Mercury Retrograde, 29.4. – 23.5., Calculative mentality


Mercury retrograde in Taurus


Transit strength: medium strength monthly transit

Transit duration: 29.4. – 23.5.

Important dates:

5.5. – 7.5. – New Moon in Taurus

27.4. – 1.5. – Mercury goes retrograde

19.5. – 25.5. – Mercury goes direct again


Retrograde cycle


During a retrograde cycle a planet moves in an apparent backward motion across the sky as opposed to its normal direct type of motion. Such cycles have a special meaning in astrology as the energy influence of the planet changes and can become more unstable and hectic in her manifestation.

Because of this particular occurrence astrologers always advise a much more cautious approach when dealing with areas of life that particular planet has dominion over. As Mercury rules, commerce, trade, communication, mental capabilities, thinking processes, decision-making processes, many astrologers would suggest you do not sign agreements, conclude or start business deals, make important decisions during its retrograde period. Travel is not advised as well. Our thoughts should be filtered and censored more before we speak out what we really mean and in general we should think things over twice before taking any action.

As all this mentioned above actually applies during a  Mercury Rx period and  it is definitely true that we should be more careful when dealing with its energy, I would also like to point out that any Rx period is also a time when new options and ways of doing things are presented to us.

We can most definitely exploit this energy to do something or experience something in our lives in a different way. We can weigh options and choices we would normally never even consider, we can make decisions we would normally never make. It is all about life presenting us with unique yet somewhat difficult opportunities that challenge our normal, routine patterns of behavior and ways of doing things.

It is a time of welcomed experimentation as far as all things related to Mercury go, but still, we must as a rule of thumb also remain prudent, vigilant and cautious. So, cross that turbulent river of life but watch your step so that the currents do not take away your control of the situation. Such careful experimentation would be the most positive and optimal way of harnessing this Rx energy, however sadly, with Rx Mercury we are often thrown in some sort of chaotic situations without warning, so control is something we strive towards from the very beginning.


Mercury Rx in Taurus


So how will Mercury Rx in the sign of the great Bull influence us all? For starters, the fact, that during this particular Rx phase we are dealing with an earthly sign which specializes in taking things slow, being cautious and calculative most of the time, creates an alleviating circumstance just as well as it raises the risks of making  some really bad life decisions. An alleviating circumstance is created as the swift and sometimes neurotic air energy of Mercury is somewhat slowed down by the influence of Taurus, which helps to prevent certain negative influences of  unpredictable Mercury Rx energy. On the other hand, the Rx energy can override Taurus cautious approach and drive us to make more risky attempts at achieving certain life goals. That can fail and it can fail badly. Why?


Taurus traits and characteristics

Taurus rules mainly our resources, material or non material, it rules our physical possessions so it has dominion over our finances, assets and so on. Additionally Taurus rules our value system, our sense of self-worth and our sense of personal independence and strength. Assets, resources of any kind help us extend a certain amount of influence and help us establish a certain standing, status and role in society. This of course influences our perception of our selves, how we value our selves and others.

Taurus energy is focused on earthly enjoyment of life, remember that, it prefers comfort and encourages us to pleasure our physical senses. It also likes continuity, stability over chaos and change. As I mentioned before, Taurus will influence us to become more calculative, cautious and generally slow-paced when progressing forward to our chosen goal. This also provides us with more endurance, stamina, and stubbornness as well. Taurians and Taurian influenced people will be familiar with this energy, others will need to learn more about the ways of the Bull during this Rx period.

I think it’s becoming clear now with which important areas of life we will be dealing during this Mercury Rx cycle and why is it so important to be a bit more cautious with our experimentation this time over. 🙂 As I said before, this Mercury Rx can do some damage if we wont prepare ourselves.


Actual challenges of Mercury Rx in Taurus


Finances, assets, possessions

This period will definitely bring certain challenges as far as our finances goes. Either we will try to figure out how to save more money, how to deal with a difficult financial situation, inheritance issues, asset issues, or perhaps new opportunities to increase our income will arrive in the form of a new job, business offer or some other financial injection for instance.

In any case, difficult choices might be presented and also difficult decisions will have to be made. Be careful on how you will decide, as the title says, calculative thinking is going to do the trick. Be cautious and vigilant, think things through, especially if you will sign contracts, make business deals, agreements ect. Definitely watch out for swindlers and fraud!

On the other hand do not cheat on other people, steal from them in some way and do not be excessively selfish or stingy in your desires, wishes, demands or offerings. As you might get away with it, using the cunningness of Mercurian energy, you might just as easily be exposed as others will be vigilant and will be paying attention as well. Don’t be a dick as there are no guarantees things will end well for you. Mercury Rx is a highly changeable and unpredictable energy.


Values, self-worth, personal strength

Another area of life that we will be dealing during this Mercury Rx will be of a more psychological nature. We might invest much more energy and time when thinking about things and people that we value in this life. Some things might lose their worth as we will realize they do not mean that much to us as we thought they did, or we might place worth on something new we discover. Our interaction, communication with people will make us realize whom we really like and we will be making decisions about who is really worthy of our time, love and energy. Reconnection in relationships is possible, different ways of communicating as well. Loyalty and trust will be two very big issues, especially when tested by concept of giving and sharing. We will realize which people are our true friends and which ones only exploit us for their personal gain!


Personal strength, independence is something we might be thinking a lot during this time period. What is our standing in this life, do we bode well, do we feel self-reliant, self-sufficient, what is missing in our lives and what is preventing our self-empowerment? Our thought processes will deal with these issues undeniably, so make sure you invest some time and energy when it comes to these matters.


