Weekly prediction, 25.1. – 31.1., Part 2 – Let’s get the show on the road





Friday – Sunday

Mercury conjunct Pluto square Uranus


For the most part of this week, Mercury has stayed in a very tense conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn. It will continue to conjunct the ruler of the Underworld until Sunday. The energy potential of such a prolonged aspect is enormous. Issues of personal power, personal influence, strength, dominance, social recognition, respect and accomplishment were the things we dealt with. Harnessing the energy of Mercury was either something we excelled in or we ran into obstacles and power struggle conflicts. The way we dealt with all the above issues was through words, communication, interaction in general. It was crucial to focus on whatever was important to us, and to build up the determination to achieve whatever we set ourselves to achieve. Stability and strength of  our minds and thoughts allowed us to stand for ourselves or to exert our personal power and influence upon the world. By doing that we either gained some sort of recognition, respect or we engaged in verbal battles with others. In many cases conflict was unavoidable as that is the nature of Pluto, through using, misusing the Power, we become aware of the fragile and destructive part of our human nature and we learn the greatest lesson, to just let go the wars we cannot win. The Ego must ‘die’ from time to time, so that a person can evolve and progress in a mature, knowledgeable being. These battles were either a part of our interaction with the outer world or they were a part of some inner turmoil, a psychological issue. No matter where we encountered this energy the point was to stand up for yourself, to gain greater sense of inner strength, security, stability which would influence our public social life more positively, enabling us to gain respect, influence and recognition.

During the weekend all of the above becomes even more action packed as Mercury aspects the volatile Uranus in Aries. This is the second square Mercury will make to Uranus during its retrograde cycle. As the planet is direct now, much more action will come through this blend of energies. We will see the manifestations occurring on a global scale too. Conflicts concerning issues listed above will dominate much of the foreign affair politics. Many disputes, arguments will heat up additionally, with people acting much more impulsively, erratically. Not so good for diplomatic solutions, right? Displays and exertions of power with the intention to intimidate or to achieve some purpose will be quite possible. On individual scale a lot will be going on too, either more privately, psychologically or even publicly. Enough to say, the energy influence is quite challenging and with all that conflicts it might bring, it can also be used as a helpful boost to start or accomplish something important to us. The energy is charged, active and it wants to move things, it wants us to go forward, to grow, to progress and fulfill a certain purpose. I’ve talked about how Uranian and Capricorn energies are sometimes at odds with each other, as the first fancies freedom of change and the latter prefers above all stability, meaning that status quo is maintained. I also expressed that the best way to balance these energies, is to progressively think on how we can excel and gain even more in these important Capricorn values, such as, respect, recognition, success, accomplishment, power, but most importantly stability. Knowing when status quo restricts and does more damage than good is imperative. Once we become aware of that, it is easier to accept that change is necessary and move forward. Fear is always a factor here and should not be dismissed or ignored as some crippling influence, but rather should be used as an awareness tool and as a reminder that perhaps more time is needed to make those life altering decisions. Saying that, wanting the change and thus rushing too hastily towards something or running away, escaping from something in order to gain progress, or some form of freedom, are typical Uranian traits, however they may not always be a good thing to adopt. This means in order to blend these energies its also important to act prudently, rationally and with greater commitment and responsibility. As this is not a very easy blend to achieve, conflicts will be once again unavoidable, but not meaningless of course. Above all, an old saying i often use goes very well with every conflicting energy influence…Think before you act. Ad now i’m adding my own advice…Keep in mind still, that act you should!

This influence will affect mostly Capricorns, Arians and other Cardinal signs. It will also affect people with strong Cardinal sign energies.


Moon in Libra opposition Uranus square Pluto and Mercury

This Friday, the Moon moves to Libra. Considering the action packed Mercury/Pluto/Uranus combination, this might be either a welcoming influence or it might cause additional friction. How can this bring conflict you say, Libra is all about diplomacy, fairness and mediating, balancing things in life? That of course is very true, but Libra is also a Cardinal sign, which means its a sign of action and the Moon will quite actively square and oppose the energy of Capricorn and Aries, represented by those three planets.

The Moon is about emotions, our emotional responses, needs. In general its about all matters of the heart. Being in an air sign of Libra, much of our emotional focus goes to finding, rationally, a balance in all these things that affect our hearts. Its not the most emotional of Moons but rather an intellectual one. The energy it brings, to the upper Mercurian power hungry show, is that of mediation. Our greatest need with this Moon is to be fair, when everybody and everything gets what it deserves and equilibrium is achieved. We might act progressively in order to prevent conflict from ever happening or we might struggle on how to solve a conflict. Needless to say its not going to be easy and therefore the additional friction. We will be aware of the desire to assert ourselves, to work in our own interest, to accomplish certain goals, to succeed and to stand up for oursleves, and yet this challenging quest for power and strength, will also be influenced by the need to be fair towards ourselves and others. What a tiresome combination you say. Well you are right 🙂

As the Moon is a responsive planet and by that a very impulsive one, especially in aspect with a planet such as Uranus, rashness will occur. As it will be difficult to find some sort of balance with others or within yourself, irritation, frustration and restlessness will quite possibly accompany us. Relationships will take the brunt of this influence, whether through some conflicting encounters, or we will be struggling to make some relationship decisions, so the conflict will remain on the inside. Interaction and communication with others may be blocked, frustrating but obligatory, or perhaps this mixture of energies will motivate to engage to fix things in our relationships. Influence will be there, the choice is yours.

