Weekly prediction, 28.12. – 3.1. – Part 1

Monday – Tuesday

Moon in Leo square Venus 

Through the first days of this week Leo moon will warm and inflame our hearts. It is a good time to be generous, loving and caring with a touch of pride of being able to give yourself to the ones you love. Emotional needs bring fort the need for creativity, self expression, acceptance from others, being the center of attention. Watch out for intense mood swings and drama queen effect, do not take things so personally especially if someone should criticize you, your actions, your behavior. Leo Moon desires to be confirmed as a very unique individual and wants to feel proud about it. She is very sensitive when not being accepted or even rejected for some reason. This reason can be the most trivial you can imagine, but it doesn’t matter, Leo Moon will respond very dramatically to it. Almost in a sense that the world has come to an end. So keep your passions high and use them to vent your creative energy and desire to love and give, but don’t act childish, immature and self centered in a negative way.

With the Moon forming a square with Venus in Scorpio the need for cooperation and love will increase. These signs, Scorpio and Leo, are two of the most passionate you can find, so your own desires for loving unions will increase as will your sensitivity to actions, needs and desires of others. Be careful of the drama queen effect of the Leo Moon, taking everything to personally and over reacting for no good reason. With the Scorpio Venus, relationships are complicated and intense as it is, we dont need more drama. 🙂 Internally this will prove to be a difficult time as we will process some conflicting energy within ourselves. Sense of desire or longing for something that is perhaps our of reach or difficult to attain, demanding of us certain amount of selflessness or self sacrifice. Letting go of some difficult longings that serve no purpose, rather than torturing the heart, is a good choice. Generally, the need for expressing and receiving love is very much heightened with this transit, so try to give that love to the people that matter and the people that deserve it and don’t let yourself be exploited in any way just for being too needy or hungry for attention, affection and love of any kind.  Perhaps this transit is best for new relationships as the conflicting energies are more easily brought to balance. Existing relationships, especially the ones that have certain difficulties in expressing love and affection will have a chance and a challenge on their hands. Accept the challenge, take a chance and show someone, the right someone, that you love them. It wont be easy, but hey that’s the thing about square aspect, they make us ‘move our butts’. 🙂

Be careful of buying false ‘love’ and acceptance from others by giving them gifts, presents. Also if you would feel under the weather emotionally wise, try not to spoil or pamper yourself too much by buying things that would give you instant pleasures of satisfaction. This will only deplete your financial resources and fill no emotional gap. Generally speaking, to much generosity is also not a good thing, set a limit and do not cross it.

This aspect will influence Scorpios and Leos the most, Taureans and Aquarians will feel it too. People with strong positions in these fixed signs will feel this influence too.


Uranus in Aries going direct 

Another important aspect that will influence the energies of this week is the direct motion of Uranus in Aries. The planet will appear to be almost stationary throughout the whole week. As it concludes its retrograde motion, it will come to a halt and begin to move forward very slowly. When this happens the energies of the planet are most powerful but at the same time the most unstable. With the already unpredictable Uranus itself the influence might prove to be somewhat chaotic, sometimes more in the form of difficult and hectic psychological processes, taking place inside of us, or as unpredictable and erratic events taking place in our interactions with our environment. Predicting what will happen and how, is almost impossible. Feeling of general restlessness and generally a very chaotic, stressful time is indicated with this aspect. People whose charts make positive aspects with Uranus at this time, might generally expect new, exciting things to come into their lives. People that are under the heavy influence of this planet at the moment, will face some quite difficult times dealing with their own personal psychological issues of what is right vs what is wrong, bringing things to justice or rather avoiding certain responsibility, feeling the need to escape, feeling the need for more space and freedom and not knowing how to attain that in the right sense, without hurting or damaging their relationships with others. Relationships will prove very demanding for those people during this week, their daily tempo might also prove to be very chaotic and unpredictable. Don’t stress yourself too much and try to relax and calm yourself when things get to hectic for your taste. Peace of mind and heart is what you need to get through this aspect as Uranus moves forward. It will be a bit easier when it goes fully direct, but still keep in mind, its a stressful aspect if you are influenced by it so, try your best to slow down and take a break from time to time. Try to do that even if the outside world doesn’t wont you to or even if you feel that something inside of you just wont stop making you restless. Remember, you make the choices, you control your fate, your body, your heart, your spirit and your soul. Its important that you listen to the influence of Uranus as it might encourage you to do some very important changes in your life. It might show you the right path of your own personal progress. But be aware of rash actions, decisions, impulsivity, irresponsibility, avoiding obligations and most importantly running away from certain realizations of the truth under the pretense of personal freedom.

