Weekly prediction, 30.11. – 6.12. Visions vs reality



Monday 30th – Tuesday 1st

Moon in Leo

We’re starting this week with a fiery moon in Leo, the Sign of kings. With this position, the need for greater social recognition, popularity and acceptance is heightened.  The desire for dominance, to be in a leadership position, to take charge will also be felt by some. The need for greater self expression, creativity and the desire to present one self as a unique individual and to be accepted and recognized as such will also be one of the main themes during these few days. We must also not forget one of the most positive things about Leo Moon and that is the desire to be generous, to give, to be motherly nurturing, but of course in a more ‘I know whats best for you’ kinda way. Share yourself and your energy with the people, but do not smother them with it. As we’re also dealing with a lot of emotional subconscious energy of the Moon, try to avoid certain Leo themed drama queen outbursts when things will not go your way. Once again, most importantly, go and show the world that you are special, one of a kind human being as that will fulfill your need for emotional security  and stability.

This transit affects Leos foremost, than Scorpios, Aquarians, Taureans and people with strong traits in these signs.


Sun conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius and square Neptune in Pisces

Here we have another fiery combination, with a drop of water. The source of our life’s energy, the Sun, conjoins with practical, structured and prudent energy of the Saturn, the Father time, and bumps heads with a more dreamy, intuitive and confused emotional energy of Neptune. Its time to think big, to see out of the box, to dream and fantasize, but still make  solid plans for the future. Our desire for self expression should be channeled in creating structured visions of our desired personal development and assertion in all our areas of life. During this transit we should try to see past the obscuring veils of Neptune, to truly recognize where we are at this point in our lives and where we are headed. If some fantasies collapse or we realize we were deluding ourselves, its time to come terms with it, to gain greater perspective and to think in the sense of moving forward with a more prudent realistic approach. If there is a lack of creativity in your life than use the energy of Neptune to dream a little, to come up with new desired ways of expressing yourself. Perhaps in a more artistic manner? Recognize your fantasies and visions, but don’t just dream, give them form make them real!

This aspect will mostly affect Pisces, Virgos, Sagittarians and Geminis and people with strong traits in these signs.


Wednesday 2nd – Friday 4th

Last Moon square phase in Virgo

With the Moon in Virgo the need for daily routine, order and structured daily rhythm is expressed more than on other days. We will be feeling the desire to be more practical, rational, and to apply our skills and abilities in more practical ways. The need to work harder and to be of use and service to ourselves and others will be an important emotional drive. Organizational skills will be boosted and improved and that might come handy, because during this Moon phase, there will be an increase in our daily duties and obligations. We might have more work on our hands than usual. Watch out for ‘working too hard’ related stress issues, try not to get too upset over little things, don’t become too analytical, paying too much attention to detail. Try to balance things in ways that you will recognize all the small parts and pieces and how they form a greater image of things.

This transit will be mostly felt by Virgos, Sagittarians, Pisces, Geminis and people with strong traits in these signs.


Mercury in Sagittarius square Jupiter in Virgo

With this transit our mental capacity, writing, talking, thinking and communicating will be boosted and than some. There will be an abundance  of activity in forming new ideas, discovering new interests and making plans for the future. Communication is favorably affected with this transit as are all kinds of social gatherings and social interactions. The desire for acquiring new knowledge , experience, through travel, higher education is possible. Making short or even long distance trips and travels is also possible. Watch out for too much mental activity which might result in overloading your minds making it difficult to focus on a particular thing, subject or task and at the same time losing greater perspective. Don’t take in more than you can process as you won’t be able to handle it, even though you might think you can. Feeling of omnipotence is a possible downside of this transit. But on the more positive side, your mind will be quite on the go during these few days.

This aspect will once affect Pisces, Vrigos, Sagittarians and Geminis the most. It will also be felt by people with strong traits in these signs.