Final guidelines

Be careful on how you deal with your personal property and monetary issues during this time. Taurus energy encourages towards indulgence so pay attention when spending your money. People who have Taurian energy blocked in some way will be especially prone to overspending or vice verse prone to stinginess and they will openly express this one way or another.

Reflect on you values, your self-worth, your level of independence and personal strength. Be careful in interaction with others, especially when you make agreements, deals and when you sign documents, contracts.

Its ok, hell it’s even advisable to process your thoughts in a more slow but steady pace. Choose your conversations and words you express carefully.  Be meticulous when you make important decisions. That is the Taurus way and this time around it will be the best way. Try to remain calm during certain neurotic or upsetting Mercurian complications. Taurus energy should help you with that. Try to harmonize and organize towards stability and continuity in life. That brings peace and feelings of comfort. A difficult thing to achieve during Mercury Rx so investment in such a process is necessary.

Be cautious, prudent and calculative as it will be in your own personal interest, but do not become too selfish and stingy.


People mostly affected by this Mercury Rx will be Taurians and Scorpios, especially those born between:

4th – 6th of May ,

12th – 15th of May,

5th – 7th of November,

13th – 16th of November.

People with strong Taurian traits in their charts will feel these influences too, especially if one has an important planet or point around 13° – 15° Taurus or 22° – 24° Taurus/Scorpio.

If you want to know if you fall in a category of people who will feel the influence of this transit the most, you can contact me for an astrological report via this mail address:

All in all, have fun with this one and let the Godly messenger bless you with the agility, prudence and acuteness of the mind. 😉






Weekly prediction,25.4. – 1.5., Part 2 – The last Moon square


Friday – Sunday


Moon in Aquarius

Transit strength: weak weekly transit

Transit duration: Friday morning – Sunday afternoon

Today on Friday the Moon slipped into Aquarius where she will stay until the beginning of the next week. The Moon will form a last square phase with the Sun thus closing its monthly cycle. She will also square the newly retrograde Mercury in Taurus, so some challenges as far as our mental capabilities go, will occur. Self expression will also be a challenge.


Emotional needs


During an Aquarian Moon transit we mostly feel the need for greater personal freedom and space. The need to cooperate more within your social circles in order to achieve certain personal goals becomes more obvious and pressing. This is fueled by our need to integrate our own unique personality within a broader social environment..

As Aquarius is a social sign, things as justice, fairness, equality among men are things that might become more important to us or something we become more aware of during this transit. This can play an important role as far as our involvement in our personal collectives and interest groups goes or it can spread on a more global scale, for instance, one becoming more active in helping to solve certain problematic humanitarian issues.

Social interaction within interest groups ( hobbies, or certain activities that we share with others ), meeting new interesting people, hanging out with our friends are things that become more appealing.


Emotional moods and irritations


Moon square Sun and Mercury in Taurus

Aspect strength: weak weekly aspect

Aspect duration: Friday evening – Sunday morning


Aquarian Moon, as said in upper paragraphs, produces an influence under which we desire greater freedom and more personal space. With such an influence our feelings of attachment to people and things in general might lessen to some degree. We feel the need to interact with people, we want to have fun, but with less committment, without certain obligations or some sort of conditioning.

We have our own vision on how to do things, how to spend our personal spare time. If someone or something would in some way take that freedom of expression away from us we would most definitely feel irritated and upset during an Aquarian Moon. We must thus take it in consideration that greater emotional attachment will not be favored by some, so do not try to cage those individuals in any way as they will only rebel against you.

Such a Moon can also additionally complicate the expression of an already emotionally somewhat distant and reserved personality. So watch out for that in your relationships. On the brighter side the joy of celebrating certain important occasions with friends or people with whom we share certain common interests, hobbies, activities will be present.

Generally, people will be especially sensitive to negative social and group dynamics, where elements of injustice, inequality are present. Those who are predisposed to care more about such issues will raise the alarm more often during such a transit and will point out things that are clearly out-of-order. Progressive social thought and action will be called upon..

On the other hand we will also become more emotionally sensitive as far as our own ability to self express within our social circle goes. Attaining social identity, role and status which will reflect our own unique personality will be something we will strive towards. Succeeding or failing in this venture will determine the nature of our emotional moods. So, take note that, being socially accepted by your friends, coworkers, classmates and colleagues will be important for your emotional well-being during this transit.

With the Moon squaring retrograde Mercury in Taurus, additional stress as far as our thought, decision-making process goes will be present. It will affect our communication and interaction with people. Communicating, expressing your desires, wishes and expectations might prove to be difficult, showing your true self or expressing your true self just as well. Decision making related to your future career options or general life choices will be something that will cause more worrisome behavior, emotional stress and pressure. Calculative, prudent approach towards making that final decision or taking a decisive course of action if advised.

This transit and aspects will affect mostly Aquarians, Taurians and other two fixed signs, Scorpio and Leo to a lesser degree. People with profound fixed sign energy in their charts will feel the effect of this Moon and her aspects as well.


Weekly prediction, 25.4. – 1.5., Part 1 – Structured understanding


Monday – Thursday


Moon in Sagittarius


Aspect strength: weekly weak transit

Aspect duration: Sunday morning – Tuesday late evening ( CET zone )


Emotional needs


With Sagittarius Moons the basic need we need to meet is the general need to grow, expand. This can be done in many ways and in many areas of life. Either we feel the need to understand something better, to see things from a different broader perspective or we feel the need to defend our viewpoint whatever it may be.

