Weekly prediction, 14.8. – 20.8., Battle of the tempers in the light of a new Mercury retrograde cycle

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Last Moon quarter in Taurus

Transit strength: Strong monthly transit.

Transit duration: Energies will be felt throughout the week, especially between Monday and Wednesday, peaking on Tuesday.


Astrological layout

The Moon will  form a square with the Sun in Leo on Tuesday the 15th At 22 ° in Taurus. The aspect will have a strong impact on all Leos, Taurians, Aquarians and Scorpios, especially those born between the 12th and the 16th of the month of August, November, February and May. The energies will also influence all those with important astrological points and planets between 21 ° and 25 ° in the sign of Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius.


Emotional needs, moods, challenges, frustrations

With the presence of the Sun and Mars in Leo, a period of increased motivation, enthusiasm, vital energy and intense desires for greater self-expression, creativity, success, greater personal strength, popularity and social affirmation continue.

In addition to these positive effects, we will also have to face the more negative aspects of both Leo and Taurian energies, additionally emphasized by  the new Mercury retrograde cycle in Virgo. There will be intense negative manifestations of both temperaments. As the energies of Taurus will support us in achieving our goals, encourage us in finding emotional and material security, fullfilment, comfort, peace and stability in our lives, we will also experience problems with extreme stubbornness, excessive calculative behavior, selfishness, emotional instability and a neurotic state of mind. The influence of the Leo will also show its negative side; there will be an increase in arrogance, blind pride, diva effect (drama queen, over dramatization, hysteria), excessive self-interest, egocentrism and equally pronounced stubborness. Both of these signs are extremely passionate and reactionary volatile especially when they feel their beliefs, well-being in being threathened, attacked or conflicted, so, be careful. There will be a lot of frustration, irritability, and heavy feelings due to somewhat emotionally unfulfilling moods that will prevail during the next week .

The negative effects of the square aspect between the Moon, Mars and the Sun, which will be noticeable in one-to-one relationships, group interaction and on the broader, global, worldly, political stage, will be intensified by the beginning of the Rx Mercury cycle. Many conflicts will appear and arise, both within ourselves and on the outside, through interaction with our environment. Be careful and be responsible. As many already know, Rx Mercury very much likes to play with our ways of thinking, our self-expression, our decision making processes, communication. We must be careful during such periods, especially when signing documents, making deals, communicating with others, controlling our thoughts, choosing our words carefully. It is important that we take control of our emotions as well, and that we adopt a prudent, responsible, and thoughtful interaction with the rest of the world.



Virgo, a sign where this particular Mercury Rx starts its journey is known for its explicit earthly mentality, which defends the aspects of reason and promotes peace, concentration, order, transparency, usefulness, practicality, nurture. Naturally, during the retrograde period, considerable problems will arise while practicing these aspects of life. Conflicts between intense strong emotions and passions produced by the different temperaments and mentalities of Leo and Taurus will produce more chaotic events and difficult emotional moods in our everyday lives. There will be misunderstandings, a lot of stress, neurotic behavior, annoying unexpected events that will mess with our plans and our structured daily routines such as duties, work, obligations schedules. Communication, both face-to-face or online, will be more difficult, we will find it harder to put ourselves in the shoes of another, it will be more difficult to understand personal beliefs, deductions and viewpoints of others. Also, be prepared to experience unpleasantries when dealing with bureaucracy or in regard to any kind of document management, legal matters. calm your tempers! On the other hand, pettiness and narrow mindedness (the negative aspects of Virgo) will also be emphasized and might cause additional aggravation and general feelings of annoyance.

Conflicts will be inevitable. Powerful emotional output of both fixed signs, Taurus and Leo during these initial stages of Rx Mercury will have to be taken into account by carefully pursuing our desires, wishes and carefully expressing our beliefs, emotions, thoughts.