Saturday 5th – Sunday 6th

Venus moves to Scorpio

Venus is leaving Libra this Saturday, and thus upholding values of diplomacy, balance, fairness and harmony in our relationships will now be replaced by our desire for a more emotionally intense and deepened involvement with significant others. Profound intimate bonding with the people close to us will be favored in the month of December. We will feel the need to share and to connect with people we love in many ways of the heart. We will however demand  loyalty and the same amount of intimate sharing from others. Scorpio is an emotionally  very sensitive and intense sign, so some emotional roller coasters in relationships are unavoidable. Its important that we recognize which people we can really trust and form a sincere and strong emotional bond with. These will be are greatest values that we will uphold ourselves and seek in others during the month of December. Watch for the downsides of this transit such as increased jealousy, obsessive behaviors and patterns. Do not try to overly exert personal power in your relationships . As that might bring you the sense of greater control over your life situations and the people you relate with, it will be a false feeling of security. What might really happen is that you will drive people you love away from you, or you will create exactly the kind of conflict you were trying to prevent or to avoid.

This transit will affect Scorpios the most, other fixed signs ( Leo, Aquarius, Taurus) will feel it too. It will be also felt by people with strong traits in these signs.


Moon in Libra opposing Uranus.

During the weekend the Moon enters Libra and opposes Uranus in Aries. This is once again a rather unstable and unbalanced time, where peace and harmony will be a difficult thing to achieve. With the Moon you will feel the need to be a pacifist, to minimize conflict with others, to balance yourself on the inside and on the outside. Uranus however will complicate things quite a bit bringing unpredictable events, conflicts and developments into your life or creating a general unrest within your heart. It will be difficult to find balance between greater freedom and commitment in our relationships. Figuring out what is the fair and right thing to do will be difficult and emotionally challenging. The feeling of being deprived of some justice, especially if you feel you were treated unjustly and unfairly, might occur. Having to restore balance within all by yourself under such circumstances will also be a challenge.

This aspect will affect Libras and Arians the most, but it will be felt by other Cardinal signs ( Cancer, Capricorn) and people with strong traits in these signs as well.


Weekly prediction, 23.11. – 29.11. The Magician



This week’s planetary energy favors unpredictability of events, change in life’s situations, haste in actions, connectivity, assertion, and communication in relationships.


Monday 23rd

Uranus opposition Venus

We’re starting this week with Uranus opposition Venus on this Monday the 23rd. A rather unstable and unpredictable aspect creating a lot of erratic and hectic energy which can produce unexpected developments and events in our relationships with other people or unexpected, erratic impulsive psychological processes within ourselves. This can be either an exciting time with pleasant surprises or quite the opposite, a time of unfavorable sudden complications and conflicts. The main issue today is how to achieve personal freedom, peace and stability when dealing with others  and when dealing with our selves. Uranus in Aries can be very impulsive and at moments difficult to balance with the Libra Venus. It will either bring a little bit of chaos, disorder and surprises in our daily routine or we will be feeling a bit more jumpy, nervous and impulsive, finding it difficult to find peace and stability throughout this day. This is even more true when our emotional responses are also fueled by the active, assertive and bold energy since today’s Moon is also in Aries. The influence of this aspect will be felt until Wednesday the 25th, so expect the unexpected in the outside world and also in your inside world. 🙂

This aspect will mostly affect people born between 10th and 12th of October and 5th – 8th of April, Libras and Arians in general and also people with strong planetary placements in these two signs.

Sun in Sagittarius

The Sun is leaving Scorpio today, moving into the sign of the Archer. Its influence shifts from being emotional intense, heavy, serious and focused, to become more joyous, lighthearted, adaptable, exuberant. The energy of Sage Sun loves to illuminate our social sector, the sector of our personal freedom and the sector of our personal beliefs and perspectives. The next month of December is thus a great time for joyous social gatherings where we can connect with other people, engage in fun conversations and exchange ideas, beliefs, viewpoints and opinions. Its a time to grow, socially, spiritually and personally. A time to acquire new understanding, knowledge, through people, through traveling experience, by reading books, through educational venues and so forth. The idea of Sagittarius is to grow as an individual, through broadening your awareness of the world around you. The more you can experience the world in this time, the better. This energy however also favors personal freedom in a sense of being connected to the world around you as much as possible, but at the same time not being attached to anything in particular. Seeing, understanding the big picture and being a part of it while avoiding focus to scrutinous details is where the freedom and joy of the spirit lies through out this month. 😉

This influence is most beneficial for people born in the Sign of Sagittarius and for all who have strong Sagittarius traits in the natal chart.


