Weekly prediction, 22.2. – 28.2., Part 2 – Weekend intensifies


Friday – Sunday

Moon in Libra square Pluto opposition Uranus

Aspect strength: Weakly transient aspect

Aspect duration: Friday – Saturday afternoon

This Friday and a part of Saturday the Moon is in Libra. We will express an emotional need for harmony, balance, fairness, justice and equality in all areas of life, with relationships being the main ‘playground’ during the duration of this transit. Cooperation, making compromises, paying attention to other people’s needs, desires, feelings and expectations is where we will focus our emotional energy. People comfortable with Libra energy will feel at home with this influence, others will have a more difficult time, especially as the Moon reactivates the Pluto/Uranus square. Issues of power, strength,  impulsiveness, restlessness, greater commitment, greater personal freedom, control, will additionally spice up this transit.

With Libra Moon we tend to be likable, non conflicting and a pacifist to a  degree. However, when provoked beyond its comfort level, Libra energy can become aggressive as well, starting to actively uphold its principles and morals mentioned above. Action is an in built mechanism of all Cardinal signs. Need for personal integrity, honesty will also be an important thing with this Libra Moon, and thus meeting and fulfilling these two needs, and all above mentioned Libra needs,  will influence our daily moods, emotional responses and emotional stability.

This transit will influence Cardinal signs of Libra, Aries and Capricorn the most. People with strong Cardinal energy will feel it too.


Moon in Scorpio conjunct Mars

Aspect Strength:  Medium, transient aspect

Transit duration: Saturday afternoon till Monday evening ( Mars conjunction)

Moon moves in Scorpio this Saturday and will stay there until Monday the 29th. During its transit through this sign the Moon will conjunct Mars. This will happen on Monday and will represent the culmination of this transition. Scorpio energy will infuse our daily moods, emotional responses with an intense energy. This will manifest in the form of intense feelings, passions, needs and will either manifest positively or negatively, depending on how well we will deal with this energy. Possible results of this transit range from very profound and fulfilling emotional experiences, to negative, irritating, frustrating, self destructive emotional states and behaviors. Watch out for anxieties and the rising of personal demons, traumas, fears. The expression of this Moon’s energy will reach its peak with the Mars conjunction. Things will intensify additionally resulting in an even more positive or negative experience. With Mars being in his natural sign, pairing up with the Moon will unleash powerful motivational drives, desires, passions in all areas of life. Emotional needs will join hands with the will to act and to initiate. Increase of desire for greater personal power, assertion and influence will be present. Focusing on our goals and implementing our plans  will be important.

The nature of our daily realities, our current emotional states and our life situations will of course highly influence the manifestation of this Moon/Mars energy. Be advised that this transit may only worsen already present self defeating, self destructing behaviors and unhealthy attachments, if are not prepared to resolve them and become aware of them. Mars/Moon in Scorpio combination carries the seeds of destruction as well as rebirth. Emotional intensity of this transit either makes us become aware what are the true healthy passions, desires and goals in our lives, or we succumb once again to false temptations that lead to our demise.

The key here is the amount of personal power, strength we possess and the level of self awareness with which we oversee the usage and assertion of this power. People with strong self centered, self aware, self confident personalities will benefit from this transit the most. People with low self respect, low self worth and low self confidence will have difficulties. This energy is for those who dare, for those who are strong willed, for those who take a stand and are prepared to take risks, to initiate, to change and to progress forward, toward something that truly ignites their passions and desires in a healthy way.


This aspect/transit will of course influence Scorpios the most, Taureans will feel the influence too. People with strong Scorpio energy in their charts will be under Moon/Mars spell as well.



Weekly prediction, 22.2. – 28.2., Part 1 – Full Moon in Virgo, The Earthly Goddess and the High Priestess



Monday – Thursday


Full Moon in Virgo

Transit duration: Monday 22nd – Wednesday 24th

Transit strength: Monthly medium strength transit

The beginning of this week is in the sign of the Virgo Full Moon. This means that she opposes the Sun which is in Pisces at the moment.Full moons represent climaxes and monthly highlights when things come into fruition. It is also a very emotionally charged time when we seek balance in our personal expression and interaction with the world. The balance we seek under this Full Moon is that of the Virgo/Pisces dynamics; chaos/order, dreaminess/groundedness, imagination/rationalization, analysis/intuition, self undoing/healing, service/exploitation, mystery/clarity, lie/truth, awareness/self deceit.