This will be felt mostly by Arians and Libras, Capricorns and Cancer as well and also people with strong cardinal sign energies.


Wednesday – Thursday

Moon in Virgo

On Wednesday, the Moon moves to Virgo, so emotions become once again more grounded. Emotional needs for safety security and fulfillment encourage us to become more practical, to pay more attention to our daily lives and rhythm, our obligations, health issues, routines. Being of service to ourselves and others is what will keep us happy and satisfied. Moon will form an opposition with Neptune in Pisces. This will increase empathy, compassion, so use this aspect to help others more, especially those in need. Greater intuition is also indicated as is health issues awareness. Become more aware of your psychological and physical health conditions over those days and pay attention to whatever raises your stress levels, pay attention to whatever influences your health in a negative way such as damaging lifestyles, irregular biorhythm patterns, unhealthy habits, especially when it comes to food and alcohol consumption during these holidays.  This should be a time when we take more care of our bodies and try not to strain them too much. Avoid any kind of overindulgence as this aspect does not support it. Health problems might occur or become more apparent otherwise. This will be especially important during New Year’s eve as the Moon will conjunct Jupiter in Virgo. This signals some heavy warning signs as far as ‘not going to far and rather taking it easy’ goes. Moderation over excess is the motto of on this years 31th of December.

This aspect will be felt mostly by Virgos, Pisces, Geminis and Sagittarians.


An addition to weekly prediction 21.12.-27.12.

Due to some recent events i decided to write a bit more about this upcoming week and its astrological influence. As mentioned in the original article the Full Moon in Cancer on December 25th is going to be the crown jewel of this years holidays. And to be honest it really is a beautiful Moon, however, i recently realized it forms a rather difficult relationship, with the New Moon from December 11th. All lunar phases are connected and form a lunar cycle. This cycle begins with a New Moon which sets the stage for the events that unfold and culminate with the Full Moon. One is the ‘seed’ , the other one a ‘harvest’. As quality of the seedlings and the care we invest in their growth and development always determine how bountiful the harvest will be, the same will apply to the energy flux of the lunar cycle. If the energy relation between the new and the full moon is rather problematic in origin, so will be our ability to handle these energies.

The New Moon on 11th December was all about believing in something, having a vision for the future, having a desire to grow, to understand. It was infused with a generic kinda sense of optimism that would allow anything in our lives to develop and to expand. That was the energy of Sagittarius. I gave this moon a name, The leap of faith. This Moon connected itself to a rather difficult aspect of Mars/Uranus opposition in Libra/Aries axis. The core energy of the moon was thus colored by a conflicting energy pattern of impulsive and abrupt desire for change and progress, that promoted fierce action in the realms of justice and fairness. It was about our personal beliefs, it was about seeing or not seeing the big picture when it came to certain issues in our personal and public lives. It was also about change and the understanding of what needs to change, the sense of right and wrong, questioning what we believe in, for ourselves and for the world itself. This influence affected our relationships, both private and business alike. The Moon’s energies also did play a bit with our moral compass when it comes to certain global, social and worldly issues and questions regarding justice and fairness. Coming to think, this was a New Moon that had a much greater impact on our perspective on the world around us and on our supposed role in it.

The Full Moon on December 25th is of a completely different ‘design’. If the New Moon was about growth, change, new visions of the world, then this Cancer Moon is all about tradition, conservative values with sentimental nostalgia attach to it. The Cancer/Capricorn axis promotes structure, security, stability of heart and mind. These things are found in ‘the ways of old’ Put simply, we feel safe in a world that we know, the world we are accustomed to. A change is regarded as a disruption and thus not welcome. I described this Full Moon as a very emotional one, seeking closeness and love in relationships. A very positive thing, when we think of what Christmas is all about. But Cancer is also a defensive sign, protecting its vulnerability and developing trust in a very slow manner. Accepting new things and people takes time. With this Full Moon we want to find emotional fulfillment with the people we trust, within the places that feel like home.  We find emotional security while upholding the values that are a part of our upbringing, forming the very core of our personality, representing our ‘roots’ and family background. This is also a very important thing at times such as Christmas holidays.

This week is all about closeness, attachment to the past, its about our core, personal, family values and our ability to defend and uphold them. This perception is quite different from the perception of the New Moon’s energies two weeks ago. A sort of battle between something new and something old, between past and future, between new visions and values of the past. How do we blend these two energy patterns in something that will be at peace? How to we solve this conflict and make for ourselves some really happy holidays?