You can however take more advantage of the energy if you wish so.  In terms of new approaches to successfully achieve our goals, ambitions, find new solutions, Mercury will present new ways of thinking, bring new insights, new information, he will refresh our personal beliefs, or transform them, encouraging us to consider other or different choices or options. We can also profit from mastering our organizing, planning skills, tackling on small or large household projects and other tasks, challenges, learning processes, projects. We can plan anew our entire lives if we so much desire. In doing so, passionate energy of Taurus and Leo can help us achieve originality, creativity, affirmation, comfort, success and emotional, material security.

Take care, be safe and do try harnessing these vibes! 😉

Full Moon in Aquarius, 04.08. – 08.08., Peculiar moments of uniqueness

Full Moon in Aquarius

Transit strength: strong monthly transit

Transit duration: strong energies from 4th till 8th peaking on the 7th of August when the Full Moon occurs.


Astrological layout

On Monday  the 7th the Moon will form an opposition with the Sun in Leo at 15 ° in the sign of Aquarius. The effects of this Moon will be felt by all members of the fixed signs (Aquarius, Leo, Taurus, Scorpio), especially those born between the 3rd and 8th of August, February, May and November. Powerful energies will also influence those with significant planets and astrological points between 12 ° and 16 ° in the sign of Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio and Taurus.

Moon in Capricorn  will also prove to be a significant influence during the upcoming weekend, as she will trigger the square between Jupiter in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn. The effects will be felt by all members of the cardinal signs (Libra, Aries, Cancer and Capricorn), especially those born at the beginning of October, April, July and January and by all those who have important astrological points and planets between 14 ° and 18 ° in these signs.

Emotional needs, moods, challenges, frustrations

This Full Moon represents the first culmination of this summer’s energies, and it may bring some surprising manifestations, results, events, situations, complications as far as personal self-expression, creativity, realization of wishes, ambitions, goals goes.

With the Moon in Capricorn during the weekend, we will focus on personal success, ambitions, greater personal growth, with stronger will power, determination, expression of personal power, social influence helping us advance in the desired direction. We will desire balance and harmony in life, as well as progress and social affirmation. Rationality and grounded approach of Capricorn and Libra will encourage greater caution, prudent behavior, planned actions and meticulous decision-making processes, but we will still desire action and we will wont to move forward. All this can encourage and allow certain people making some real progress in their lives. We will need to be careful in expressing and maintaining social power, dominance, asserting control over situations, etc. A desire to gain full control over certain aspects of life can produce tyranny, excessive and damaging  stubornness, destructive behavior. Preserving status quo and some conservative, established and possibly worn-out and damaging structures of power and personal behavior patterns will also cause problems. This will be in particular noticable on a global, political stage where established forms of control and power will undermine aspirations for world peace and harmony between peoples.



In the beginning of next week Aquarius Moon will additionally enrich our personal self-expression, creativity, our social life, social popularity,and success. The Sun, as well as Mars in Leo, will continue to encourage us to recognize and express our own uniqueness and originality. The surplus of potent energy however will cause some difficulties nontheless. Try to use these strong influences in a positive sense, directing energies into constructive activities no matter what kind of mood will dominate your everyday life as powerful influences will also create problems especially for those experiencing emotional problems, going through difficult times in general or dealing with certain inhibitions regarding their self-expression.  Tensions, disappointments, feelings of dissatisfaction, incompetence, lack of emotional fulfillment and lack of personal freedom might bring some people down, so do try and avoid these negative manifestations.


The Moon in Aquarius will emphazise a strong need and desires for personal freedom, a somewhat unconventional way of expression, behavior, engagement. Meeting new interesting people, learning foreign customs and ways, exploring the unknown will be quite appealing. We will be attracted to everything that is rather unusual, peculiar, uncommon, new, different, whether it will be a person, a situation, event, a thing or a place. This full moon will be a great time to travel, to wonder around and to socialize.

The Moon will stimulate our creativity, imagination and offer us a new approach in expressing our own uniqueness. If you are working on a creative personal, business, or a career wise project, harness these energies to the fullest as much can be accomplished under this Full Moon’s influences. Our collective based interests and activities, friendships and social gathering will be positively affected as well. We might get a chance to deepen or to explore a relationship, to reconnect, to connect anew or in a completely different way with somebody else.



