Weekly prediction, 16.5. – 22.5., Part 2 – Full Moon in Sagittarius, the passionate truth seeker



Friday – Sunday


Full Moon in Sagittarius


Transit strength: important monthly transit.

Transit duration: Build up through out the week but strongest influence from Friday afternoon until Sunday evening ( CET zone)


This Full Moon, occurring on Saturday late evening ( CET zone ) will create a lot of friction and arouse a lot of passion. The basic polar opposition between the luminaries, The Sun and The Moon is additionally emphasized by the opposition of Mars and Venus, the masculine and the feminine energies. A very powerful blend indeed that will leave very few hearts indifferent to its influence. ūüôā


Emotional needs


The needs of Sagittarius Full Moon include the need to be free, to explore, to learn, understand, to grow, to be wild in the literal and the metaphorical sense. The Centaurs, creatures associated with the Sage, were primal beasts attuned to the ways and the laws of nature. They followed their instinct, guided by their passions and their lust for life. The majority of these creatures represent a very prominent side of the Sage, which is to expand without limit, to be opportunistic and to enjoy life to the fullest. In some ways a very hedonistic approach one might say. ūüôā

But there is yet another side of the Archer, represented by a centaur that stood out. His name was Chiron. He was a the most learned and educated Centaur, a great philosopher, teacher and mentor of many ancient heroes and a great healer too. Chiron learned how to repress and control his wild and beastly nature, especially the negative side of it. He used his desire to grow and expand to acquire knowledge and to broaden his horizons, he nourished the spirit and the soul and not just the body.

So you see, there are many ways one can grow with the influence of the Sage, one is through experiencing the world in all it has to offer, the other way is to learn about the world and to assimilate as much knowledge as possible. Ultimately, everything we learn or experience gives birth to understanding and belief and that becomes our personal truth. The truth, the search for the truth and the defense and acknowledgment of the truth we believe in thus becomes the greatest need we strive to meet under a Sagittarius Full Moon.



Moods and irritations


Our beliefs, religious, philosophical, personal, they all will become sensitive issues during this Moon’s transit. What we believe in might be put to a test, life situations will make us learn new things, we will gain greater understanding or we will be forced to accept a difficult truth. Moon is going to conjunct a retrograde Mars which is of course also in Sagittarius. Mars is your typical warrior energy, masculine, aggressive, self-assertive, combative. This energy influences us to initiate, fight for our self-interest and to defend our interests as well.

However, all this is Mars when full in power and when he is direct. When retrograde as is the case now, this energy becomes more unstable, more reflective than active and perhaps more uncertain. I’ve recently came across an analogy for this kind of retrograde Mars. The new paradigm astrologer Kaypacha compares him to the concept of the wounded warrior, one who has lost his ability to fight assertively and needs to rest and perhaps to even retreat.

This analogy applies nicely to the standard approach of ¬†handling Mars retrograde energy influence. Our actions, self assertions are something we reflect more during such a period. We should plan more than we should engage. The purpose of retrograde energy is to consider new ways of doing things, to experiment, but of course we need to plan before we do something. If we don’t we can and we will make mistakes and stupid choices during such a period. Our projects and undertakings might fail or fizzle out.

This said we can expect that this Retrograde Mars will inflame the Moon even more. This means that our beliefs will be something we might passionately defend, uphold or even aggressively force upon other people. We might courageously seek new understanding, knowledge and passionately explore and gain new experience. New realizations of the truth can be either greeted with excitement or they can cause some nasty frustration and annoyance. Remember once again, Mars is retrograde, be careful how you experiment with its energy and please be passionate about your beliefs in a positive and healthy ways.

Venus in Taurus will oppose the Mars/Moon conjunction which means that or values, relationships will also be a part of this passionate perception of our beliefs and personal truths. Venus is nearing the end of the sign of the Bull, but before she will become more light-hearted, ready to experiment, to communicate and more adaptable, she will still uphold certain ideals of the Taurus. Stability, prudence, slow-paced progression, calculative approaches are the core values here. This Venus is still sensual, affectionate, warm-hearted, but also stubborn and wants to be comfy and away from conflict.