The answer is nothing less than love. This is the greatest value, belief a man can posses. No matter what we have gone through during these few weeks in our private lives and in our interactions with the world around us, the conflicts that arose within us and the conflicts that appeared in our public life, all of it can be resolved by love. Torn apart by injustice, stimulated to change and grow, or held back by fear of the unknown, clinging to the past, you have to learn to see the greater picture of the world through the glasses of love and compassion. With that you create a new vision of change for yourself and the world around you by respecting the values and opinions of others. Don’t rage about injustice, don’t rush, take your time, don’t be frustrated, believe that time is needed for things to change properly! Use love and compassion to drop the fear and embrace the unknown by learning more about it, really trying to understand it. Don’t cling to the past only because it makes you feel safe and normal. It’s important and commendable to respect the roots and uphold the values of old, but recognize when these ways no longer work for you, mo longer serve you properly, or the world around you. Do not confuse a feeling of nostalgia with a feeling  of fear of change. These two get mixed up pretty often, and we use nostalgia to mask our own reluctance to move forward towards something more fulfilling. We are being unfair towards ourselves by doing so, and sometimes we cause injustice to others as well.

Love in the forms of compassion, empathy and trust opens the eyes of men so they truly see the right path they must take. Only through love we will unite and change ourselves and the world in the right and just way. This new and full moon, their conflicting values and ideals, they all fuse, change and grow  under the banner of love. Remember that on Christmas day. Its a beautiful day to reminisce, to uphold and respect the ways of old, things that make us feel emotionally safe and secure… but it is also an important day to accept the new, the unknown, to become aware of the fact, that we live in a time of the greatest change and shift in human history. There is no stopping that.


Weekly prediction, 21.12.-27.12. – The true spirit of Christmas



After 38 years, a chance to harness the powerful energies of a Full moon exactly on Christmas day, 25th of December has once again arrived. This moon will infuse us with one of the most positive energy potentials ever, being a Cancer Moon it will really be all about the true Christmas spirit. The upcoming week is giving you a chance to experience some very beautiful holiday moments, but it is still very much upon you to make that magic happen. Now let’s see what the next seven days have in store for us. 😉


Monday – Tuesday

Moon in Taurus

This moon brings out the needs for material, financial security, so we might be more sensitive regarding our possessions, our money, the way we earn it or the way we spend it. It is important that we keep  an eye on our material resources. As we have entered the holiday season, it would be advisable to do a little reality check a s far as our financial capability goes. Don’t overspend! You need to be aware that this Moon craves comfort in our daily lives, we will feel the desire to spoil ourselves a little. Its a sensual moon so anything that satisfies the senses will be appealing. Enjoy the good life but don’t overindulge in it.  This moon prefers continuity and very little stress, so this is  what you will aspire to. Being a little more slow paced during those few days might be the side effect, but that’s okey, the motto of Taurus is; “Go slow and you’ll get far”  Its also important to note that the need for greater sense of self worth is indicated with this Moon. The feeling of strength and independence that comes from knowing one can sustain themselves with the resources they possess will also be important. Needless to say, having a low self worth, having financial or codependency issues and problems, will result in emotional frustration and anxiety.

Taureans and other Earth signs will feel this influence the most. People with strong Taurus energy in their charts as well.

Moon opposition Venus – trine/sextile Jupiter

This aspects sets the mood for the Cancer Full Moon. It will boost our emotional sensitivity, and we will feel more aware of the expectations, desires and needs of other people. At the same time our own needs for love, acceptance and cooperation will become more apparent. This aspect will influence our relationships the most. As this is Scorpio/Taurus axis, sharing, giving will be the main theme. Become aware of the way you share yourself and your emotional, material resources with another. Are you too generous or too stingy, do you give yourself away too often, putting others before yourself, with a disregard for your own wishes and desires, or is it the other way around? The need for caring, loving, nurturing bonds between people will be quite strong during those days, good for forming or strengthening friendships, partnerships of more personal nature, but this energy could also positively influence business associations. Family relationships will also be influenced. Note that this desire for love will receive an additional boost from Jupiter in Virgo, so the way to grow  in our relationships is through being in service to one another, to do those little practical favors for one another. Offering help, to a friend, relative, partner, or someone in need is what will strengthen and boost the bonds between us. Doesn’t this energy make you feel the joys of true Christmas spirit already?! 🙂

Taureans and Scorpios will feel this the most, other fixed signs and  people with strong taurean, scorpio traits as well.


