Weekly prediction, 25.7. – 31.7 – Ladies and Gentlemen, Mars has left the building


The most significant transit of this week is the passing of Mars from Scorpio to Sagittarius. As the planet, despite its direct motion, still occupies the shadow zone of the retrograde cycle, he will most definitely once again address certain issues that were important for each individual during the period of the last month and a half. This ‘outro’ will be his last showdown before he leaves the intensely emotional realm of Scorpio.

Issues like self-assertion, hunger for power, anger management, frustration, irritation, self-interest, energy management and investment, initiation, motivational drive, sexual drive, all kinds of passions and desires will once again come in the forefront of our daily lives. We will find ourselves in situations that will require our response. Will we fight, retreat, pacify, stand our ground or accept defeat?


Moon in Taurus

Transit duration: Tuesday late afternoon until  until Thursday late evening. ( GMT + 02 hours )

Transit strength: important weekly transit


The Moon in Taurus this week will serve as the trigger transit  for a square between Mars in Scorpio and Mercury in Leo.  These two will come in to exact square on Thursday and Friday, but they will be additionally triggered and emphasized by the Taurus Moon throughout Thursday, especially in the afternoon hours.

The Moon in Taurus in itself will be about finding stability, security ( emotional and material ), sensuality in relationships, pleasure through self-indulgence or through sexual and romantic relationships, comfort, peace, continuity, and stable feelings. Emotional fulfillment under the influence of such a Moon comes through grounded approach to life.Taurus Moon does not like upsets and changes, so her meeting with Mars And Mercury squaring each other might not produce such appealing results.

Mars in Scorpio square Mercury in Leo

Transit duration: In effect from Wednesday until end of Friday, strongest on late afternoon on Thursday, Thursday evening and Friday morning. ( GMT + 02 hours ).

Transit strength: important monthly aspect.



So, here we have two fixed signs determined to stick with what they believe in, what they see, smell, hear, feel and for what they stand for. That’s why they are called fixed, its hard to use this energy to promote and accept change of any form. It does not like changeability but is an expert at stubbornness. This said, hard aspects like squares can make this fixed energy quite difficult to handle, however this combo also unleashes a lot of action, so, much can happen during such a time. Whether it is positive or negative, frustrating or enjoyable, disappointing or rewarding, that is totally up to you.

Mars squaring Mercury will produce a lot of intense energy that will mostly impact the way we communicate, plan, think, analyze things, people and situations. Put simply, this will put our minds on steroids. Tendency for perfectionism will make things difficult, too much pride might prove to be damaging as well.

Self assertion is always the main theme with Mars especially in Scorpio, manipulative thoughts, plans, actions, serving one’s interest for power, control, are not excluded with this aspect. Wrong, unhealthy desires can be your doom and you can also hurt others. Avoid that kind of behavior and individuals that promote it!

The other possible outcome of Mars/Mercury combo can be increased action and the use of our mental energies internally. In other words, there is a danger we might analyze things to death. Imagine like there is a thunderstorm in your mind, that is how it can feel like. This can go to the extremes when one is just running in cycles, going nowhere. Overthinking, over worrying will not solve anything, it will just make you lose your self even more.

Such a behavior is something that should be avoided, especially if you are a person that has a tendency to use your mind just a bit too much and a bit too often. Our minds can come up with some exceptional solutions to our problems, they can make sense of so much that goes on around us, but sadly not everything.

The things we do not yet understand about ourselves and the world, life, are mostly the things of the heart. We need time, experience, maturity and spiritual growth to fathom some stuff, we cannot just ‘mentalize’ everything. Unfortunately that is how things are, remember that and do not go to extremes. That can produce anxiety, extreme worry, frustration and it can be very exhausting.

The third area of our life this aspect might influence concerns our relationships. Friends, coworkers, family, lovers, people we love, like, and people we don’t like or even hate and despise… Tensions might arise in our daily interactions, watch out for arguments, verbal conflicts and clashes, anger outbursts. Many people will assert themselves trying to prove that they are right in order to win at something. Avoid these confrontations if you do not have a winning argument under your sleeve, but do make a stand for yourself if you are being insulted, bullied or verbally attacked for no reason.

Mars/Mercury combo, as said before, unleashes a lot of energy which is hard to use to make certain progress forward. Much of the time it makes us fight within and with others, trying to prove our point, to just make a stand for what we believe in and demand we get what we want. However, some people will know how to use this combo to really accomplish their goals, get what they desire. The desire for action will be high so some will use their boosted mind activity and increased motivational drive to achieve something that is on their achievements list.