Challenge as it may be for some, for others it may bring solid development, it all depends on how well versed you are at juggling with these energies. Keep in mind that there is no such thing as a 100% fair solution to a problem, where all ends well and everyone is content. Sometimes fairness is just as cold as the winter’s air, but hey Libra is an air sign and emotions and feelings have nothing to do here. We decide what is the best, correct thing to do or not to do, on the basis of rational thought. Sometimes fate decides what fair is and she evens the scales. On the end, everyone benefits in the long term through such destined fairness, but not all are happy with the outcome in the short term. 🙂 Remember that and if things become more frustrating during the end of this week, don’t torture yourself in trying to find a solution that will make everyone content and pleased, but also try to be fair and correct as much as possible. You should however not undermine your position of strength, stability and power on account of someone or something that keeps throwing you of balance!

This influence will affect mostly Capricorns, Arians and other Cardinal signs. It will also affect people with strong Cardinal sign energies.


Moon in Scoprio


On Sunday the Moon will move to the intense emotional sign of Scorpio. There will be a noticeable change in expressing our hearts. Emotions will run deep, they will be profound, complicated and intense. As this Moon inherits the outcome results of the eventful weekend, mind the way you will respond emotionally during her energies. We all know of the unhealthy self destructive behavior patterns that Scorpio influence can develop. Avoid that and rather become more in tune with the most profound way of being, feel, touch and question your soul, your heart. Use this energy to transform rather to keep harming your self by those destructive loops. The key is to let go, let go of the ego, of the guilt, of whatever you are holding on, that causes pain, harm. The conflicting aspects mentioned above will uncover a lot of all that old junk that needs to leave your life. Make peace with yourself under the Libra Moon and begin anew under the Scorpio Moon. Death is also a new birth, and by allowing ourselves to ‘die’ in some way we actually win and accomplish more than we would ever accomplish by going on, waging a lost war, resisting the inevitable.  A surprising fact or not, somehow this is the hardest thing for us humans to do, especially because we need to come to terms that the ego has to fail and experience defeat. So you see, its not about happiness and fulfillment, its really about being right and having it your way at all costs. Remember that, don’t go down that path and smack that Ego when enough is enough. 😉


This Moon affect mostly Scorpios, other fixed signs and people with strong fixed sign energy in their charts.


Weekly prediction, 25.1. – 31.1., Part 1 – The Moonlit Path



Mercury going direct on Tuesday 26th

In this last week of January, Mercury comes to a stand still and then moves back into direct motion. This happens on Tuesday the 26th. I have described in the previous week predictions how this planetary  slowdown works and how it influences us. This week will also be quite potent when it comes to the Mercurian energies being involved in our daily life. Mercury will  enter its direct shadow zone, which is a period that lasts until Mercury reaches and crosses the degrees on which it went retrograde. That will happen on February the 15th. Dealing with the issues that Mercury exposed or brought to the fore during its retrograde motion is especially prominent during this period. Dealing actively or not however is another question. Some astrologers would argue that an active approach is not a good idea.

The standard rules for any retrograde is not to act too much by responding to the planet’s retrograde energy or at least not to act impulsively by making some important decisions and so fort. Advised behavior is to reflect on the inside. This applies from the moment a planet goes retrograde and to the moment the planet finally leaves its shadow zone, in our case that being February the 15th. However, i have learned that as the energy pattern of the planet is different during such times, especially in ways it influences us by shedding some new light on certain issues in our lives, why would its encouragement to act differently upon such energies be a bad thing. In my opinion, it is not, especially because we can achieve somethings that we would normally not even think of trying to achieve during the normal direct motions of the planets. It is true, things started during retrograde periods have a tendency to fail sometimes or not to last very long, but still, that does not diminish the importance of experiences and lessons such undertakings bring. In my opinion, that is priceless.

Especially this Mercury Rx in Capricorn, encouraged us to be very active in our interaction, communication and dealings with the world. Yes, it brought power struggles, verbal arguments and conflicts, all of this things happening either in our relationships or just as a process in our minds. The most important thing was to alter one’s thinking patterns and the way they one would interact with others. The key was to seek respect from others, your own personal success, accomplishment and of course social recognition. Some were daring and successful in the fulfillment of their ambitions, as others came into too much conflict with others when trying to achieve their goals, gain respect or to assert their own personal power. It was difficult to navigate these energies, some found it more convenient, others not so much.

As the Mercury goes direct, this becomes a better time to act or decide for those of you who were only reflecting and processing certain energies internally  during this retrograde period. With the full Moon in Leo, the beginning of this week might bring just enough self confidence, passion, decisiveness to stop you from pondering some more, but to rather do something about the things you have realized during this Mercury Rx instead. The previous week offered a lot of energy potential to make sense of things in our lives, to find solutions to our problems, to crystallize our insight into certain issues. If you were successful in these mental breakthroughs, then this week is a good week to finally act upon your new fond knowledge. If not, than make use of this energy to clarify anything that remains a problem or an obstacle in your life.