Here we have this very day to day oriented earthly Virgo Moon, causing us to emotionally respond to the world around us. Needs that come to the fore are those of bringing order to our daily rhythm, developing and applying all kinds of skills we possess  to create a stable, organized and healthy everyday life existence. Yes, Virgo is THE sign when it comes to health related issues and health in general. The energy of this ‘Earthly Goddess’ demands that we assume a responsible and healthy attitude towards ourselves on our daily basis. To accept, recognize and respect the godliness in ourselves. This topic also represents the most important merge point between Virgo and Pisces, focusing on the relationship between our subconsciousness and consciousness, between the intuitive heart and analytical mind. This is the duality of the earthly, skillful, and practical goddess ( Virgo ) and her counterpart the mysterious, intuitive, incredibly wise but passive High Priestess ( Pisces ). These two connect, establish and regulate the Virgo/Pisces dynamics. The Priestess has all the knowledge of the universe at her disposal, but she does not share it, she remains silent, offering your soul to glimpse at this universal truth from time to time . This is what we call the act of intuitive insight. The way these two female concepts or  energies work is that the Priestess relays us the intuitive knowledge from ‘beyond’ and the Earthly Goddess offers us guidance on how to use this knowledge and apply it through skills and talents in this physical reality. This is how psychics, mediums or clairvoyants, therapists work as they channel this energy in the most literal sense to heal, guide and help others.  But this is happening in everyday life of all the other people too. Through Pisces and Virgo we, tiny individual, limited, and mortal selves, establish the relationship with the entire universe, the limitless, ageless ‘beyond’. This relationship and this Virgo/Pisces duality concept of two female divine energies is imprinted within all of us. The ‘beyond’ part of us is represented by the soul, the ‘here and now’ part is represented by the physical body. We ourselves channel the energy from ‘beyond’ to gain better understanding of life ‘here and know’ and to create a better life for ourselves ‘here and know’. The quality of such a relationship determines the quality of our daily existence. A healthy life depends on  a healthy relationship interaction and communication between our souls and our bodies. The awareness of our own being as a whole, its needs and yearnings is thus of paramount importance.

During this Moon’s influence become aware of your healing processes, become aware of your health issues and problems, apply your skills and talents to organize, heal and to create order, routine and stability in your life. Become aware of the fact that being of service to yourself (body and soul) and others is one of the main purposes of our lives. Separate between healthy fantasy and imagination that brings intuitive insight, awareness, and avoid delusions and unhealthy situations of martyrdom and victimization. The latter applies mostly this Tuesday as Moon forms an opposition with Neptune. Dreamy, confusion like state of mind and heart will dominate the day. Be careful as this aspect make us lose touch with reality, sometimes excessive day dreaming is possible, lack of concentration and focus as well. Emotional responses take precedence over  rational thought, so make sure you got the facts right before you act or respond, because misunderstandings will be frequent and so will be delusional behavior.

This transit will  affect Virgos and Pisces the most, other mutable signs will feel it too. People with strong mutable sign energy will feel it as well.


Virgo Moon square Saturn in Sagittarius conjunct Jupiter in Virgo

Aspect duration: Early and late afternoon/evening on Tuesday 23rd

Aspect strength: Weak transient daily aspect

On Tuesday 23rd Moon will also square Saturn in Sage. Above mentioned Virgo/Pisces dynamics will also deal with some relative frustrating reality checks coming from the ever serious ‘father time’. Be aware that Saturn in Sage is all about the traditional belief system, which means, that whatever you believe is an important source of personal stability, personal identity, strength and you place great worth upon it. It’s difficult to change one’s personal views and perspectives with Saturn in Sagittarius, but nevertheless its also important to realize when a certain way of perceiving the world simply no longer works for us and we need to broaden our horizons, to see the bigger picture and to gain greater understanding. This process will be additionally encouraged by Jupiter in Virgo, however, as Jupiter makes a square with Saturn it will be once again a bumping heads aspect with energies difficult to balance, dealing with growth vs restriction. A nasty tug of war that allows you to make two steps forward and then forces you to make one step backwards. You’re still moving in the right direction, yet the feeling you get is that nothing is happening, that you’re stuck. This causes frustration, but believe me, with this aspect one rule applies always; No pain no gain.

This transit will  affect Virgos and Sagittarians the most, other mutable signs will feel it too. People with strong mutable sign energy will feel it as well.