Many will use these energy positively in order to learn new things, discover and understand something about themselves and the world. The aspect can even bring important revelations, mental breakthroughs, new, fresh, innovative ideas, new ways of communicating, insightful conversations. Important processes, undertakings might come to a close or face yet another challenge.

Also, take note, the Moon will highlight this astrological combo even additionally for certain individuals. As she will form a T – shaped aspect with Mars and Mercury on Thursday, we can expect to experience quite a passionate and emotionally intense day. Do watch out! 🙂


This transit will influence mostly fixed signs of Taurus, Leo and Scoprio, Aquarians might feel this aspect too. People with important planets and points in their charts will feel these energies just as well.


Weekly prediction, 18.7. – 24.7., Full Moon in Capricorn


Full Moon in Capricorn

Transit strength: Important monthly aspect

Transit duration: Throughout the week, most important influence from Monday through Wednesday with a peak on Tuesday evening.


Astrological setting of the Full Moon


Full Moons are essentially aspects when the Sun and the Moon oppose each other. This particular opposition takes place in Cancer/Capricorn axis. The key issues we are dealing during the influence of this lunation are emotional stability, security, groundedness, success, caring, nurture, practical approach. Finding structure and well-being in one’s life is paramount with this Moon. This is an earthly Moon so she puts earthly matters above other things. This does not mean she is not emotional, however, the expression of our emotions, our emotional responses and our emotional needs are tied to the more practical, day-to-day real life.

As a climax of all the processes started with the New Moon on July 4th, this Full Moon highlights a time when we ‘reap the fruits of our labor’ whatever they may be, something that rejoices the heart or something that brings disappointment. Every Full Moon brings some sort of end result and we can feel the monthly energies manifesting some sort of conclusion to an emotional process that lasted approximately 29 days. It is a time of clarity for some, time of resolution for others, but it can also be a time of upset.

During this emotional process we tried to meet the needs associated with the New Moon, we emotionally responded and acted in accordance with the energies of the New Moon. Now, as the Full Moon dominates the skies, we clearly see the end of the road when it comes to our monthly personal emotional expression and our monthly emotional processes.

Whatever we find at the end of this monthly journey either gives us a feeling of success, accomplishment or it might bring indifference, frustration, disappointment. Sometimes fate plays a nasty game and there is nothing we can really do about it but to accept whatever life serves us. However, most of the time, it’s up to us as to how well we are able to positively harness the energies of monthly lunar cycles.


An eagle carrying Dante, illustration by Gustave Dore

Emotional needs, moods, frustration


Cancer desires love, nurture, caring, belonging, security, stability and fulfillment. As being the Moon’s native sign, the Cancer New Moon on July 4th was exceptionally powerful in expression of Cancer energies. the need to take care of yourself or another person, to nurture others, to love and to be loved, to belong somewhere and with someone.

This Capricorn Full Moon inspects and retrospects these emotional processes of the previous month. It shows us in a very realistic way what exactly have we accomplished when it comes to the matters mentioned above. Did we find support, love, caring, did we give love, did we care for the people we love, did we nurture our closest ones, have we learned where we belong, with whom? If we fulfilled theses Cancer needs then we feel joy, fulfillment and success during this Capricorn Full Moon. If we failed at achieving emotional equilibrium, then we might feel disappointment, lack of love, we might feel lonely, anxious, even frustrated.

Capricorn Moons bring emotional affinity to pragmatism, realistic approach to life. During such Moons we become aware more than ever what really and truly matters in our lives, what really emotionally fulfills our hearts. The emotional process of the Cancer New Moon now shows us how well we exactly express our hearts, how well do we seek and give love, how well we take care of ourselves and others, and most importantly it shows us how happy we really are right here, right now.

The Full Moon forms a soft aspect with Mars in Scorpio further emphasizing the important path towards self fulfillment. We either reach a point where we realize we have made significant progress in making ourselves happy, we realize we accomplished certain important personal goals, we realize that we are satisfying our desires and needs or we become aware that it is time to find fulfillment, happiness, emotional stability and security, elsewhere. If you reached a dead-end, turn around, get back on the highways of life and self assert, follow your ambitions, desires, feel the urge to succeed to be happy and to make others happy as well. 🙂

Celestial rose, illustration by Gustave Dore


This transit will influence Cancers, Capricorn, Libras and Arians the most. Scorpios and Taurians will feel it too. People with strong planets and points in these signs will feel the influence as well.


