Weekly prediction, 29.8. – 4.9., New Moon solar eclipse + Mercury retrograde = Red alert

For this week i have issued a red alert warning, which does not mean we will encounter some catastrophic astrological influences, however a high level of caution, prudence is advised when dealing with these energies. I’m also giving it a red alert, so you wont miss out on the many positive possibilities as well. But still, although these planetary configurations are primarily going to generate some powerful positive potential, things might still get messy and then some!


Moon in Leo

Transit strength: weak weekly transit.

Transit duration: Monday till Wednesday.


Astrological setting

In her two and a half day pass through Leo, this Moon is going to make a few positive trines to Uranus in Aries and Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius. This is all fire energy will be good for creativity, motivation, getting things done, achieving structure and order in our lives and creating a vision for our future undertakings and endeavours.

Emotional needs, moods and frustrations

With all Leo Moons, self-expression is always the primal emotional need that leads to emotional fulfillment and emotional stability. Being original, innovative, creative will make us feel special and unique and we will want others to see us as such just as well. Social approval and affirmation in important. For some people the desire to occupy the center of the stage will also be very strong, others will desire more attention from others in general.

We will feel proud of our roots, of our achievements, our beliefs. Importance of loyalty, fairness is heightened with this Moon. Be careful when dealing with people who have strong Leo energy cuz they will be especially sensitive when it comes to their pride and upper mentioned values. Do avoid Drama queen scenarios at all costs, either when you encounter this phenomenon in someone else or if you develop a tendency to become one your self. Passions will also run high, this can produce negative and positive outcomes and manifestations. Nevertheless, this fire energy should be good for boosting our creativity, our motivational drive, so exploit it! Generosity and warmheartedness should be something we pursue during this Moon. And most of all, try to enjoy life as much as you can during a Leo Moon! ūüôā

Leo Moon in influence Leos and other fire signs. People with important points and planets in Aries, Sagittarius will also feel the influence.


New Moon in Virgo – last yearly solar eclipse


Transit strength: important monthly transit.

Transit duration: Thursday till Sunday, strongest on Thursday.


Astrological setting

This New Moon occurs at 10¬į Virgo activating the Saturn/Neptune square in Pisces/Sagittarius. This will produce strong positive potential but it will manifest a lot of annoyances as well. The eclipse also coincides with the start of Mercury Rx cycle ( 31.8. – 22.9. ) so once again, caution is highly recommended.

Emotional needs, moods, frustrations

Virgo carries a very potent earth energy. Together with the core energy of the New Moon it supports great personal renewal, regeneration, healing processes, growth. It offers a powerful potential to build, to create something of practical and useful worth. Virgo is THE energy of the Goddess, Mother Earth, the energy of the all-knowing High Priestess.


Just like with any Virgo energy influence, desire or pressure to achieve order, routine, higher level of usefulness, organization and service to others is present. Health in general and health related issues, positive or negative come to the fore in some way. All the mentioned things will dictate our emotional moods and define the level of our emotional fulfillment and the feeling of stability and security.

Paying attention to details will become more important, we will micromanage either with greater or perhaps lessened success. This can produce frustration or feeling of achievement. Our work and our working environments will also be the areas of life where we will feel the immediate influence of this lunation. Work, working relationships, or career related pressures, stress and worry can become really troubling issues, especially due to the contacts with Saturn and Neptune. Conflicting interaction with our work colleagues, nasty deadlines, piled up work, uncertain or short-term work contracts, fear of unemployment are the issues that might burden us significantly during this Moon.

Daily obligations, duties, activities might pile up and become more difficult to manage as well. That can produce stress, nervousness, weariness. Moon’s contact to Saturn will additionally boost the importance of diligence and effort, which might elevate the level of concern and pressure to get the work done.

With the influence of Mercury Rx, we can experience certain breakdowns in our daily routine patterns, our plans. This will create feeling of annoyance and frustration. Neptune might also add significantly to the level of confusion, especially when it comes to communication and decision-making processes. Misunderstandings will be frequent.

