might give us that final insight in order to make some also final conclusions and decisions about certain issues in our lives. The past months have troubled the seas of our hearts and souls quite extensively. The time to finally find balance and harmony again is now. This is also the time to start anew, to turn a new leaf, to rebuild, to finally abandon and leave behind. So what to do, how to decide?

Venus will cross its retrograde point on October the 9th this week, thus leaving the shadow zone. This means that her retrograde cycle will be finally over. If there are certain issues about relationships, our values, finances, our talents, that were left unanswered, that were left unattended, well this week might give us the closures and shed enough light for us to see the true colours of things. 🙂  We will finally see where we stand in our relationships with other people, we might finally realize which people are good for us and which are definitely not. Which relationships and bonds do we try to rebuild, renew, and which do we abandon. Realizing whom, what we love and place worth upon, realizing how and if our values have changed will also be apparent. Issues concerning our financial situations, our material assets and resources might reach conclusions. Do we need to take better care how we spend, how we invest, do we finally make an important investment, purchase. Have we finally achieved that comfort and financial security and stability in our lives? Have we become poorer than before, did we lose that stability? Why is that so? Figure it out! Venus is also about self worth coming from the feeling of strength of being an independent self sustainable person. Realizing how we truly stand here will also be the theme of the current week. Are we that person, or not. What needs to be done to become that person. The conclusion of this Venus retrograde cycle might also bring certain awareness of some artistic talents we never knew we had, as Venus does rule the arts. These gifts usually have to do with the expression of the body as Venus rules the physical, sensual sphere. This can be singing, dancing, painting, drawing, anything that we use our bodies or better put, our senses to express. Finally, realizing we want to express these gifts more often and more frequently so is also an option. Deciding to take a class to further develop our talents might also be the choice of this week. Use these gifts to build up your self worth and self confidence. 🙂

It just happens to be, that Mercury retrograde will go stationary direct this week, more accurately, on October 9th. Hey, that’s the same day as Venus. 😉 It will stay stationary direct for a couple of days and in that time its energy will be strongest and also most chaotic. Classic rules of prudence and vigilance during each Mercury retrograde apply this week more than ever. Watch out when you sign contracts, be careful with any kind of trade deals, hasty travel decisions, or just making hasty decisions in general. Mercury retrograde is about reflection, reconsideration. We think, communicate differently, because this brings refreshing new perspective in our lives. However because our thought process is a bit different during this cycle we also need to be more careful how we respond to the outer world and how we act upon our new ideas. During this Libra retrograde we weigh and think more than ever before. The key is to get a fresh and new vision of what harmony, balance and fairness mean to us. The key is to make a personal decision that is most fair, balanced and in tune with others and ourselves. The key is to come up with the best option how to solve certain issues in our relationships or any other areas in our lives that need rebalancing. Once again, because of the Venus ending her retrograde cycle as well, emphasis will be on relationships.

The echoes of this wild, impulsive, creative and assertive full moon on September 28th are still present. Which path did the moon lit up for us with its blood rays? 🙂 Where do our personal desires, goals and ambitions draw us? This is the week to decide, to make a choice, as with the New moon in Libra on October 12th, we start something excitingly new. 😉 This is the time when the decisions are made, so that we might plant the new seed of harmony  and let the true balancing act begin. Not just in our minds and hearts but out there in the open 🙂

Take care and have a nice week!