The Moon in Aquarius brings along strong emotional needs as far as our personal freedom, self-expression, personal creativity, uniqueness, unconventionality, new acquaintances goes. Meeting new, unusual or interesting people, experiencing or visiting new and interesting places, dealing with unique situations and events will provide a lot of stimulation and emotional fulfillment.  The Moon will positively influence our friendships, social interactions, our collective based interest activities. Nevertheless, the surplus of energy will be very strong. For all who are currently experiencing personal problems and feel emotionally distressed, disappointed, stressed out, these upcoming influences can prove to be quite burdensome, so keep up the spirits and try to expell the negative energy!

Weekly prediction, 24.7. – 30.7., First quarter Moon in Scorpio – A Summer wave.


First quarter Moon in Scorpio


Transit strength: strong monthly transit

Transit duration: profound energies throughout the week, with strongest influences occuring during weekend, especially on Sunday.

Astrological layout

The Moon at 6 ° in Scorpio will conjunct the Sun and Mars at 6° in Leo on Sunday the 30th. Scorpios, Leos, Aquarians and Taurians, especially those born around the 30th of April, July, October and January, will be strongly affected by these energies.

All of you with important planets and astrological points between 4 ° and 9 ° in the sign of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius will also experience these energies quite profoundly.


Emotional needs, moods, challenges, frustrations

With the conjunction of Mars and Sun in Leo, summer days will continue to bring desires for greater self-expression, self-assertion, greater creativity, playfulness, personal attention, social popularity and recognition, we will still be accompanied by feelings of greater motivation, determination, passion, focus as well. 

Since the Sun and Mars exude a very strong, dominant, profound, egocentric male energy, we will still need to pay attention to various forms of aggressive, selfish and also irritable, impulsive behavior. Power games and struggles, displays of power, desire for dominance, seeking control over life situations will be frequent manifestations of these energies.


In addition, the expression or rather denial of our emotions and feelings can lead to unwanted, undesired consequences, results and can put us in some extreme emotional moods and volatile emotional settings. Because Scorpio is a sign that governs various types of self-destructive and, generally speaking, destructive behavior, we should be extremely careful while interacting with other people. Incorrect responses to certain strong, intense, overwhelming emotions can cause difficult situations and conflicts. Also avoid any excessive manipulation, either you will feel the temptation yourself or somebody else will want and try to manipulate you.


As I have already mentioned, the emotions could become quite intense and extreme. If you are currently not going through a difficult and an emotionally burdensome time period, these energies can further empower your positive passions, desires and ambitions. Under the influence of Scorpio, your commitments, intuition and focus in any area of life will be sharpen and intensify. This will have a positive effect on your creativity, self-expression, playfulness, there will be a strong desire to realize one’s potential, meet certain emotional needs, reach general emotional fulfillment through active and playfull interaction with your environment, or rather through no activity at all if you’re planning vacation. 🙂



If, of course, the current period of our lives is not the most emotionally stable one, if it does not produce pleasurable and fulfilling emotions and feelings but rather the opposite, then we can expect the manifestation of some of the more difficult and burdensome emotions. As they might not impair our communication and interaction with the rest of the world directly, they will of course negativelly affect our moods causing considerable mood swings which might cause problems in our relationships as a result. We can expect increased feelings of anxiety, jealousy, loneliness and elevated levels of stress and neurotic behavior. Old fears, traumas, uncertainties will arise, we may encounter a lack of self-confidence, selfworth issues, feelings of inferiority, incompetance.

It is important that in these difficult moments we try to understand why we feel the way we do, that we recognize people and things in our lives that truly make us happy. It is important that during such moments we deal with our past or become aware of some problematic emotional psychological processes we might be going through here in the present.

beautiful girl laughs and dances outdoors in a meadow during sunset


So, this weekend might bring a wave of passionate and powerful feeling of a positive charge, but it can also send us on a very unpredictable emotional roller coaster. With aggressions of all kinds and impulsive behavior still presenting a big problem we will have to pay attention on how we respond to our environment. Negative aspects of power games and struggles, desires for greater power, control, dominance will cause additional problems and issues. Avoid destructive behavior and manipulation. It will be of much greater use to us if we use these energies in terms of positive, passionate, courageous but yet unselfish self-expression, and self-enrichment with a playful attitude towards life.

