Weekly prediction, 19.9. – 25.9., Mercury Rx goes direct


Moon in Gemini square Mercury Stationary/Direct


Transit strength: important monthly transit

Transit duration: Wednesday till Friday


 Astrology setting

During her stay in Gemini the Moon will reactivate the Neptune/Saturn square. With Mercury going direct at 14° in Virgo, they will all for a Cross square aspect. It will be an important weekly if not monthly aspect. Mercury shifting its energies again while going direct and at the same time forming a complicated hard aspect with Moon, Saturn and Neptune will surely cause a lot of action, charged atmosphere, possible frustration and conflicts. Buckle up, it can be a very dynamic week, with a few bumps along the way.


Emotional needs, moods, frustrations

The Moon in Gemini focuses on communication, greater connection and interaction with our environment. She raises our curiosity, she is keen on learning, exercising the mind,  traveling, meeting new people, gaining new experience, trying new interesting things and activities.  Spending our mental energy in the fashion described above will bring emotional fulfillment and satisfaction.

However, with Gemini Moons, scatter brain effect is always a thing to watch out, especially when the Moon is forming challenging aspects. The ruler of Gemini and Virgo, Mercury, is changing from retrograde motion to direct so his contact to the Moon will enhance the effect.

While the connection will increase our daily tempo, boost our mental activity, putting our brains on steroids, help forming new and bright ideas, we will also experience difficulties as far as our concentration, focus goes. If its possible, do not engage in to many activities at once as chances are you wont be able to handle them all properly and efficiently. As a rule of a thumb, mutable squares such as this one already bring a lot of activity and changeability in our daily lives, so take into account you will probably already be busy and stretched out as it is, with situations changing on an hourly basis, bringing new challenges, complications and developments.

This is a common theme during Mercury Rx cycles and in this third and final week of its Rx cycle we will experience another climax of these energies. Watch out for stress related frustrations and irritations. Don’t burn your self out, be careful the way you act and respond to your environment, especially be careful in traffic and with activities that require a lot of concentration. Think before you act. Again the best way is to be flexible as much as possible and try to adapt to changing situations.

On the other hand, this Mercury cycle is very good for developing our personal skills, abilities especially if they posses a practical value. Learning new things, gaining more experience is also favored during this time. The Moon in Gemini will boost our minds, together with Mercury our ingenuity can really move mountains for us. Our problems, challenges can become a thing of the past if we are ready to tackle them from a completely new and different perspective.

As the Moon/Mercury contact will be generally a positive influence as long as we successfully deal with challenges in concentration, heightened stress, nervous energies, busy daily life, you will have to pay more attention to the Saturn/Neptune contact that keeps bringing quite depressing energy influence for quite some time now.



Be certain that this combo will lower your moods by default, it will challenge your self-confidence, your beliefs, bringing confusion, self-doubt. This can be a very negative influence if you are starting new exciting career projects, ventures, activities and run into problems, setbacks or difficulties. These energies can also discourage you from being more daring when it comes to fulfilling your dreams and desires or goals in general.

Its important that we truly understand our current life situations, that we are aware of our current personal capabilities and most importantly, we must not make unrealistic expectations. This is the best way to counter the negative Saturn/Neptune influence. If we work diligently towards our self-realization, self-development, if we remain aware of our  daily realities, we will unlock the positive potential of this week.

This transit will influence mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Pisces and Sagittarius. People with important planets and points in these signs will also will the influence.



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