Service to others within our collectives, social or interest groups becomes an important issue. We might feel pressured to serve more, especially if we work in a very service oriented professions, or we might get inspired to offer our skills, knowledge or help to others. Whether this service will be a part of our personal private life or a part of our work, there are things to watch our for. Be careful not to get exploited or double crossed due to your elevated desire to help people or to contribute for a seemingly good cause. With Neptune in Pisces and Mercury Rx just starting its journey, be careful whom you trust.

Watch out for scams, rip offs of all kinds! Be careful when making important business or personal decisions, when making purchases or signing important documents or contracts. Even if everything seems transparent, double-check again to avoid possible misunderstandings or mistakes.

This lunation, due to its contact to Saturn/Neptune, also influences our imagination, artistic expressions, empathy, belief systems, our perceptions and desire to understand to learn and to seek the truth. We might begin to actively work on something we believe in, using our talents, our knowledge, our imagination. As empathy is raised we might feel the urge to help the less privileged or offer some sort of therapeutic service to the people who matter to us.

If you are dealing with shattered beliefs, if you are standing on the crossroads of your life time, if you lost your faith, hope or if you simply don’t know what to do with yourself, this is the time to work actively in order to discover or to recognize your own talents, skills and abilities. Virgo is all about what a person is really good at and what can they do to use this personal skill to make a living for them selves, to organize their daily life and to serve the greater good. Serving and taking care for your self and others brings the ultimate feeling of usefulness, which leads to the feeling of completion, satisfaction and accomplishment under this Virgo Moon.

Creating structure, order in your personal life will also be important. Incorporating your beliefs in your everyday life, fusing them with whatever you do for a living will be even more fulfilling. This Moon, together with Mercury Rx will encourage us to practically change our thinking patterns, to make different decisions, and try to approach certain difficult or problematic life situations from a different angle. Actively working on our own personal problems, issues will bring a sense of fulfillment and will offer the best way to handle this Virgo Moon energy. However in order to successful achieve that, one has to drop everything that no longer works in their lives, say goodbye to one’s past, one has to be brave and accept certain new truths and revelations, one has to decide to start a new life chapter.


This Virgo New Moon will mostly influence Virgos, Pisces, Geminis and Sagittarians. People with important planets in these four mutable signs will also feel the influence.




Weekly prediction, 22.8. – 28.8., Saturn square Neptune yellow alert.

During this week we will experience the troublesome Saturn/Neptune square in an increasingly uneasy and difficult way. I’m giving this influence a yellow alert. Things will get even more problematic with the New Moon eclipse on September the 1st. A challenging aspect no doubt but it will force us to face certain important issues in our lives.


Moon in Taurus

Transit strength: weak weekly transit.

Transit duration: Monday till Wednesday.

Astrological setting

We’re starting the week with the Moon in Taurus. Earthly needs that include desire for stability, peace, comfort, continuity, sensual pleasure will dominate our every day lives. Grounded approach to life with practical application of our emotional responses and our emotional expression will be highlighted. Since the Moon will trine the stellium in Virgo ( Venus, Mercury, Sun ) all of this mentioned above will be additionally emphasized. Virgo also has a powerful earthly energy and a strong affinity for practicality, order, routine and service that one can provide to others. Usefulness is sort of main issues of Virgo.


Emotional  focus, needs, moods, frustrations

We will focus on our health issues, seek comfort and ways to pleasure our physical senses. Our thought patterns, our communication will be calculative, analytical to some extent and we will stick to pragmatism, simplicity. Establishing routine, plans in our daily lives in order to achieve stability, continuity and personal feeling of security will also be paramount and will influence our daily moods in very changeable ways.

In our relationships we will desire sensual expression of affection. With these aspects we can strive to build strong unions and bonds while paying attention to the little things that define our partnerships, both positive nad negative. Being of service to the people who matter to us will generate emotional fulfillment and the feeling of accomplishment. Lack of attention and support in our relations with others will produce feelings of irritation, annoyance and perhaps even disappointment.

Financial security, wealth generation, money-making, resource and money management will also be important issues that will influence our moods and our emotional well-being. Successful monetary ventures, projects, excursions, positive financial status, access to material resources that provide comfort and pleasure will give the feeling of personal stability, independence, fulfillment. On the other hand, if we were to encounter problems, run in to obstacles, difficulties as far as upper mentioned issues are concerned our daily moods will be of a more grim nature.