Weekly prediction, 15.2. – 21.2., Part 2 – Leo Moon weekend





Friday – Sunday

Moon in Cancer trine Mars in Scoprio

Aspect duration: Friday noon to later afternoon and evening

Aspect strength: weak, transient and minor aspect


This Friday Moon still lingers on in Cancer. We are more emotionally sensitive in need of love, affection, care and nurture. Emotional attachment to things and people is more noticeably present and expressed. Nostalgia, remembering good old times is also very common with this placement. Home, family, people and places that give the feeling of belonging are important to us. They might be a memory we fondly relive in our minds and hearts, they might represent our current present, or they might be the subject of our dreams, yearnings and fantasies.  With Mars in Scorpio our emotions will fuel up our passions and motivation, during this Friday and will influence the way we act, express ourselves and assert. Mars/Moon is an intensely charged combination but this time they form a rather harmonious trine which is a benevolent and a minor aspect. This influence should make us more passionate, emotionally stable but intense and above all determined. Self assertion comes with the feeling that our hearts and our drives for action speak as one.

This aspect will affect Cancers, Scorpios and people with strong water sign energies.


Sun in Pisces

Aspect duration: 19.2. – 21.3. 2016

Aspect strength: monthly transit

The sun shifts to Pisces, the realm of Neptune, ruler of the oceans. Confusion, obscurity, dreaminess and dreams, naivety, empathy, martyrdom, healing and healing professions, intuition, imagination, artistic expression and inspiration. These are the things that fall in the domain of Pisces. There is a very good reason why the Pisces are probably the most representative sign of the water element. All these things listed above we can connect or relate to the concept of water. The murkiness, unclarity and obscurity of the deep blue, where the light does not reach, we often connect with our subconscious emotional sphere, a thing, we humans often find difficult to grasp, understand and to control. And yet the unknown inspires our imagination, our dreams, our art. Then there are healing properties of water, being the source of life and all that. 🙂

During the Sun’s transit in Pisces we will deal with all themes and subjects listed above. Our source of life’s energy and our true self expression will adapt to the energy pattern of Pisces. Since Pisces are the sign that does not recognize boundaries, structure, but favors the unknown, the limitless, incomprehensible and unimaginable, expressing one’s ego and individuality is in a way difficult per se. Ego puts up very clear boundaries that define our individuality. This is us and that is the world. Pisces energy blurs the distinction between our own individual self and everything else that exists in the universe. This kind of influence creates problems in establishing one’s identity or sense of self but also contributes to greater emotional awareness of the world around you, boosting your empathy and intuition.

We will all deal with this influence in our own ways, to some it will cause more problems than to others. It all depends on how well we deal with some of the things mentioned above. So all in all greater sensitivity to the people and the world around you is present. We tend to be more gentle hearted. We deal more with issues of empathy and compassion, with the issue of letting go of our ego’s self interest and paying more attention to the needs of others and to the well being of the world in general. The concept of wholeness, the idea that everything is connected is something Pisces is very much into. Naivety or general confusion is common when it comes to self expressing ourselves or dealing with others. Misunderstandings are possible. inspiration, insight and awareness might come from all walks of life. Greater connection with our subconscious mind is possible, especially through dreams, visions. Of course, this will be more prominent with people that are already more intuitive and communicate with their subconsciousness more or less on the daily basis. Messages or inspiration through dreams are possible results. Self expression is favored through all kinds of artistic expression, as one will be more likely inspired by many things and in many ways. Of course do try and avoid negative manifestations of Pisces energy, especially negative aspects of excessive martyrdom which means it will not be a good idea to self express by playing the victim too much. Also watch out for exploitation and delusional behavior in relationships

So all in all this will be a favorable time for all those, gentle, artistic, empathic and of course dreamy souls and also a good time for the rest of us to learn more about the ways of Pisces as well. 🙂


Moon in Leo 

Aspect duration: Saturday, Sunday and first half of Monday

Aspect strength: Weak transit

On Saturday the Moon enters Leo, the sign of creativity, individuality, self expression and inner strength. When these themes fuse with our needs for emotional security and well being, the nature of our daily moods, actions and responses will much depend on how well we will excel in manifesting the positive Leo energy.