Venus in Capricorn ( 24.1 – 17.2. 2016)

Venus has entered Capricorn at the end of last week and now our value systems adopt a more responsible, orderly, structured and grounded attitude towards the things, people we care about and love. Whatever or whomever we place worth upon has to be recognized as valuable in the sense what good it/they is/are to us in this real world. There is no going around this, Capricorn energies are about dealing with reality, accepting it and by being ‘realistic’, choosing to succeed in this world. Future goals, ambitions are thus a very valuable thing for Venus in Capricorn and that will be certainly felt by many. Working hard for the things we want to achieve will also have to become your value. Capricorn is also about real effort we invest in our endeavours. So, go for the things you desire, choose a life path that you hope will bring you success, accomplishment and social recognition, but make sure you are prepared to work for it. Remember, with Venus in Capricorn social status and social roles are very important things, the way society and people see us is of great importance to such a Venus. The public image we show to others will be our greatest concern during Venus transit in Capricorn.

Practicality and sense of reality also infuses our relationships with this position. We desire our relationships to be strong and our partners to be a reliable source of support and security. With this Venus position it is very clearly seen what works or what doesn’t work well in our relations with others. And here the catch comes in. What are our obligations and duties we have in our relationships with others? Are we thus responsible partners? Are the people we share this partnership responsible in the way they should be? Is fixing something that is wrong in our relationships worth our while, should we invest effort and hard work in it, or should we recognize such a union as a bad influence that serves our true purposes no more? These are the catchy questions to deal with such a placement, and they will become even more catchy in the first weeks of February, as the Mercury retrograde has put down a ‘nice’ setting for exactly these kinds of issues to come to the fore. Healthy, good relationships will enjoy a more peaceful time, although certain disruption and difficulties are possible here as well. Get to know and to understand your relationships during this time, are they healthy, grounded, strong and secure unions, or are they all but that? Find out if they are worth your while.

Aspect will influence Capricorns and other Cardinal signs, Earth signs, as well as people with strong earthly energies and traits.


Monday – Tuesday


Moon in Leo

With the potent energy of this Full Wolf Moon you can assert yourself in a grand fashion in the beginning of this week. The boost it can give you can last for weeks to come. She will infuse you with much needed courage if you will follow her. She is here to lit your path. Begin to howl with expectation 🙂 The desire for self expression are the guidelines here. Recognize your own uniqueness in this world and pay attention to whatever Mercury retrograde helped you realize. Be brave and strong, act. Become the strong, one of kind and respected person you know you are meant to become. 🙂

*For more info on this Full Leo Moon check the Part 2 prediction for the previous week.

This Moon influences Leos and other fixed signs as well as people with strong fixed sign traits.


Tuesday – Thursday

Moon in Virgo

On Tuesday, the Moon moves to practical Virgo. The energies will make you more grounded, responsible, feeling the need to do some kind of service to others or just to be more useful to your self or again to others. This is Moon favors being productive, using your skills, doing your chores and respecting your obligations. It boost the need for greater organization of our daily lives as well the need for paying greater attention to details. With that, emotional irritation or mood swings can be caused by unexpected change of plans, even minor ones, broken routine patterns, or just simply by some little things that will not go so well together with the way Virgo will set our hearts this week. With this Moon daily tempo and obligations, duties can increase so you might have more work on your hands. Don’t let that make you cranky. 🙂 Instead, use the energies of this Virgo Moon and make the visions of your true self the Leo Moon gave you, a reality. Start working diligently on accomplishing your personal goals, use your unique talents, skills, your gifts and apply them more practically, build and create something in the real world. The Moon will make challenging yet positive aspects to direct Mercury, Pluto, Saturn and Mars, so that shouldn’t me much of a problem if you put your mind to it. 😉

This aspect will be felt mostly by Virgos, people with strong Virgo traits and other earth signs.


Weekly prediction, 18.1. – 24.1., Part 2 – A Double Edged Sword




Thursday – Sunday


Mercury Rx going stationary direct while conjuncting Pluto


This aspect will be in effect until January the 26th. It is a time when a retrograde planet slows down to a stop and then starts moving again by going direct. As i said before, its the most important and most powerful period of any given retrograde cycle. The planet’s energies are very potent and at the same time quite unstable. Mercury, during those six days, is going to become a very serious double edged sword. Be careful how you are going to hack and slash with your words. Mercury is going to stay in conjunction with Pluto during its last retrograde phase, and that means that personal power, influence will be more than ever sought through the verbal expression of our minds. In the last few articles I often mentioned this serious, structured, ambitious, status quo energy of Capricorn. I did that for a good reason. It has the ability to offer us great success, great social respect, confirmation and social influence, a very important position of power, but it can also be very restrictive and oppressive. The oppression comes either from within us, by not allowing ourselves to move forward in some way, or it comes through an external source, that enforces their own power and status quo upon us. Such use of this energy is most damaging and i would advise that you do not use it yourself and to finally break free from situations that would force such influence upon you! This energy is most healthy when used to work hard for a cause, a goal that is good and right for us.