Wednesday – Thursday

Moon in Gemini

We will  get a little ‘respite’ from all this earthly and watery energy with the ‘always on the go’ Gemini Moon. Emotions, needs will switch that grounded and emotional attitude for a more ‘light hearted’, intellectual energy. This Moon’s energy is perfect for the expression of our minds. Some of us will enjoy ourselves in satisfying our emotional needs by exercising in many different stimulating activities, especially the ones where we use our brains the most. The way we communicate, our conversational, writing, debating, reading skills are just a few things this Moon will influence. Be aware of scatter brain effect, especially with the Moon forming a square with Jupiter, our concentration ability will be heightened but as we might focus on too many things at once, problems can occur as we will not pay enough attention, become sloppy or even irresponsible. Watch your self when dealing with activities that require some serious concentration, especially be careful in traffic. Holidays are coming, you know the roads are turning into  a nut house.

Geminis, people with strong Gemini traits and other mutable signs ( Vrigo, Sagittarius, Pisces) will feel this energy the most.


Friday – Sunday

Full Moon in Cancer, Venus -Jupiter – Mercury trine/sextile

This Lunation could not have picked a better day. The fact we are dealing with a Cancer Moon the ideals of Christmas are infused in its very base energy pattern. The needs for belonging, nurture, love and care will boost the desire to spend our time with people that make us feel loved, accepted. The need for ‘rooting ourselves’ will guide us to places where we feel at home, where we feel emotionally secure and at peace. Family, friends and lovers is where we will find all these joys and comforts and that is exactly what Christmas is about. Most of us can call a place a home, most of us have people in our lives we can call family and friends. Even if not always on best of terms with our loved ones, the urge to connect or reconnect with people will be highly charged.  This moon will increase our need for loving relationships so you better do just that. Spending Christmas alone or alienated from people that matter to you, is not a good choice to make this year. You will feel depressed and under the weather, as this Moon emphasizes and favors close bonds between people. With Cancer its all about being comfortable and feeling safe in you shell. This shell can be a place, an activity, a union with another person. everything that provides emotional security, fulfillment and a feeling of being at home. This shell becomes a sanctuary 🙂 Admitting it to ourselves or not, loving relationships will always be our greatest sanctuary. Letting someone under your shell or being allowed to join someone else under theirs is the main theme this time. Our shells are our defenses as much as they are our sanctuaries. The need to protect our vulnerable emotional selves from the exploits of others also shares room with the need to belong and merge with a significant other. Forming emotionally fulfilling and close unions with others is what provides the greatest sense of security and peace. This Moon might bring some difficult feelings of loneliness for those who have no loved ones to spend this special times with. Either being separated by physical distance, death, emotional alienation, for some, this years holidays might turn out to be significantly more emotionally taxing than holidays of previous seasons. So, if you have a chance to spend this Christmas with someone you love, don’t throw that away. If not on best of terms with important people in your life, than reconnect, make peace,  strengthen the bonds, you will see, it will pay off, as this can turn out to be one of the best Christmases ever! The energy of this Full Moon and the energy of the accompanying aspects will support you in a very positive way. Do not be afraid to love, to be loved and trust others, allow them to come closer, let them under your protective shell. Remember, love is what makes the world go round. 🙂

This Moon will influence Cancer  people the most, Capricorns come second, than Libras and Arians. People with strong energy patterns of the above Cardinal signs will feel this Moon as well.




Weekly prediction, 7.12. – 13.12. – A Leap of Faith


I’ll be right back!

2012-12-23 14.01.56.jpg


When i was trying to come up with a title for this week’s prediction, the New Moon in Sagittarius was all i could think of. Although this week might be a little unstable and shaky, with the boost of optimism, faith and desire to grow, this New Moon just might give us what we need. A little push and courage  to jump into the unknown.


Monday 7th – Wednesday 9th

Moon in Scorpio conjunct Venus in Scorpio

This week starts with the emotionally charged moon in Scorpio. Emotions will be profound and intense, but they could be either positive or negative, depending on the individuals life’s situations. In any case, most of our emotions will run deep but their expression to the outside world will go through a significant filtering process and we might even choose not express some of those emotions at all. This is all very normal with such a Moon, as with the influence of Scorpio energy, we favor taking control over our emotional responses and processes because that makes us feel more in control, providing us with the sense of personal power and strength. Such a Scorpio Moon is dreading to show its vulnerability as being vulnerable is considered a weakness which other people might exploit in their favor against us. This is why privacy is imperative here.