Have a nice week!

Weekly prediction, 17.7. – 23.7., New Moon in Leo – passions, playfulness of life, magic of creativity and uniqueness.


New Moon in Leo

Transit strength: Very strong monthly transit.

Transit duration: With energies present throughout the week we can expect the climax during the weekend with strongest influences on Sunday and in the beginning of the next week.


Astrological layout

The New Moon in Leo occurs this Sunday the 23rd with the conjunction of the Sun and Moon and Mars at 1 ° in Leo. This stellium of planets will at the same time form an important square with Uranus in Aries. The influences of the young Moon will be mostly felt by Leos, Aquarians, Taurians, Scorpios and also Arians, Libras, Cancers and Capricorns, especially those who were born around the 22nd of the month of July, October, January and April. Those of you who have important planets and astrological points between 0 ° and 3 ° in the sign of the Leo, Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio and between 28 ° – 30 ° in the sign of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, prepare to experience this Moon in a profound way just as well.


Emotional needs, moods, challenges, frustrations

During the months of July and August, we will experience two New Moons in Leo, which means, due to the rarity of such occurrence, that both events will have a fairly significant and powerful astrological impact on our lives. We expect the next New Moon in Leo in the end of August. That lunation will be especially intense, as she will also cause a solar eclipse to occur. Both of these Moons will mark an important period of personal growth, personal recognition and self-expression of our originality and unique personality.

This young Moon brings more playfulness in our lives, a strong desire and need for greater creativity, and the fulfillment of certain desires and wishes of the heart, while encouraging the expression of our originality, uniqueness. We will experience strong passions, emotions and personal desires in many areas of life and they will draw our attention and focus in one way or the other. Different personal talents, gifts, abilities, personal projects, the work we love to do, a dream career, a profession that fulfills us emotionally, as well as leisure activities that really make us happy, these are the things that will deserve a greater investment of our time and energy during this New Moon in Leo. The strong presence of Mars in combination with the Moon and the Sun will also considerably encourage and increase our activity through greater determination, motivation, assertiveness, resolve and zeal. It will become paramount that we invest as much as possible in everything and anything that enables us to express our originality, our special skills, abilities, talents, gifts, our personal potential, our strongest and most genuine desires, passions, it will become paramount that we invest in everything that allows the true nature of our being to shine in all its brightness.

Of course, it will also be necessary to pay attention to some of the negative aspects of this young Moon. The combination of Moon and Mars in Leo forming a square with Uranus in Aries will still be the main cause of strong negative emotional outburst and temper tantrums (anger, rage, hysteria), reckless, impulsive actions, words, decisions, as well as various conflicts, quarrels, conflicts, aggressions. Be careful and do not allow these passionate and strong emotions to cause you any problems, to bring you undesired results and consequences or to put you in difficult situations!



The young Moon in Leo will bring desires of greater creativity, expression of our uniqueness, the realization of certain passionate wishes, ambitions, dreams. It will also bring us greater social recognition,  zeal, determination, motivation and assertiveness. We will have to pay attention to impulsive behavior, negative emotions, temper tantrums, aggressions, conflicts in social interactions though. Like summer itself it is going to be quite hot, passionate but also playful. 🙂

Enjoy and have fun I wish you all a beautiful and a passionate weekend!


Weekly prediction, 3.7. – 9.7., Full Moon in Capricorn – Price of success and price of failure


Full Moon in Capricorn


Transit strength: Strong monthly transit.

Transit duration: Energies will be felt throughout the week with influences becoming stronger and stronger reaching a peak on Sunday the 9th.


Astrological layout

The Full Moon will create a strong conjunction with Pluto at 18 ° in Capricorn and an opposition to the Sun at 17° in Cancer. Jupiter in Libra will influence her energies as well.