Be careful how you will interact, energies of this mix will pull in opposite directions which can create great attraction and passion as opposites attract, but can also produce conflict, frustration and quite some friction. Good for sensual and passionate sex, new relationships and new experiences, new understandings as far as interaction between people goes, but bad for some difficult and problematic relationship issues and complications where two parties can only agree to disagree. These polarities can bring some quite pleasurable and passionate moments in our realtionships, but they can also unleash a considerable conflict.Different value and moral systems will clash on a global and personal scale. This will also produce conflicts and arguments. Avoid that if possible.


Mutable cross aligning itself


This Moon will more actively interact with the grand mutable cross that is gaining momentum as we speak. The Saturn is Sage is teaching us on how to adapt our beliefs to our current life realities. Old beliefs and structures are crumbling, we must explore new horizons and ¬†gain different perspectives. With Father time poking us it’s not easy and it can be quite frustrating and tiring, as we must study, learn and do so patiently.

Jupiter in Virgo raises the need to grow in awareness of  our service to society and selfless service to our fellow-man. Health related issues and how to deal with them is something we also are becoming more aware of. Neptune in Pisces only reinforces these awarnesses and needs.

With all these energies forming hard aspects, each bumping heads with the other, it is very difficult for some to navigate and to function in these times. Progress is slow and life situations and circumstances are wearing us out. The New Moon on June 4th brings many of these energies in perfect alignment within the grand mutable cross. On that occasion all these issues will be addressed in an even more emphasized manner.


The true meaning of this Full Moon


This Moon acts like a trigger for a period of a month and a half that follows. She begins a chain of three lunations that will all take place within the Gemini/Sagittarius axis. These Moons, including the current one will be about learning, experimentation, understanding, gaining new perspective and abandoning the old beliefs. It’s a transition period through which we will address many of our outdated and perhaps harmful behavioral patterns, go through some of our more problematic life situations that will require a lot of adaptation. It will be a very changeable energy that will require a fast response and a flexible approach.

These Moons will address issues like; concepts of selfless service, sympathy, cooperation, new communication,  new beliefs, old beliefs, old ways of doing things, new knowledge and understanding. They will also deal with our levels of awareness when it comes to health related issues. All in all it will be a time of healing and fixing our bodies, souls and hearts. A time of replacing and updating our beliefs, views and perspectives. Accepting new facts and truths will be unavoidable, perhaps challenging and difficult but ultimately rewarding as it will strengthen the spirit.


This Moon will affect mostly Sagittarians, Geminis, Pisces, Virgos, Scorpios and Taurians. People with strong energy traits of these signs in their charts will be affected significantly as well.






Weekly prediction, 16.5. – 22.5., Part 1 – Prepping up for the Full Moon


Monday – Thursday



Moon in Libra


Aspect strength: weak weekly transit

Aspect duration: Monday evening РThursday morning ( CET zone )


Emotional needs


During the Libra Moon we seek balance, harmony and peace when it comes to our emotional well-being our emotional safety and stability. Relationships with others play an important part in our daily life and we strive towards mediating or ending conflicts. At the same time  avoiding  confrontations that would upset us in an emotionally negative way is even more preferable.

Moods and irritations

Depending on you chart you can experience Libra Moon either as an emotionally peaceful time or certain difficult situations in your life might upset you during this transit. These situation would definitely involve issues of injustice, unfairness, where for some reason the scales are not balanced properly. Unbalanced, unequal relationships circumstances or conditions of all sorts may be the very reason we might feel emotionally frustrated or moody during Libra Moon. Our emotional focus is set on acknowledging other people’s wishes, desires and of course we strive to meet their expectations. Cooperation, compromise or rather the lack of these dynamics will dictate our daily emotions and emotional responses.