The Taurus Moon and Virgo stellium will influence earthly signs the most, Taurians, Virgos and Capricorns will feel this energy the most. People with important planets and points in these signs will feel the influence as well.


Moon in Gemini – Last Moon square

Transit strength: important weekly transit.

Transit duration: Wednesday till Saturday, strongest on Thursday.


Astrological setting

With the Moon entering Gemini, triggering the Saturn/Neptune square challenging difficulties might arise. As this is going to be the Moon’s last square aspect with the Sun in Virgo expect certain dropouts and problems as far as balance between our personal needs and wants goes.¬† Mars will also join the party by conjuncting the Saturn in Sagittarius and things might also get a bit rough and unpleasant.


Emotional needs, focus, moods and frustrations

With the Gemini Moon we shift our emotional focus in the realms of communication, thinking processes, decision-making processes. This Moon likes to think and she is attracted to many activities that stimulate the mind. We might feel the need to be on the go, to experience more stuff then usual, to try something new. Stimuli from our environment might be high. Watch out for scatter brain effect though as it may be considerably more potent with the Moon squaring Neptune in Pisces. Pay attention in traffic, listen carefully when others have something important to say, do not wander off when you really should not. Our minds will be more active and ready to process more amounts of information than usual, so remember to stay concentrated on the matter at hand and keep the focus.

Nervousness can be a problem, Mars coupling with Saturn will increase agitation, do not stress your self out when dealing with complicated situations in your life. Go easy on your self in the self-criticism department. Communication might be strained, complicated, conflicting, more aggressive. Misunderstandings can occur more often than usual, you might be very busy and experience too much pressure as far as your daily activities, duties, obligations are concerned.



You might have to make a lot of decisions, some might be difficult and will consume a lot of your brain energy, those annoying last-minute decisions are possible. A certain amount of chaos might rule over your daily lives with possible irritating changeable situations. Keep your calm and try to be patient. Do not allow your self to fall victim to frustrating situations. Avoid arguments with others when stressed, irritated, nervous as that will accomplish nothing, it will only generate an even more uneasy and tense atmosphere.

Certain information, stuff you will hear, truths you might uncover might influence you negatively, shattering your beliefs, exposing you to some unwelcome awareness about your life,¬†yourself , your relationships. This is a Moon that has a very powerful mental potential, so be sure to avoid playing hurtful or deceiving mind games yourself and do not become a victim to deception and manipulation of others. Intentional or un intentional exploitation of other people’s feelings,¬† fears, insecurities can become a real problem as that will generate distorted, dangerous deluded beliefs, convictions and actions, hurtful disappointments, broken hearts. This might become an even greater problem on a global political scale in the months to come; Europe’s immigration crisis, US controversial elections, ect.



On a more personal level watch out for lowered sense of self-confidence, excessive worry, analysis, do not fall victim to rising insecurities. Once again, accept troublesome or challenging processes you are currently going through. As beliefs change, difficult truths get uncovered, revelations happen, stay strong. Plan, try to make important decisions, figure out how to handle your life situations, you might have to strain your mind a bit but it will be worth it.


This transit will influence Mutable signs the most, Virgo, Pisces, Gemini and Sagittarius. People with important planets and points in these signs will feel the influence too.

An addition to Weekly prediction, 15.8. – 21.8. -Follow up of the Full Moon

With this addition i would like to pint out another important aspect that comes into play right after the Full Moon in Aquarius. The Pisces Moon will activate the Saturn/Neptune square which is very much connected to the energies of both important lunations in August, The New Moon in Leo and the current Full Moon in Aquarius.


Moon in Pisces

transit strength: weak weekly transit

transit duration: Friday the 19th until Sunday the 21st, strongest while forming an aspect with Neptune and Saturn on Friday the 19th.


Astrological setting

This Moon is mostly important as it will trigger the Saturn/Neptune square right after the Full Moon in Aquarius. This represents the conclusion of the themes of the New Moon in Leo that has also triggered this notorious square in the heavens.