Tuesday 24th – Wednesday 25th

Moon in Taurus

On Tuesday the Moon moves to Taurus. With this placement our emotional needs will focus on stability, safety, security, continuity and comfortability in our lives, The more we will succeed at satisfying these needs the happier we will be during Tuesday and Wednesday.

This Moon will be felt mostly by Taureans and other fixed signs, Leos, Scorpios, Aquarians.

Saturn/Mercury square Neptune

The conjunction of Mercury and Saturn in Sagittarius will square Neptune in Pisces. This aspect may bring certain ideas, perceptions and beliefs of ours under the light of inspection. It will be prudent to examine how we perceive people, situations and certain issues that we are currently dealing with in our daily lives. Are we thinking straight or is our rationality partly clouded by some personal illusions and fantasies. What do we believe in? Are we right? How do other people respond to our personal beliefs or beliefs we have on certain issues and matters of life? Do we need to change certain personal beliefs or at least reflect on them a little more to see if they are worth keeping and believing? Communication under this aspect should be rational, structured, empathic. We should be intuitive, clear minded, open to new experience and insight and in no case rigid, self assured and arrogant when having conversation with people and with ourselves on the inside. Do not insist in believing and promoting something at all costs, especially if most of the world would not agree with you, it might just well be a rigid outdated or even a delusional belief that can do more evil than good.


Thursday 26th – Friday 27th

Full Moon in Gemini

In early morning hours of Thursday, the Moon becomes full in the sign of the Twins. The duality of Gemini explains the decision making issue of its base energy and its ability or even lack of the ability to choose while assessing all options and aspects.  Its an air sign so it rules our intellect, our capacity to think, our mental ability, our capacity to make decisions, to choose, to form opinions and to become critics in a positive sense of the word. The influence of this Full Moon will inspire our need for communication, either by making new connections with people, renewing old ones or intensifying existing ones. Our minds will be ‘sharpened’ and our ability to come up with new ideas, heightened. The energy of Gemini favorably enriches our mental capacity, so we might deal more successfully with any kind of tasks or activities that favor the use of brain power. Situations might present you with new choices, opportunities and you will be put in a position to choose and decide. As Full Moons are climaxes of a lunar cycle, when monthly developments started by the New Moon reach culmination, you should be ready to reap what you have sowed two weeks ago. This Moon represents a fresh new exciting wind after somewhat dreary and emotional heavy, intense but much needed Scorpio focus on certain issues in our lives that was set into motion by the New Moon on November 12th. If you started something new, a project, a venture, this Full Moon will definitely bring a lot of activity in regards to whatever you set yourself to do or to accomplish during this month. You might be quite a busy bee. 🙂 Expect the life to pick up on its pace during these few days, making us become more active, more on the go, engaging more in conversations and dealings with other people, reaching and making deals, sealing or extending deals. Watch out for  communication misunderstandings and make sure to make the right choices, so think things through. Scatterbrain effect is possible with this highly charged Full Moon as our ability to concentrate and focus might not be the best due to somewhat increased speed and action of our daily life tempo. Attention to details is better during such a Moon, although getting lost in them is just as likely. Use the Sagittarius Sun to help you understand whats going on and see the broader picture. Gathering, seeking or coming up with new information, learning new things, picking up new activities, classes, lectures that offer exciting stimulation of of the mind is also favored.