We might feel the need to gain greater knowledge, spiritual, practical, mundane, esoteric, it doesn’t matter which kind, as long as it enriches us in some way. Perhaps the need to travel or at least to make plans to travel will appear during this transit. The need for travel is fueled by the need to learn more about the world, other cultures, civilizations, to gain greater experience of how things are and how things work on this planet Earth.

Alas the need for social interaction is also present. This might include all kinds of gatherings where one can exchange ideas, opinions, viewpoints with other people. Philosophical debates are favored, so is any kind of general inter exchange of thought.

Of course on the other hand social gatherings under the influence of Sagittarius Moon can just feel more joyous, relaxed, with people investing in conversations in a more whole heartedly and open manner.

As one might think this need would be opposite from what i have written above it is still a legit influence of this kind of Moon. Sagittarius can produce the need for solitude and isolation, but of course for the sake of some sort of learning or thought process. For example, like a hermit that would retreat from social life in order to seek greater awareness, knowledge and meaning of life. Of course it can also mean something more mundane like a student studying hard for the exams. The need to be alone with your thoughts, beliefs, reading books or talking, listening to the universe, trying to understand its secrets is thus a pretty valid emotional need one might feel during this transit.


Emotional moods and irritations

Moon conjunct Saturn square Jupiter


As far as moods in general goes, Sagittarius is quite an adaptable energy. Open-mindedness should create a more phlegmatic and relaxed, tolerant emotional state of the heart. We might feel more optimistic, warmhearted, joyous during such a Moon. These moods will be additionally emotionally fueled by the influence of the square the Moon forms with Jupiter in Virgo.

Irritations would stem from failures that would be the result of feeling too omnipotent, thinking one can handle more they actually can. This influence can be a bit problematic as far as Moon/Jupiter contacts go. Saturn in conjunction with the Moon however produces its own set of annoyances. Stagnation, restriction, repression, obstacles and problems are things that will make us feel bitter and cranky and we will be having a hard time getting something done, or moving forward towards a certain goal in general.

Let me also remind you that whenever the Moon is in Virgo or Sagittarius she activates the Jupiter/Saturn square the most. This ultimately produces a great emotional sensitivity as far as our personal beliefs, philosophies goes. As i once said, this aspect produces a tug of war effect which challenges our perspective of the world and of ourselves. We might have a difficult time understanding something, figuring something out, making sense of a certain life situation we find ourselves in. We might face the fact that our beliefs are outdated in some ways and in need of an upgrade or reset. It is a transition of some sort where people begin a rather challenging learning process by gaining greater awareness and by letting go of  personal beliefs that no longer serve some positive purpose but rather create problems and difficulties in their lives.

This transition and aspect will influence Sagittarians, Virgos the most, other mutable signs a bit less. People with strong Sagittarius and Virgo energy in their charts will be influenced more than usual as well.


Moon in Capricorn


Aspect strength: weak weekly transit

Aspect duration: Wednesday morning – Friday noon. ( CET zone )


Emotional needs

As this is an earthly Moon, needs will be grounded and will relate to the physical, real world. The need for emotional stability, security is the dominant need here. The needs for greater structure in some area of life, the need for having control in a given situation as well. With control i don’t mean manipulation like it would be the case with Scorpio. Capricorn energy is about gaining control by achieving a certain level of readiness, vigilance in order to face certain challenges in no fear of negative surprises and unexpected occurrences. Capricorns need to be sure in what they are investing and of what they are dealing with. Then they can properly prepare themselves to meet the challenge itself. This is the need for security and control in one’s life as dictated by Capricorn.

Then there is the need for success, forming ambition, making solid plans, gaining social recognition. During Capricorn energy influence we seek to achieve our goals, to set our selves on a chosen life path. The need for having a certain respected social role, social status is important.


Emotional moods and irritations

Moon conjunct Pluto sqaure Uranus trine Mercury


During Capricorn Moon one faces the reality of life situations in emotional sensitive way. This is positive to some and negative to others. Capricorn is about dealing with the world as it is and as reality is sometimes quite a bitch, naturally, the energy influence that keeps reminding you of that is not so popular amongst people.

Ye,s we will be facing our own personal realities during the Moon’s stay in Capricorn. This will highlight some boring, challenging or annoying daily routines, obligations, responsibilities and duties which we will have to perform. This will make some feel under the weather as too much reality will seep into their hearts. So yes, dreariness of life might make you feel a little bitter.

On the other hand some will profit from the boost of feelings of determination, endurance that the Capricorn energy provides. This will be helpful in achieving certain goals, ambitions. A lot of work can be done during this transit as we will invest more effort in anything we will be dealing with. Here the conjunction with Pluto will help additionally as one will be feeling even more focus and passion towards succeeding at something. The trine to Mercury will enhance our communication abilities and thought processes, though keep in minds that Mercury will also go retrograde during this week, so watch out when expressing or communicating your thoughts, making decisions, deals, agreements.

With Pluto/Moon contact one might feel the desire for greater self empowerment, gaining more influence and personal strength when dealing with people and other life’s issues. There could also be dealings with authority figures and your superiors. On the other hand you might be dealing with a certain issue of presenting yourself as a reliable or strong authority figure. These influences can of course produce positive feelings of success, importance or negative feelings od anger, resentment, jealousy or even repression.