Emotional moods, needs and frustrations

We talked about Saturn/Neptune square in the weekly prediction for the previous week called ¬†Father time Vs The Dream Catcher, so check it out. The dynamics are pretty simple. Neptune influences our ability to perceive reality, it creates fantasies, dreams that either inspire or delude. It creates confusion, misunderstandings it raises our intuition, empathy, compassion, but also makes us more naive, prone to exploitation and manipulation. Self undoing can come as a negative result of Neptune’s influence, martyrdom as well, one can delude, deceive be dishonest or become the deceived or deluded themselves.

Saturn in Sagittarius is about believing in something, sticking to certain beliefs, defending them or feeling the pressure to abandon them. Gaining greater understanding, spreading one’s awareness in order to reach certain structure in our perception of reality is important. Seeking or finding the Truth is imperative.

As these planets clash together beliefs can shatter, discovered lies hurt, dishonesty creates conflicts, disappointments. One might find it difficult to let go of something they believe in and find it even more difficult to accept a newly discovered truth or adjust to a new reality of their lives. One might continue to uphold and act according to a personal truth or a self-destructive belief that will hurt them and other people as well. Old trust can be broken or a new one can be formed on the ashes of old delusional and outdated patterns of perception, understanding and interaction. Exploitation in the name of some truths and belief systems can occur.



With the Moon in Pisces our needs relate to the Neptune agenda. We crave sympathy, gentleness, fantasy, dreams. We become more empathetic, intuitive. The Moon will add an emotional dimension to this Saturn/Neptune aspect, thus we will respond to the negativity of this square even more profoundly. Dishonesty, lies, illusions, painful truths, broken beliefs, broken trust will make our hearts hurt, we might experience disappointment, sadness, sorrow, regret, guilt. Avoid the tendency to play the victim or a martyr excessively. Avoid deception as means to defend yourself and your dishonest or concealed actions. Do not allow others to take advantage of you, do not allow them to exploit you.

Use this Moon to accept the truth no matter what it is, disperse the fog of confusion and delusion, let go of beliefs that no longer serve you. Allow this Moon to inspire you to believe in something new, something more fulfilling and better. Be gentle hearted, forgiving, sympathetic. Follow the guidelines of the Full Moon in Aquarius. Seek cooperation with others, seek support, work toward self-expression and self-realization no matter how difficult it might be at the moment. The Saturn/Neptune square can discourage, it can disappoint or shatter a person in a very negative way. Do not lose your hope, even if it seems that you lost your bearing, look deep within your heart. Remember who you truly are, what you truly need and want. Continue your journey or start a fresh and start anew.

Pisces Moon will affect Mutable signs of Sagittarius, Pisces, Virgo the most, people with important planets and points in these signs will feel the influence just as well.


Weekly prediction, 15.8. – 21.8., Full Moon in Aquarius – Selfexpression Vs Selfrealization

Dear readers I apologize once more for a late prediction, but i was on vacation and have returned home yesterday. But hey, nevertheless, let’s take a look what this week is all about.

The most important aspect of this week is the Full Moon in Aquarius, so we’ll focus on that.


Full Moon in Aquarius

Transit strength: important monthly transit

Transit duration: in effect throughout the week strongest influence from Wednesday until Friday, with Thursday being the highpoint.


Astrological setting


The Full Moon’s are climaxes of monthly lunar cycles. This a time when things started or initiated with the New Moon come to a conclusion. It is a time of fruition and a time of harvest. This particular Moon concludes the cycle started with the New Moon in Leo on August the 3rd. Issues and themes associated and related to the this New Moon are now being addressed once more in the sense of a closure. For better understanding of the energies at play, here is the link to a weekly prediction in which i talked about the New Moon in Leo.¬†https://astromaestroguy.wordpress.com/2016/08/02/weekly-prediction-1-8-7-8-new-moon-in-leo-stay-true-to-yourself-and-roar-proudly/

The Full Moon occurs at 26¬į of Aquarius, which means she opposes the Sun that is positioned at 26¬į Leo. We are dealing with Aquarius/Leo axis and this is where we will try to achieve the balance between our emotional needs and our ego ‘wants’. The Moon sextiles Uranus in Aries. As Uranus is the natural ruler of Aquarius, the energy of this sign is emphasized even further.