So, Leo Moon craves attention, social acceptance, it wants to feel creative, unique, special and it desires that others acknowledge her as such. being the center of attention as well as the desire to be adored or flattered is common though differently expressed. People with hungry ego’s  will almost undoubtedly in a frenzy like manner seek even more attention. In doing so they will either just feed on others and give very little of themselves or they will generously give or even entertain people in some way. On the other hand, more humble individuals will find it appealing if they become noticed or applauded for a certain personal trait or characteristic of their individuality. You see, a true manifestation of Leo energy is to show to the world who you truly are. Some people do it without hesitation, they are proud of who they are, they feel confident and self assured. Others either accept these people, are inspired by them or they reject them or even mock them. And then there are people who are afraid to show their true selves, because they fear the negative reaction of the outer world. This Leo Moon will bring great sensitivity and moodiness when it comes to these issues of ego expression. Become aware of your own needs and try to openly express your individuality. Realize that you are special and show yourself to the world. On the other hand, try to avoid the drama queen effect. This effect usually occurs when we place to much importance on who we are as an individual, when we arrogantly or with excessive pride put ourselves before others, feeling we are in some way more special or more important than others and thus respond like a drama queen to any kind of problematic situation, event or person that upsets us or causes us discomfort of some kind.

Leo Moon is also about creativity, either we express ourselves as individual in a very creative way or we actually create something that indirectly draws attention of others and contributes to our status of an creative individual. The end result is basically the same thing but the processes differ a bit. 🙂

Will noticeably affect Leos and also other fire signs. Other Fixed signs will feel the influence as well, so will people with strong fire sign energies in their charts.


Moon in Leo opposition Venus in Aquarius

Aspect duration: Saturday morning till noon and early afternoon

Aspect strength: Weak  transient aspect

This aspect joins two female energy planets which will play a big role in the way we express our emotions and feelings during the time this aspect will be in effect. This will relate to the opposition between Aquarius and Leo which seeks balance between the expression of the ego, our true selves and our ability to become an integrated member of society, without losing our individuality. Are we capable of making our wishes come true and at the same time adapt to the expectation of others or to act upon our desires, values while upholding either the written or unwritten rules of society? Are we afraid or not afraid to show ourselves to the world, do we fear criticism and disapproval or can we handle it? How does this kind of quest for self expression fare within our relationships and our interaction with people in general? What is our attitude towards unconventional behavior, how important is personal freedom to us? Do we approve deviation from  social norms, standards and conformities in order to fully express our uniqueness, do we even have the guts to do so, do we dare?? 🙂 These are the questions one might ask themselves during this weekend. Indeed they are important ones, especially during today’s times.

Where will this aspect play out? As mentioned, relationships of any kind will mostly be affected by this aspect. Friendships, partnerships one on one and social interactions within certain interest groups of people. Our personal creativity will be influenced, the way we express our desires, passions, wishes through some sort of group activities, individual projects, will be a theme. Socially it should be a good time to hang out with friends to bond with loved ones. Being generous in your relationships will be important, knowing how to cooperate fairly within collective and social groups as well. Certain personal or group values will either be a pillar of stability and progress or they will create obstacles and disruptions.


Aspect will influence Aquarians and Leos the most, other Fixed signs will feel the influence as well. People with strong Aquarian and Leo traits should feel these energies too.



Moon in Leo square Mars in Scorpio

Aspect duration: Sunday later afternoon and evening

Aspect strength: Weak  transient aspect

As opposed to the positive Mars/Moon trine described at the beginning of this article, this aspect might bring a lot more tension, aggression and frustration to our daily moods, actions and responses. As square is the ‘bumping heads’ aspect, our emotional needs will bump heads with our personal drive and the way we want to assert ourselves. We might deal with problems and run into obstacles while trying to act upon our desires, plans. That will of course cause emotional frustration and irritation. It is an impulsive aspect and negative  expression of anger or any other negative emotion is quite often the result of it. Whether you will take it on your self or on someone else, neither is a good choice. Absorb, contemplate the frustration and let it pass. 🙂


This one will influence mostly Scorpios and Leos, other fixed signs will feel it too. People with strong Fixed sign energy might be influenced as well.