Remember to pay more attention to your relationships, are they fair, balanced, conflicted?¬†Think what you can do to restore harmony and peace.¬†Are you being exploited, treated unfairly, unjustly? Do you too often bow before others, ¬†putting their desires, wishes, interests or even demands before¬†your own? Do you try to meet other people’s expectations too much¬†as well? Do you perhaps feel that your life is somewhat out of balance and harmony? Do you perhaps run from conflict ¬†instead of confronting your problems, obstacles? Perhaps you weigh things too much and you are never really keen on making a choice?

You can expect to be emotionally influenced by the issues mentioned above during this Libra Moon transit.


This aspect will affect Libras and Cardinal signs of Capricorn,  Aries and Cancer. People with strong Cardinal energy in their charts will feel it too.



Moon in Scorpio


Aspect strength: weak weekly transit

Aspect duration: Thursday noon – Saturday evening ( CET zone )


Emotional needs


Moon in Scorpio is another beast all together. She craves deep and complete emotional fulfillment, emotional intensity, passion and perhaps even some risk taking. We will find true satisfaction by focusing on or pursuing a certain personal life goal. With Scorpio, there is really very little stability and peace. This sign is essentially about fundamental change. With an array of extreme either positive or negative emotions serving as a catalyst, process of transformation is inevitable. The motto here is all or nothing. We will do anything to satisfy certain desires or fulfill certain needs, even if it means going to the dark side and switching on some nasty self-destructive behavior. You should watch our for that, some things are just not worth your time and energy. Do not sacrifice your peace of heart and your happiness in order to chase the unattainable.


Moods and irritations

As said before, Scorpio Moons are intense and quite passionate. They can produce a range of positive or negative emotions. How are you going to feel during this Moon depends of your current life situation that is affecting you in a significant emotional way. In any case do avoid excessive jealousy, self-destructive behavior, manipulation or any other harmful and unhealthy behavioral patterns.

The Moon will oppose The Rx Mercury ¬†and Venus in Taurus. Be aware that¬†stubbornness might become a troubling issue in your relationships, on the other side, the need for some passionate and affectionate intimate love sharing will occur. Your thoughts will be influenced by your emotions. As Mercury is slowing down, getting ready to go direct again, be careful on how you’ll communicate and be prudent when making important decisions.

As Taurus/Scorpio axis will be emphasized, watch out for some unhealthy codependency issues. Be careful of how you manage your resources,  deal with your finances in a responsible way. Sharing and giving among people will be an emotionally quite sensitive issue. This will produce either emotionally satisfying moods or it will make us feel quite frustrated, annoyed and angry. Stress, anxiety caused by excessive and unhealthy behavior patterns is something you should avoid at all costs. With Scorpio Moon you should follow only passion that brings true happiness and fulfillment.


This transit will affect Scorpios and Taurians the most. People with strong Taurian and Scorpio energy will feel it too.



Weekly prediction, 9.5. – 15.5., Part 1 – First Moon square; Strength, fortitude and passion for life


The upper image is a depiction of a Tarot card named Strength in Raider Waite deck or Lust in Thoth deck. The basic concept and symbolic meaning of this card pairs up quite well with the energy pattern and influence we will encounter during the First Moon square aspect on Friday the 13th. The card represents the mastery over our instincts, desires, passions, fears, hence where the name strength and fortitude comes from. We control our own self-expression, we choose how and when we will express the very core of our selves. The girl has tamed the lion within, she now possesses and controls its powers, passions and emotions. The card also suggests to accept life as it is, to feel the joyous moments and sometimes to even risk and face the dangers and problems we encounter with a brave heart of the lion ( on certain depictions the girl willingly puts her head in the jaws of the beast ). The card is about gaining true strength and fortitude in order live this life to the fullest, with courage and without remorse.

Monday – Friday


Moon in Cancer

Transit strength: weak weekly transit

Transit duration: Monday afternoon – Wednesday evening ( CET zone)


Emotional needs

As with all Cancer Moons we try to achieve emotional balance, fulfillment and stability. We strive towards the feeling of belonging, rootedness. Home, family, friends, lovers, places and even things can provide such feelings, so make sure you are somewhere with someone, doing something that makes you feel at home.