Other aspects and transits of the week


Moon in Aquarius


Transit strength: Weekly weak aspect.

Transit duration: Wednesday morning until Friday evening.


Moon in Aquarius is about emotional needs related to personal freedom, personal space, social integration, social cooperation within collectives, fairness, equality, dealing with humanitarian, ecological issues, unconventionality.

This Moon will square Mars in Scorpio, which will result in either moderate or more elevated emotional irritation, frustration and challenge while trying to get what we want, by achieving personal goals. Desire for self-assertion will be strong, motivational drive will be high.

She will also oppose Venus in Leo. This indicates emotional sensitivity when it comes to personal values, relationships. Need for original, authentic personal self expression is indicated. A lot of worth and pride will be placed in being fair, loyal and loving. There could also be a greater need for personal space and freedom in our relations with others and when it comes to our personal commitments.

This aspect will influence Aquarians, Scorpios, Leos and Taurians the most. People with important planets and points in these signs will feel the influence as well.


Moon in Pisces

Transit strength: Weak weekly transit.

Transit duration: Saturday morning until Monday afternoon.


This Moon spawns greater intuition, confusion of the heart, greater sense of empathy, compassion. Daydreaming is common, tendency to fantasize, to fall victim to unhealthy illusions as well. Subconscious and surpressed fears, memories, traumas can resurface. Normaly this can be a very gentle and emotional Moon, producing, idealistic, strong but loving feelings of desire, love when making a trine to Mars in Scorpio. Motivational drive will be inspired by certain personal dreams, desires, fantasies.

Do not confuse hope with unhealthy fantasy, keep contact with reality,  do not chase something that is unavailable to you, something that is out of your reach. Also be aware of increased naivity that comes with greater compassion. Do not allow yourself to be exploited or taken advantage of.


This transit will influence mostly Pisces, Scorpios and people with important planets and points in these signs.



Weekly prediction, 11.7. – 17.7., Part 1 – Art of war


Mars in Scorpio in gaining even more momentum during this week and so does its combative, assertive warrior nature. As it is still in the shadow zone of its previous retrograde cycle ( He will leave this zone in second half of August ) much of his energy remains unstable and something to be careful with.

With The Moon going through Libra and Scorpio in the following six days, expect to deal with profound and intense emotions, that will spawn both negative and positive manifestations in real life. Balance, harmony, thoughtfulness, discretion, diplomacy will be sought and called upon. Those who excel in grand strategy will triumph as they will come up with the best tactics in order to get what they want.

So what is the tactical recipe for the upcoming week? Recognize those profound emotions inside your heart, passion, anger, hurt, desire, frustration, process them in order to achieve balance within and through the relationship with others, express them in order to achieve justice and fairness if there are none. Aim for your goals, but do not trample and hurt other people in the process by being too selfish, egotistical and self-centered.

This week is not just about winning a battle, you have to win the war in order to emerge truly victorious. With the Mars prominent in the sky, we need to feel strong, assertive , we have to let others know we will make our stand and fight for what we think is right, fair and just. We will also need to show others that we mean business when it comes to our desires, plans and ambitions.

However, always consider the people you come in contact with, consider their point of view, their expectations and their desires. Do not spill blood in the most selfish and egotistical ways, to not enter conflicts in order to boost and project your damaged and hurt ego.


Moon in Libra, first square

Transit strength: important weekly transit.

Transit duration: Monday until Tuesday late evening.


Emotional needs, moods and frustrations

The first lunar square further evolves the theme of the Cancer new Moon. Deep feelings of love, caring, acceptance, belonging and nurture is something we seek within and in relationships with other people. With Mars in the early stages of direct movement this energy pattern did produce additional intense and profound emotions, either negative in the forms of intense sorrow, frustration, anxiety, anger or it triggered a motivational response in people who sought to fulfill these loving needs with greater assertiveness and determination. The combination did nevertheless produce a variety of expected or unexpected social conflicts.

With the First Moon square the intensity and conflict arises. The Libra energy demands that we seek balance and harmony in our lives, justice and fair play in our relationships are paramount for any kind of decent nad civilized interaction. It’s not the best match up with the ever so self focused Mars in Scorpio, but we must try our best to consider the expectations, desires, beliefs and wishes of other people before taking any kind of assertive action. That is very important folks, if you do not show discretion under these transits, things will get messy. Energies are volatile I’m afraid.