With Pluto in Capricorn, together with Mercury, we can use the self confidence or greater desire to exert our personal power to achieve respect, certain status, or accomplish something we want. Its about making a stand while putting yourself out there, while moving towards something you know its right and good for you. We are talking about healthy determination. And this determination might come during this Mercury rx phase, when things crystallize, when we realize what needs to be done and how. The mind figures it out, it plans it out, and than the words express that determination, they project our personal power, and we call the shots then. But remember again, do not oppress others and certainly do not oppress yourself. Mind my words, we will be experiencing a lot of friction and battles of the ego’s in the coming week. People will try to force their ways, beliefs and opinions on others, some very much because of fear of losing that precious status quo. Much like the Medieval Church when she started to lose the influence and domination it had over the majority of the populace.

How good we are with words will be important in getting what we want for ourselves and to defend from those who would exert their power over us in a negative way. Fight for what you know is right and stand for yourself in such a case. Do not allow yourself to be trampled by people who live in fear of change. You must understand that this Saturn/Uranus square, the battle between new and old is also very much a global thing. The world is going through some heavy times, where the old unjust corrupted systems, governments, corporations are holding as much as they can to the power of the old, resisting the change Mankind really needs and deserves. This causes many suffering and oppression. Recognize that as well during these days, it might be even brought into the light by one or more worrisome worldly events. Remember, our thoughts will bring insight and our words will be the swords, the instruments of our personal conquests and victories. Use them wisely, justly and with great prudence. We all have the right to stand for ourselves, we all have a right to accomplish what we desire…but…power always  has a limit to where it extends. When it begins to oppress the desires, rights, ambitions of others, it is no more a healthy charismatic influence but rather a tyrannical force.

This aspect will influence Capricorn and other Cardinal signs the most. People with strong Cardinal traits will feel this aspect strongly too.


Moon in Cancer opposing Mercury Rx

This Moon is going to boost the feelings of defensiveness during this Mercury/Pluto conjunction. Cancer carries some heavy emotionally charged needs for security, safety. We will be drawn either to sources of power that enable and offer us such protection and fulfillment of these needs or we will ourselves retreat under our shells where we might feels safe and we will not wage battle with others. It is possible that we ourselves recognize that we are that source of power and either defend ourselves from harmful influences or we shall seek to exert ourselves in fulfilling those Cancerian needs.There will also be a great need to belong somewhere, to have a sanctuary, retreat in the form of people, places, activities. This will also include a desire for caring, loving, nurturing bonds with people closest to us, as we generally feel greater safety in relationships that provide just that.


Aspect will influence Cancers, Capricorns, Libras and Aries the most. People with strong traits in these Cardinal signs will feel this Moon too.


Full Moon in Leo

This Moon on January the 24th will go well with the last phase of Mercury rx as long we will not express the rather negative energies of Leo, which are vanity, arrogance, false pride, greed, and desire for attention, confirmation and approval at any cost. The main thing about this Moon is the ability she gives to us to express the very core of ourselves, our true and unique individuality. Of course the needs of this Moon include that others accept and also in away applause us for being who we are. No Leo ever died from being flattered. 🙂 However, getting the attention for the attention itself is not the true purpose here.

We talked about true personal power and real personal success, how it will be and how it already is a very important issue right now. Well this Moon addresses the very core of the issue. The Sun, ruler of Leo, represents the energy that defines our most vibrant inner light and strength. The Sun represents us, who we truly are and what we truly are about. Leo Moon creates emotional focus that enables us to gather this inner light to direct it outwards for the world to see. This Moon is here so we can shine like we were meant to shine. With our true hearts, desires and passions. 🙂

Keep in mind that Leo energy is also about leadership, dominance, but of course in a good and positive way. Arrogant Leo energy will never make a charismatic leader that others will adore and look up too. And that’s the point here, Leo leadership energy has one purpose only, to inspire. Leo is the generous, warmhearted leader, the one who recognizes his own strength, power and uses it to help others gain and recognize their own. Leo is a leader that gives himself to others, as that is what  fulfills his lion heart. Remember still, Leo loves and supports whohleheartedly, but demands the same in return, his love, loyalty and generosity are not unconditional. He needs to be recognized for his actions, deeds and accomplishments as much as he recognizes others for theirs.

Leo Moon can also be too proud and too emotionally sensitive. This creates drama queen effect that nobody really likes about Leos. When they start making a big deal over nothing everyone hates it. This happens often because that is how Leo creates the negative attention for himself. Getting attention at all costs is not a good thing, unless you are ok with driving people away from you by being a self centered baby, playing some sort of victim all the time. However do not insult or disappoint the ego of a Leo on some really important matter, because then they will really roar, and with a good damn reason!

Use this Moon to express your individuality, your wishes, your desires, your passions, Show your self to the world, do not be afraid. Use your  personal power and strength to give yourself away in a generous way and you shall be acknowledged for your deeds, even adored perhaps. 🙂 Entertain people, make them laugh, that is how Leo energy spreads the joy to the world. As the Sun is in the opposite sign of Aquarius, recognize the social concept of the Water carrier. Connect and cooperate within your social circles, your interests groups, by recognizing your own individuality and helping others express theirs. Friends and colleagues are important people with whom we can share our dreams, passions and our hearts. 🙂 Last but not least, use the energy of Leo and Aquarius, to recognize your true self, the way you really want to show your self to the world, and keep in mind that there are many other individuals out there, just like you, but with different expectations with different desires and wishes. Exert your true power and take your place in the Sun, but help and let others take their own as well.