This Moon will sextile the earth stellium in Taurus ( Venus, Mercury Rx, Sun) which will create a positive blend of water/earth kind of energy, producing grounded, stable emotions, feelings. The need for caring and nurturing love in relationships will intensify. With Mercury Rx and the Sun being affected these vibes will be part of our daily conscious thought processes and will influence our daily decisions and desires of self-expression.

The Moon will also oppose Pluto in Capricorn which will address issues of power, influence, independence, self-confidence and personal strength. The need to be self-reliant, to posses the power to shape one’s own destiny, to be able to take care of yourself and to defend and nurture the people you love will be emphasized.

Moods and irritations

Under Cancer Moons we tend to be moody, and especially sensitive to the environment. Normally all this changeable mutable energy that is currently present in the skies would make this Moon quite nervous and on the edge, but the current calm and more peaceful intermezzo of Taurain energy will sooth things a bit.

Still, watch out for sudden change of moods and possible irritations when the Moon squares Uranus in Aries. She might make you feel more restless, due to certain unforseen or unexpected daily events, situations. Do not respond in a rash and hasty manner, think things through before you make a move.


This transit and aspects will affect Earthly and Watery signs the most, Taurians, Cancers, Capricorns and other Cardinal signs of Aries and Libra. People with strong energies in these signs will feel the influence as well.


Moon in Leo

Transit strength: weak weekly transit

Transit duration: Wednesday evening – Friday late evening ( CET zone )


Emotional needs

With Moon in Leo passions arise. We feel a great need to self express ourselves, we desire to be more creative and we want to be noticed and affirmed by people as unique individuals. We can express our individuality in numerous ways as long as we show the world and to ourselves how special and one of the kind we truly are.

The other emotional need here is the need to enjoy life, to have fun and to simply be happy. Yes it is that simple. Leo energy is the very core¬†of all life on Earth. Fueled by the rays of the Sun, ruler of Leo, life strives to expand and to flourish. And once again, there can be no greater joy than to truly ‘be alive’ showing your true self and sharing this true self with the world. We all strive toward this, knowingly or unknowingly.


Moods irritations and guidelines

As said before, under the Moon in Leo we feel  greater passions for activities that promote expression of our egos. This transit makes us proud of who we are, of what we do and the life we lead . On the other hand, the lack of possibilities to truly self express and not having much to be proud of can make a person feel frustrated, irritated and disappointed. Our personal pride may become a very emotionally sensitive subject during Leo Moon, so do pay attention on what the heart is trying to tell you.

Avoid the drama queen effect and arrogant, egocentric, rude behavior. Accept and learn from healthy criticism, don’t be too stubborn and do not take greater offense than needed if someone might criticize you in some way. On the other hand do not bother with people who insult you in order to hurt you. Just ignore such negative jealousy. Exploit the energy of Leo, be creative and self express with joy in your heart. Be generous and share your talents, gifts, your happiness and your smile with the world.


First Moon square

Aspect strength: medium strength monthly transit

Aspect duration: Friday, all day long


On Friday, The Moon in Leo will square the Sun in Taurus. This hard aspect represents the first milestone within the monthly lunar cycle. Things started or initiated during the New Moon on 6th of May now begin to enter the first important stage of development. We might encounter first obstacles, problems or reach first climaxes and achievements when dealing with certain personal life situations, issues, projects, activities, ect.

The square is a rather challenging energy where we deal with energies that literally bump heads. It’s rather difficult to balance such a mixture but it can be done. Square aspects are good for encouraging us to take action, they motivate us to invest more in whatever we are doing.

This time around we will balance a powerful Taurian energy with Leo energy. The Moon will represent our emotions, moods, our subconsciousness. We will be very passionate, creative, proud and highly sensitive when it comes to our self-expression and acceptance by others. Sun will represent our ego, its ‘wants’ and our conscious mind. Desire for stability, control, cautiousness, self-worth and personal strength but also pleasure, sensuality and comfort are some of the things that will form the mind frame of our egos.

