Weekly prediction, 28.3. – 3.4., Part 1 – Tug of War


Monday – Thursday


Moon in Sagittarius conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius square Jupiter in Virgo

Aspect strength: weaker daily transit

Aspect duration: Monday till Wednesday with climax on Tuesday evening

The Moons stays in Sage from Monday the 28th until Wednesday the 30th. While she is in the sign of the Archer she will once again aspect the two mentioned planets. Watch out for the tug of war these energies create. Both Jupiter and Saturn are now retrograde so things can get a little bit tricky. Be patient in all matters of life whether you are dealing with mundane trivial things or something more spiritual transcendental. Desire for growth and the unwelcome restriction and slowdown of fate are apart of our daily lives. Emotions are boosted and we want to meet our emotional needs, fulfill our hearts desires whatever they might be, however, that might prove to be difficult to achieve.

Virgo and Sagittarius are about gaining knowledge, awareness to better understand something or life in general, to create personal beliefs, or to apply this knowledge through some practical manner. With this last one Virgo comes in as it allows us to master, learn and develop certain skills, talents. Once again this processes can be a part of some daily, mundane activity like attending school, college, or seminars of some kind, gaining additional education required by your job position and so on. However it can also be a part of some personal growth and awareness process of a more psychological nature. Whatever it may be this Sagittarian Moon will remind us that we need to grow to develop somehow, but we will also have to accept that there might be a lot of obstacles to overcome, so we must be patient. Jupiter wants to expand and do that quickly, hastily, Saturn takes things slow so whatever we build is solid and strong.

A few things to watch under this influence and a few suggestions on how to handle the energy. Organize yourself more, think before you act. Try to be more responsible, more structured and prudent. Are your beliefs in tune with reality of your life situations, are your beliefs outdated? If that is not the case, make sure you update them or change them accordingly. Take up an activity that will allow you to develop certain gifts, talent, skills you might have. Go and get certain knowledge, information that you might want to acquire, fulfill your desires for learning more about life and desires to learn on how to live a more fulfilling life. Become aware of the most important human virtue the health of your soul and body and address any negative health issues you might be having. The current Jupiter Saturn square, although tug of war aspect, is perfect for doing just that. These energy patterns will endure until the end of June.

Above all things, once again, be patient, hard-working, and go around with an open mind. Try to see things with an out of the box perception. 😉


This transit will affect Sagittarians and Virgos the most, other mutable signs will feel it too as well as all who have important planets and point in Virgo and Sagittarius.




Weekly prediction, 21.3. – 27.3., Part 2 – Final Judgements



Sorry folks for not posting the part 2 sooner, but there just wasn’t enough time for me to write the article. But now that i finally got some spare hours here you go. This is going to be the general feel of this weekend.


Friday – Sunday


Moon in Scorpio

Aspect strength: weak transit

Aspect duration: Friday evening till Sunday evening


With Moon in Scorpio we might very intensely process emotions and feelings that the full Moon in Libra this week generated. The full Moon’s influence lasts until this Saturday and she has been quite powerful. Emotional sensitivity regarding issues of justice, fairness, equality, balance, acceptable and likable performance, view and presence was heightened and very much a part of our daily interactions with the world and our thought processes. Conflicts were a part of this transit, either within us or with the outer world.

The Scorpio Moon intensifies the emotional aftermath of this Libra Moon. This will be either a positive or negative experience, depends on what you dealt with during this Full Moon, and how well you dealt with it. If our hearts remain unbalanced, burdened in some ways or for some reason, then this Scorpio Moon might bring emotional upset, worry, anxiety, perhaps even anger or even some unhealthy self-destructive behavior. The same can happen if there is some sort of injustice, unbalance or unfairness in our relationships with others. Resentment, jealousy, disappointment, sadness, anger are the emotions we could be dealing with. This Libra Full Moon did upset the waters of our inner emotional and outer  relationship spheres and this Scorpio Moon can of course produce some quite negative feelings because of that. Make peace with people that you came in conflict with, apologize if you must and demand the same if things are reversed. Restore balance and harmony with others.

If the problem is psychological in nature and you are dealing with difficulties within, then try not to succumb to some emotionally damaging behaviors, thinking patters and even actions. If this Moon will influence you negatively then anxiety, worry or some other negative feelings might dominate your heart. Avoid these energy manifestations and rather redirect the energy of this Scorpio Moon in some kind of emotional awareness of your current troubling situation, accept the fact that you must let go of something that troubles you, perhaps the fact that certain balance of your heart cannot be restored, that certain inner quest to justify something has failed, that there might be no way for you to make peace with the current situation and that the only possible course of action is transformation. Through radical change of the conditions and situations of our current realities we will definitely find what we sought for.