These influences will be felt very strongly by all representatives of the cardinal signs (Capricorn, Cancer, Libra, Aries), especially by those born between the 5th and the 15th of July, October, January and April.

People with important planets and astrological points between 13 ° and 19 ° in the sign of Libra, Capricorn, Cancer and Aries will also experience these energies quite profoundly.


Emotional needs, moods, challenges, frustrations

With the Full Moon in Capricorn, our needs for emotional security, emotional fulfillment, productivity, our ambitions and desires for success in any area of ​​life will influence our actions, moods and thoughts quite profoundly. If the matters of the heart started affecting our daily life increasingly two weeks ago with the New Moon in Cancer, this Full Moon in Capricorn will reveal just how successful were we in reaching certain success resolving conflicts or issues, how successful were we in reaching emotional fullfilment, peace and security . If we have not been able to satisfy certain needs, wishes, ambitions, if we have not achieved certain goals, if we still do not know what we really want or desire, the Moon in Capricorn can help us develop greater determination, to boldly tackle all kinds of problems, to deal with certain emotional conflicts and issues of the heart with greater resolve.

The Moon in Capricorn will, together with Pluto, arouse strong emotions of determination in many ways, the desire for greater display and achievement of personal power, the desire for stronger social and personal influence, social confirmation, social acceptance and social success will increase. Although we are dealing with earthly energies of the Capricorn which oblige us to respect the reality of life situations, adapting ourselves to the way of things, we must at the same time be very well aware that Pluto will also emanate a very strong Scorpio influence.


A desire to be victorious, to gain or regain true control over situations, to achieve ultimate success, personal or social power, dominance, can quickly lead us to the dark side with many obsessions and self-destructive behavioral patterns that lurk in its shadows. It is important that we are well aware of the reality of our own expectations, needs and at the same time the possibilities of realizing our own desires and ambitions without blindly trying to have it our way till the bitter end. Recognizing defeat, failure, inabilities, instabilities, loses, may be difficult for many, but it will be necessary if we are to expel or even avoid the negative manifestations of this lunar influence. In any case, it will be much wiser to contemplate all these negative feelings of frustration, disappointment, anger, rather than letting oneself to be conquered by negative obsessions and certain concepts such as victory and success at all costs. Many will also have to cope with jealousy and envy, as they will resent the success and the fulfillment of others. Do not let these negative emotions consume you. Jupiter in Libra will also remind us to seek balance and harmony when dealing with upper mentioned issues as power struggles and power games will quite possibly occur, on a global political theatre but also on individual level.



On the other hand, the Moon in Capricorn will encourage many who lack resolve, determination  and have restrained themselves from actually pursuing any kind of personal ventures, projects, ambitions, desires, campaigns, she will encourage people with poor personal initiation, engagement skills and people with general low productivity issues. If you belong to any of these groups of people, then recognize your own desires, needs, wishes, define your goals and actively and boldly pursue the realization of your own ambitions. Some of you may have already accomplished a lot of unfulfilled desires, or at least you have already put yourselves on the path of self-realization, while the rest, well be prepared to be kicked in the rear and find yourself in the front. 😉


As was the case with the young Moon in Cancer, a level of personal awareness will play a major role in achieving a meaningful emotional experience and fulfillment with the Full Moon in Capricorn as well. If we have a poor overview of whatever might be happening inside our hearts, if we do not know how to communicate with our inner voice or if we do not even listen to it, then this lunar cycle will bring about annoying feelings of frustration accompanied by neurotic behavior, anxiety, irritability and very changeable, unstable emotional moods. All this will of course be a very clear sign that the time has come for us to begin investing more time and energy when it comes to our emotional needs, desires, as well as our fears and complexes, almost everything that prevents us from truly progressing and becoming successful and emotionally fulfilled. We will need to recognize situations, relationships, activities that do not fulfill us the way we truly deserve to be fulfilled. If we find ourselves powerless in changing or repairing these certain unfulfilling life’s circumstances or situations, we will just have to expel certain things from our lives, may it be a relationship, a career, a job, an activity, a perspective, a belief.