With all watery Moons, intuition is increased, so we might pick up the moods and feelings of other people more than we usually do. Scorpio energy uses such information primarily to gain better understanding of other people’s intentions towards us, and also generally just to gain understanding of what makes others tick. Such awareness puts us in a position where we feel we are better equipped to shield ourselves from harm others would inflict upon us. Some people however, will use this energy for manipulative purposes, so keep an eye for those and don’t overly manipulate yourself. Gaining control and power is okey until we start harming other people and using them for our own personal agendas. Remember that! Such a thing can easily happen with this Moon as more negative expressions of such energy might be jealousy, paranoia, obsessive behavior and unhealthy attachments caused by intense emotional longing for someone or something that is not good for us. That all  puts us in a self destructive mode. Avoid that at any cost! This Moon’s primary emotional needs are  intimacy (emotional and sexual), privacy, sharing your emotional world with another,  loving care and nurture, and of course, unconditional loyalty and a need for a complete emotional merge with the person of our desire. Emotional focus on whatever makes us passionate will be powerful as well. This energy will be even more profoundly felt on Monday the 7th, as the Moon will conjunct Scorpio Venus that has just started its journey in this sign.

Learn to positively implement this energy. Feel the intense emotional desires and needs with this Moon, act upon them as that will bring you the sense of emotional security and fulfillment. However, be also aware that some longings are futile, and some situations are beyond our control. Learn to let go and surrender. On the other hand, fears are hollow so do not hide to much, and learn to open up. Too much privacy is also not a good thing. Fear of rejection or being unworthy is common with this placement. If this energy reawakens certain traumas, fight them and over come them as Scorpio is also about rebirth, transformation and rising from the dead, feeling the passions of life once more.

This aspect will affect Scorpios the most, its will also influence people with strong Scorpio traits. Other fixed signs ( Leo, Aquarius, Taurus will feel it too)


Sun in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries

This is an encouraging aspect that promotes self expression through progressive action and change. The double fiery energy offers vision and desire to grow, to develop, but in a way we have never done before, exploring new horizons. This aspect sets the mood for the New Moon on Friday the 11th.

This aspect influences Sagittarians, and Arians the most, Leos will will it too. People with strong positions in fiery signs will be influenced as well.



Thursday 10th – Friday 11th

New Moon in Sagittarius trine Uranus/Mars opposition

These two days will be the most eventful time of the week. As stated in the prologue text, this Moon brings more hope than understanding. Naturally its a New Moon, so things, ideas, developments are at its initial phase. We will feel greater optimism and the need to start something new, to venture somewhere or into something, without any kind of certainty what awaits us there. We will have to do a leap of faith and this Moon will provide the courage.


Mars in Libra opposing Uranus in Aries

Why the uncertainty you might ask? Well the Moon will aspect a very interesting combination, the Uranus/Mars opposition. Uranus in Aries is unpredictability and uncertainty in its self, so whatever it touches loses predictability, stability, structure, routine. Change of progress and greater freedom is favored with this planet. Whenever it shakes up your world,  putting you in a restless state of being, you might want to figure out what the hell he wants from you. Its really no way of telling  what exactly Uranus has in store for you. Perhaps you need to change yourself, trying to do something you have never done before in your life, or perhaps Uranus will unleash chaos upon your life, leaving you with no other choice than going with the flow of change.

Mars in Libra is going to oppose Uranus. Opposition is in itself a challenging aspect and with Mars being in the sign of its fall, this energy might be even more difficult to handle. Mars is a planet of action, initiation, self assertion, self interest and represents our personal drive and motivation. Its exactly the kind of raw energy that enables us to do things, to accomplish our goals and so forth. In Libra, the sign where energy is focused on achieving harmonious and balanced cooperation with other people, with paying a lot of attention to other peoples expectations and desires in order to reach compromises and diplomatic solutions, Mars doesn’t feel quite at home. Its primary goal is ‘the self’ and not ‘the other’. However, Mars in Libra turns this rather passive Venusian energy, that prefers eternal pondering and weighing over making that final decision, into a much more active approach to seek out justice, fairness and balance. Mars here gives us the motivation and the energy to try to actually make a right choice instead of just thinking about what the right choice might be in a certain situation. See the difference? This is how Mars gives us the opportunity to implement our own self interest and at the same time actively tries to solve conflict by mediating the situation. Of course, this will be no easy task i have to remind you. In combination with Uranus it will  just get more difficult.

