Weekly prediction, 26.9. – 2.10., New Moon in Libra – Rise of Jupiter

The current week will be mostly influenced by Moon in Virgo and the New Moon in Libra. Both lunations will activate some of the existing astrological configurations. Let us see how will all of this play out.


Moon in Virgo

Transit strength: weak weekly transit

Transit duration: Tuesday till Friday


Astrological setting

On her journey through Virgo, the Moon will once again trigger the notorious square between Saturn and Neptune, as she will emphasize the themes and issues of the concluded Mercury retrograde cycle.

Emotional needs, moods, frustrations

during the month of September we talked a lot about energies of the Virgo, mostly emphasized by Mercury Rx and the stellium of planets that endured in this signs for a couple of weeks. With this current Moon in Virgo, achieving structure, order, routine in our daily lives will be important once again. Developing and nurturing practical skills, talents will also be significant. Acquisition of new practical knowledge is another activity that will bring emotional satisfaction and sense of fulfillment, achievement.

Higher awareness in relation to personal health is indicated. The need to deal with certain health related problems and difficulties will be thus present. In the spirit of the Mercury rx cycle, “Do it yourself” concept is still very much alive and present. Use the energy of this Moon to continue your work on certain problematic situation, accept new challenges or confront the old ones once again. Put the experience and new knowledge the Mercury Rx cycle brought you to good use. Exploit the high mental boost of the Virgo Moon, let it help you with more efficient analytical thinking processes, let her inspire you with new practical ideas, allow her to bring you new innovative solutions.

As always watch out for the dark side of Virgo, especially as she will make contact to Saturn/Neptune square. Increased emotional sensitivity and high level of irritability due to sudden annoying complications, conflicts within your life’s situations will be present. Avoid excessive self-criticism, neurotic behavior and stress, produced by feelings of disappointment, confusion, emotional pressure from within and from the outside. The stubborn trait of Virgo to stick with certain extremely narrow-minded perspectives and focuses will do no good either. The Virgo affinity for detail and inherit refusal or incapacity to see the big picture can do more harm than you might think.

The transit will influence Virgos, Sagittarians, Pisces and Geminis the most. People with important planets and astrological points in these signs will feel the influence as well.


New Moon in Libra

Transit strength: important monthly transit

Transit duration: throughout the week, strongest on Friday and Saturday


Astrological setting

This is the First New Moon after the autumn equinox and she brings new beginnings in the areas ruled by Libra. This mostly affects our relationships and our sense of balance, justice and fairness. The New Moon itself will not form any specific aspects with other planets, but the general feel of Libra energy will be influenced by another player entering the sign. That is Jupiter. On her journey through Libra, the Moon will also form aspects with two more problematic planets, Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries.


Emotional needs, moods and frustrations

As said before, this New Moon brings new opportunities, challenges and beginnings as far as our search for balance in relationships and every day life is considered. We will feel the need  and perhaps even pressure to cooperate with others more, to form more compromises. Non conflicting communication will be the one who will bring emotional stability and satisfaction. In these endeavors Jupiter might bring more optimism and good will, but only if the situation at hand is well-balanced to begin with and most importantly if all the parties involved are truly aware of the nature of the situation itself.

We should be aware of the fact that Jupiter functions as a planet that promotes or incites expansion and growth. We generally consider these influences as positive as they suppose to bring new opportunities and potentially prosperity as well. However it is very unwise to take Jupiter for a self-granted benefic, as its influence is also very well-known for bringing war where there was peace, destabilizing quasi balanced situations and inflating or emphasizing existing problems. Why does this happen?

Jupiter instills optimism, good will, greater motivation, ambition, sense of greater capability and self-confidence. As we all agree, these are all beneficial aspects when it comes to dealing with challenges, difficult problems and situations we must always remember that the influence of Jupiter can also produce a rather troublesome sense of omnipotence. Under this spell an individual might considerably overestimate their own capabilities or capacities, they might form completely unrealistic expectation and desires. All of this tends to produce generally negative manifestations. How will this show in Libra?

During the influence of this week’s New Moon which is officially welcoming Jupiter in Libra and throughout the entire monthly lunar cycle with emphasis on the Full Moon, balancing our personal expectations, desires, wishes and ambitions with those of others in all areas of life ( love, friends, work career, family, ect. ) will be paramount!

The feeling of omnipotence and the desire for fast development and “growth” in certain life situations coupled with an ambition and motivation to achieve personal goals and agendas rather quickly might produce problems within our relationships, partnerships, social connections. Cooperation, mutual understanding, forming compromises will pave the road towards a more balanced social interaction, where individual desires and wishes will be appeased, but of course only within the realistic domain of any given situation!


Do not inflate your expectations, wishes and certainly do not expect from others to bow down to your personal exaggerated desires and ambitions. Doing the opposite of what is suggested will bring complications, problems and conflicts in your relations with others for sure. Others will revolt accusing you of being unfair and unjust. This negative manifestations might especially be problematic during the Moon’s contact with Pluto in Capricorn during the weekend, a planet that inspires us to exert our personal power and will, to seek control over our life’s situations.

Use the energy of this New Moon and the positive influences of Jupiter to create more balanced relationships, bring more optimism and good will in you connections with others, allow and encourage your relationships to grow, nurture new connections. Do not blindly destroy and sabotage your social interactions through unrealistic and exaggerated expectations and demands of your ego!

The New Moon in Libra officially marks the entrance of jupiter in Libra. The positive and negative influence of this planet will be felt until the end of 2016 and throughout most of 2017, with a very important period between March and July of 2017, where we will also deal with retrograde venus in Aries.

This New Moon will mostly influence Libras, Capricorns, Aries and Cancers. People with important planets and points ( example: Moon in Libra, or Ascendant in Aries ) in these signs will also feel this influence.


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