Aspect will influence mostly Leos, Aquarians, but also Scorpios and Taureans and  of course people with strong Leo, Aquarian traits.

Weekly prediction, 18.1. – 24.1., Part 1 – Mind Battle




Week 3 of Mercury Rx

The third week of Mercury retrograde brings a lot of action in our thinking processes, communication. Our general interaction with the world will adopt the conflicting dynamics of Uranus/Pluto square. The whole energy is about action, assertion, achievement, accomplishment, but there is a battle between structure/chaos, rashness/prudence, status quo/change. Mercury will make us think and reflect a lot about how we assert ourselves, how we accomplish things, how we exert our personal power, influence, how we take a stand, endure, progress or persist. What we want may be difficult to achieve, to have or to keep. What we have might be difficult to let go. Process of change, as well as desire or necessity for change will influence  all things mentioned above. Facing the change by either resisting it or going with it. Accepting the change and investing hard work and effort in transforming our lives. Trying to structure, organize and plan although going through certain chaotic, hectic or unpredictable or unsure life situations. These are the things we will be dealing a lot during this week. As this is Mercury retrograde, a lot of our mental energy will be spent in reflecting about certain very important decisions, choices. We will try to plan to organize to figure out the best way to move forward. Mental stress, restlessness, even anxiety will be an issue. Communication will be action packed, conflicts, verbal arguments are possible, misunderstanding as well. Unpredictable rash behavior will dominate certain relationship interactions.


Monday – Thuesday


Moon in Taurus

With Moon in the sign of the builder, cautiousness, material, financial security as well as stability and calmness of ones heart is imperative.We strive to build ourselves a comfortable life, investing or securing our personal resources that provide comfort will be important. Taurus Moon seeks prosperity especially in the physical realm as that provides emotional fulfillment. We will tend to be more aware of our worldly resources, either in the form of money, material assets or anything else that influences our well being. Sensuality is also important with this Moon, the need for things that satisfy our senses will come forwards as well. This is of course related to all kinds of pleasures of the body. The desire for sensual physical contact with others, either in the forms of friendly hugs or intimate sexual experiences will be heightened. Watch out for overindulgence though, especially in the food department. This Moon forms a positive aspect with retrograde Mercury, so our thoughts might be of a very practical nature and directed towards practical things in life. This Moon is a slow mover, so she contemplates and thinks in a slow, calculative manner. Use this energy to calmly reassess certain issues, things and situations in your life, especially the ones mentioned in above Mercury Rx segment, and try to figure out the best way to proceed. Beware of stubbornness though, as well as selfish and greedy behavior.



Tuesday – Thursday


Moon in Gemini

This Moon will speed up our communication and thinking processes. Our daily tempo will increase as well as daily activity. Engaging with the world on multiple fronts, possibly doing many things at he same time also brings more sloppiness, loss of focus. Watch out for scatter brain effect, concentration problems, and pay attention especially in matters that require your full focus. Our emotional needs will encompass  participation in activities that use or require some kind of mental energy. As we are in cycle of Mercury retrograde, use this Moon in Gemini, nature sign of Mercury, to speed up certain decision making processes, to boost your own contemplative processes regarding certain personal issues, to gather information you need more quickly and efficiently and to express yourself more eloquently with words. Avoid quick, too rash and imprudent decisions, be careful of what you say out loud and how you say it. Under the stress that will be felt in the coming days, such things might occur often. This Moon also forms an opposition with Saturn in Sagittarius. This energy deals with emotional security regarding our own personal believes, convictions, personal awareness and our perceptions of ourselves and the world around. As there are changes coming, some being welcomed and some not so much, what we believe in is being tested, new information we receive puts us in a position where we have to deal with reality of situation and possibly change our point of view. This might bring some not so pleasant awareness or realization of the truth. Gaining new knowledge is thus problematic with this aspect as it means that we might have to discard something we used to believe in the past, as that perception no longer serves us in a good way, but rather presents an obstacle  on our way of progress.



Mercury Rx square Uranus conjunct Pluto

This contact brings communication and introspection in the foreground. This is where the Mind Battle occurs during this week. The things mentioned in the first segment of this article and also the themes of the Mercury rx explained in the last few articles i posted, will pound our communication department and our decision making processes the most. Mentally this will be a stressful time, thought processes will be strained, expressing ourselves verbally will also be a challenge. Putting it simply, everything will revolve around moving forward, making plans, following, forming ambitions, choosing life goals and life paths. The amount of willpower and personal strength we possess will determine how strong a stand we can make for ourselves as we will be dealing with a conflict between two energies. On one side there is the structured, possibly conservative, status quo, rational energy that exists either as our inner source of stability and order, or she manifests in the form of external authority/power figure or source. Coming within or from the outside, this energy is either a source of motivation, stability or a source of repression. The other energy pattern is the one of profound change, progress of some form. It comes in the form of unexpected yet surprisingly welcomed events or situations that change our lives for the better or it comes as a disrupting unwelcome influence that throws our lives in a chaotic limbo that we find very difficult to control. There is also a third form of this energy pattern that exists in the form of a restless desire for change, spontaneous action, greater personal freedom, ect. We can see that these two energy sources are of different make up and in a sense they are quite the opposite. Our mental processes and capabilities will be caught in the middle of this conflict, and thus achieving balance between these contradictory influences will be the biggest challenge. For many the battle will be a form of introspection, where one will try to find the best way to move forward on a selected life path and to progress towards a chosen life goal, to assert one’s will power to accomplish things one desires. For some the battle will be about recognizing how do they want to proceed in life in the first place, only beginning to form an idea of a desirable life path or goal in their minds. The key issue is the amount of personal power, self confidence and self worth we possess, as that will determine how efficiently we will be able to deal with these conflicting influences. This will determine how well we deal with repressive energies of status quo  and how well we deal with the disruption of unforeseen or chaotic situations and impulsive desires. We strive to reach security, order and stability while acknowledging the need or necessity of change if that may be so. Too much rash, radical, escapist, irresponsible  behavior will make you lose your solid ground and your touch with reality. At the same time it might also bring you into trouble. Holding on to old patterns, old sources of power and strength, which now emanate repressive and harmful energy, in order to maintain status quo, will also produce conflicts within yourself and with others. This is mostly true if such status quo is maintained by allowing an outside source of authority to perform some sort of repression on you. Getting through this aspect is to balance its energy by trying to see both sides of a coin. Think wisely, choose prudently, act progressively.



