Weekly prediction, 11.12. – 17.12., The New Moon in Sagittarius and the second week of Mercury retrograde – How to take advantage of all these Sagittarian energies while avoiding the hardships of Mercury retrograde

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New Moon in Sagittarius and the second week of Mercury retrograde


Transit strength: a strong yearly transit.

Transit duration: energies will be present throughout the week, reaching a climax during the weekend and at the start of the next week.

Astrological layout

In the second week of its cycle, the retrograde Mercury will have an impact on all members of the fire signs, especially Sagittarians, but Virgos, Geminis, and Pisces will feel its energies just as well. Those born in the second week of December, March, June and September, and those who have important astrological points and planets between 24 ° and 13 ° in the sign of Sagittarius, Lion, Aries, Device, Gemini and Rib will feel its energies most profoundly.

The New Moon, occurring on Sunday the 17th and on Monday the 18th of December will mainly influence Sagittarians, Leos, Arians, Geminis, Virgos and Pisces born around 16th of December, March, April, June, August and September. Those with significant astrological points and planets between 24 ° and 27 ° in the sign of Sagittarius, Leo, Aries, Gemini, Virgo and Pisces, will feel also experience profound Moon’s energies.

Since a large stellium of planets occupies Sagittarius at the moment, Jupiter, the natural ruler of Sagittarius, currently in Scorpio, will also have a significant impact on all Scorpios, Leos, Aquarians, Taurians, especially those born at the beginning of November, August, May and February, and those with significant astrological points and planets between 12 ° and 15 ° in the sign of Scorpio, Leo, Taurus and Aquarius.


How to take advantage of all these Sagittarian energies while avoiding the hardships of Mercury retrograde?

The energy of Jupiter and Sagittarius, the latter being packed with several planets, including Mercury retrograde, brings a lot of optimism, happiness, new opportunities, inspiration, rewards, a chance to fulfil your dreams and desires, both old and new. These energies can also bring greater abundance in a financial, material sense. On the other hand, the mentioned energy also emphasises, exposes, inflates, increases, over exaggerates certain conflicts, problematic situations, events and causes new complications, frustrations and inconveniences. Due to the presence of a retrograde Mercury, our interaction with the outside world can be something that brings us joy, excitement, success or happiness, or we have the feeling that our everyday life is fraught with tiring and unforeseen complications, occurrences, frustrations.

Our greatest enemies at these time are: too much self-esteem, a sense of omnipotence, greatly exaggerated beliefs concerning our personal capabilities, abilities, irresponsibility, laziness, greed, arrogance, frivolity or light-heartedness.


Excessive Optimism, and the feeling of omnipotence can bring us to the point where we overestimate our abilities, we take on too much work, obligations, responsibilities, or deal with certain issues with too much ease and light-heartedness. All of this can create problems, cause a series of awkward moments, disappointments and failures. We can leave wrong impressions, we can insult or hurt someone, lose the trust of others, and waste some good opportunities.

Those of you who are partly prone to superficiality, maybe a little to rash and jumpy, perhaps too often excessively and unjustifiably confident of yourself and your abilities, capabilities, should be quite careful during this period. Get involved in life with a little more caution, modesty, responsibility as well as humility this time around!

All of you, experiencing a lucky streak of some sort or a one time lucky strike perhaps, as new horizons, opportunities open up for you, bring you more optimism, joy and happiness, however you engage this new life opportunities, do not leave your sense of responsibility and your prudence behind. Remain clear-headed, realistic, do not venture into the unknown equipped with enthusiasm and optimism alone, while being otherwise completely unprepared for what lies ahead, thinking everything will run pretty smoothly on its own. During this period, certain events and experiences can quickly shatter our expectations, ideas, hopes and wash away our castles of sand.

Life opportunities will be real and true, they will come on their own or we will create them for ourselves. They will be present in all areas of life, in our relationships, work, career, home, family, hobbies and other interests. Nevertheless, it will be necessary to maintain a fraction of common sense while tackling certain opportunities, projects, ventures, challenges seriously, responsibly, with effort, moderation and zeal! Only those who understand the dangers of the above mentioned negative mental states, beliefs and feelings, emotions of the heart, only those who take on new opportunities in a wise and mature manner and not take the gifts of life as self-granted but rather appreciate, respect them to the fullest, shall truly genuinely profit from these Sagittarian energies in a positive sense. The rest will profit far less or perhaps even nothing. Those with absolutely no awareness of these current energies and influences, will even harm themselves or others!


It should be emphasised that communication between people will play an extremely important role in general. In order to avoid complications, misunderstandings, conflicts, weak and superficial communication, be very clear in how you express yourself verbally, listen carefully what others have to say, double-check any information you receive or pass on. Make sure your arrangements, deals or agreements with other people are very transparent and clear. Do not be jumpy, stubborn, self-indulgent, arrogant while presenting your views to others, while defending your beliefs.