Weekly prediction, 15.2. – 21.2., Part 1 – Valanitnes day, the after glow effect




After glow effect with Moon in Taurus trine Venus in Capricorn

Since i already wrote predictions for Monday the 15th in the article for the previous Week, i’m gonna start this one with Tuesday. The reason is because this Monday was almost like an astrological extension of the weekend the 13th and 14th and gave sense to  the energies that erupted or were very active during the weekend. The first Moon square was dealing with relationships and love in general. Valentines day on the 14th found conclusion in the earthly energies of Moon in Taurus and Venus in Capricorn. A very grounded make up  that promotes real, genuine love, care, nurture, attention and affection. Yes, passions and desires were very high during weekend, but on Monday, it was all about who and what truly matters. It showed us who really cares and gives a damn about us in this real, practical, material world. It became clear where and with whom we belong, want to belong or do not belong and do not want to belong. The sense of stability and emotional security was increased and so was the need to attain these things. We all felt this energy  and it might echo significantly throughout this week, thus i called its influence the After glow effect. 🙂

This affected people with strong earthly based charts, mostly Capricorns and Taureans. 



Tuesday – Thursday


Moon in Gemini, Mercury in Aquarius

This Tuesday kicks off with the Moon in Gemini. She will stay with us almost until the end of Wednesday. Minds are sharper, communication increases. Daily tempo increases, there my be more activities, more running around. We tend to think more, analyze more, talk more and use our brains more during this Moon, its not a very emotional Moon, especially as Mercury is already in Aquarius. This is another air sign that promotes a rather intellectual, rationalistic approach rather than that of the heart. Wittiness, idea forming and executing is more favored during such times, so is originality of thought and imagination in general. All influences above will be prominent thing within the domain of social interest groups, collectives, friendships. Cooperation increases and so does our ability to work more efficiently with others adapting our own desires and wishes to the dynamics and establishments of the social group we belong to. As we will emotionally subdue more to the mental plane during this first half of the week, be aware of the problems that the Gemini Moon might bring, especially with Mercury in Aquarius. Be careful of loss of focus and concentration, this happens often with these Moons. Be careful when operating with dangerous machinery, electrical appliances and watch out when in traffic.

This will affect Aquarians, Geminis the most, other Air sings and people with strong air sign traits will feel this influence as well.


Venus shifts to Aquarius on Wednesday the 17th

Venus joins the Aqua party this Wednesday. This Venus is in a sense not so much different form its predecessor, Venus in Capricorn. It is still more distant and could be more cold in expression of feelings. The value system of this Venus in Aquarius is focusing on our social life, our friendships *, ( s) relationships within our collectives and interest groups. This encompasses our interaction with friends, partners people at work, people we socialize with when we attend to our hobbies, interest activities, ect. The values this Venus upholds are those of mutual cooperation, equality among men, fairness. Our ability to adapt our own wishes, desires in order to better cooperate with other people is paramount. For this Aquarian Venus, being a part of a group, collective, establishing and maintaining friendships is important as it contributes a lot to our personal identity. We must however learn how to express ourselves individually within our social and public environments. As we are part of a whole, we are still a very unique and special part and we must be aware of that. In the next three weeks or so, expect to deal with the above dynamics within your social sphere. The balance you will seek in relationships and value system will the one of successful social integration versus the imperative expression of your true self, the ego.

This is an Aquarian energy most favored by Aquarians, but will affect other fixed signs, suchs as Leo, Taurus and Scorpio too


*i’m referring more to the concept of friendship here. as that is an important factor within all kinds of relationships and partnerships.


Moon in Cancer


On Thursday the Moon moves to Cancer and the week becomes more emotionally attuned. Yes, Cancer is all about emotional expression and our needs revolve around belonging, feeling safe, secure, loved, nurtured and cared for. We also feel the need to nurture, mother and care for others. This will produce more moodiness, crankiness and impulsive behavior as Cancer Moon is not known for being very rational. So needs that deal with emotional fulfillment will dominate our daily lives and they will become even more profound when the Moon opposes Pluto in Capricorn on Thursday and trines Mars in Scorpio on Friday.


Cancers and other emotionally acute people, especially those of you who have strong positions in the water signs of Cancer and Scorpio, watch out for this one, you will feel it.

Weekly prediction, 8.2. – 14.2., Part 2 – To do or not to do



Friday – Sunday


Moon in Aries conjunct Uranus, Square Pluto, Venus and Mercury

Friday and Saturday will pass in the sign of the Aries Moon. It will be a highly energetic, impulsive, creative, emotional and at times also an aggressive Moon. This will be even more true when she conjuncts Uranus and squares Pluto. The title of this article is letting you know, that the choice on how you will express the active energy of this Moon is solely yours. Your own capabilities of processing and filtering emotions, feelings, will play a crucial role on how you will act and initiate, as well as respond to your immediate surroundings.