This transit will affect Libras, Scorpios and other Cardinal signs, especially Cancers. People with strong planets and points in these signs will be affected too.


Moon in Scorpio

Transit strength: important weekly transit

Transit duration: Wednesday early morning until Friday Afternoon


Emotional needs, moods, frustrations

This Moon will be strongest on Thursday when it conjuncts Mars in Scorpio. She will also trine Sun in Cancer. This is all water, so prepare to encounter some profound emotional cocktails. Will it be something negative or positive depends on how you will handle the preceding Libra Moon. This Moon can produce and dig up quite uncomfortable and heavy negative emotions mentioned above, but can also unleash dormant passions, desires. She can ignite new passions as well, in all areas of life. Our self-assertion can increase, we might become increasingly emotionally motivated to do something, to initiate something.  Our stamina will increase, our sexual drive and sexual desires will increase. Our fighting spirit will be high.

We will be emotionally sensitive when it comes to our capacity and ability to achieve and accomplish our goals and fulfill our plans successfully. We might also be more sensitive when it comes to actions or provocations of others. Feeling easily threatened, challenged or hurt, we might respond in haste, with poor judgement of the mind of course. Avoid that and implement more reasoning in your responses to others.

As said before, this is a passionate Moon, and the basic need of any Scorpio Moon is to meet these intense needs. Not being able to satisfy our sexual, motivational drives, not being able to achieve what we so much desire and aspire to achieve might cause feelings of defeat, failure, apathy, but also frustration and anger.

Also do not give in to certain profound and damaging feelings and emotions of fear, anxiety if they might resurface for some reason. Self destructive behavior should be avoided, the same goes for excessive analysis of the mind and overly perfectionist behavior. Relinquish false sense of control in situations you clearly do not control, admit defeat if fighting for a lost cause. Alow yourself to be vulnerable, emotional, accept the inevitable change and allow your self to go through important emotional transformative processes.


This transit will mostly affect Scorpios and Taurians, people with important planets and points in these signs will feel it too. Other fixed signs of Aquarius and Leo might also feel this influence.




Weekly prediction, 4.7. – 10.7., The Warrior returns



Hello dear readers!

First of all I would like to apologize as i haven’t posted a single article for past two weeks. Unfortunately i had a very busy schedule with almost no spare time, so writing these time and energy-consuming reports was quite impossible. But here I am again, Astro Maestro is back to give you guidance. 😉

The past few weeks


For starters lets catch up and inspect what has been going on astrology wise during the past few weeks  The most prominent of transits was definitely the Full Moon in Sagittarius on June the 20th. Her influence affected most people until this very day. This was a very powerful Moon concluding the series of three lunations in Gemini/Sagittarius axis.

Knowledge of the Sage


Complicated thought processes, decision-making processes, complicated or even conflicted communication were some of the things we were dealing with. Many people had to process a lot of information, either by studying for exams, working on projects, or by dealing with crumbling or evolving personal beliefs. We had to deal with acquirement of knowledge of awareness and understanding. We had to accept our personal realities and make sense of them, in some cases, we even had to make peace with what ever is going on in our lives currently. In other cases it was a bout choosing to carry on a fight but in a different way. It was perhaps about tackling something majorly important yet challenging for the first time in our lives.

It was a tense and hectic time period that made us realize something negative or positive about ourselves, our lives, it helped us make important yet difficult decisions and offered us new choices and uncovered new fresh approaches and ideas. This Full Moon in Sage was the end result of these June energies. A new truth, awareness, personal belief was established. It was an important cycle that coincided with another just as important astrological influence, the retrograde Mars.


Thetis entrusting Achilles to the centaur Chiron .1746. Pompeo Batoni. Italian. 1708-1787.

The Wounded Warrior


These three lunations in June happened during the time Retrograde Mars was slowing down in Scorpio. Its retrograde motion is compared to the analogy of the wounded warrior. During such time, Mars fighting spirit and power become somewhat unstable and weakened. Like the wounded warrior, unable to fight properly with the full stamina and vigor of a healthy body, many people felt unable to execute certain projects, it was more difficult for them to act, to make things happen the way they wanted them to happen.