Since there will be both positive and negative events, complications and occurrences, spicing our daily lives frequently, try to remain calm, be happy if things turn out for the best, but then again, do not get upset if they fall apart again soon after. Accept the fact that our current day-to-day rhythm is a bit more chaotic, expect the unexpected. 🙂

Try to see and perceive the big picture of a matter at hand, a situation, a problem, consider all conditions, circumstances, try to understand all aspects of a conflict or a problem, as well as any opportunity, project, challenge, venture. Listen to Mercury retrograde, change views, opinions, beliefs if you are facing a dead-end. Accept new knowledge, understanding and awareness provided by the retrograde cycle. This will help you find the most optimal solution to any problem, it will help you with your engagement, and thus you will also achieve the desired result and success!




Weekly prediction, 4.12. – 10.12., The first week of Mercury Rx – The discovery and development of mental gifts and abilities through speech and communication


The first week of Mercury Rx

Transit strength: strong yearly transit.

Transit duration: energies will be present throughout the week, strongest influences to expected on Friday, Saturday and Wednesday.


Astrological layout

The aspect will affect primarily all Sagittarians, as well as Geminis, Virgos and Pisces, especially those born in the second and third weeks of December, March, June and September. Those of you with important planets and astrological points between 24 ° and 29 ° in the sign of Sagittarius, Virgo, Gemini and Pisces will also experience this transit profoundly.

Emotional needs, moods, challenges, responses, frustrations

As with any retrograde Mercury cycle, we must pay more attention to the common characteristics and traits of the sun’s closest planet during its retrograde phase. We will encounter difficulties, obstacles and misunderstandings in communication, chaos, confusion will disrupt the routine of our everyday lives. Once again if you are naturally prone to being confused often, take additional care and try your best to get though your day in one piece. 🙂 As it is a retrograde period, our plans will break apart, unexpected events and situations will surprise us, our sloppiness, irresponsibility, forgetfulness will backfire for sure.

There will be a need for greater and better schedule coordination and a need for a more detailed organisation. This retrograde cycle can exert a considerable mental strain on our minds, and the number of certain obligations, duties may increase. Our daily rhythm and daily tempo can be a bit wild, but we can also get the feeling that certain things slowed to a dead stop or came to a dead-end. We might feel we are progressing very slowly with things barely moving in the desired direction. Significant values we will need to nurture are adaptability, ingenuity, prudence. In order to avoid unpleasant misunderstandings and conflicts, we will need to work on the clarity and structure of our thoughts, our rhetoric, communication and interaction, it will also be very important to listen to other people and hear out what they have to say. The time of the retrograde Mercury coincides with the period of some important conversations, negotiations, discourses, etc.

Careful with all official matters, when signing documents, making business plans and deals, while buying and when dealing with bureaucracy. In the period of retrograde Mercury, fraud is more common and we often lose some of our good judgement making wrong or inappropriate decisions.


In a positive sense, this retrograde cycle in Sagittarius expands our horizons of understanding through learning, acquiring new knowledge, information, experience, but also helps us successfully solve problematic situations and issues through a better, multifaceted and comprehensive insight. In other words it helps us see the bigger picture as we adopt an out of the box perception. We can expect more optimism and cheerful, playful and energizing moods. In combination with Uranus and with this week’s Moon in Leo, Mercury will stimulate our personal expression through communication, speech, writing, thinking. New ideas and approaches will promote experimentation, creativity and growth in various areas of our lives, especially where we use our reason, words, thoughts and language as the main tool of expression. The combination with Saturn will inspire a sense of determination, bringing an awareness of the importance of patience and perseverance. Some unrealistic expectations will be reduced, a grounded approach to reality will prevail. Our experiences will clearly show us where our limits lie and what we are capable of, we will also become aware of and accept the fact that some things are, at least for the moment, out of grasp and beyond our reach. Such an attitude will do us good as during the retrograde cycles we must not be hasty, we must not venture into the unknown completely unprepared, equipped only with an exaggerated sense of omnipotence.

On the other hand, some people will take advantage of these self empowering energies. With greater self-confidence, courage and boldness they will be more successful in achieving certain goals and interests, they will become more convincing and have greater influence on other people, primarily through impressive and articulate communication skills. In the coming weeks, achieving a successful personal expression through verbal communication will play an important and critical role in many aspects of our lives.

In general, there will be many opportunities for developing and discovering a variety of mental, communication, as well as social skills, abilities and gifts, and acquiring new experiences. Make good use of these energies. It’s going to be a pretty busy, sociable and a lively week. Make it a good one!