Be advised that any reactivation of the Pluto/Uranus square creates the “bumping heads” effect between issues of old vs new, traditional vs progressive, change vs Status Quo, freedom vs commitment, creation vs destruction. Conflicts, power struggles, arguments, heated or passionate and emotional confrontations, conversations while seeking to assert oneself and one’s heart, can arise. Personal expression will be high with this Moon, and so will be the motivational drive. Be careful not to rub someone the wrong way. Understand the games you are playing, learn the rules. Discern your needs and desires from your obligations, responsibilities, commitments to the outer world.

So, all in all its a very powerful, fiery and passionate Moon that can produce much of that positive, creative, loving, motivational and warmhearted energy. Still, keep in mind that we are mixing a high dose of unpredictability, impulsivity, passion and power with this one. Think before you act applies here, but under no circumstances deny yourself the opportunity of expressing your heart if you truly feel you must. Act upon your feelings and emotions if you consider it is the true and right path for you to take in order to achieve some goal or agenda, to stand your ground or to assert your influence and power in some way. Doing that should give you an increased sense of freedom, fulfillment and strength.

This aspects will affect Capricorns, Arians and other Cardinal signs the most. People with strong cardinal energy in their charts will also experience this transit strongly.


Moon in Taurus

On Valentines day on Sunday the Moon moves into a more sensual, still passionate but more grounded, practical sign of Taurus. Our needs are set on material, emotional security and safety in general. We pay more attention to our well being and comfort during such times. Senses are more heightened and so we tend to enjoy the good things in life that satisfy those particular senses. Emotions tend to be stable or we try our best to keep them that way. Taurus Moon does not like upsets, changes or disruptions, so better take care of how you will interact with the world on days before Sunday, if you want to enjoy a more peaceful end of the week. 🙂 Don’t over do it in some sort of physical strain or emotional expression during the Aries Moon, because the Taurus Moon will not like or approve of your emotional or physical exhaustion and weariness. 🙂

In general your don’t have to wait for the 14th to tell someone how you care about them and how much you love them, Friday and Saturday provide a lot of bold, emotional and passionate energy to do just that. However i think that the stability and earthliness of the Taurus Moon will go much further in allowing us to process any kind of emotional interchange in the proper and fulfilling way. Love and affection will be expressed in a more sensual but also more prudent way. Taurus Moon takes its time, never rushes, builds up its momentum slowly but efficiently. She will get you there, just take it easy.

Love will be real, sensual and warm if you let it flow through you and towards others. This will be mostly true on Monday the 15th as the Moon will also trine Venus in Capricorn and sextile Mars in Scorpio. Have a loving and passionate weekend. Spend your time in expression of your heart, body and soul.


This Moon will affect Taureans and Scorpios the most. Earthly signs will feel comfortable with this Moon and so might all people with strong Taurus in their charts.

Weekly prediction, 8.2. – 14.2., Part 1 – The Aquarian



Monday – Wednesday


New Moon In Aquarius square Mars in Scorpio

This New Moon’s influence will dominate the first half of this week, which makes it an important one. Of all the New Moons, an Aquarius New Moon addresses the very basic concept of its energy in the truest sense. As New Moons are about new beginnings, so is Aquarius, the sign of progress, change, unconventionality. In the first days of the week, especially on Monday and Tuesday, echoing still on Wednesday, we have a chance to use these New Moon vibes to start afresh, to change a pattern in our life, to move forward into the unknown, to do something we would normally be afraid to do, or we would hesitate. This is the New Moon that challenges us to leave our comfort zone, to greet the change and trust in our selves and in the progress we can make. The energy of this Lunation encourages us to perceive things in a different light, to make a change, to do a difference, but, its on us to actually do something about that.

Our social sector is going to become a focus, the way we cooperate, deal, interact with our colleagues, friends, coworkers and the way we function within our social and interest groups. Humanitarian, ecological issues will be addressed on the premises of fairness, honesty, equality. Interests of promoting scientific, social or economic progress or advancement will be present. We might feel more inclined and obligated to deal with negative global issues, problems affecting our societies, civilizations and our planet as a whole.

Desire for personal freedom, space is also highlighted. We are more attached to our own ideas, dreams, fantasies for the future in the very abstract way of the Aquarius. This is an Air sign Moon, so its basic energy is of a more rational, mental signature. Her emotional focus is still very potent, but she deals more in the lines of breakthroughs within our thinking processes and in the lines of breakthroughs within the ways we initiate or act. Her energy influence can make us more emotionally distant, cold as we would say, not so much in touch with our profound emotional worlds but more with our profound intellect.  We are less committed or attached to the past, what is and what was. With a tendency to let old things in our life go, to move from something outdated towards something fresh and new, we might become restless for freedom, exited about the change and also a little bit anxious and afraid.