Of course there can also be positive manifestations of this Scorpio energy. As the Moon brings great intuition and emotional awareness one can benefit greatly from it, especially in figuring out where certain problems might lie. Using the Moon’s emotional focus will allow us to solve these problems more efficiently and thoroughly as we will be driven with greater passion to make things right, and to put things in their proper place, achieving certain equilibrium of the Libra Moon.

The most important message here is; Accept and recognize your own  mistakes and the mistakes of others. Forgive yourself and don’t beat yourself over it, release yourself from guilt. Also forgive others and do not use this energy to accuse, overly resent and to stubbornly play the victim. Accept the situations you are in and the fact that you might be powerless in regards to a certain problem, conflict or situation. Drop the desire to control, to manipulate and to maintain power or guilt where you definitely should not and where you definitely cannot. Those are the first steps towards transforming the unpleasant and troubling state of mind and heart into a state that regains balance. strength, peace and comfort. Its Easter, so keep in mind that the energy of this Scorpio Moon very appropriately bonds and links with the main spiritual message of this important Christian Holiday.

Do not worry, do not be afraid, learn the lesson of this Libra full Moon and let go the of the destructive emotional baggage with this Scorpio Moon. Make things right in a new, different and constructive way. Transform yourself and the situation into something better by letting go of the past and even the present. That is the key to success.


This transit will mostly affect water signs predominately Scorpios and all of you affected strongly during this Libra Moon, especially Libras and people with strong Libra traits.

Weekly prediction, 21.3. – 27.3., Part 1 – Scales of the Eclipse



Monday – Thursday


Moon in Virgo square Saturn in Sagittarius conjunct Jupiter in Virgo

Aspect strength: weak transit

Aspect duration: Sunday evening till Wednesday morning (Central European Time)

During the first few days of this week the Moon in occupying Virgo. This is an appropriate energy to start a week with in general. Our focus is directed into fulfilling our needs for emotional stability and security by implementing a more responsible, dutiful behavior. Developing practical, working or any other kind of skills and talents is also favorable in achieving emotional satisfaction. Keeping things and daily rhythm on a certain organized level will be important to some, especially to people with strong Virgo energy in their charts. They also have the opportunity to gain the most from this Moon by satisfying their needs in the upper mentioned ways.


To others this Moon might prove to be rather stressful, especially for those who possess very little Virgo or earthly elements. Her influence might be felt as a kind of emotional pressure which can bring more stress. Usually the beginning of every week is exceptionally difficult as people need to get back into that weekly routine of their daily lives. This Moon emphasizes this fact and puts it even more in to our faces. 🙂 She will affect the moods of some people in a negative way as she will additionally stress the importance of performing our daily tasks and sticking to our routines or creating new ones. That can prove to be an emotional burden for some. Such an influence can bring more work, there might be an increase in daily obligations and duties.

On the brighter side, organizational skills can improve, our ability to analyze, plan or strategize as well. We can brighten our negative moods by putting ourselves in a position of offering service to others and making ourselves useful in some way. This can positively influence our self-worth and our emotional stability.

This Moon will reactivate a square between Jupiter and Saturn on Tuesday. These two planets are currently making an exact aspect, so this Moon can trigger their energy potential more significantly than she did in the past. Jupiter in Virgo represents the growing awareness of our earthly skills, talents, health issues (body and soul) and our abilities to serve ourselves and the world. Saturn in Sagittarius represents the  authority, repression and restrictiveness of our personal or global traditional worldly beliefs. As much as Saturn restricts it also performs reality checks. It will show us where we are wrong, what kind of thinking or perception we need to abandon and he will offer us new understanding.

This square between Jupiter and Saturn is about learning something new, gaining new knowledge while at the same time abandoning or at least examining the validity of old beliefs. The process might prove tiring, stressful and frustrating especially for those with strong Virgo and Sagittarius energies in their charts. The feeling of stagnation can be felt although the individual is actually ‘moving forward’, making progress, but at a slower pace. So, the Moon joining this tug of war brings a lot of emotional energy into play. How will this make you feel? You could experience emotional frustration, impatience, anxiety, stress or concern.  If you are expecting something to come your way, either by knowing it for certain or just by hoping and trusting your intuition, be patient. If there is some change that you are sure is going to influence you quite a bit, be patient, the process here is much more important than the final outcome. It is the process itself that brings awareness and knowledge that will prepare you to properly savor and understand the end results of this journey.

This will affect Virgos, Sagittarians the most. People with strong mutable, Virgo and Sagittarian energy in their charts will feel this Moon as well.