As the Sun rules Leo, the Moon will definitely encourage some to self express in a more risky and bold way. This is where we will need to balance things a bit. Taurus wants to take it slow, but enjoys the good side of life just as much as Leo does. ¬†The key here will be to build your momentum in just the right way, steadily, sensually¬†and passionately.¬†Pleasure your senses but gain control over your actions, fill your heart with joy but be a bit calculative and cautious at it, don’t over react and don’t over do something. Learn to share the positivity, joy and love ¬†you possess ¬†and feel within. Do not spread negativity, bitterness if you will feel cranky, down and unable to express your self during these energies. Strive to be calm, at peace, generous, mild and warm-hearted. Avoid jealousy, attention whoring, stinginess and arrogance.


This aspect will affect Taurians and Leos the most, but Scorpios and Aquarians might feel it too. People with strong fixed energy in their charts will be affected too.

Venus conjunct Mercury Rx in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn

The square will be accompanied by a positive Mercury Rx/Venus conjunction that will itself trine Pluto in Capricorn. This will be a very positive and very stable earth energy that will promote  an extremely significant and meaningful communication in relationships. This communication will be about building solid relationship foundations, expressing affection, loyalty, love and nurture. Things will develop a bit slowly, cautiously, but they will move forward in a steady tempo for sure.

It will be an interaction however, that will require all parties involved to express their feelings, emotions and points of view from a strong and healthy position of personal power. Personal independence, confidence and self worth will be highly valued when relating to others. If actual conversations and communication will not take place, the reflective energy of Mercury Rx will definitely encourage our minds to process these above mentioned themes.


These aspects will influence earthly signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn the most. People with strong earthly energy in their charts will feel the effects too.

Weekly prediction, 2.5. – 8.5., Part 2 – New Moon in Taurus, a true gem


Friday – Sunday


She is finally here, the New Moon in Taurus, a true gem for those who know how to enjoy themselves, for those who know how take it easy, be patient, endurant and for those who know how build solid foundations. This New Moon will dictate and mold our emotional needs and moods during this Friday and Saturday mostly, so get ready.


Aspect strength: important monthly transit

Aspect duration: Friday morning – Saturday evening


General feel

With this New Moon, stellium in Taurus reaches its climax, four planets occupy its domain at the end of this week. This is a very grounded energy and its influence will require us to be patient, realistic, calculative, relying on our personal strength to accomplish, goals tasks, to perform obligations, duties. A solid sense of self-worth and independence, both will be extremely important in getting things started or getting things done successfully.

Things will be moving slow, so “planting seeds”, starting something new under this Moon will be a challenge for those who like to move forward quickly and a blessing for those who like to advance cautiously and carefully, take their time to properly process everything first and then decide what the next move will be.


Emotional needs

With Taurian Moons we crave stability, peace, comfort and as little upset as possible. Since Venus is also in Taurus, desire for warmhearted, gentle and loyal expression of love, affection will be favored. Sharing your self intimately and emotionally with another will also be important to many people.

With Mercury retrograde in Taurus as well, our thought processes and communication will be influenced by this Moon. We will think more about the way we express our emotions, we will mentally process our emotions more before expressing them openly. The need for cautious, non conflicting communication will be present. We might choose our conversations and people we will converse with even more carefully. We might rethink certain issues again, new choices might appear, and perhaps different or new decisions should be made?

The need to conserve energy and apply it as efficiently as possible is almost a prime directive when it comes to Taurus. Needless upsets of the heart and other conflicts are something we will want to avoid if possible. This Moon favors calmness, so we will receive a positive boost in the patience department wile interacting with the world around us.