Emotional needs, moods and frustrations


Aquarius represents self-realization within society, its energy deals with social interaction and cooperation within collectives, interest groups, friendships. The values of this signs are social and personal progress, unconventionality, unity, cooperation, brotherhood of men, social equality and justice on global and more personal scale. These themes and areas of life will influence our emotional moods, needs and determine our emotional fulfillment. Dealing successfully with these Aquarian issues, performing succsessfully in all these Aquarian areas of life will make us feel stable, secure, content, at peace. Failing at these processes will bring frustration, restlessness, disappointment.



In a more individual sense Aquarius is about that Leo process of becoming the person one feels and knows they truly are.¬†It’s about achieving something that really defines you.¬†However, in order to do that one needs to master social interaction, cooperation. It doesn’t matter if you conform or break away from the social norm in the pursuit of your originality, you will always have to go through other people in order to achieve something important. Aquarius represents our dreams, wishes, desires coming true, mastering our responses to its energy influences determines whether the voice of our heart will be heard or not.

These inner voices, dreams and wishes that express our desire for originality, creativity are the energies of Leo. These energies inspire our true selves to emerge and shine. It’s about showing the world how you feel, what you want and what you are truly about. These processes¬†were represented and initiated by the New Moon in Leo two weeks ago and during this Full Moon they are represented by the Sun in Leo. What we seek during this week is the balance between self¬†expression and self¬†realization.


The process of self – expression in any area of life or in any situation will undergo a test during this Full Moon. Feelings, ambitions, desires, needs, wants that define you as a unique and special person will require your effort in order to become expressed in the outer world. Show your original ideas to your colleagues in your interest groups or in your work collectives, reveal your ambitions to your superiors or the people who can help you reach the stars.

Express your true feelings to you friends and the people who matter. Be loyal, honest, true, warmhearted, generous, righteous, cooperative, seek equality and balance of heart when you interact with others during this Full Moon. Don’t be impulsive, hasty, don’t be to distanced and cold. Don’t be afraid to show how you feel, but do not hurt others ¬†through some drama queen instances or intentionally in order to have it you way.

Be brave and pursue your unique and perhaps unconventional¬†creative tendencies, seek support and acknowledgment of others. Do not be afraid to show yourself. There will always be people who will judge and ¬†sabotage you out of jealousy and fear, but there are also others who will embrace your unique vision and your unique gifts, talents. They will recognize you and your self-expression as a gift to mankind and a benefit to society and its subgroups. ūüėČ


This Full Moon will influence Leos and Aquarians the most. Taurians and Scorpios will feel the influence too. People with important planets and points in the upper mentioned fixed signs will be exposed to this influence as well.

Weekly prediction, 8.8. – 14.8., Father Time Vs The Dream Cathcher


Moon in Libra

Transit strength: weak weekly transit

Transit duration: Sunday the 7th until Tuesday the 9th.

Highpoints: РMoon square Pluto in Capricorn ( Monday the 8th )

– Moon opposition Uranus ( Monday the 8th )



Astrological setting

We’re starting this week with the Moon in Libra. On her path through the sign she will make two important aspects, she will square Pluto and oppose Uranus. On both occasions be aware of heightened restlessness, probability of power conflicts within your emotional sphere or through interactions with others. Tensions might arise so do watch your emotional responses.


Emotional needs and frustrations

With the Moon in Libra our emotional needs and our emotional fulfillment revolve around finding balance, harmony, stability and peace.. Principles of equality, justice. fairness will importantly influence our emotional responses. With this Moon we are highly sensitive to injustice, unbalanced life situations, or even conflicts and arguments. We will respond in a very emotional way if the equilibrium of Libra is either broken inside of us or in our important relationships or partnerships. This can cause frustration, expression of anger, disappointment and of course energy drain.

With Pluto and Uranus being a part of this show you will be trying to achieve balance nad harmony while dealing with the challenges and issues of  conforming to social rules, allures of unconventionality, manipulation problems, power misuse and exploitation issues, all kinds of personal conflicts, desires for personal freedom and space  versus commitment obligations and duties.