Lunar eclipse in Libra opposition Mercury in Aries

Aspect strength: Strong monthly aspect

Aspect duration:  Generally the entire week while strongest on Wednesday morning till Thursday evening ( Central European Time)

So, this week’s Full Moon is a Lunar eclipse as well and that makes her even more powerful. Full Moons are about monthly energy cycles reaching their climaxes and thus they represent a certain highpoint during the monthly period. Such Moons can bring endings, conclusions, they bring things into fruition. It is a time of harvest when we enjoy or rather more accurately, deal, with the results of certain processes, ventures, journeys and so on.

Full Moons are also about balance since the Moon opposes the Sun at such times. We balance the conscious, more rational energies  of the Sun with the more subconscious, impulsive and emotional energies of the Moon. It is a time when the way of the heart challenges the way of the mind. Achieving this balance, satisfying the heart and the mind at the same time is how we exploit the energy of the Moon most efficiently. However, the more powerful the Full Moon is, the more difficult it is to harness its energy efficiently and positively. This is not an absolute rule, but it applies in most cases.

As stated before, this Moon is very strong and also very much about balance since she is a Libra Moon. With the Sun in Aries the axis we are trying to balance is the one of ‘The self vs The other’.

Libra Moon represents the emotional energy that deals with diplomacy, compromise, pacifism, likeability, equality, fairness and balance in general. We will feel the need to balance ourselves with our environment  and with our own hearts and minds while dealing with upper mentioned Libra ‘things’. Meeting these needs will make us feel emotionally at peace and stable, while failing in this balancing endeavor will produce negative emotional moods, conflicts of any kind and anxious behavior. Relationships we have with others and with ourselves will be influenced profoundly. Making compromises, achieving equality in our relations, trying to be non conflicting, fair, just and at the same time trying to appear likable will consume a lot of our emotional focus and energy. Paying no attention to these matters under such a Lunar influence will be bad for your own well-being and will spawn great problems. It will mark you quite negatively in the eyes of others. Remember that!

The Sun in Aries will be about asserting the ego and our conscious energy in order to achieve our personal goals, to make our wishes come true. It is a very motivational energy with a great tendency to act. The prime importance here lays in self-interest, while paying attention to other people’s desires, goals, expectations, feelings and agendas is not so much an Aires thing. As with the Libra Moon, do not neglect the importance of expressing your desires, wishes and your healthy ego, as well as boosting your motivational drive. That will move you forward and end the cycle of stagnation and compromise.

So, with this Moon and with this Sun, we want to act, initiate, we want to make things happen, we want to conclude, materialize things. We will seek balance between what we want, how we want it and how all of this ‘wanting’ of ours affects others around us. This is how we will be balancing on the outside. Some people will try to seek this equilibrium on the inside by balancing conflicting energies, deciding what is best, either to assert, to move forward, to act, to initiate something on their own accord or to conform to an idea and to compromise with a certain aspect and situation in their lives.

The third influence comes from Mercury, the planet that influences our communication, mental abilities, thought processes and decision-making abilities. This doesn’t complicate the energy pattern of this Moon but makes this Moon’s energy potential even more straight forward. The search for balance will put a strain on our minds and our interaction with the world.

How can the energies of this Moon play out? We might go through some internal mind battles with ourselves, trying to figure out on how to decide in regards to certain issues, how to balance ourselves out. It could be something mundane, trivial or it could encompass a very significant psychological issue or life situation. This influence can affect the state of our own personal emotional well-being as well as the well-being of our relationships. There could be an increase in action or activity in certain areas of our lives, unexpected events might occur putting us in a position to make up our minds and act, decide. We might be informed of something that we will need to process, thus seeking the upper mentioned balance in order to decide properly and to figure out the best course of action. We might get some important news, or we might learn something new. Communication with others will be influenced by this as well. Be careful to stand up for your self in interactions with others but also pay attention on how your actions and words affect people around you.

As said, Full Moons bring things in fruition, so prepare yourself for activity that will do just that. If you are completing a project, ending a venture, episode or a situation in your life, perhaps even a journey of some kind, this Lunar eclipse might help you or force you to seek conclusion. Increased daily tempo will be present, greater activity and energy output will be required of you. This Lunar eclipse can be quite eventful, keep that in mind. For every conclusion there is also a new beginning, so this Moon might usher you into a ‘new monthly age of being’. You will truly feel the beginning of this new cycle with the New Moon on 7th of April. That energy will give you more clue about what exactly your ‘new monthly mission’ is going to be. But hey, lets save that for another weekly prediction. 🙂

This Lunar eclipse will influence Arians and Libras the most. Other Cardinal signs and people with strong Cardinal, Aries and Libra energy will feel it too.



Weekly prediction, 14.3. – 20.3., Part 2 – It feels good to be me



Friday – Sunday


Moon in Leo

Aspect strength: weak transient influence

Aspect duration: Friday morning till Sunday afternoon

Throughout this end of this, week the Moon is staying in Leo. Our emotional needs for stability, fulfillment, security are met by achieving greater individuality through self expression and through social conformation of our unique personality traits. The more successful we are going to be in showing our true selves to the world, making our wishes and desires come true and be proud about it at the same time, the more efficiently will we address these needs.