Weekly prediction, 11.1. – 17.1. Full speed ahead


Mercury Rx, Week 2

We are entering the second week of Mercury retrograde and the first effects of its influence are already apparent. New ways of perceiving our lives, ourselves,  new ways of thinking, forming ideas, making choices rule our every day life now. This process will continue until the end of January. During this period, areas of life that fall under the rulership of Capricorn will undergo significant development. That encompasses our concepts and feelings of personal strength, power and our abilities to exert that power in order to advance and grow as an individual, by dealing with our personal issues and to advance and grow as a member of society, by taking on certain social roles, advancing our careers. By doing that, we achieve success, personal fulfillment and feeling of accomplishment. Capricorn is an active, ambitious Cardinal energy, so this Mercury retrograde will be one of the most action packed ever. Even more so when coming into aspect with Uranus and Pluto . Under the New Moon that launched us into this week, new beginnings in the matters of private or public life have started. Desire to courageously move forward towards personal well being, personal success and accomplishment is very much present. New opportunities come into our lives, but they might also bring difficult choices with them. Think things through and think wisely and prudently on how you want to advance. You must not forget that duties and obligations are also very important during this period. Include the awareness of personal responsibility in your reflections and contemplations  and then make the best decision for yourself you can. This Mercury retrograde is about thinking hard and working hard, remember that.


Monday – Tuesday

Moon in Aquarius

This Moon favors personal progress and freedom of space when dealing with relationships or any other emotional attachments. It also favors social concepts of freedom, righteousness, fairness, equality and makes us emotionally aware and sensitive to such matters. Making plans for the future, forming and promoting progressive ideas, defending just, social concepts listed above, is what we might be doing during its influence. This Moon favors cooperation within all kinds of interest groups and collectives. Its a rational and abstract Moon so emotions are pushed more to the side. Emotional needs that this Moon does evoke are related to connecting with people, forming new friendships, strengthening existing ones, creating stronger bonds with people while promoting values of equality and fairness. Our emotional focus might be directed towards society as a whole and towards all the existing social issues.

The Moon will also square Mars in Scorpio so expect certain emotional irritation and frustration when dealing with daily issues and of course people. Mars in Scorpio is an important driving and motivating force. When coupled with emotional Moon, although in Aquarius, it produces an intense desire to achieve or to get something one wants. This can prove rather difficult at times, especially when we run into certain obstacles, and by that i’m referring to other people, their expectations and their own interests. Some sort of social injustice of any kind might be just such a source for such an emotional irritation to occur.

Affects Scorpios, Aquarians and people with strong traits in these signs the most.

Venus trine Uranus

On Tuesday Venus ans Uranus will trine each other. This can influence relationships, social gathering, romantic dates, business appointments in a positive and harmonious way. New, progressive    developments, fresh starts, and exciting times in social, romantic interactions,  are indicated. The atmosphere of these interactions favors free space, less emotional attachment, less responsibility, obligation and more fun and joy. This energy can also make you feel optimistic, joyous of the future and the present, bringing forth the desire to learn and grow as an individual.

Affects Sagittarians, Arians, Leos the most.


Wednesday – Thursday

Moon in Pisces conjuncting Neptune, trining Mars

This aspect sets the moon for an exact trine between Mars and Neptune during the weekend. This energy harmoniously influences our ability to get what we want, desire or need. The energies between the Moon and the Mars are in sync. The Neptunian energy will make us more gentle natured and more aware of others, their expectations, problems, desires and interests.  We might act less forcefully, less selfish and more with compassion and empathy. That is also how we will most successfully accomplish our own goals, being more tolerant, observant and considerate. Increased intuition might also help a lot. Don’t fail to recognize when people in your life need your help and offer them your compassion, support in a selfless, loving manner. Remember, even the tiny good deeds can go a long way.

Affects Water signs, especially Pisces, Scorpios and people with strong traits in these signs the most.


Sun in Capricorn conjuncting Mercury Rx, trining Jupiter in Virgo

This is another harmonious transit that will positively influence the matters of the current Mercury retrograde cycle, described in the predictions of the last week. Desire for personal success, advancement and growth, infused with optimism will encourage us to invest some effort in whatever we will be doing during those few days. Whether we will make decisions, act upon them or just reflect and rethink certain issues in our lives, the energy that will support us will be grounded, practical, with a concept of diligently building step by step.