This transit will influence predominantly cardinal signs, Libras, Capricorns, Cancers and Arians. People with strong points and planets in these signs will feel the influence as well.


Moon in Scorpio – First Moon square

Transit strength: weak weekly transit

Transit duration: Tuesday the 9th until Thursday the 11th

Highpoints: РMoon square Sun in Leo on Wednesday the 10th



Astrological setting

This Scorpio Moon forms a first square phase with the Sun in Leo. Emotional harmony, well-being, needs vs wants will be challenges. This square indicates the first mile stone in the monthly lunar journey as we begin to tackle the themes and energy influences of the New Moon. The New Moon in Leo occurred a week ago and now we start to feel the lunar energy build up, themes, issues associated with this Moon become more apparent, emotional challenges arise and in some cases, early results, achievements, resolutions, fruition appear. These are the first sprouts of the New Moon’s seeds.


Emotional needs, moods and frustrations

As with all Scorpio Moons, emotions run high and deep at the same time. There is a great intensity attached to almost all emotional processes, responses and expressions. The Moon offers great emotional focus which can be used positively by trying to achieve certain monthly goals, expressing one self in an honest and genuine manner. However as this Moon’s energies stir our hearts quite extensively we must be careful not to respond to these energies in negative ways.

Avoid jealousy, self-destructive, obsessive behavior patterns, excessive manipulation, damaging perfectionist tendencies, excessive self-criticism, excessive mental analysis. Intense energy influence can dig up and uncover suppressed fears, personal uncertainties  and can lead to anxiety, worry. Do not dwell in the dark of Scorpio, but rather use its transformative power to focus on your healthy passions and joys in life.

As said before with the Sun and the Moon in a square aspect we seek balance between what our ego wants and what our hearts need. The inner marriage between the energies of the luminaries is challenged. Use the fixed energies of Leo and Scorpio to stand your ground, but do not be too stubborn. Use the Sun’s Leo energies to seek greater self-expression of your individuality, to be more creative, to ¬†express love warmheartedly, to be generous. Seek joy, happiness, be playful and proud of yourself. Use the intense emotional focus, endurance, stamina and passions of the Scorpio Moon to achieve all theses important things in life. That’s¬†how you restore a healthy balance under this Sun/Moon first square.


This transit will influence fixed signs of Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius and Taurus the most. People with important planets and points in these signs will feel these influences too.


Moon in Sagittarius


Transit strength: Weak weekly transit

Transit duration:  Thursday the 11th until Saturday the 13th

Highpoints: – Moon conjunct Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius on Friday the 12th

– Moon square Neptune in Pisces and Venus in Virgo on Friday the 12th



Astrological setting

This Moon heralds the greatest activity of this week. She will trigger the Saturn/Neptune square. Mars and Venus will also join the party. This will be happening in mutable signs so expects a lot of dynamics, changeability in you daily life situations, be prepared to be flexible, adaptable as much as possible. Restlessness, nervousness might arise.

Emotional needs, moods and frustrations

With the Moon in Sagittarius our emotional fulfillment revolves around principles of growth, expansion. Whatever we do under this Moon, we want to experience it to the fullest. Joy of living is very important with this Moon and we definitely want to be a part of that joy. Any kind activity is thus a part of this quest. However one must avoid too much self-indulgence in any kind of spiritual or earthly pleasures.

We must also pay attention not to get carried away with the feeling of omnipotence that very often comes with Sagittarian energies.  When the uncontrollable growth is the key driving force and principle, one very quickly forgets that in the real world everything has limits. Do not overextend beyond your personal capabilities.

With Sagittarian Moon we must also be more responsible as very often we will tend to see only the big picture and neglect some very important details and that might upset others and create problems in times when one must be very precise. A great example are the people who are constantly running late. To them not being on time is a very insignificant detail, what matters is the fact that they will get there at one time or the other and do whatever they set themselves to do when they get there. They only see the big picture of a meeting taking place, but are not preoccupied exactly how being late might influence the quality of that meeting. Achieving balance between seeing the larger picture and paying attention to small details is the key.

