Weekly prediction, 21.8. – 27.8., Great solar eclipse in Leo – Rise and fall of “kings”

Solar eclipse in Leo

Transit strength: very strong monthly transit

Transit duration: influences will be at their strongest during the first half of the week. The energies of this eclipse will however once again reactivate during the Full Moon period from 1.9. until 4.9.


Astrological layout 

Sun eclipse in Leo occurs on Monday 21th with the conjunction of Moon and Sun at 28 ° in Leo. Sun and Moon will form a trine to Uranus in Aries  and in addition to that Retrograde Mercury in Virgo will also spice things up, especially through difficult communication, unexpected, chaotic events and inconveniences, including accidents of all kinds, some  minor, some greater. The eclipse will also and conjunct the fixed star Regulus, also called the “Heart of the Lion “.
This eclipse will be best seen through most of the continental US, this is why it is called the Great American eclipse. Astrologically, the energies of this transit will impact the US in a rather special way, thus the name really is quite appropriate.
On the individual level this eclipse will be strongly felt by all Leos, Aquarians, Taurians, Scorpios, especially by those born between 18th and 22nd of August, February, May and November. It will also strongly influence those who have major planets and astrological points between 25 ° and 30 ° in Leo, Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio. Sagittarians and Arians will also feel these energies stronger than other signs.

Emotional needs, moods, responses, challenges, frustrations

While the noble “Greater Leos” will radiate playfulness of a child,  “Little Leos” will express a very negative immature behavior. Such immaturity can become extremely problematic in the wider social as well as global, political spheres. “Little Lions” will be able to cause real problems when in certain places of power, their reckless and irresponsible behavior will land can endanger peace and political stability in certain parts of the world or it will cause public unrest, protests. If these issues do not dangerously escalate, this eclipse will reveal the true nature and faces of certain people, may they be world leaders, politicians, demagogues, populists or greedy, power-hungry individuals. Certain negative mentalities, ideologies, beliefs, personal or social will need to be addressed and dealt with, especially as they fuel the actions of the traumatized, narrow-minded and limited egos of the “Little Leos”. As I said, this eclipse is not called the Great American Eclipse for no reason. 🙂
On the other hand This eclipse can affect your well-being negatively if you are in a period of any kind of distress especially emotional one. Anxiety, excessive dramatization, self-pity, martyrdom, anger, sadness, disappointment can occur. Do not allow these emotional states to dominate your everyday life; this eclipse will bring emotional crises for a reason. You must be aware of your own values, your own self-importance, uniqueness, you must be proud of yourself, but above all you want to allow this eclipse to encourage you to take an important step forward towards greater self-confidence and self-respect. Be confident, you are stronger than you think!
Regulus, The Star of Kings which represents the heart of the Leo in the constellation of Leo, expresses the royal nature of the sign. It expresses the noble, warmhearted, generous energies of true leaders, positive public figures, guardians, protectors, teachers, visionaries and brings true strength, renown, personal success, glory, fame, social acceptance, recognition, respect, to those of a worthy heart but it can also bring a steep and tragic fall into oblivion, infamy, shame and social disgrace to the unworthy. A personal and social collapse for those who exploit acquired, immorally obtained, or bestowed positions of power and influence, for those who exploit popullistic ideology for their own selfish benefits and do harm to others. This is  the reason I named this eclipse, “The fall and the rise of kings”. Indeed, only the Greater Leos will be able to take advantage of these energies, while Little Leos will only reveal their petty, selfish, little egos, showing their narrow mindedness by trying to achieve greatness.
Of course, this expression of the royal nature of man can also be understood in the sense of a positive individual and personal growth. The solar eclipse will allow you to become rulers, kings and masters of your own fate, giving you emotional maturity, instinct, intuition, wisdom, nobility, power, zeal and motivation of true leaders. With these energies you can truly take matters into your own hands, recognize your own desires, goals, ambitions, and also begin to work steadily towards realizing your own personal potential. Regardless of the astrological sign in which we were born, at the time of our birth, our birth sign is illuminated by the Sun, the ruler of Leo. with the Sun being the most important celestial body, the ruler of the skies it imprints an everlasting royal mark of divinity upon our souls. Our task in this life is to express and achieve the highest and most noble and positive attributes of our own astrological sign, to become the “Great” representatives” of the zodiac energies, “Greater Leos” of our signs. Remember, energy of the Leo is the energy of the Sun, and the energy of the Sun is the energy of life. As we all carry this life force within us, do take advantage of the vital energy of your sunshine, truly live your life expressing all of the divine potential given to you by the stars!

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