This influence will affect mostly people born between May 22th – May 27th and November 24th – 28th. It will generally be felt more by Sagittarians and Gemini people, but also by people with strong planetary placements in these two signs


Saturday 28th – Sunday 29th

Moon in Cancer

At the end of the week we will have The Moon in Cancer so our need to belong to care to be nurtured will be more in the fore ground. This energy influence favors family gatherings, spending time with the people you love and care about. It will also boost our need to feel loved, safe, to be accepted. This Moon will make an aspect with the Mars in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn. Watch out for power struggles in relationships and within ourselves relating to dependency and codependency issues, issues of unhealthy emotional attachment. Be careful when trying to exert power to maintain status quo that gives a  false feeling of safety and balance.


Weekly prediction, November 9th – November 15th – Deep Within


The upcoming week will pass in dominion of the New Scorpio Moon. As i have explained many times, New Moons represent the beginning of a lunar month, the lunar cycle and thus symbolically represent the time of the month, when we start new ventures, new projects, when we plant ‘new seeds’, when we embark on some new path we have set for ourselves. Its the time when we wake up with a whole new day in front of us so we make plans and go about realizing them in the outside world. Simply putting it, New moons are good for starting new things. 🙂

This one is going to be in Scorpio, a sign, that would take ages for us to thoroughly explain and understand and yet, as this is a complicated moon, this prediction article requires a more detailed approach.
Scorpio represents a very raw, primal and at the same time, also profoundly complex and layered energy archetype. Its energy is connected to our most basic emotional sphere, dominating the world of our passions, desires, fears, complexes, the things that mainly reside and spur from our subconscious selves. The thing that brings chills when someone mentions Scorpio though is the fact that its archetype also flirts with the concept of the Underworld and all kinds of deities who hold rulership over the Quadruple D :); darkness, death, damnation and destruction. Why is this sign connected to such negativity? Well, observing these elements through the point of Monotheistic world view, which is btw deeply ingrained in us through our social upbringing, they are all a big NO which everyone should be very afraid of and do everything in their power to avoid. And of course, the solution is God. Believe in him and you will never have to deal with the Quadruple D. 🙂 Now in reality the Quadruple D is very much a big part of our daily lives, whether we are aware of it or not, whether we accept it or not. The Quadruple D doesn’t just stand for the ‘Final Judgement and, oh shit i going to hell for eternity!’ kinda thing but it rather has to do with some very complex psychological processes in which our minds, our hearts and our souls participate almost every day. Darkness and Damnation is when our deepest fears and complexes lead to behavioral patterns that cause us great damage, pain and lead to self destruction, especially if we remain oblivious to their effects. Death is what follows and it is the high point of the activity of our dark side. Of course, death is a physical natural phenomena, but through our lives we will mostly deal with psychological deaths. With this i refer to times in our lives when we change, when some outdated, damaging, harmful parts of our selves and our past life die off or need to be better understood, brought under control in order to give way for new personal development and progress, to give way to our better selves. Now this can be an involuntary change that follows certain self destructive behavior or it can be a voluntary change following certain process of self awareness and insight. Whatever it is or however it plays out, Death in this sense is an irreversible act of change that always shuts the door behind us, and keeps the door in front of us wide open. You can’t go back, you can either stay in the space in between and suffer or stagnate some more, or you can move on and enter the newly opened door. Transmutation and transformation are thus the most important aspects of the Scorpio sign.

We talked much about the dark side of us humans and the Quadruple D that we deal with through these Scorpio energies. There is however another layer to this enigmatic sign. One other thing that we need to understand about Scorpio, and this is actually what this New Moon next week is all about, is that Scorpio represents the cycle of life. Death in its greater sense is not the final ending, but rather a new beginning. Life changes, destroys itself in order to rejuvenate to give birth to itself once more. Wild fires aren’t just natural disasters when we look from a broader perspective. They enrich the soil, make it more fertile than before, enabling new life to flourish more than ever. Change is what shapes the world towards its greater self. It is the same with our individual lives. We change to grow, to be reborn once again into our better, more self aware selves.

