Weekly prediction, 29.8. – 4.9., New Moon solar eclipse + Mercury retrograde = Red alert

For this week i have issued a red alert warning, which does not mean we will encounter some catastrophic astrological influences, however a high level of caution, prudence is advised when dealing with these energies. I’m also giving it a red alert, so you wont miss out on the many positive possibilities as well. But still, although these planetary configurations are primarily going to generate some powerful positive potential, things might still get messy and then some!


Moon in Leo

Transit strength: weak weekly transit.

Transit duration: Monday till Wednesday.


Astrological setting

In her two and a half day pass through Leo, this Moon is going to make a few positive trines to Uranus in Aries and Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius. This is all fire energy will be good for creativity, motivation, getting things done, achieving structure and order in our lives and creating a vision for our future undertakings and endeavours.

Emotional needs, moods and frustrations

With all Leo Moons, self-expression is always the primal emotional need that leads to emotional fulfillment and emotional stability. Being original, innovative, creative will make us feel special and unique and we will want others to see us as such just as well. Social approval and affirmation in important. For some people the desire to occupy the center of the stage will also be very strong, others will desire more attention from others in general.

We will feel proud of our roots, of our achievements, our beliefs. Importance of loyalty, fairness is heightened with this Moon. Be careful when dealing with people who have strong Leo energy cuz they will be especially sensitive when it comes to their pride and upper mentioned values. Do avoid Drama queen scenarios at all costs, either when you encounter this phenomenon in someone else or if you develop a tendency to become one your self. Passions will also run high, this can produce negative and positive outcomes and manifestations. Nevertheless, this fire energy should be good for boosting our creativity, our motivational drive, so exploit it! Generosity and warmheartedness should be something we pursue during this Moon. And most of all, try to enjoy life as much as you can during a Leo Moon! 🙂

Leo Moon in influence Leos and other fire signs. People with important points and planets in Aries, Sagittarius will also feel the influence.


New Moon in Virgo – last yearly solar eclipse


Transit strength: important monthly transit.

Transit duration: Thursday till Sunday, strongest on Thursday.


Astrological setting

This New Moon occurs at 10° Virgo activating the Saturn/Neptune square in Pisces/Sagittarius. This will produce strong positive potential but it will manifest a lot of annoyances as well. The eclipse also coincides with the start of Mercury Rx cycle ( 31.8. – 22.9. ) so once again, caution is highly recommended.

Emotional needs, moods, frustrations

Virgo carries a very potent earth energy. Together with the core energy of the New Moon it supports great personal renewal, regeneration, healing processes, growth. It offers a powerful potential to build, to create something of practical and useful worth. Virgo is THE energy of the Goddess, Mother Earth, the energy of the all-knowing High Priestess.


Just like with any Virgo energy influence, desire or pressure to achieve order, routine, higher level of usefulness, organization and service to others is present. Health in general and health related issues, positive or negative come to the fore in some way. All the mentioned things will dictate our emotional moods and define the level of our emotional fulfillment and the feeling of stability and security.

Paying attention to details will become more important, we will micromanage either with greater or perhaps lessened success. This can produce frustration or feeling of achievement. Our work and our working environments will also be the areas of life where we will feel the immediate influence of this lunation. Work, working relationships, or career related pressures, stress and worry can become really troubling issues, especially due to the contacts with Saturn and Neptune. Conflicting interaction with our work colleagues, nasty deadlines, piled up work, uncertain or short-term work contracts, fear of unemployment are the issues that might burden us significantly during this Moon.

Daily obligations, duties, activities might pile up and become more difficult to manage as well. That can produce stress, nervousness, weariness. Moon’s contact to Saturn will additionally boost the importance of diligence and effort, which might elevate the level of concern and pressure to get the work done.

With the influence of Mercury Rx, we can experience certain breakdowns in our daily routine patterns, our plans. This will create feeling of annoyance and frustration. Neptune might also add significantly to the level of confusion, especially when it comes to communication and decision-making processes. Misunderstandings will be frequent.

Service to others within our collectives, social or interest groups becomes an important issue. We might feel pressured to serve more, especially if we work in a very service oriented professions, or we might get inspired to offer our skills, knowledge or help to others. Whether this service will be a part of our personal private life or a part of our work, there are things to watch our for. Be careful not to get exploited or double crossed due to your elevated desire to help people or to contribute for a seemingly good cause. With Neptune in Pisces and Mercury Rx just starting its journey, be careful whom you trust.

Watch out for scams, rip offs of all kinds! Be careful when making important business or personal decisions, when making purchases or signing important documents or contracts. Even if everything seems transparent, double-check again to avoid possible misunderstandings or mistakes.

This lunation, due to its contact to Saturn/Neptune, also influences our imagination, artistic expressions, empathy, belief systems, our perceptions and desire to understand to learn and to seek the truth. We might begin to actively work on something we believe in, using our talents, our knowledge, our imagination. As empathy is raised we might feel the urge to help the less privileged or offer some sort of therapeutic service to the people who matter to us.

If you are dealing with shattered beliefs, if you are standing on the crossroads of your life time, if you lost your faith, hope or if you simply don’t know what to do with yourself, this is the time to work actively in order to discover or to recognize your own talents, skills and abilities. Virgo is all about what a person is really good at and what can they do to use this personal skill to make a living for them selves, to organize their daily life and to serve the greater good. Serving and taking care for your self and others brings the ultimate feeling of usefulness, which leads to the feeling of completion, satisfaction and accomplishment under this Virgo Moon.

Creating structure, order in your personal life will also be important. Incorporating your beliefs in your everyday life, fusing them with whatever you do for a living will be even more fulfilling. This Moon, together with Mercury Rx will encourage us to practically change our thinking patterns, to make different decisions, and try to approach certain difficult or problematic life situations from a different angle. Actively working on our own personal problems, issues will bring a sense of fulfillment and will offer the best way to handle this Virgo Moon energy. However in order to successful achieve that, one has to drop everything that no longer works in their lives, say goodbye to one’s past, one has to be brave and accept certain new truths and revelations, one has to decide to start a new life chapter.


This Virgo New Moon will mostly influence Virgos, Pisces, Geminis and Sagittarians. People with important planets in these four mutable signs will also feel the influence.




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