The effects of the Moon in Capricorn will motivate all of us to become more active, the desire for success, emotional fulfillment, emotional security will be present. We will feel more creative and we will desire greater social recognition, respect, affirmation. We must be aware of the reality of the situation, it is important that we do not insist in achieving our goals, ambitions, it is important that we do not strive towards realizing our desires, fulfilling our needs at all costs. This will lead to the development of strong obsessions and patterns of self-destructiveness. We must learn listen our inner voice, we must recognize our true needs, desires and ambitions. We need to become more active, more courageous and more determined. We also need to realize that enormous effort and energy must be invested if we desire to achieve important and meaningful success.

New Moon in Cancer, 23.6. – 25.6. – Emotional security, fulfillment, attachment, belonging, dependency.


New Moon in Cancer

Transit strength: Strong monthly transit.

Transit duration: Influences throughout the week, strongest energies from Friday till Sunday.


Astrological layout

The Moon will form a conjunction with the Sun at 3 ° in Cancer. The energies of this sign will be further strengthened by Mercury and Mars, both of them also in Cancer at the moment. Strongest influences will be felt by cardinal signs, Cancers, Capricorns, Libras, Arians, especially by those that were born in the last ten days of June, September, December, March. All those with important planets and astrological points between 2 ° and 14 ° in Cancer, Libra, Aries or Capricorn will also feel the effects of this Moon.



Emotional needs, challenges, moods, frustrations

The Moon in Cancer, more than any other Moon, uncovers our most basic emotional needs for acceptance, love, attachment, affection, and the general emotional fulfillment. Important aspects of her influence also include emotional as well as material and financial security.

In the coming days we will preoccupy ourselves with trying to figure out who is truly worthy of our love, loyalty, dedication, support and care. Who are the people in our lives that we want to protect, nurture, who are the people we would do everything for, who are our dearest our closest ones? Do we feel loved, are we desired by others, are we important to others, how much do we mean to people that we love? Do we feel secure, safe and fulfilled in our relationships, do we have a sense of belonging, acceptance, are we supported by others, or are all of these things somehow missing in our lives. The concept of home will be important, in a broader sense of course. A place where we feel safe, a person we feel cozy with, something or someone who provides a sense of familiarity, belonging.

We will also have to ask ourselves how we express love ourselves, our concerns for others, are we too inconsiderate, cold, distant or are people taking too much advantage of our good and warmhearted nature. An issue of emotional dependency will also be an important aspect of all kinds of emotional attachments. Are we dependent on either being excessively nurturing towards others, protective of others and thus strengthening our self-esteem and self-worth in an improper way, or are we overly dependent on others, both emotionally and possibly financially. Perhaps we overwhelm, repress and annoy people with too much “love and caring” or perhaps someone else is suffocating us with their love?


In addition to relationships, the issue of general emotional fulfillment in our lives will prevail. Are we happy in general, are we happy doing something that brings us joy, something that gives meaning and purpose to our lives. How is our way of living bringing us a sense of security and fulfillment?

Of course, all these thoughts and questions will be accompanied by elevated emotional sensitivity and by highly changeable emotional moods. The most emotionally unstable will be the people with strong Cancer energies in their charts. This is especially for those of you with Cancer Moons. 🙂 Irritation, impulsivity will increase, frustrating emotions, periods of depression, jealousy will occur and we shall experience the lack of fulfillment as far as our desires and needs goes. This can bring disappointments and feelings of sadness. In these cases, it is important that we become aware which expectations may be to unrealistic, it is important that we acknowledge possible exaggerations on our part, it is important that we realize our true needs and desires, where should we demand more and where less.



What can we learn during this New Moon in Cancer? We can learn how to truly and really love those closest to us, we can learn how to take care of other people,  and how to take care of things in life, which we really like, things that mean something or a lot to us. We will need to become aware of our excessive defensive, protective, obsessive, unreasonable behavior, we will need to become aware of our unrealistic desires and expectations, we will need drop any damaging or unhealthy dependencies. An important lesson will come in the form of an understanding what, or who really fulfills us emotionally, gives us a sense of security, happiness, love, belonging and acceptance. We will have to face changing emotional moods, increased emotional sensitivity, in ourselves and in others. This New Moon will stir our hearts considerably, so thread carefully.