Last but not least, Scorpio is about passion of living. Its energy gives us the drive, power, strength and motivation to form passions, desires and to pursue them with great emotional intensity. Yes, the danger of our dark side is not far away, the desire for greater power and control fueled by a deep fear, coupled with the wrong passions can lead to obsessive and addictive behaviors very quickly, but still, recognizing the fact we can not live our lives without this passionate emotional involvement as it is the very core drive of the transformative principle of life. And that principle my friends is also one of the truest meanings of life. 🙂

The last Full Moon was about completion, the end of the cycle, it was about reaching stability, security, well being, sensual love and belonging. A difficult thing to balance with the opposite Scorpio’s emotional intensity, raging from desire of passionate involvement to the desire for control and power in our lives. It was a very passionate. Moon which needed an outlet in sharing with other people and finding a place or a person to feel safe and comfortable in or with. If that was denied or difficult to accomplish, that moon could have caused some quite frustrating times and hurtful feelings. Its energies, the Scorpio part also reminded us of the fact that something new is around the corner, that we must transform, regenerate and heal, to finally purge ourselves so as to be ready to enter a new cycle of development. Old ties, attachments, behavioral patterns that no longer worked for us were cut, abandoned, pain was felt, but now under this New Moon on Wednesday the 11th of November its finally the time to rise like the Phoenix from the ashes. 🙂

This moon makes a trine to Chiron, the wounded healer and it seems it will be quite a private moon for some, a time when we really take a good look within, a time to converse with our soul, our fears, wounds, demons, desires and passions for the final time before we move on. It should be a time of final healing, peace and silent joy, a moment where we look at all that came before, all that is now and all that awaits us in the future. A moment of final death and a moment of a new birth. As we reflect on our past and our present, as we merge our consciousness with our subconsciousness, accept our fears and do not allow them to remain in control of us, we also plant for the very first time, a seed, we plant it for the very first time in the deepest parts of our soul, the hidden parts, the dark sides. Planting this seed will start a process of growth, through which we will finally begin to function differently, in acceptance with our selves, moving toward new goals, with new passion and vigor. I am emphasizing this, as it will be very important during this lunar phase for some people in need of new beginnings in the matters of the heart and soul. For those, keep in mind that this New Moon falls on a Sabian symbol with a very interesting message. The potential of starting a journey to uncover some hidden knowledge and awareness with the Full Moon in Gemini on 26th of November is prophesied with this symbol :); A WOMAN DRAWS AWAY TWO DARK CURTAINS CLOSING THE ENTRANCE TO A SACRED PATHWAY.

Scorpios, you will feel this energy the most as it forms the base of who you are. Other people with strong Scorpio traits should feel this influence just as well.

As said in the very beginning of this article, starting something new during a New Moon is very favorable. As it is in Scorpio, whatever you start has to be something you really are passionate about, you enjoy doing. Its about setting goals that are attractive to us and we really feel a great desire in reaching and accomplishing them. This Scorpio energy also demands great focus and devotion to whatever we will be dealing with. Perfectionism is not excluded, but we should not overdue as with Scorpio we will never truly feel we did our best. Its just that kind of energy, so do not over stress your self. This moon is supported by Jupiter the planet of great fortune, opportunity, growth, so this is a very favorable influence, enabling us to find much optimism if we set ourselves on a new path in our lives, whatever that may be. As Mercury conjoins the Sun/Moon conjunction, communication and mental activity is heightened. Either conversing is done on the inside, with your self and your soul like i stated before, or it can be a very positive influence in dealings with other people, making new meaningful and passionate plans, connections, arrangements and so fort.

Whatever you’ll be doing, create something new and start a new journey. Plant the seed deep so that roots will not become shallow, plant the seed with great care, determination and focus so that whatever grows out of it will emanate true strength and accomplishment. 😉
I wish you all an intensely positive Scorpio experience! 😉