This is a fiery Moon, so there is a lot of desire and passion for creativity, originality. Emotions will run high and we will be much more sensitive when it comes to the issues of our personal pride and our self importance, self expression. Especially people with strong Leo characteristics will feel this kind of sensitivity. Trying to become the center of attention, to gain greater recognition and praise from others as far as your unique skills, talents or gifts go, will be present. As always, watch out for arrogant, excessive egocentric behavior, whether it is coming from you or from others. That might prove to be a mood killer and an efficient attention deterrent, especially in the long run. Also watch out for any kind of Drama queen behavior. Also a difficult thing to handle if there is just too much of it.

The positive and efficient way to use the energy of this Moon is to address your most inner desires and wishes related to your own self expression. This is mostly important for people that are really keen to express a certain part of themselves but are either somewhat afraid, not sufficiently encouraged, motivated or their self expression is somehow restricted. Try to break free form the bonds that prevent you from expressing your hearts, or at least try to loosen them. You will see, it will bring you emotional fulfillment and satisfaction. Show the world how special you really are, be proud of it.

At this point it would be important to note that this Moon can bring a frustrating time to those who have exceptional problems related to the issues of their own individuality. This refers to people who have serious problems accepting themselves in the truest sense. If you do not love the person you truly are, than you surely cannot be proud of your self in any healthy and profound way. When Leo energy is blocked or restricted in this kind of way, uneasy feelings, anxieties, frustrations can occur and such a time is mostly unpleasant. As the desire and the need for self expression rises, so do the fears and traumas related to this subject. If Leo energy remains blocked for long periods of time it can come out and manifest itself in inappropriate ways. So if you are a person who has this kind of a problem, be careful of how you are going to handle this kind of energy during next few days. The key is of course to self express in a healthy and meaningful way, but first the individual has to become aware of their true special self, accept it, love it and nurture it.

In the end, during this transit, you don’t really need to make some grand gestures of showing the world how awesome, unique or special you are. You shouldn’t try to self express your self at any cost and in every possible way and certainly you mustn’t go on some kind of attention seeking spree. If you really want to enjoy this Leo Moon, if you want to make the magic happen, just allow her to inspire you to feel great about yourself. The rest will follow on its own 🙂


This transit will influence mostly Leos, but can affect other fire signs and fixed signs. People with fiery and Leo characteristics will be influenced by this Moon as well.

Weekly prediction, 14.3. -20.3., Part 1 – Oh dear, oh dear, the Lunar cross is here



Monday – Thursday


Lunar Grand cross 

Aspect strength: Strong monthly transit

Aspect duration: Monday noon till Tuesday afternoon ( Central European Time)

During this Monday and Tuesday we will be under the influence of the Grand Lunar cross. The influence will be strongest in the evening hours of Monday, early Tuesday morning, until Tuesday noon. The Moon in Gemini will oppose Saturn in Sagittarius, square Jupiter in Virgo and square Mercury in Pisces. The planetary aspect will form a cross, thus the name of the aspect itself.

The energy is all the way mutable since all planets are in mutable signs. Generally this kind of energy is a bit easier to handle in a cross aspect as oppose to the energy pattern of a cross aspect in fixed or cardinal signs. This is because mutable energy is the most adaptable in the whole of zodiac and can be manipulated more easily in one’s favor during such a difficult hard aspect. However, greater adaptability also suggests changeable energy patterns. Whenever there is a lot of mutable energy, the need to adapt to constantly changeable energy influence can be rather difficult.

Sorry to say, but the beginning of this week might just prove to be a pain in the ass for a lot of people out there. Of course we can harness this energy potential efficiently, but it will be quite challenging.

So how will things play out? The Moon is in Gemini and she herself speeds up our daily rhythm either we like it or not. Emotionally we are much more focused on our mental abilities, the way we interact with people, communicate, the way we process information and our thoughts, the way we make choices and decide. These are the things that will make us very emotionally sensitive. Just as this Moon will boost our minds it will also create a more emotionally stressful time. Too much mental activity can bring a lot of strain, especially as the Moon’s energy demands from us that we relax and stabilize from time to time. So, you might enjoy the faster pace of life, increased communication, making, creating, brainstorming new ideas, learning new things and processing interesting information, making fast decisions, however, you might also tire from all these things just as well. Perhaps you will get even annoyed by them. And the fun doesn’t end there. 🙂