With Pluto/Moon conjunction emotional response to any kind of status quo or to any kind of established power structure will be an issue. We might uphold that balance of power or with the Moon/Uranus square we might want to break it, resetting everything, supporting new sources of power or influence, trying to gain greater independence, freedom. This can of course produce social conflicts where obligation to conserve tradition, to stick to the norm will clash with the desire to break free, to rebel, revolt and to progress towards something new, possibly something better.

This aspect and transit will influence Capricorns and Arians the most, other Cardinal signs might feel it too. People with strong Capricorn and Aries energy will also be affected. 


Weekly prediction, 18.4. – 24.4., Full Moon in Scorpio – We need to go deeper



Let me apologize for once again bringing you this prediction a bit too late. The truth is the Virgo Moon in the past few days created a total mess in my daily rhythm. Some unforseen and irritating complications and events took away and spent most of my spare time and there was just none left to write a prediction report in a proper way. But alas, finally, here we go. 🙂


Tuesday – Thursday


Moon in Libra

Transit duration: Tuesday morning – Thursday morning ( CET )

Transit strength: weekly weak transit


Emotional needs and moods


In order to feel emotionally stable, secure, at peace, happy and fulfilled we will be meeting our needs for equality, fairness and justice within our social circles and relationships. This is paramount with the Libra Moon, seeking , finding, creating and restoring balance in certain area of life is what generally does the trick in mastering the energy of this Moon. Either you will try to harmonize yourself with your environment in some way or you will try to harmonize certain conflicting issues, feelings, emotions which are a part of some psychological process of yours.

Remember, the Moon brings an impulsive highly emotionally sensitive energy, even though she is in an Air sign of intellect. Negative mood swings or irritations and emotional frustrations are possible if those scales of Libra are not evenly matched. Either a difficult adjustment process within you might upset you additionally, or the behavior of other people in you life will make you angry. Be sure that you are not the one upsetting others with some kind of selfish, indiscreet and unfair behavior.

As a general rule of a thumb, to deal with Libra Moon energies efficiently we need to become more diplomatic in our relationships, more cool-headed we need to weigh our options before we finally decide. We need to make more compromises and cooperate with others more, trying to understand their view-point.

However, do not lose your self by over analyzing everything to death as this will make you too passive and unable to act in any way. You will only frustrate yourself by going round and round in circles. Additionally do not try to please others in order to avoid conflict and in order to appear likable. This can and it will deny the truthful and genuine expression of who you truly are and of what you truly stand for. Remember that.


Moon opposition Venus, Uranus in Aries, squaring Pluto in Capricorn


Aspect duration: Wednesday  afternoon – Wednesday evening

Aspect strength: weak weekly aspects


As she passes through Libra the Moon will form the most notable aspect with these planets. Much of these contacts can create more frustration and power struggle conflict in our search for balance and adjustment. We will deal with issues of gaining greater personal freedom,  desires concerning new ways of asserting ourselves and expressing ourselves. Increasing our personal strength, self-worth and social influence, power, might be an issues too. Of course, whatever you will be dealing with, do not forget, balance, balance balance.

Impulsive behavior can occur as the need for spontaneous behavior will be present. relationships will be additionally highlighted, whether we will actually deal with resolving issues of fairness, balance and equality with people in our lives or we will deal with restructuring, upgrading our own concepts, values of relating to others. This can be a frustrating process due to the square and opposition aspects. However, such aspects force us to move and do face the music, thus dealing with some challenging problems.


These contacts will mostly influence Cradinal signs of Libra, Aries, Capricorn and Cancer. People with strong Cardinal energy in their charts will also feel these influences.


Thursday – Sunday



Full Moon in Scorpio

Transit duration: Friday morning – Sunday afternoon ( CET zone)

Transit strength: strong monthly aspect


The end of the week will be dominated by the Full Moon in Scorpio, so buckle up, those intense emotional rollercoasters are coming our way.


Emotional needs and moods.

Scorpio Moons are hardcore stuff when it comes to dealing and expressing our emotions, feelings. As everything intensifies within Scorpio’s realm we easily get overwhelmed by this emotional influence. A Full Scorpio Moon makes this energy only more potent.

As with every aspect or transit, the energy they release is neutral until directed, so it is completely on us on how we will deal with the increase of these intense emotional influences.

This Moon will raise our passions, desires to go for something, to take risks. Our focus and motivational energy will increase. Scorpio famous motto is ‘All or nothing’. During the influence of the Scorpio Moon we just might up-vote and favor that kind of action taking. People who are naturally attuned to Scoprio energy will be influenced by this energy more easily and faster. So what are the good and the bad sides of this concept?

The good thing is that with passions and emotional focus running high we really can enjoy and invest in things we love in this life. Whether that involves our work, family, hobbies, intimate relationships, friendships…it doesn’t matter what, as long as we express this Scorpio energy, as long as we go ‘all in’ in a positive way, we succeed at manifesting the highest concept of this energy pattern. Under such a Full Moon, that can bring incredible satisfaction and feelings of completion, fulfillment and joy. When we know we are without a doubt all the way committed to something or someone, when we enjoy this commitment to the fullest we are in Scorpio heaven. As wonderous is can be to experience the full positivity of this influence, life seldom allows it and this brings us to the bad side of it.

Unfortunately this so-called, ‘all or nothing’ concept is not just something that inspires us during our happy times. Its dark side can also influence us to adopt some seriously dangerous, unhealthy and  destructive kind of behavior.