The main downside of Aquarian energy is its immensely abstract configuration. With Aquarius we use our minds to form visions and ideas of our future, but often, the problems occur, when we try to give these ideas and visions true form, when we try to implement them in our daily lives. As Plato said, the Idea is perfection in itself, immediately when it is given form, it loses such privilege and becomes imperfect. It is often hard to manifest our desires, drams and wishes the way we want to in this real world. As that can become a serious problem when dealing with Aquarian energy, it is important for all individuals who have strong Aquarian traits, to become aware of this as soon as possible. If not, some great disappointments are in store for them, as they will become continuously more frustrated by the failures to manifest their own ideas just the way they imagined them. So all in all, rich imagination, fresh perception are very important with this Moon, and so are the desires to move forward, to progress, to be free. Mars in Scorpio provides additional drive and encouragement to act, to move, to assert one self, but at the same time, it brings frustration, more aggression and conflicts and sometimes an exceeded expression of selfishness and egoism bound to achieve greater power and control. Beware of this negative manifestation of Mars energy and contemplate more on your actions and decisions before you implement them.


This Moon mostly affect Aquarians and Leos to some extent. People with strong Aquarian energy will feel this Moon too.


Moon in Pisces opposition Jupiter conjunct Neptune

The Moon moves to Pisces on Tuesday and her influence affects the way we express our feelings and emotions of love, compassion. This Moon deals with our capability to help, serve and heal others and ourselves, but it also addresses the problems of emotional confusion, naivety, emotional exploitation, unhealthy martyrdom a.k.a. playing the victim too much.

This Moon will heighten our empathy levels and our intuition, allowing us to sense our souls and hearts and the hearts and souls of others more profoundly. Offering help, compassion to the ones who need it is encouraged. However, avoid manipulation and exploitation. Dreaminess can be a problem, misunderstandings, confusions in communications are possible. This is mostly true when Moon will aspect Jupiter in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces. Pisces are a sign that knows no boundaries, mostly when it comes to the boundaries of the ego, individuality, so it is very possible, to ‘lose’ oneself when dealing with this energy, especially when the emotional Moon would form an aspect with a planet such as Jupiter and Neptune. Trying to keep up with the real world might be a little more difficult, as will be responding to daily life situations in quick witted and sharp minded fashion. It will be as if our eyes would be covered with some sort of a veil, preventing us to see the world around us clearly, creating problems when we try to respond properly to the outside stimuli.

Greater contact with our subconsciousness is indicated and also advised. Some people might choose to isolate them selves more during such an influence, seeking solitude, either to reflect, think, to process an issues of the heart or to just enjoy some peace while being alone. Some choose to be more artistically expressive, creative, imaginative as Neptune and Pisces are also the higher octave of Venusian arts. Some might become more emotionally expressive, gentle, mild hearted. Loneliness, depression can be a negative manifestation if a person is already dealing with certain emotional problems of this sort.


This Moon affect Pisces and Virgos the most. People with strong traits in these signs feel feel it too.

Weekly prediciton, 1.2. – 7.2., Part 2 – A very Real Love




Friday – Sunday


Moon in Capricorn conjunct Pluto square Uranus


This Friday the Moon enters Capricorn. Emotions, needs and emotional responses focus on a  more grounded, realistic approach to life. The key with these earthly Moons, is to find greater feeling of stability and security in this real, material and physical world. So yes, a Capricorn moon is quite rational, serious and practical, but that does not mean its not emotionally sensitive. It is, very much so, especially in regards to productivity, responsibility, obligation and duty. With such an energy we are very much focused in fulfilling our needs for accomplishment, success, respect and social recognition and good social status. If these needs are met, we will feel stable, secure, if not, anxiety, worry, frustration will most definitely fill our hearts. Those are the emotional burdens you do not wanna experience in excess, believe me. 🙂 How to avoid or perhaps putting it more realistically, how to handle these negative emotional manifestations? The best way is to be honest with yourself, that works great when dealing with Capricorn/Saturn energy. If we feel something is amiss in our lives its better to admit it right away, be realistic about it. Don’t just worry about it, don’t just analyze it, but work on solving your problems. Such a Moon should give you enough emotional awareness to gain greater patience, discipline and decisiveness. You will be able to tackle any kind of real life problems, whether they may concern your private or public sphere.  There is no other way unfortunately, the advice is to keep it real under this Moon’s influence. She is emotionally tied to the real world and if we are somehow or in some way out of sync with our daily realities and if at the same time we refuse to acknowledge or to deal with these same realities, there will be difficulties.