The Moon opposes Saturn in Sagittarius and that can bring some serious discomfort and frustration. Saturnian energy restricts in a lot of ways and slows things down so they might be viewed and approached as realistically and as prudently as possible. Both planets inhabit the signs that have to do with knowledge and learning, Gemini acquires and processes information, Sagittarius incorporates it in our personal beliefs, our personal awareness and understanding. This means that there can be a lot issues connected with the ways we perceive the world and ourselves. We might learn something new through some inner revelation or through the influence of the outside world. What we learn can be helpful and constructive, but it can also produce a lot of frustration, difficulty and annoyance. Reality checking our beliefs will also be an issue, and it will tax our good moods. There will also be a general difficulty to try to comprehend something, to understand something related either to more personal existential issues or to just some mundane complications. Either way, the feeling of restrictiveness, stagnation will be present. Communication might be more serious, it can be impaired, it might be burdening, stressful and generally more difficult. Decision making process will be affected in similar ways.


To add even more stress to the mix the Moon will also square Mercury in Pisces. The Moon, being in the native sign of the planet Mercury, squaring the lord of the sign itself, will bring additional challenges to the way we think, process our thoughts, information, and the way we communicate with the outside world and with our selves. There might be an increase in intuitive perception and intuitive revelation as well as an increase in confused thinking, perception and misunderstandings. Decision making will prove to be even more difficult, as we will be either forced to decide quickly while not ready to do so, or we will choose to make hasty decisions ourselves. Get your facts straight, watch out for delusional thoughts, make sure you are aware of all the choices you have at your disposal and all the consequences your actions will bring. This aspect can either bring more empathy in our day to day interaction with the world or it can just as easily lessen it. We can become more considerate to others or perhaps more inconsiderate. With a lot of stress creating energy in the air we will need to keep our behavior towards others in check. Conflicts, irritations will be common as the moods of people will change quite often during these two days. Try your best to avoid verbal arguments. Also be very careful in activities that require a lot of mental focus, as our ability to concentrate will be lessened due to the scatter brain effect.

The third planet the Moon will aspect is the Jupiter in Virgo. The square aspect will boost our emotional expression, our emotional sensitivity and responsiveness. Although this aspect can make people feel good and optimistic it can just as well boost all the difficult and unwelcome emotions. Keep in mind that the feeling of omnipotence often comes with this aspect. Don’t try to take in more you can chew. With the restrictive energy of Saturn this can be even more of a problem, as one might think they are ready to grow, to perform, to move ahead, to do something or to get something on their way, but somehow events or situations themselves, will drag them down or slow them down. Frustration is often the result of this kind of tug of war, small advancements, but yet greater setbacks. All of this will once again either be a part of our inner psychological processes or it will have to do with our interaction with the outer world within the rhythm of our daily life. Most likely it will connect both.


After listing all the stressful and possibly difficult outcomes of these influences, it is also important to mention that grand cross aspect carries also a very powerful positive potential. It is the energy that creates action, puts us in a position where we need to do something about something, it forces us to act and to move forward. If managed properly, these aspects can bring a lot of good stuff as well. To name a few possible positive manifestations, this energy can help you negotiate important deals, help you pass an exam, help you make important conversations and decisions. It can help you gain greater understanding, perception, awareness in many ways. This energy can improve your communicating skills, it can expand and enrich the number of your social, business connections, it can help you process your thoughts at incredible speeds as well as in a very thorough, diligent, intuitive and profound way. There is an amazing opportunity for personal growth hidden within the influences of this aspect, just waiting for you to seize it. Don’t miss this chance!


This aspect will mostly influence mutable signs, Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces, Virgo and all people with strong mutable energy in their charts ( point or planet in these signs nesides the Sun.)


Mars in Sagittarius square Venus in Pisces

Aspect strength: weak daily transit

Aspect duration: Monday morning till Tuesday early morning ( CET )

Another mutable energy aspect during the first two days of this week. This is a classic textbook case aspect that indicates conflicts within our relationships and our ways of relating towards others. The challenge is  in the balancing act between upholding our values, pursuing our desires, passions and respecting acknowledging those of other people around us. What we value might not be really what we desire at the moment or vice versa, what we desire or what we would like to have is somehow unattainable or unreachable. We might come in conflict with the expectations, desires and self interest drives of other people. With the powerful grand cross having it own way, be careful not to succumb to the negative influences of this aspect. This aspect can also intensify feelings of romantic attraction as well as desires of physical attraction. People who will have the possibility to act upon this stimuli and satisfy their needs will experience this energy positively, others who will feel the same but will lack the chance to express themselves in such ways, might feel considerable frustration or disappointment. Anyhow the need to adapt, compromise will be strong.

Aspect will influence Sagittarians and Pisces, people with strong Pisces or Sagittarius energy in their charts will feel it too.


The Moon in Cancer

Transit strength: Weak transit.