It is pretty damn obvious that human beings do not always know what is good for them and often our passion, emotions and feelings inspire or should i say enslave us to go after something that ultimately will hurt us or make us hurt others. Obsessions, unhealthy attachments and emotional dynamics are thus very common things in our lives. Be aware that under the Full Moon, emotionally destructive behavior can and will be triggered. The more you are prone to succumb to these negative expressions of your  feelings and emotions the more likely you will be having difficulties during such a transit.

Remember that all self-destructive, generally destructive and unhealthy behavior stems from some sort of personal traumas, fears and complexes. As Scorpio’s ruler Pluto holds dominion over the ‘Underworld’, be sure that this energy will flush out some of the emotions suppressed in your subconsciousness. These emotions prehaps relate to something you fear, something that affects you in a profoundly negative way, a bad memory, a horrible, traumatic experience and so fort. Perhaps these feelings and emotions are something you do not understand fully or entirely and you may not be aware of why you are feeling in such a negative way. Especially in such cases you should be more vigilant and prepared to explore the issue without letting these energies taking hold of you in a damaging way.

All in all it is favorable during a Scorpio Moon to address our inner demons, insecurities and our self-destructive tendencies as this energy will open not just the doors to our subconsciousness but will also allow us to gain greater emotional awareness of certain shadowy parts of our hearts.


Scorpio/Taurus dynamics

This Moon forms no other important aspects besides aspecting the Sun in Taurus which elevates the importance and dominance of their relationship during this Lunation. We all know that the main thing we do during the Full Moon is to find some sort of balance. The positions of the Moon and the Sun directly opposing each other offer information on where, in what kind of way and how we will seek this balance.


General differences

Taurus deals with things we possess, we own, our material assets our financial situations. It influences our value systems, our self-worth issues, personal strength issues. With the influence of the Bull we seek  strength, comfort, simplicity and continuity in life. He is the slow, patient and steady builder. We like and enjoy having and owning things and sometimes even people who make our life fuller and richer. This last one is also a trait Scorpio shares.

Scorpio energy is emotionally intense, its main concept is transformation, change. It prefers emotional upset, upheaval over  stable feelings as this bring more excitement and the feeling of being alive. Risk taking is something Scorpio loves to do, as the thrill of either winning it all or losing everything is most appealing and exciting. So you see in its core, Scorpio energy has great affinity for self-destruction and for a good reason. Destruction, death also brings a chance for a new beginning and rebirth. Profound life changes are thus the domain of Scorpio.

As Taurus builds towards fulfillment, Scorpio transforms towards fulfillment. One prefers stability the other instability, one prefers emotional intensity the other emotional calm. However the key here is to express ourselves through both energy patterns, not to fall into either Taurus or Scorpio extremes. The key is to become the passionate builder of your own life and future, to seek peace, stability but to also be prepared to face emotional upsets, changes and transformations. The key is to seek comfort but also to be prepared to function under stress, pressure and discomfort.


Sharing and dependency issues

These concepts play a very important role in Taurus/Scorpio dynamics. The first important Taurus/Scorpio relation is the one between the concepts of dependency and independency. It is a very important thing to achieve self independency that gives us the feeling of self-worth and personal strength. This is something that can be related predominately to our financial situations whether we fly solo or if we share our assets with someone else. It can also however be a big deal when it come to our emotional attachments.

To be emotionally co-dependant to a certain degree is fine, we all need to be loved by someone so this makes us dependant on others by default. However developing emotional attachments that border on obsessive and unhealthy behavior is definitely not good. If you are to fixed on a person or a thing to provide you with the sense of purpose, love and meaning in life you are doing it wrong. We should all share our selves emotionally and physically with others to reach passionate and loving enjoyment, but any kind of unhealthy extreme co-dependancy behavior will push you too far into the dark realms of Scorpio and you definitely do not want to go there.


Final summary of this Full Moon in Scorpio influences

She will influence your emotional sensitivity when it come to your financial standing, your levels of independency on an emotional and material plane. She will awake and intensify your conscious and unconscious feelings and emotions which include all kinds of passions, fears, traumas. It will be up to you to react to these emotional roller coasters in the proper and most fulfilling way. Be aware of the dangers and the risks, make sure you are also aware which people and things are good and bad for you in this life.

Share your self and what you have with others as that will bring you joy and satisfaction, both physical and emotional. However do not stray on the path of jealousy, obsession addiction and so on.

Become aware of the conscious desire to build a stable life for yourself, but also accept that going through frustrating transformative processes is sometimes a necessary path to a brighter future.

Be also advised that the Full Moon is a conclusion of processes started with the New Moon, so this lunation will be connected with the lunation that took place on 7th of April. Transitions, changes, new beginning that were started with that New Moon in Aries now face some first obstacles and perhaps even climaxes. Scorpio Full Moon can raise certain levels of fear when it comes to our approach to open and start new chapters in our lives. Do not be afraid of the emotional obstacles this Full Moon will put on your personal life path. Do not revert to old patterns of behavior and do not let fears take a hold of you. Use the energy of this Moon to become more aware of what exactly certain transformative processes demand of you, learn to deal with new circumstances in your life, find out how to actually start anew. Do not be frightened or frustrated, let life transform you, go with the flow and adapt!


This transit will mostly affect Scorpios and Taurians. Other fixed signs might feel the influence too as well as people with strong Scorpio and Taurus traits in their charts.