Affects earth signs, Capricorn, Virgo and people with strong earthly traits the most.


Friday – Sunday

Moon in Aries conjunct Uranus square Mercury rx in Capricorn

A fiery, free spirited, impulsive, action oriented Moon. Good for having fun, expressing one self positively letting out loads of emotional energy. Being inspired by such intense emotional energy will be good for getting bright new ideas, getting things done, achieving goals, starting new projects, being unconventional.  Watch out though, especially for rash, aggressive, too impulsive and thus inappropriate behavior or communication, sudden anger outbursts, and don’t burn yourself out. 😉

Mars in Scorpio trine Neptune

*Watch ‘Moon in Pisces conjuncting Neptune, trining Mars’


Weekly prediction 4.1. – 10.1. Part 2

Mercury Retrograde ( 6.1. – 26.1. 2016)

During this week, Mercury starts its retrograde journey, starting in the early degrees of Aquarius and then backing up into Capricorn where it will spend most of its retrograde cycle. Whenever this planet retrogrades it affects our communication with others and with our selves, it affects our mental capabilities, thought processes and patterns, our capabilities to plan and organize. So how does it affect all these things? Well…it either gives us a chance do do all the above things in a very different way, or it puts us in positions where there is no other way but to do them differently. Mercury retrograde is also very good for self reflection or reflection on any subject for that matter. We think or re-think things through a lot, which is a good thing because very often we will see something in a very different light and that might influence our actions, decisions in a very important way. We might therefore even choose to communicate differently with others or interact differently with the world in general. These can all be very positive influences as they bring clarity and awareness. But Mercury retrograde is not all good. While the mental plane of our beings sort of shifts into another mode it creates side effects.

Miscommunication or general confusion in communication ensues. People might respond inappropriately, there could be some rash, quirky way of thinking and expressing verbally. One must be very aware of these communication problems when doing business, signing important documents, making agreements or important trade negotiations. Scams are very often during these periods so be very careful of what you’re buying, signing  or agreeing on. Even if there is no scam, misunderstandings are very often. Mercury retrograde also affects our daily rhythms, routines, activities. Watch for greater caution, especially in traffic as concentration can be lessened and scattered during this period. Be careful when doing physical work of any kind. Watch when working with certain electrical appliances as this Mercury starts in Aquarius which rules electricity. Malfunctions are possible, dealing with broken things can be a pain in the ass or downright dangerous. Since Mercury starts its retrograde in Aquarius our interactions in collective group environments  are under its influence. Collective communication  can get a bit quirky, confused, or just plain different than before. People might start interacting differently than before, saying what they would normally not, doing things that they would normally not do. This can affect collective dynamics either in a positive or negative way, depending the way it was before the retrograde. Uptight dynamics might loosen up or get even more frustrating. More relaxed, fun oriented, easy going group dynamics might just get too loosened and sometimes even inappropriate to downright crazy and weird. 🙂 This effect collectives and groups that share same interests the most, such as job collectives or any other groups where people share and perform certain activities.

When Mercury enters Capricorn, our own personal attitude towards our personal goals, personal power, ambitions, the ways we view success and what accomplishment means to us, might change or it might come under self inspection. They way we work for our goals, ourselves, the way we perform our duties, obligations will also be the theme of this retrograde. Sense of self discipline, orderly life style just as well. We will ponder a lot on the way our lives are structured and the ways we assert our selves. Are we in touch with reality, do we function properly or in accordance with our current life situations? What are our personal goals, what life paths do we want to choose and take? What is in our way, what obstructs us? How much personal power do we have, who or what influences this power, by either enforcing it or diminishing it? How do we exert our own power and how do others exert theirs? Upper questions will run through our heads during this retrograde. Organizing and planning will be very important things. Recognizing self discipline and taking on more prudent behavior will be also in effect. As Mercury retrogrades we generally reflect more than we act, so these things mentioned above will be an important part of our thought process during this month of January. Its a very rational minded, responsible and dutiful period we are entering, so people are going to think and interact in the guidelines of heightened seriousness. Power issues will be the thing we will take into consideration the most. A very serious matter indeed. With some exceptions that’s going to be the general feel of the next three weeks. As Mercury makes aspects with other planets, their interpretation will be of course posted in weekly predictions. 🙂

Important dates

20.1. – 21.1. -Mercury rx square Uranus

23.1. – 24.1. – Mercury rx conjunct Pluto ( Full Moon)!

26.1. – Mercury goes direct

30.1. – 31.1. – Mercury conjunct Pluto

1.2. – 2.2. – Mercury square Uranus

This retrograde will affect Cardinal signs, Capricorn, Aries, Libra and Cancer the most. People with strong Cardinal trait will be affected  too.


New Moon in Capricorn Sunday, 10.1.