Transit duration: Wednesday morning till Friday morning. ( CET )

On Wednesday the Moon slips into Cancer, her native sign. Greater emotionality as well as the needs for belonging, needs for emotional security, stability, will dictate our behavior patterns, our moods and actions. Emotional expression can be thus more active, sincere and open in the lines of expressing true feelings, desires and needs, or it can become more restrained, with people going on defense, not showing their true emotions, being cautious or even pushing others away, retreating to solitude. We might meet the needs for love,  rootedness and belonging through our relationships or we might find it in isolation, going to a place where we feel comfortable, at home, or doing something that will make us feel emotionally fulfilled and stable.


Transit will influence Cancers the most, people with strong Cancer energy in their charts will feel the aspect profoundly too.





Weekly prediction, 7.3. – 13.3., Part 2 – Make the Taurus your firend


Friday – Sunday


Moon in Aries conjunct Uranus square Pluto

Aspect strength: weak transient aspect

Aspect duration: Thursday noon till Friday evening

During most of yesterday (Thursday) and today( Friday) the Moon still lingers through Aries. Its a fiery Moon, with a lot of energy, emotional impulsivity, desire to assert and act. As Uranus is also in the sign of Aries, this adds even more hastiness to the mix. All of this can be a good influence if you have a lot of energy that you need to channel somewhere, its great to start new things, to emotionally express through any kind of activity. Its great for trying something new, perhaps even quirky. 🙂 Social interaction is influenced by this Moon, as our desire to react to the world around us is very much in the fore. If you are already a jumpy kind of person with a temper, than be advised that this Moon will enhance your potential even more. Avoid arguments, conflicts, rash and imprudent behavior. Think things through before you act.

The Moon and Uranus combo can create a lot of restless energy with the feeling that we definitely need to do something, change something. Although the urge will be strong, we wont really know how to get all this energy out. Some people are all over the place during this transit and have trouble focusing on one thing, others get pretty wild and quite unpredictable at expressing themselves. Yes the energy of this Moon is somewhat wild so use it to get wild in a positive way, like maybe go party, exercise or something, but don’t go and pick fights with others. The stimulation to stir conflicts will be there as Pluto joins in so watch out. Desire for enforcing more personal power and influence as well as defending one self and standing ground can also make you become more aggressive.

This transit will influence Aries and Capricorn people the most, other Cardinal signs and people with strong Cardinal energy in their charts will feel it too.


Moon in Taurus 

Transit strength: weak transit

Transit duration: Saturday morning till Sunday evening

This Weekend will be emotionally wise ruled by the Moon in Taurus. Make a friend out of this and ground yourself, bind with the more physical, material and sensual side of yourself and the world around you. Remember, the emotional needs for stability, security, well being and fulfillment that are the general characteristics of the Moon, go well with the Taurus energy. This is because the Bull also seeks to acquire similar things in life such as stability, peace, continuity, comfort and dislikes upsets, changes in general. This energy brings fear of  unsure and insecure future. This applies to the material, emotional and nay other kind of sphere of life.

With this said the focus will be on our assets, finances, material security in general. Desire for comfort, physical pleasures that satisfy all all our senses will be present. Desire to accumulate in any kind of way will also influence us. We will try to stabilize our emotional sphere, seeking peace, harmony. Emotions will be processed slower as that is the way of Taurus people. They calculate and assess the situation before they act and thus assure themselves success. Responding to the world around you will be just as well more prudent or at least that will be the initial influence. Be sure not to rush anything with this Moon if you tend to be that kind of person. Achieving emotional satisfaction in any area of life during this transit can only be done by meeting the needs for a stable environment in which one feels safe and comfortable.

Some people will be profit literally and metaphorically from this energy influence as they will utilize it the way Taurus instructs. Others can find this energy negative as things might develop to slow for them, and that might prove frustrating. The key is patience and calculation. Taurus conserves energy and only invests if an investment pays off. Its also difficult to throw a Taurus offtrack as well as to deceive. It is an energy base very useful to anyone as well as a skill everyone should acquire. You have a chance to do just that during this transit. This energy can provide a lot of patience and a high anger and negative energy threshold. However be advised that once you bring someone, under the influence of this energy, to the edge they will ‘explode’ and retaliate in a very aggressive manner. Do not provoke the Bull!