The energy pattern of this Moon will make us feel concerned about the roles we play in our lives, the paths we have chosen to pursue. Have we made the right choices, are we doing okey or is there something in our life that needs to change? By figuring out how to answer these questions or how to produce solutions to our problems, we will have to deal with the energies of Pluto and Uranus. Much of what i have already written on account of Mercury retrograde will apply here once again, however this time, with a greater emotional preoccupation being present. This Moon will bring issues of personal power, strength, success, recognition, progress into the fore once again. This time we will respond with greater emotionality as opposed to the time when the rational Mercury dealt with the same issues. Once again we will ran into challenges while dealing with conflicting energy manifestations; asserting power, making a stand vs being submissive, stagnating, maintaining status quo vs progressing, achieving greater commitment to a cause vs fighting for greater freedom. Listen to your heart, if you feel unfulfilled for some reason, pinpoint the problem and be honest with your self, work on solving it. Figure out what is the best course of actions, to hold on, endure something if its worth the struggle or change certain things radically, expunge the past and set yourself in the unknown territory. In either cases, discipline, hard work and effort are necessities. Without adopting that kind of attitude, you wont get far. But don’t worry, the Moon will remind you of exactly what needs to be done. Just go with your heart. 😉


This influence will impact Capricorns, Arians and other Cardinal signs as well. People with strong cardinal traits in their charts will feel it too.


Venus in Capricorn conjunct Pluto square Uranus

Venus will  pair up with the Moon on Friday till Saturday and together they will  aspect above mentioned challenging planets. With Venus, another dose of feminine energy is poured into this mix. This will make for one quite emotionally charged weekend. Our values, feelings concerning things we love or love to do, people we care about, will deal with the same conflicting energies mentioned above in the prediction for the Moon. Reality will seep into our relationships or it will show us just how we truly relate to the world around us. Is it good or bad, right or wrong? Reality checks on how we value, how we love others, ourselves, what is our relation to our own desires, feelings, our own ambitions, what are our relations to desires. feelings of other people, will be prominent. Yes, practicality, rationality is once again the tool with which we deal with things during such an influence, but once again it does not mean that feelings will not be profoundly felt or expressed. This Capricorn Venus just as this Capricorn Moon, they are both action oriented, but the action is that of prudent, diligent, caring and loving investment in our own personal future, stability, security and well being.

Relationship challenges will occur as is indicated with Venus being involved. They will range from power struggle conflicts within ourselves and with others, to difficulties while planning the future for our relationships, or dealing on how to change the way we relate to others. There could be frustrating problems in expressing love, care and affection due to some obstacles, barriers, separations, either being of purely physical ( long distance relationships) or psychological nature ( broken, complicated, emotionally distant relationships)

The key is to assess what do people, relationships in our lives truly mean to us. What is their practical value, do these associations bring fulfillment, happiness for us in the long run in this real world? Do these connections, unions contribute to our stability, security and well being? Putting all dreams, fantasies aside, and asking ourselves…Are we truly happy, are we satisfied with the way things truly are? If not, why is that so? We need to act, change things, move forward, and we need to invest some real work in making these new plans and executing them.

Our values in general will be tested. Is what we place worth upon actually good for us in the truest sense, does it work for us in some beneficial way? If that is not the case, our values need to change as things that rather drain our energy then make us feel inspired and full of life, have to go. The way we value ourselves will also be an issue, as personal strength and self confidence are derived from the very basic worth we place on our own life and our own being. If you will feel down or low on spirit because of these influences, remember, it is not time to feel sorry for yourself, but to do something concrete to change the very core of your self image. Work on yourself, so that you will become a strong, independent and self assured individual!

Use the energies of this weekend to find out what and who really, really makes you feel happy, emotionally fulfilled, satisfied and accomplished in this day to day life. Its important that we find purpose here and now, every single day of our lives. Remember that and use this Capricorn/Aries energy to make it so.


This influence will impact Capricorns, Arians and other Cardinal signs as well. People with strong cardinal traits in their charts will feel it too.