Weekly prediction, 12.9. – 18.9., Lunar eclipse in Pisces – Evolve, adapt, do it yourself.

The climax of the Mercury Rx cycle and the lunar eclipse in Pisces are the two major astrological influences of this week. As they will provide numerous opportunities for active positive change, development, they will also bring challenges, difficulties, conflicts and problems. In order to successfully harness the good vibes or at least neutralize the negative influences energy in all areas of life during this week you should be flexible, patient and diligent.


Sun/Mercury Rx/Mars square – Do it yourself

Transit strength: important weekly transit

Transit duration: Monday – Friday, strongest from Tuesday to Wednesday.



In the first half of this week we are influenced by Sun/Mercury Rx/Mars square through Sagittarius/Virgo. Heightened self-assertion, activity, initiation due to higher motivation boost from Sun/Mars contact is indicated. With the underlying theme of Saturn/Neptune square and the unstable energy of Mercury Rx we must be careful how we act though. We are tied to our personal belief system when it comes to making decisions and personal action. As these beliefs, personal truths are currently being tested, our behavioral patterns are tested too.

Be advised that Mars in Sage can do whatever he wants to do in accordance to what he thinks is acceptable and right. Sagittarius is the sing of growth and expansion and thus our negative characteristics and our negative behavior can also be blown out of proportion. With Mercury Rx this will no doubt bring conflict with others as our selfishness and irresponsibility will shine through our actions quite negatively. Avoid such behavior at all cost and also condemn actions of others who would behave in such manner. It is for their own good, as you will signal them it is finally time to change their ways. All in all, inspect your behavior, make prudent, responsible decisions.

Also expect over all tensions, misunderstandings, conflicts in communication with others. Pesky Annoyances, frustrations, irritations can dominate our lives during this aspect influence.

On the other hand Sun/Mercury/Mars contact gives out a very positive vibe when it comes to developing , recognizing and nurturing your personal practical skills, abilities, when it comes to acquisition of new skills and learning new things. With heightened motivational boost from Sun and Mars and a changed mental state caused by Mercury Rx, you can do things differently, do something you always wanted to do, finally accept the challenges that you know lie before you.

There is an immense emphasis on our personal strength, ingenuity, resourcefulness that can help us achieve almost anything during this time. With Mercury Rx in Virgo we are equipped with some highly charged ability to process information faster, more efficiently, we can organize things better. This can do wonders for us. You will be amazed of how much you can accomplish on your own in all areas of your life.


Projects, dreams,  ambitions, goals, new or old, you can now work on all of them, make yourself feel accomplished, influence your own personal reality as you see fit. Fulfill the potential of the Virgo New Moon from 1st of September Weekly prediction, 29.8. – 4.9., New Moon solar eclipse + Mercury retrograde = Red alert. You want to feel accomplished, successful? Well, why don’t you do something about it? However, be also advised that with all this Action Jackson kind of stimuli, there is also challenge, setbacks and frustration. Virgo based square aspects demand a lot of patience and diligence above all things. Remember that.


Lunar eclipse in Pisces – Adapt and evolve

Transit strength: Important monthly transit

Transit duration: throughout the week, strongest from Thursday to Saturday with a peak on Friday.

One Stands Holding Word Adapt, Others Crushed

Astrological setting


The full Moon in Pisces is going to trigger the ongoing square between Mars in Sagittarius and Sun/Mercury Rx in Virgo ( Monday – Friday ). Lunar eclipse will thus form a T – square with the mentioned planets. This Moon also harvests the lunar process started with the New Moon on September 1st. 

Motivational, self-assertive drive, ego wants and emotional needs will clash together, creating a mutable energy frenzy. A lot of changeability in our daily lives with abrupt negative interferences, unexpected events, annoying conflicts, misunderstandings can become an issue. There will be plenty of action and development, how we respond to this ever-changing and highly charged flux of weekly life will determine the results, either in a positive or negative way.

Flexibility is once again the key, go with the stream and try to avoid the dangers of wild waters as successfully as you can. It is the best way to handle annoying unexpected events that bring complications and break your routine, plans.

Emotional needs, moods, frustrations

Pisces Moon’s are generally gentle, very sensitive, they make us more intuitive, empathic, sympathetic, more open to trust others with a desire to help and to avoid conflict. Of course naivety is a problem here, issues of exploitation and deceit as well. With the Saturn/Neptune square still in effect, this can bring detrimental consequences.

Inspect your own beliefs and your level of trust, make sure you understand what are the true intentions and agendas of others. A little more caution will do no harm. It is even necessary with this kind of influence, especially with a high level trend of demagogy ravaging our society nowadays.

As far as our needs goes, Pisces Moons also bring greater inspiration through our imagination in all areas of life. The influence can also trigger artistic tendencies. We might want to work on our dreams, fantasies, give them shape and form, Mars/Sun square and Mercury Rx can help out a lot. This will bring emotional fulfillment. Our therapeutic, healing abilities become more prominent. We might seek more seclusion to fantasize, day-dream, artistically express ourselves, or we choose to help others more.



If you choose to help others, be sure not to immerse your self into the problems and lives of others too much. You do not want to turn into an emotional sponge, as too much difficult and negative energy of other people’s emotional problems can influence you in a very bad way, depleting your energy levels quite fast.

Be aware of self undoing behavioral patterns. You will be quite sensitive during this Moon. Martyr kind of behavior is also not advised. Be non-conflicting, pay attention to others, be sympathetic, offer help, be kind, patient, try to understand the situations at hand. Do not allow others to exploit or deceive you however. This Moon can cushion the blows of a more aggressive connection between Mars/Mercury connection. But most importantly, the entire T – square aspect indicates a highly prominent tendency to take care of ourselves, to serve people, social groups, social goals that matter to us in a very practical way, by showing, developing our skills or learning new ones. Playing it right, you will unlock and access a very powerful positive potential of this monthly lunar cycle. Best of luck!

The transits mentioned in this report will mostly affect mutable signs of Virgo, Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces. People with important planets and points in these signs will feel the influence just as profoundly.