This energy will influence Taureans, possibly even Scorpios and people with strong Taurus energy in their charts ( meaning they have an important planet or pint besides the Sun in this signs)


Venus in Pisces

Transit strength: medium stregth monthly transit

Transit duration: 13.3. – 6.4. 2016

This Sunday Venus leaves Aquarius and moves to Pisces. This will bring a more gentle and more emotional feel to our relationships. Empathy, intuition and sympathy will increase, influencing our value systems and the way we relate to others. Being more aware of the moods, desires, wishes and values of others, we might lessen the need to self assert, to work  in our own self interest  and rather cooperate, help, assist and serve more. This can bring positive results in our relationships, create a better understanding and a greater emotional bond. Possibility for reconciliations, ending old resentments will be there, conflicts can be eliminated through this energy. The values of this Venus go beyond pacifism, she influences us to try to serve and help others and the world. This can boost altruistic behavior as well it can offer greater emotional awareness, understanding, increasing our responsibility, maturity.

As Venus also rules the arts, being in Pisces, our artistic talents may be influenced positively as we might get inspired by the energy of the ‘great beyond’.  Creative artistic expression is thus favored. Hope you find your Muse. 🙂

Things we need to watch out for are also increased naivety and a more confused atmosphere in our relationships. This can bring misunderstandings, unintentional hurts, or we might deceive or be deceived in some way. Keep your wits sharp and study all the aspect of any given situation by using all the information there is available. If things are unclear or foggy, than wait, gather more ‘intel’ and then decide on how you will act.

Transit will influence Pisces and people with strong Pisces energy in their charts.( an important planet or point in Pisces besides the Sun)


Weekly prediction, 7.3. – 13.3., Part 1 – Oceans of emotions



Monday – Thursday


Moon in Aquarius conjunct Venus

Aspect strength: weak transient aspect

Aspect duration: Monday noon till late afternoon

For the most part of today’s Monday the Moon still travels through Aquarius. She makes a conjunction to Venus which is also in Aquarius at the moment. The emotional needs for stability, fulfillment are met by tuning with he energy patterns of Aquarius. Desire  and affinity for more eccentric behavior, uniqueness, unconventionality, greater personal freedom, arises. The need for some quality social integration is present, fulfilling certain needs for self expression through cooperation within your respective collectives, social groups and circles is important. This Moon raises emotional awareness and creates emotional focus in regards to any kind of global issues that impacts or deals with society as a whole. Ecological, humanitarian and political themes, agendas and problematics can dictate our daily moods and emotional responses more than usual.

Returning more to the personal, individual level, this Moon is influenced by its conjunction to the Aquarius Venus. This creates an important blend of female  energy that becomes an important addition to our daily emotional awareness and expression. Values and needs follow and uphold the same Aquarian principles mentioned above. Aquarian energy is not primarily emotional in its core, but can cause some important daily shifts in the way we perceive and react to the world around us. It can bring important insights and realizations regarding our inner emotional worlds as well. As said before, the need for breaking free, gaining more space and personal freedom is present. Such behavior will be considerably desirable and valuable during the day. With this i’m not talking just about abandoning some unwanted or undesired commitments, unhealthy attachments, or escaping the restraints and restrictions of some external forces but i’m also and primarily referring to the chains of our own design. Cutting loose from certain fears, traumas, misconceptions, negative ideas or opinions we might have of our selves is what this Moon might be primarily about. What we wish for and the reality in which we can or cannot make these wishes come true is what Aquarius is all about. The need to become an independent, free and unique human being while being respected, accepted and in a way approved by society is what matters. This is the emotional value and the emotional need that dominates in our hearts throughout this Monday.

This aspect will influence Aquarians and other fixed signs the most. People with strong fixed energy in their charts will feel this aspect profoundly as well.


New Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune square Saturn sqaure Mars

Aspect strength: medium strength monthly aspect

Aspect duration: Tuesday afternoon till Thursday early morning

The Moon moves to the gentle Pisces late this Monday evening. The emotional needs for security, stability, peace, feeling of belonging and the feeling of emotional fulfillment are met by tuning into the energy pattern of Pisces. This is a water/water blend so the energy is far from influencing us in a rational way. Emotions will run deep, they might be more difficult to understand or to grasp. Increased confusion when dealing with our feelings, as well as acting or responding to our emotions is quite possible. Misunderstandings due to some sort of impaired sensory perception can happen. Daydreaming and general difficulty to efficiently connect with the real world can be a problem. Keeping and maintaining focus and concentration just as well. With this Moon we either willingly or unwillingly, prepared or un prepared deal with the Pisces realm of ‘beyond’. What is this ‘beyond’? It is a concept of a limitless Universe, the ultimate concept of all there is and will be, that interconnects all kind of plains of existence, perception and awareness into one gigantic whole. There are no real boundaries, one is all and all is one.