The need to satisfy our physical senses will be present. Any form of activity that will in some way please the body and our senses will be favored. Many will be feeling quite sensual during this Moon and as she bring a lot of positive influence into our daily lives, this can be quite a good thing. Make the best of it ūüôā


Irritations nad emotional moods

The Moon forms a grand trine with Pluto and Jupiter. All in all, this is a very harmonious aspect which should infuse us with some quite positive energy. The only problem with grand trine aspects is that they just make us feel good, but do not encourage us to do something with this energy influence, to be active. This might especially be the case with this Moon as she is in Taurus. Chances are that many, especially those with strong Taurian energy will feel just too comfortable with this set-up¬†to actually do anything positive with it. Just enjoying the flow of things i guess. ūüôā There is nothing wrong with that, but some might miss opportunities to exploit this positive influence in a more decisive and pro-active way.

People with Taurian energy missing in their charts or having it blocked in some way may have more difficulties expressing and enjoying themselves. Things might seem a bit more depressing to them, to slow, not moving anywhere. Impatience might arise with these people. There might be a difficulty achieving certain amount of stability or peace in regards to some life situations.

All in all, a trine to Pluto should additionally provide us with a strong and elevated sense of self-confidence and personal strength. We might feel much more up to the task and ready to tackle certain problems and challenges. Of course take note, moving forward during this Moon requires¬†a steady build up. You also have to take it slow, it’s a must. You better infuse that perspective in your daily mood. ūüôā¬†Jupiter in Virgo will provide the desire and opportunity to grow, just as he will make us feel more optimistic and joyous.


Things to watch out for

With this positive Moon we should still however be careful not to overspend too much, not to waste our energy, our resources, material or non material, on meaningless or not so important things, non worthy individuals and futile causes. Over indulgence in certain physical pleasures is also not advised, especially in the food department. With Mercury Rx and Venus in Taurus we must be especially cautious when it comes to over doing it. ūüôā


Final conclusions and guidelines

Over all, it’s a great New Moon for new beginnings, so¬†go ahead start a new venture, invest your energy, love, affection or your resources in something worthwhile or someone worthy of you. However, remember that Mercury is retrograde in Taurus, so think twice before making certain decisions and before your act.

Enjoy yourself, pleasure the senses and have fun. Be patient and build slowly and steadily, you will get far with that kind of approach. The Moon will back you up 100%.

Discover or rediscover your personal¬†self worth, strength and influence. Strive towards emotional stability, calmness and peace, do not ruin the general positive vibe of this lunation by getting your self in to some kind of meaningless conflicts, arguments. Do not upset your heart if you don’t have to.


Weekly prediction, 2.5. – 8.5., Part 1 – Things slowing down, pressure building up


Monday – Thursday

Ultimate Tug of war

The retrograde five

Aspect strength: important monthly transit

Aspect duration: 29.4. – 9.5.

We started this week with five planets going retrograde ( Mercury, Mars, Pluto, Jupiter, Neptune and Saturn). That is quite a rarity in astrology, but can also be a burdening influence. Before Jupiter goes direct again in Virgo on 9th of May we’re gonna have to deal with a lot of neurotic energy as most of the planets inhabit mutable signs, such as Virgo, Pisces, Sagittarius.

Mutable energy is changeable, adaptive, flexible. This makes it easier to handle as we ourselves become more flexible and ready to adapt¬†to life’s situations, but then again, situations themselves and our feelings, moods, beliefs and thoughts become flexible or should i rather say changeable as well. All of this can herald some frustrating times or moments especially during this week. Well at least until the New Moon in Taurus on Friday occurs.

The greatest frustration is generated by the square between Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and Neptune. These planets put all kinds of influences together creating the ultimate tug of war kind of effect where we definitely feel the pressure building us. We feel the desire and motivation to move forward, to complete something, to understand something, to grow and expand, yet we face numerous confusing, restrictive and repressive obstacles, problems that give us the annoying feeling of stagnation and perhaps even the feeling of being lost. On the other hand, daily work obligations, duties or activities might actually increase, additionally complicating our lives.

As the basic energy influence of retrograde planets encourages reflection of the mind, the soul and the heart, taking decisive action is not advised, especially with five retrograde planets out there. This will additionally hinder our progress forwards and it will build up the frustrating emotional or mental pressure.