All this said, take care and good luck with all this intensity of emotion! 😉


Weekly prediction,11.4. – 17.4., Part 2 – A fiery weekend


Thursday – Sunday


Moon in Leo

Transit strength: weekly transit

Transit duration: Thursday afternoon – Sunday morning


This Thursday Moon enters Leo and with quite a number of other planets occupying fire signs, fiery energy will dominate most of this next three days. Prepare yourself on order to deal with some more than usual direct and passionate emotional energy.


Self expression, the prime emotional need

One of the key things about Leo energy is the desire for self-expression. With the Moon entering this sign, it becomes a need we definitely must meet in some way in order to feel fulfilled, accomplished and satisfied.

How we do it is all up to us, but we will feel the urge to somehow express our unique selves. We will want to show the world our talents, skills, anything that defines us as special, separates us from others and makes us individual beings. We will also feel the need to be accepted for who we are, to be approved and to be respected.

The important thing here is that we feel proud of ourselves, of our special and positive, unique personality characteristics that separate us from others, make us different.

Another important thing that helps with our self-expression is creativity. The need for that should increase some what with this Moon, so my advice is to be more creative, do stuff that you really want to do, make something a reality, fulfill your desires. I’m not talking here just about some artistic expression, you can be creative almost with anything in this life, even practically solving some mundane problems. 🙂 The point is that you show your individuality through certain kind of activity and performance. It is also important that you receive some sort of affirmation and preferably an applause from others for being creative in some particular way. 🙂 That will always make a Leo feel good about themselves. 🙂

So, with all this said, what is really important during a Leo Moon is You, your true self. Do not be afraid to show yourself to others, to express your true feelings, opinions, your ways of seeing things, doing things. It is important that we stay true to ourselves, to express our most inner core awareness of who we are.


Self importance and self-pride

Of course, as Leo energy increases our need and desire for self-expression it also can boost our self-importance. To some degree that is a good thing, as more self confidence never did hurt anyone, but of course there is always a healthy limit to everything. Feeling excessively special about yourself can be damaging. You might be influenced in ways that will raise your self-pride and even make you more arrogant. This can damage your relations with others and make you a very difficult person to be around. You wont receive a praise for being ‘unique’ in that kind of way, but you will receive a very well deserved negative critique. Others might choose to avoid your company, so do not give yourself in to too much self importance. This will mostly be a problem for people who already have certain ego compensation problems, or the ones who think too much of themselves by default.



As all fire signs, Leo ignites our greatest life passions, especially the ones that allow us to be who we truly are. These passions  include all kinds of activities that bring love, joy of living, happiness and satisfaction to us, sex and romance being at the top of the list. 🙂 With this Moon, you will feel the need to act upon your passionate impulses, whatever they may be, just don’t exaggerate.


Drama Queen effect

This is another negative manifestation of Leo energy i would recommend you avoid. As the Moon rules our emotional world its influence can trigger impulsive behavior from time to time. Her role is not helping us to think things through but rather to enable us to genuinely respond to our environment. Our minds will not always rationally censor such responses. Whenever we are overwhelmed emotionally, the heart will speak first than the mind will follow. With fiery and watery Moons this can happen a lot. Leo Moon takes the cake here.

I was talking of increased levels of self-importance and self-pride during a Leo Moon transit and how that can be a bad thing sometimes. Well it sure can lead to the Drama Queen effect. As some people will become much more emotionally sensitive on how they are accepted, treated and even adored by others, emotional outbursts are possible. As it is paramount to react if your unique individuality is repressed by someone or something, do avoid tendencies to explode over  some little trivial things, when you are not having things your way.


Loyalty, trust and generosity

There are three more very important values we should be aware of during a Leo Moon transit and that is loyalty, generosity and trust. People will feel greater pride in things they have accomplished, achieved. They will feel pride in what they believe in and they will feel proud of them selves and the people that they love. All of this has a lot to do with the way we trust ourselves, others and it has to do with our concept of loyalty. Will you stay true to yourself, your beliefs, will you trust your self and your own abilities to accomplish something? Will you trust others with your heart, with showing and entrusting them your most inner true feeling of love?

Being loyal to yourself and to others is what Leo influenced people take very very seriously. There is a certain righteous tone in their voice whenever you hear them express their beliefs on these topics. This said, never ever betray or double cross a Leo. This also applies during a Leo Moon transit when emotions run exceptionally high.

Leos and leo energy influenced people have big and warm, generous hearts. One of the most important task of expressing such Leo energy is to give your self to people. Self expressing through giving and being in some way affirmed, accepted, cherished and even praised for that. However, the praise and flatter is not the goal, one gives in order to make others happy, to make them feel joy. Giving that special kind of warm, generous love is what expressing the Leo energy is all about.


Moon trine Sun, Uranus and Venus in Aries

During her stay in Leo the Moon will trine a stellium in Aries which will additionally ignite all kinds of emotional expressions, desires and passions. Romance, sex and relationships can be positively influenced by this aspect, so social interaction is going to be favored. Exciting new experience, activity is possible because of the Uranus in Aries. One might feel the urge to do something new, unconventional, or to socialize with unconventional people, to meet new people, to show love to your family members, loved and close ones and to spend more time with them.


This Moon transit and her aspects will influence Leos and other fire signs the most, especially Aries. Poeple with strong Leo and fire energy in their charts will feel the influence as well.


Whatever you’ll be doing fo the next two days, remember to live by the greatest motto of Leo. Be i love with life itself. 🙂







Weekly prediction, 11.4. – 17.4., Part 1 – Oh those squares


Monday – Thursday


Moon in Gemini 

Transit duration: Sunday noon – Tuesday afternoon

Transit strength: weekly weak aspect

The week starts with the air Moon in Gemini, upon her journey through this sign she squares and opposes two planets, Jupiter and Saturn. It not a very good start of the week, as mental abilities are challenged. It can also bring additional challenges as far as our daily rhythm, work, duties and routines goes.


