Weekly prediction, 5.9. – 11.9., First Moon square – Hard work always pays off.

During this week, we begin to follow the footsteps of the young Moon dealing with themes and issues activated by the New Moon on September the 2nd. Mercury Rx is definitely influencing this progress by giving us new insight, changing our thought processes, he helps us plan different strategies, offers new choices, and encourages us to make interesting or difficult decisions. It is an interesting time, but still, we have to be careful not to make imprudent, hasty and irresponsible decisions. Remember, work on your dreams, goals, ambitions, it will pay of. Perhaps for some of you the payment in the form of success has already arrived. 😉


Moon in Scorpio

Transit strength: weak weekly transit.

Transit duration: From Monday until Thursday.


Astrological setting

On her journey through Scorpio, she will form mostly positive trines to earthly positioned planets, such as Mercury Rx,  Jupiter in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn. This is Water/Earth, which can provide greater emotional stability, security and emotional depth as well.

Emotional needs, moods, upsets

With Scorpio Moons, emotional drive, focus is always present. Our needs for security, stability, emotional fulfillment intensify. We pursue our desires with greater passion, but we must definitely truly understand the nature of our pursuit, otherwise things might not end well. As said many times before, Scorpio energy can evoke obsessive, self-destructive behavior if we go for the wrong things. Profound negative feelings, emotions, such as  fear, anxiety can occur or resurface. This all can be detrimental to our health, so do not stay in these dark places for too long!

On the other hand our drive and motivation is raised due to extremely focused emotional energy. Endurance is raised as is the determination to get what we want, desire or dream about. This influence will do wonders for some when the Moon trines Jupiter and Mercury in Virgo on Wednesday. Communication with others can benefit from this. Greater optimism, fresh perspective, intense constructive reflectionon on your life, greater courage to start new projects, make important decisions, and the ability to think in new and different ways might get you closer to where you want to be. Still use this influence wisely.

This transit will influence Scorpios and other Earth signs ( Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo ) the most. People with important planets and points in these signs will feel the influence as well.


Moon in Sagittarius – First Moon square

Transit strength: important monthly transit.

Transit duration: From Thursday until Saturday, strongest on Friday.


Astrological setting

The most important aspect this Moon makes is the square aspect to the Sun in Virgo on Friday and she also reactivates the Saturn/Neptune square. Tis contact represents the first quarter of the lunar monthly cycle. Around the time of this energy influence, first challenges, advances, complications, difficulties or fruitions associated with the energy patterns of the monthly New Moon may manifest and appear. The first Moon square represents the first milestone of our monthly emotional journey. It gives us a glimpse of what this monthly lunar journey will be all about, how it will look like and how it will feel like. The second important aspect will be the square the Moon/Jupiter/Mars/Mercury Rx square that will take place on Saturday.


Emotional needs, moods, upsets

Moon in Sage drives our needs towards greater awareness, understanding, knowledge, personal growth in all departments, freedom of the spirit and greater life adventures that offer new fruitful experiences. With all these undertakings we enrich our personal beliefs and reshape or perspective on the world around us. This brings emotional fulfillment, sense of stability and security.

However, with this first Moon square we deal with a lot of changeability in our life situations which can create feelings of frustration, annoyance. Flexibility on our part will be the key, ability to quickly adapt as well. Why is that so?

Virgo Sun bumping heads with the energies of the Sagittarius Moon creates a challenging but also an action packed influence. Mercury Rx in Virgo and the Saturn/Neptune square additionally complicate things;

Virgo is about diligence, creating and seeking order, structure, routine, it is earthly energy that favors pragmatism, realistic approach and upholds the values of usefulness and service to others and to one self. Virgo influence encourages us to pay more attention to details, to be more precise, more accurate, more responsible, it encourages us to tap into our skills, abilities and to organize our lives better.

Sagittarius is the truth we believe in, it is the way we see life in a grander, more general and holistic way. Sagittarius encourages us to look pass the details and see the bigger picture in every situation. It also encourages personal growth, optimism, gaining life experiences that enrich our minds and our spirit.

You see the difference here? Virgo is about structuring, organizing our day-to-day life in order to become accomplished and to live a healthy orderly life style. Sagittarius is about building a vision for our lives, it’s about recognizing and understanding our personal calling.

When these two energies clash we seek a balance between them. We must be careful not to, stress ourselves, worry too much, and most importantly, not to go to extremes. That will manifest all the wrong things. Do avoid the following behavioral patterns and attitudes during this aspect: small mindedness, irresponsibility, hairsplitting, excessive omnipotence, arrogance, excessive naivety, lack of empathy, excessive criticism and self-criticism.

To balance this first square one must fuse the best of both signs. Use the Virgo Sun and the Virgo Rx Mercury to focus on you work, your career ambitions, your duties, obligations through new, fresh and ingenious ways. Strategize, plan, employ new tactics, perhaps something you never tried before. Use the Sagittarius Moon to expand your business, your projects, your activity. Start working on your visions, ideas, follow you calling, stay true to your beliefs and if they stand against the pressure of discouraging Neptune/Saturn square all the better.



Pay more attention to your health issues, drop bad habits, envision a new, healthier life style. Actively pursue your plans, don’t worry if your dream goals seem so far away. Do not stress your self about it. Rome was not built in a day. Work hard, be patient, you will get there as long you have the right vision of your future, as long as you truly follow your unique worldly calling. Do not be afraid to dream big, but also understand that a lot of effort and hard work will be required. The bigger the dream, the greater the personal investment. This is how we blend Sagittarius and Virgo. Adapt, evolve and adapt again!

This transit will influence mutable sings of Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces and Gemini. People with strong planets and points in these signs will feel the influences as well.