Energy of the retrograde Mars is not so much about taking the initiative, it is more about reflection, careful planning and strategizing. The wounded warrior attends to his wounds first and then makes plans as to how he will continue the fight. Rx Mars is also about doing things differently, choosing a new approach and a different model of action, initiation. Since this was all happening in Scorpio, dropping that ever present need for control, perfectionism was also crucial. People who acted under the influence of old behavioral patterns, people who acted forcefully, hastily, manipulative, seeking power and control at all cost, failed or will fail in their attempts, their ventures in either immediate or near future. Decisions, choices or actions that were not thought through carefully can also bring complications and problems, even failures once Mars turns direct.

As it is like with all creatures on this planet, when wounded we become most dangerous, capable of anything. The survival instinct kicks in overriding everything else that might be going through our minds. During Retrograde Mars we must learn to deal with anger, disappointment, irritation, failure and hurt in a different way than we are used to. If we are a mild-tempered person usually taking too much shit from others, this might be a time to make a stand for ourselves. If we are however a jumpy, bad-tempered person, we might want to take anger management classes. However, no matter what kind of person you are, under Rx Mars you must face any number of negative agitating, anxious emotions and feelings with caution, you must contemplate more and act less or act prudently.

The same goes for upper mentioned self-assertion. No matter what kind of person you are, an Action Jackson, or a frightened little lamb, taking important action or initiative, making crucial decisions during Mars Rx, requires prudence and a sound heart and mind. Mars Rx is great for making fresh advancements, taking different approaches, starting new projects or ventures as long we are aware of who we are, how we do things or rather how we fail things in this life. The very job of Rx Mars is to remind us to change the way we take care of ourselves, the was we self assert, express anger and defend our self interests.


The Present Week


New Moon in Cancer

Transit strength: Important monthly aspect

Transit duration: Whole week between 3.7. and 10.7., strongest influence occurs on 4th and 5th of July.



This New Moon is taking place today on July the 4th on 13° in Cancer. Its occurrence coincides with the most crucial time of the Mars Rx cycle. Mars came to a halt on June 30th and started its direct motion on July 1st. This New Moon, a new beginning on her own, accompanies a new fresh stage the Red planet is currently undertaking.

This week starts with Mars slowly moving direct, however his energy still is quite unstable and weakened. Until he acquires his normal moving speed and leaves the shadow zone of the Rx cycle in mid September upper mentioned Mars related processes must be approached with caution and prudence. This is a time when projects go sour if they were initiated at a wrong time and in the wrong way. This is a time when failures happen due to inappropriate management, use and exploitation of Mars Rx energy.

It is also a time when we finally can start moving forward, making our way towards accomplishing certain personal or life goals. What we learned during this past month will help us make different decisions and approach life in new way. Changing our ways of self-assertion will help us achieve our many long desired wishes and longings. It’s a time of awakening, when we start our new personal growth. Project, ventures, new life chapters started or initiated at this time have to follow the same rules of careful engagement mentioned above, but we might allow ourselves to be more bold and courageous in their execution. Use the revelations, understandings of the month of June to achieve whatever you desire, want. I hope you all succeed. 🙂


Emotional needs and frustrations

This New Moon in Cancer highlights our emotional needs for belonging, love, nurture, caring. Especially relationship goals and matters will be important during its influence. Our dealings with family members, our loved ones, partners, friends, lovers. We want to give and to receive love at this time, The Moon and Mars will encourage us to take it and to give it. If we meet these needs, we will feel emotionally fulfilled, however if we do not, emotional frustration, anxiety and agitation, loneliness and sorrow are possible. Be careful how do you respond to negative emotional moods and feelings under predominantly watery astrological influence where the heart rules over the mind.

This applies not just to relationships and love matters but to all kinds of personal projects, ventures, undertakings. They will be approached in an emotional way just as well. Being emotionally fulfilled in doing the things that matter to us the most will be paramount.

It is important to note that since the Moon activates the square between Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces, some might find themselves disillusioned, facing personal reality in some way. That can produce negative feelings as well. Confusion can arise, same goes for uncertainty. Certain restrictions, repressions are possible in the matters of the heart. Expression of love might be difficult, sharing it with others just as well. Feelings of anxiety, sadness, sorrow and loneliness can dominate the hearts of some people during this time, so be careful with how you will express your self and how you will treat yourself. Avoid emotional upsets, to not revert to negative or self-defeating thoughts. Recognize your illusions, and unhealthy fantasies, do not act upon them.


This New Moon transit will mostly affect Cancers, people with strong Cancer energy in their charts, but also other water signs of  Scorpio and Pisces. People with important planets and points in these water signs will feel this transit as well.