Under the Sagittarian Moon we also deal with personal belief systems, personal philosophies, understandings, opinions, ect. People are inspired to learn more, to achieve greater knowledge, to understand. However, people also become much more emotionally sensitive when it comes to the things they believe in. And we all have our own personal versions of the truth. That is a fact.




With the Moon touching Saturn/Neptune square belief systems of all kinds become the target. Saturn is about accepting reality, being aware of your life situations, it’s about traditional views and also about defending these traditional views. What we believe in is either being tested by Saturn, we experience a reality check, or we might continue to defend a ‘traditional’ personal truth.

The Moon in Sagittarius will add an emotional dimension to this process and we will be quite sensitive when it comes to our personal convictions. Venus and Mars will include personal values reassessment, desire for self-assertion, motivational drive, relationship issues and conflicts. Neptune is the planet of dreams, subconsciousness, intuition, fantasies, confusion, illusions, ect. I guess I don’t have to additionally explain how this influence will spice up our personal belief issues. ūüôā

Dissapointments can happen, revelations, negative or positive can occur. Fantasy will either inspire the hearts and minds to grow or it will send them crashing down completely disillusioned. The basic need of the Sagittarian Moon is to get to the truth, whatever it may be. Accept your personal reality, deal with it, do not shut your eyes, don’t put your head in the sand, explore, learn, understand, no matter how much it might be inconvenient, annoying or unpleasant. Sagittarius is about expanding our awareness.

This transit will influence predominantly mutible signs of Sagittarius, Pisces, Virgo. People with important planets and points in these signs will feel the influence as well.


Weekly prediction, 1.8. – 7.8.. New Moon in Leo – Stay true to yourself and Roar proudly!


New Moon in Leo


Transit strength: important monthly transit

Transit duration: in effect throughout the current week, strongest influence on Tuesday evening, whole of Wednesday and Thursday morning. ( GMT + 02 )

Astrological setting

This week is dominated by the influence of the Leo New Moon. New Moons are conjunctions between the Sun and the Moon and this particular lunation occurs at 11¬į Leo. She forms a trine to Saturn in Sagittarius and thus activates the currently notorious and problematic Saturn/Neptune square.This combo suggests that we will seek self-expression by staying true to ourselves.

Our actions and emotional responses will emphasize this tendency. As the Moon triggers the energies of Saturn/Neptune square true and genuine self-expression might prove to be difficult to achieve. Disillusionment, confusion of the heart and mind, difficult revelations and reality checks might hinder the process of self expression, or force it to change direction, focus.

With Venus in Leo as well, our values, the way we love, the way we make love, the way we place worth on things and people, the way we give to others or balance ourselves with others will additionally spice up the self-expression process. Relationships of all kinds will feel this influence. Pride, loyalty, devotion, admiration, warmhearted and generous, but most importantly true and genuine love and affection will play a very important role in our relations to others. Self expression will be very important when it comes to our social and love life. Staying true to oneself in this area of one’s life means that we must not deny our true nature, we must not ignore what or whom we really want and desire. Venus is chasing Mars through out this week and she will form a square with him on Saturday. Expect many of the upper mentioned Venusian issues to arise and resolve¬† at the end of this week.

Emotional needs and frustrations

As said before, Leo Moon is about self-expression, originality, trying to show the others who we truly are, what we truly want and desire. It’s about leaving a significant mark in this world. Under such a Moon we crave admiration, social acceptance, we might desire to be the center of attention, we enjoy flattering. We must feel special and we definitely must remain true to ourselves when we self express our hearts and souls.

Emotional fulfillment depends on how well we achieve this self-expression. In all areas of life, love, work, career, life path, health, family, friends, we have to retain, acquire or regain the feeling we are special, that we are doing something we really love, something that really reflects the very core originality of our being. If we fail in doing that, if we run into obstacles, frustration, disappointment, anger, anxiety can arise.

With all this said, discover the Lion within you, try to roar as loudly as you can and you yourself and everyone else will come to understand who you truly are and what you are really about. Even if you make just a little ‘meow’, make sure it’s a special, one of kind ‘meow’! ūüôā


These weeks transits will influence Leos and to some extent other fixed signs ( Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius ) as well. Sagittarians might feel these influences too. People with important planets and points in these signs will feel the influences as well.