People with strong Aires/Mars, Aquarius/Uranus influences in their charts will feel these frustrations most annoying as they will cope with these “slow down to a halt” influences quite badly. To those i recommend, patience, patience people!

People with strong Mutable energies, Pisces, Virgos, Sagittarians, Gemini will cope better with these influences as they are more flexible by nature, tuning in to their environment or being used to  adapt to changeable circumstances. However, receiving the double energy influence from natal charts and transits wont be a good things just the same. Stress, anxiety, neurosis and confused state of mind and heart can occur as well, building up the pressure inside.


Stellium in Taurus

Transit strength: important monthly transit

Transit duration: End of April – around 20th of May. Strongest on May 6th and 7th


During this week, a lot more planets are going to move into Taurus. By Friday there are going to be four, the Moon, the Sun, Mercury Rx and Venus. The Bull is the greatest builder in the zodiac but it builds slow. At this point its going to be perhaps just too slow for some.

The effect of Mercury Rx is encouraging us to slow down our thinking processes, decision making processes, with Venus, the Sun and the Moon, a certain slow down or grounding influence will also affect our relationship interaction, the expression and processing of our emotions, feelings and the expression of our ego.

Emotional needs, desires, wants and values will favor stability, comfort, peace, harmony and continuity. This might help somewhat with all this neurotic pressure build up as we will strive towards taking it easy and remaining calm, but it will also negatively boost the awareness that things have come to a certain standstill.


Taurians and people with strong Taurian energy in their charts will be affected the most. They will be influenced either positively, embracing this abundance of native energy, feeling in their element or they might feel it negatively as their love for peace and comfort enhanced by this stellium wont bode well with the pressuring and upsetting tug of war influence of the retrograde planets.

Scorpios might welcome some needed peace and quiet and will gladly put their love for intensity, changeablity and emotional chaos aside for a while  for but they might also get bored with all this stagnation and continuity. They might handle the pressure of these retrogrades better than most other signs though.


Moon in Pisces

Aspect strength: weak weekly transit

Aspect duration: Sunday evening – Tuesday evening


This Moon interacts with the T – square of that mentioned mutable energy. She can add much more emotional confusion and emotional sensitivity to this pressuring mix during the first days of the week. Feeling lost, not being able to understand something or not being able connect the dots is possible. Frustration can arise from this.

On the other hand this Moon can offer intuitive insight, more in the form of emotional awareness. How you use it is up to you. It all depends how¬†well¬†you can listen to your heart and your soul as they themselves are listening to the Universe. ūüôā Try it and perhaps you’ll receive an important message.

Fantasy, illusion generation is possible, increased day dreaming just as well. This is good to some degree, but is you are to prone to this kind of behavior it wont be a good thing. Losing the touch with reality wont bode well for you. It can create loss of focus while performing daily obligations, duties and can create misunderstandings, conflicts with others. Avoid acting upon your fantasies in a decisive manner.

This will mostly affect Pisces, as well as other Mutable signs to some extent. People with strong mutable energy will feel the influence as well.


Moon in Aries

Aspect strength: weak weekly transit

Aspect duration: Wednesday morning РThursday afternoon


This fiery Moon will ignite desire for action. spontaneous and impulsive at that. This can bring problems as the general set up in the skies will not support this energy expression. Restlessness, emotional irritation, frustration can be the result of this blockage. Do not try to achieve something you want, need or desire in any possible way as it will backfire for sure.

The Moon will also activate Uranus and its influence to break free, to change current state of things, to progress and to progress quickly. Also not a good influence during this week. Desire for greater self-assertion, self-empowerment will be present as Moon will also square Pluto. Watch how you will enforce your own will, how you will use and handle power and influence. Do not trample others and try not to incite conflicts and cause problems.

This transition and aspects will influence Arians, Capricorns, Libras and Cancers the most. People with strong Cardinal energies will feel this influence too.