As i described the workings of both, together they will form a very impulsive and active need to change certain situations in our lives. This will occur during some quite restless energy influence, and unpredictable events are possible too. If there is an annoying and boring status quo, this aspect might terminate it for good, no matter what comes afterwards. This can happen on your own accord or through an outside influence. If things need to be brought to justice, if situations need balance, this aspect will give you the energy to rectify, whatever needs rectifying. Keep in mind that through this active approach and with this unpredictable, restless energy, certain conflicts will arise, not just as contradictory emotions within you, but as real conflicts with people in the outside world. Impulsive, rash behavior is possible, escaping and avoiding conflicts as well. One might choose to break free, not to deal with certain difficult and painful issues. This will be caused by the pure Uranian desire to be free of any kind of attachments to this plane of reality, which restrict us in some way. Consider carefully if your situation is something you really need to get away from, or is it just your own unwillingness and fear that makes you wanna run away from something you definitely shouldn’t  At the same time, there is a much greater chance that some difficult issues in our relationships with others will finally be addressed and dealt with. Self asserting, balancing and mediating towards a certain goal, with the uncertainty of the final outcome being a big issue, will produce frustration and fear. Not knowing how to act and being pushed in to action due to unfolding events is possible too. Leaping blindly into the unknown however is where the New Moon’s optimism will come in handy. 🙂

This aspect influences Libras and Arians the most. Secondly it will afect people with strong Libra/Aries traits in their natal charts. Other cardinal signs, Capricorn and Cancer will feel this influence too.


New Moon in Sagittarius

The Sage is all about gaining greater perspective of things and becoming more aware of the world around us.  This time, greater perspective serves new beginnings, where personal growth is triggered by our attempts to achieve  personal freedom, strength, balance and harmony in our lives. As said before, due to some uncertainty  and instability of life’s situations, we find ourselves in, greater perspective and foresight will be difficult things to achieve. That’s why the Moon will infuse us with optimism and courage to take a step towards some new horizons. She will do that by another wonderful trait of Sagittarius sing and that is faith. Whether we are dealing with religious beliefs or just plain old simple hope, there is always faith in some greater good in this life that will lead us towards fulfilling future if we trust it with our hearts. And that’s what we need to do during this Moon, we must trust in the greater good within ourselves and charge forwards with all the faith we can muster. We have to believe that wherever we end up at the time of the full Moon on December 25th it will be somewhere better and brighter. After all, isn’t this exactly what the month of December is all about? 🙂 It’s only natural to be afraid, all leaps of faith are scary, but if we believe that we’re headed towards something beautiful, its not so important to actually see it, but rather to just feel it with our hearts. 🙂 This Moon makes a harmonious aspect to Uranus/Mars opposition, so the turbulent and challenging energy of those two gets an opportunity for a positive and hopeful resolution.  You need to trust this Moon, she has your back, so just, jump. 🙂

This is a wonderful Moon for all Sagittarians, and for people who have strong Sagittarian influence in their charts. Geminis will be affected strongly too, Pisces and Virgos a little less.


Venus in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces

This transit combines the intense desire for partnership, love and intimate union with those dreamy, romantic and compassionate feelings. Its all water with this aspect so expect for the heart to rule over mind. Its a harmonious aspect that will provide a little more empathy when we will deal with some troublesome relationships issues during this week. Remember to see the good in people, remember to sympathize with people, and also to help them out when they are in trouble. Love is our greatest asset, and we can make a much better world if we share it with one another. This aspect favors gentle, compassionate interactions and all kinds of partnerships can benefit from it, but mostly close friendships, romantic unions, our relationships to those in need and also artistic or creative relationships. On the other hand this aspect might also evoke desire and tendency for artistic expression as well. If you are planning to be artistically creative and expressive during those few days, you’re in luck. 🙂

Scorpios , Pisces and Cancer individuals will feel this aspect the most.


Saturday 12th – Sunday 13th

Moon in Capricorn

As the New Moon starts to develop its energies, her influence will echo throughout this weekend. The Moon itself will move to Capricorn, and the planted hopeful seeds of the New Moon will now give way to seedlings that will require care, protection. We will invest our energies in prudently working on whatever we have set ourselves to believe we can accomplish . The leap of faith will require hard work. We might not know where we are going, but there is still a lot of hard work and effort that needs to be invested in the process of getting there. Finding and assuring success, stability, security and structure in our daily lives is what provides feeling of emotional fulfillment. 🙂

This Moon will be appreciated by earthly signs of Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus the most.