This New Moon starts the initial phase of a lot what was mentioned in the upper section regarding Mercury retrograde and also what was written on the account of Sun/Uranus/Pluto aspects this week in the Part 1 one of this weekly predictions. New Moons are beginnings so this Sunday we plant seeds that will grow and come into fruition at the Full Moon around January the 24th. This Moon brings greater emotional needs for security and well being in relation to our ability to set plans for the future, to become aware of the reality of our situations, to become aware of our personal strengths, capabilities, to seek success, accomplishment, structure. We invest in things of interest with hard work, discipline and effort when we plant new seeds this Sunday. Dutiful behavior towards ourselves our own ambitions and of course towards others/society is important now.

This Moon affects Cardinal signs, Capricorn, Aries, Libra and Cancer the most. People with strong cardinal traits will be affected too.

Weekly prediction, 4.1. – 10.1. Part 1

We are entering the first week of 2016 with a bunch of new energies, especially the enterprising New Moon in Capricorn on January 10th. 🙂


Monday – Tuesday

Moon in Scorpio

These first two days are full of the intense emotional energy of Scorpio Moon. This time it forms no hard or difficult aspects but still be advised, some of its influence can be burdening at times. If it impacts your chart, you may feel a bit more emotionally on the dark side, which can produce feelings of intense desire, obsession, jealousy, frustration, resentment and even anger. Emotions will run deep and and they wont show easily unless something or something triggers them. Then they may erupt. Try to avoid power struggles and unhealthy relationship dynamics, especially manipulative behavior. Positively, you can use this energy for starting creative projects where a lot of passion is involved, same goes for new and exciting relationships of any kind. Passion is the driving and the destructive energy of this Moon. Remember that and use it wisely. 🙂

Scorpios and people with strong Scorpio traits will feel this Moon the most.


Venus in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces

Venus has entered the sign of the archer, which makes her a lot more light-hearted, social and cheerful. Our values and likings during this time in Sagittarius revolve around social gatherings, gaining awareness and personal, spiritual growth, perhaps taking on some form of higher education. One of the most important values of this Venus is seeing the big picture, loosing any kind of narrow mindedness. With its combination with Neptune the dimension of intuition, dreaminess, illusions and also compassion, and selflessness is added to our values, and ways of love and ways of expressing affection.  Downside of this aspect might be increased naivety, so watch out for some sort of exploitation. Your altruistic, compassionate tendencies will  be heightened so be careful whom you trust, help or just be careful what kind of favors you’ll be doing. This aspect is known for its daydreaming effect, so all of you who daydream a lot, don’t go over board with this one. 🙂 Delusional thoughts, beliefs and actions can be a problem, some of you might sink deeper, loosing touch with reality, and some will come crashing down, realizing the vastness of their own self deceit. Positively you can balance these energies in expressing some genuine selfless love and support to the people you care about the most, or you can help someone in need. Intuition will increase, some of you will sense the feelings and moods of others more profoundly. May compassion and selflessness guide you, but beware of your own misguided beliefs and feelings and be careful not to get exploited for being too nice. 🙂

Mutable signs, Sagittarians, Pisces, Geminis and Virgos might feel this one the most. People with strong traits in these signs as well.


Wednesday – Thursday

Moon in Sagittarius

The Moon also enters the sign of the Sage on Wednesday. Emotional needs will include desire for greater personal freedom, social interaction and social, cultural experience. Emotional perception will include out of the box perception, greater need for awareness, knowledge of any kind. Downside of this position my be certain amount of disregard for details, watch out for irresponsibility, losing track of time thus being late for daily appointments. Use the energy of this Moon positively, laugh more and go out with friends, read a good adventure book, acquire some spiritual or higher form of knowledge, try to see things in a broader way, contact or even visit a friend abroad and exchange cultural experience.

Sagittarians will feel this moon the most, Geminis also to some extent.


Sun conjunct Pluto in Capricorn square Uranus in Aries

Sun conjoins with the lord of the Underworld. This is where our egos, personal desires, ‘wants’ and our life energy meets the desire for power and control. Self expression will be done through taking a stand and acquiring personal power  and success. Personal security, public and personal recognition and respect are included. Making structured plans in order to achieve and accomplish personal ambitions will be the highlight of this aspect. At the same time need for change and progress will be indicated with Sun sqauring Uranus. There could also be a fear of change as Pluto in Capricorn favors satus quo and tries to maintain control and prevent any kind of disruption of the balance of power. There could be events that both challenge having things your way or they can offer you a chance to make a breakthrough in acquiring new positions, dimensions and understandings of personal influence, strength and authority. This could bring challenging relationship dynamics with others, watch out for power struggles, conflicts. This combination also has some sort of justice attached to it. What is the right thing to do, is it insisting in you own current place of strength, power, running away and fighting the change that might bring harmful disruption or is the right thing to abandon old traditional ways and accepting something new that might offer us new sources of  personal strength and experience. It will be the fight of the egos and fight between old and the new ways of doing things, claiming power and enforcing power and control in the name of self defense and self preservation. It will be the fight between rigidness and some more flexibility and moving energy. You will have to choose, change or not to change, what will bring greater accomplishment? Sticking to old unproductive and rigid ways serves no purpose, acting imprudent and rash just as well. So try to balance these energies by maintaining just the right amount of personal power and control, enough to stand your ground and to defend your own interests but be ready to accept the change and to sacrifice your status quo  comfort zone for something better, like greater personal advancement and progress.

Capricorns and Arians will be mostly affected by this transit, other Cardinal signs ( Libra, Cancer) just as well.