On individual, personal levels, this Neptunian energy crushes and removes the most important boundaries of the physical world, the concept of separate individual entities. The sense of self is lessened and we become more aware of the great whole we are a part of. This allows the channeling of emotional energies from this ‘great beyond’ in the form of emotional awareness, intuition, knowledge. The reason this happens is because we become more susceptible to the influence of our subconsciousness, which is our soul’s main link or gateway to all there is, ever was and ever will be. All the information of our soul’s past and present existence is in some way stored in our subconsciousness. The emotional baggage we carry from our previous lives and the information of our main mission for this current life time is stored there just as well. Artists, musicians, writers, poets, painters, sculptors, mediums, fortune tellers, psychics, empaths, intuitive people channel this energy through their subconscious levels more than others and receive all kinds of information either in the form of some kind of emotional inspiration, knowledge, insight but can also be subjected to a very heavy burdening, ego dissolving influences where the intense positive or negative energy of the ‘beyond’ inflicts quite a strain on their ability to process emotions and feelings that in the essence are not their own but come form all kinds of plains of existence form all kinds of entities that inhabit and interconnect within the ‘great beyond’.

I know the upper information is some hard stuff to swallow or even to understand. Believe me, it is not easy to describe how Pisces energy works in a simple way either. It is perhaps the most incomprehensible energy influence in the entire zodiac. The reason for this is because this energy represents its the very ending, so in a way it sums up all the other energy patters of all the other zodiac signs into one. Confusing right, well yeah that’s Pisces for you. 🙂

Well back to our Moon. How will she influence us on our daily basis. This highly depends on how much Piscean energy resides in your astrological chart, how much in tune or in contact you are with your subconscious mind and heart and how much does your subconsciousness influence your daily rhythm.  It also depends on how you process your emotions and how do you responds to them. As said before, ego tends to dissolve during this influences, we perceive more with our hearts and become more emotionally aware of our surroundings and people. This can raise empathy, intuition or it can just be an annoying emotional influence that causes unwanted confusion and feelings of being lost, or emotionally overwhelmed for reasons we can or cannot identify. This is due to the working of our subconsciousness. Certain fears, anxieties may resurface.  Complexes, traumas, problematic behavior we are not aware of may dominate our daily life more and become more apparent, mostly to other people.

Every New Moon represents a new beginning, a chance to initiate something , to plant new seeds, open new chapters. With this Moon a chance may come in the form of some emotional, artistic  inspiration we could act upon, in the form of some emotional awareness or insight we receive from ‘great beyond’ that can help us in understanding ourselves better. This Moon gives us a chance to increase our levels of empathy, to offer service and help to others and not just our sympathy. Intuition will be heightened in general, becoming aware of the emotional moods of others will be present. How will we respond to that is up to us. Daydreaming can be a rather harmless side effect of this Moon, however do not allow it to disturb your daily routine and rhythm too much.

All the above mentioned influences of this Moon will be most profoundly felt on Tuesday when the Moon conjuncts Neptune, the lord of Pisces. Emotionally a very profound aspect, but can cause a great deal of confusion, daydreaming, illusions, delusions, so watch out to not go into excess. Mental focus and concentration will be impaired and the ability to think straight just as well. Try not to lose touch with reality in general, especially in regards to some important or problematic issues in your life.

The Moon will also square Saturn in Sagittarius. This aspect can bring heavy emotions to the fore. Its a bumping heads aspect so desire and the need for belonging, rooting one self, finding emotional fulfillment and stability can prove difficult and frustrating. All of this can change into a even more intensified experience as Mars changes signs, moves into Sagittarius and squares the Moon as well. As the Moon opens the gate into our subconsciousness, releasing its positive and negative emotional potentials, the Saturn works as the great teacher of higher thought, advising us on how to shape and structure our personal beliefs or he forces us to let go of certain convictions and perceptions that no longer serve our true purpose in life, but instead damage us. Mars energy will create the desire to learn, to grow, to gain new knowledge and experience but will also create conflict when dealing with our own or other people’s belief systems. This aspect’s energy is in way similar to the energy of the Sun square Saturn aspect from last Sunday. In a sense it is its continuation. The wants of the ego and the needs of the heart are brought together to form harmony, unity. Self assertion will be strong, but be sure you self assert to gain better understanding of one self and not to only maintain or enforce your current views. In order to achieve this equilibrium, we need look deep in ourselves, we need to truly ‘feel’ ourselves so we can establish that special link to the ‘great beyond’. By doing that we are given the opportunity to take a glimpse at the vast treasury of knowledge that is this ‘great beyond’ itself and to perhaps learn something very important about ourselves. Something, that will help us reshape the way we perceive ourselves and the world around us. Open your heart, establsih a link with your subconsciousness and pay attention. This intuitive insight might come in many different ways and in many different forms. It might be an emotional experience, revelation, coming from within or it can impact you by manifesting  in this real world, perhaps through an event, occurrence, a person, a place you visit. You never know, but keep your heart open. 🙂

This aspect will influence Pisces the most, secondly Sagittarians will feel it too. People with strong Pisces and other mutable energy in their signs will feel the effects as well.