Concentration and focus

With every Gemini Moon our life can become more hectic, daily tempo increases, so does communication and social interaction. Too much activity will be going on at the same time and we might not be able to respond to all the outside stimuli ( scatter brain ). This can cause stress and decreased concentration, as we wont be able to focus on all matters at once efficiently. consequently this can cause diminished performance. At the same time our thought process speeds up. This means we will come up with more genuine ideas more easily, come up with solutions to problems more quickly and be able to converse with others in a more productive manner.

Watch out for diminished concentration due to the loss of focus and scatter brain effect when dealing with things that require your full-time attention. This applies especially in traffic.


Emotional needs

During this Gemini Moon using your mind brings emotional fulfillment. Indulging your self in any kind of activity where you can apply your mental capabilities will work wonders for you. Additionally, reading, gathering new information, processing new information, generally learning new things will bring greater satisfaction as we become more curious during a Gemini Moon. Trying something new, something we haven’t experienced before will be more appealing. Socializing can increase, we might enjoy talking to people more, exchanging ideas, opinions, stories. Daily chit-chat is going to be favorable to some.


Moon square Jupiter opposition Saturn

Aspect strength: weekly weak aspect

Aspect duration: Monday afternoon – Monday late evening

As said before this aspect can bring challenges as it creates a tug of war kinds feeling. You might feel the desire to do more, to have more, to grow in some way and expand. The opportunity for doing that might be there just as well, but something might hold you back, slowing you down. This might be a certain obstacle, a problem or a challenge you will have to overcome in order to get what you want. In the mean time the process can cause frustration.

As the Moon is in Gemini, and others planets also occupy signs that carry mutable energy ( Virgo, Sagittarius) this will mostly affect your mental processes. Learning process might be more difficult and more challenging, making decisions will also be more difficult. Your personal belief system will be put to the test, you will experience reality checks as far as what you believe in goes. This aspect can cause over thinking, excessive worrying, over analysis.

Avoid these following negative manifestation other wise you will only go round and round in circles, stressing your mind for no good reason. Learn to be more patient, and understand that answers you seek will come in due time. Understand that positive results you are expecting and hoping for will eventually become a reality if you invest proper effort and work. Learn and grow, change your beliefs if the reality of your life situation demands it, but give a certain process you are going through some time. Whether you are working on an important project at work or at home, whether you need to study hard for some crucial exams, whether you are learning the ropes with something, getting the hang of it, be patient, you will master everything if you trust in yourself and if you wont stress yourself out too much.

All of the above also applies if you are dealing with certain psychological processes of learning more about yourself, dealing with certain emotional, personal problems, traumas. complexes and issues, especially something that might seriously impact your physical and mental health and well-being.


This aspect and transition will mostly affect Geminis, Sagittarians, Virgos and people with strong mutable traits in their charts.


Moon in Cancer

Transit strength: weekly weak transit

Transit duration: Tuesday afternoon – Thursday afternoon

On Tuesday the Moon shifts to Cancer, her native sign. Emotions dominate our world,  we think and act more with our hearts than with our minds.


Impulsiveness and emotional sensitivity

Increased emotionality, sensitivity can trigger more impulsive, rash behavior as far as all those jumpy people goes. As this is good for showing our true emotions and feelings to people, it can also create conflicts arguments, misunderstandings. Others will respond to emotionally challenging or hurtful situations with a retreat to their safe places, putting up defences, and avoiding conflicts at all costs. Usually this is a common Cancerian practice, and once again it might be a good course of action in some cases, but not so much when a situation requires confrontation of some sort. Avoid turning into a berserker if you have choleric tendencies, but also don’t run away from emotional confrontation the moment you sense there might be a chance you’ll get emotionally hurt. Choose the balanced, middle way, accept your emotional sensitivity and vulnerability, become aware of your emotions and feelings, face your problems, upsets and hurts with a sound mind and a determined heart.

Emotional needs

During a Cancer Moon, we meet our emotional needs by seeking acquiring emotional stability, security, peace, balance and some sort of emotional fulfillment. Feeling at home somewhere with someone or by doing something, is what brings this type of emotional calm and satisfaction. We need to belong, as that is the most important thing with the Cancer Moon. Desire for love, nurture, caring increases and either we want to give love and nurture someone or we are standing on the receiving end.

Moon square Uranus square Venus opposition Pluto

Aspect strength: weak weekly aspect

Aspect duration: Wednesday noon – Wednesday evening


On Wednesday the Moon forms some rather difficult daily transits with upper mentioned planets. These planetary configuration can produce certain burdening influences. Coming to contact with fiery Uranus in Aries the chances for those emotional outbursts increase. Our behavior might be more erratic, unpredictable, rash and impulsive. Watch out for that. Some situations might get to you on emotional level in ways you did not foresee or expect them to.

With Venus in Aries, emotional sensitivity additionally increases. This can produce a lot of positive excitement, activity in healthy relationships and attachments but with desires for love, caring and nurture running high, it can also cause some very unwelcome emotional upsets, hurts and conflicts if our connections to people are unhealthy, problematic, complicated or negative.