Weekly prediction, 12.6. – 18.6., Last quarter Moon in Pisces – Final revelations and truths of reality


Moon in Pisces

Transit strength: Strong monthly transit.

Transit duration: Influences will be felt throughout the week, strongest energies from Thursday till Sunday.


Astrological layout

With the Sun at 26 ° in Gemini and Saturn at 24 ° in Sagittarius the Moon in Pisces will form a so-called T – square aspect. These influences will be mostly felt by all Geminis, Sagittarians, Pisces and Virgos, especially by those born in mid-June, mid-December, mid-March and mid-September. All of you with important planets and astrological points between 23 ° and 27 ° in the sign of Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces and Virgo, you will also experience these influences profoundly.


Emotional needs, challenges, moods, frustrations

The last quarter Moon is going to end the current monthly lunar cycle. Energy influences, released by this aspect, will finally bring a sense of completion to themes, situations, events that were triggered by the New Moon in Gemini at the end of May Weekly prediction, 22.5. – 28.5., New Moon in Gemini – What we leave behind, what we discover anew  and by the full Moon in Sagittarius two weeks ago.

In previous forecasts I mentioned that the Lunar cycle of May and June serves as a kind of epilogue for the already transpired period of Retrograde Mercury and Venus, a period that has shaped our lives from the beginning of February until mid-May.

During this last quarter Moon, revelations of the truth, any kind of awareness, new ideas and lessons of life related to the situations and events of the upper mentioned  bygone period , now finally gain their final form, sense and purpose. They bring new clarity and perspective as we begin to perceive our realities and ourselves in a different light. Although these effects can bring positive, constructive, beneficial results as well as certain heavy feelings of frustration, regression, repression, stagnation, negative and destructive manifestations, the overall impact of lunar energies during the end of this week might be quite burdensome for many.


It will be hard to avoid all these heavy and burdensome energy influences largely due to the presence of Saturn in Sagittarius. We should prepare ourselves as we will no doubt face frustrating, irritable, neurotic situations, negative, burdensome, gloomy moods, emotions and feelings. Situations will bring disappointments, certain, sudden turn of the events will bring additional burden and stress, both mental as well as physical. Calm your tempers, do not leash out, do not act hastily or in a rash way.

We will have to assume greater responsibility for our own actions or perhaps even for the actions of other’s. We will experience our own expectations, desires, ambitions, goals as well as expectations, ambitions and desires of other people in the form of a negative emotional pressure. There will be a profound increase in self-criticism, our self-confidence, self-esteem and self-worth will therefore suffer accordingly. Many people will be burdened with a sense of their own incompetence. Try your best not to succumb to these moods and feelings of self-destruction.

Any insights, revelations, facts, truths, information, events and situations that have emerged and unfolded during the past few weeks, will have a very strong impact on our lives. It will be completely up to us how we deal with all these issues. It is important that we first accept our reality such as it is, it is important that we make sense of things first, that we adjust to new circumstances and only then try to change things. Self-denial, burying your head in the sand, unhealthy illusions, fantasies, negative and destructive patterns of behavior will bring  extremely negative results, so it really is vital that we do not react to these energy influences as mentioned above.



The last Moon quarter concludes the current monthly cycle but also serves as a final epilogue for a period of past few months. Changes in the perception of your own realities, all kinds of lessons, revelations, truths, events and situations will have a positive, beneficial as well as a negative influence on our lives. Energies will tend to be burdensome during this week especially during weekend. Do not expect to find yourself in the best of moods best, be careful how you respond to these energy influences. This upcoming aspect will mainly revolve around issues of assuming greater personal responsibility, accepting the new reality of our life’s situations, we shall struggle with feelings of low self-confidence, self-esteem, competence and self-worth.


Be brave, I wish you a successful week!