The Moon will also aspect Pluto in Capricorn which is all about maintaining power and control, establishing personal influence or seeking respect, personal strength and success. Watch out for any kind of power struggles in your relationships, especially when taking into consideration that unstable Moon/Venus/Uranus combo. Be prepared to experience strong emotions and needs for stability and security, your desire to take control into your hands will be strong. How successful you will be at that depends on the amount of influence you have over other people, and the amount of power you can exert in order to get what you want.

Dealings with authority issues or authority figures are a possibility. The experience can be either negative or positive, so make a stand for yourself if you believe that you and your rights are being trampled in some way. If you are some source of authority be careful on how you will demonstrate and excercise your power. Do not stir conflict and do not take advantage of people.

As Pluto Moon combination can make you feel stronger, more determined to meet your own needs and desires, be careful not to cause harm to yourself and to others in the process. It is important that your respect your self and others, your feelings and emotions and the feeling and emotions of those around you.


This transition and aspects will affect Cardinal signs of Cancer, Capricorn Libra and Aries the most. People with strong positions in these signs will feel the influence too.






Weekly prediction, 4.4. – 10.4., Part 2 – The Builder, The Settler


Friday – Sunday


Moon in Taurus

Transit strength: weak daily transit

Transit duration: Friday morning till Sunday morning


Carry on with that good work

So with the turbulent atmosphere of the New Moon calming down a bit we get the chance to additionally work on whatever we set in motion with this New Moon. With the Taurus Moon dictating our emotional set up during this weekend, building up our dream lives, achieving those goals, doing something that gives us joy, becomes a continuous quest.



Taurus Moon makes us a builder and a settler. We want to settle into a rhythm, routine a habit of doing something, living this life in some chosen way. And we want to build on whatever makes us happy. The emotional needs we feel more during this transit are those od stability, peace, comfort and continuity. As the first house of Aries initiates things, makes us self assert, putting us in a mode to work in our self-interest, the Taurus brings much more endurance type of energy so that we might actually continue in ‘fighting’ for the things we want, wish or desire in this life, without giving up so easily. Think of the Aires as kind of specialist for the initial sprinting and the Taurus being the master in the long run. 😉


Calculative behavior, stubbornness and mild temper

Yes, Taurus does things slow, but efficiently and that is his winning trait. This energy makes people do only the investments that pay off. We can talk here strictly in financial terms, but investing in people, things and stuff in general feels the same for any Taurian person out there. Taurus encourages us to keep our energy levels stable, no sudden energy outbursts of any kind. For that reason Taurus people have one of the highest tolerance levels of all signs and a calm, calculative temper. Don’t you however push the bull over its threshold cuz it wont end very well for you. Taurus being a fixed sign can explode if someone tries to push him out of its focus.That being said stubbornness is pretty much the negative down side of Taurus. All fixed signs share this trait, but the bull takes the cake here. Watch out for this one during this weekend.

Values and self-worth

Our value system is pretty much activated during such a transit. We will be more sensitive when it comes to the values we ourselves uphold. This can bring you into some clashes with others who value life in a different way, so do not be to emotionally impulsive on this one. More importantly one should take care of their self-worth levels, how strong, independent they feel as a person. Stable or unstable financial situation will play once again a big role here. Emotional upsets and problems will influence upper mentioned things in a negative way. Work on yourself, self-reliance and self empowerment is the key with Taurus



Another thing the Taurus Moon enhances is our emotional need for sensuality. Keeping our physical senses happy is what makes you happy during this kind of Moon. I’m talking here about anything our bodies enjoy in, food and sex taking the top places on this list of course. 🙂 So, make yourself feel physically and emotionally comfortable, enjoy in those personal preferred pleasures. 😉


Security, stability, safety

Another thing that makes Taurian Moon satisfied is the feeling of safety, security ans stability especially the financial one. Possessing things in this life is the one thing Taurus really wants. Accumulating money, assets, not for fame, glory or power, but for the sole purpose of leading a simple and comfortable, care free life is The ticket to Taurian heaven. Putting it simple, being broke under such a Moon will make you feel on the down side, with a lot of worries on your mind and heart. At the same time, if you are well of as far as money is concerned you might spend it more in order to increase your comfort levels, enjoy the life in general or in order to satisfy those senses of yours. 🙂 Whatever you choose to do under Taurus Moon, as a rule of a thumb, don’t overspend or overindulge in something. This time around the dangers of such excessive behavior are not as grave. 🙂


Stress bad, very bad, laziness good.

One thing Taurus doesn’t excel at is keeping up some sort of faster pace. As the sign is a slow mover, one might get irritated or nervous when rushed or just feeling generally stressed out. Also important, watch out for laziness that comes with Taurus Moons, maybe you will feel like not doing much, just enjoying. As this is an exemplary behavior during the weekend, we still need to survive this Friday. As sleeping is one of the things Taurus excels and enjoys in i hope some of you that have that strong Taurus inside of you will survive this last work day. 😉


Moon conjunct Mercury

The Moon will conjunct Mercury as she is in Taurus so do keep in mind you will be thinking more about some of the upper mentioned Taurus things, your communication will also tend to focus on Taurian subjects and matters. Especially you might use this energy to seriously reconsider your financial situation and ways how to improve it. Do a reality check on you values as well, see if they still do match up positively with your current life style. Getting new interesting ideas on how to satisfy those senses of yours is also a possibility. Maybe you will enjoy and feel comfortable playing some sort of mind games, talking with people in general, singing even, or just getting of by using you mind a bit more. 🙂


Have a great experience with this Moon and also a sensual, worthy, meaningful weekend. 😉