Weekly prediction, 27.11. – 3.12., Full Moon in Gemini and the start of Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius – “How little we know, how much to discover”


The school of Athens, Raphael

How little we know, how much to discover – click here 🙂

Full Moon in Gemini, start of Mercury Rx

Transit strength: exceptionally strong monthly transit

Transit duration: strongest energies near the end of the week on Saturday and Sunday as Mercury goes retrograde.


Astrological layout

Full Moon will occur on Sunday the 3rd of December at 11 ° in the sign of Gemini and form the opposition with the Sun in Sagittrius. The Moon’s energy will additionally emphasise the beginning of Mercury’s retrograde cycle at 28 ° in Sagittarius. Both transits will have a significant impact on a larger part of the population. Geminis, Sagittarians but also Virgos and Pisces will be affected the most, especially those born at the beginning of December, March, June and September, and those born in the third week of December, March, June and September. People with important planets and astrological points between 9 ° and 13 ° and 26 ° and 30 ° in the sign of Sagittarius, Gemini, Pisces and Virgo will also experience these influences in profound way.


Emotional needs, moods, responses, challenges, frustrations

Connecting with the astrological energies and influences of the past few weeks…

Weekly prediction, Last quarter Moon and a Jupiter/Venus conjunction in Scorpio – Joy, happiness, drama and intense emotions of all sorts.

Weekly prediction, 13.11. – 19.11., New Moon in Scorpio – The day after

Weekly prediction, 20.11. – 26.11., First quarter Moon in Pisces – New land


…the Full Moon in Gemini together with Rx Mercury will be opening the eyes of those who face yet ignore important life situations and realities once again. If during the last three weeks you were not open to important insights, personal revelations, and new, revealing truths affecting a crucial area of ​​your life, if you have not already made some important decisions, changed or adapted your way of thinking, behaving, feeling, responding, engaging in connection to some important issues or situations in your life then you can pretty much expect the Full Moon will perform this task for you. Since we are currently already in the process of adjusting and establishing new foundations, which, of course, follow the transformation period of the past weeks, these delayed, overdue, involuntary awakenings can turn out to be quite shocking, stressful, unpleasant, and also harmful to our mental and physical health. The biggest dangers we face this time around lay in attempts to distort reality, emotionally or mentally wise, through which some will also try to distort the clear purpose of a particular life process or life situation in which they have found themselves in, especially by distorting the meaning and function of their important personal role within the process itself. It will also be dangerous to hide behind facades, illusions, fleeing from certain truths, responsibilities and facts of life. Clinging to certain outdated personal beliefs, philosophies, imagining your personal beliefs, life experiences are some kind of source of absolute knowledge and truth, believing you are right and the rest of the world is wrong will be exceptionally detrimental to one’s health and well-being as such behaviour will backfire considerably this time around.


Anyone who was derailed by life one way or another in the past weeks, but has responded to certain warning signs, events, situations appropriately, changed certain parts of their lives by changing themselves, by adapting to new circumstances, by laying new foundations, rejecting old beliefs, views and patterns, by adopting new understanding, will experience the influence of the upcoming Full Moon and Retrograde Mercury in a positive way. Both will aspects bring additional knowledge, understanding, awareness, new information that will help some people strengthen, perfect and refine old skills, abilities but also help in developing new sets of skills and abilities. It will be easier to work on some new foundations, and you will be able to reorganise your daily life more efficiently using new information provided by new understandings and new ideas.

The Full Moon in the Gemini and the beginning of Mercury Rx in Sagittarius in a conjunction with Saturn surely bring immense mental stimulation but also strong and burdensome mental influences. Our abilities and the desires to communicate and interact with the outside world in a fast, intriguing and efficient way will increase. We will also be able to process, gather information, to connect the dots and pieces faster and in a far more efficient way, but at the same time our mental abilities will receive this boosts, stress, chaotic events in everyday life, as well as stagnation, obstacles, repression will also take place. Socially active, curious and restless with a desire to learn we will seek out more and more different activities that will stimulate our minds but also reward us with some new and interesting life experiences. At the same time however the list of our obligations, duties, tasks will begin to grow exponentially while unexpected complications, general confusion will begin to undermine our established everyday life routine and our plans. For some it will be difficult to stay in control in order to manage and handle all the stuff that will be going on. Those of you who know that you get confused easily in life, those of you who tend to lead quite a chaotic everyday life existence, be especially careful that things do not get out of your hands causing you too much trouble and stress.


It will also be necessary to remain calm, to avoid excessive impulsiveness, rash actions, anger and rage tantrums. Especially due to the profound feelings of omnipotence, we will need to be very much aware of our limitations of all sorts. Any tempo too fast for us to handle, any task, obligation, activity too difficult for us to accomplish can make us look irresponsible or even worse problems and negative consequences might arise. Be careful!

The Full Moon and Mercury will set an atmosphere that will create a desire for greater interpersonal connectivity, sociability, communication,a desire to acquire new experiences by trying out and learning new interesting things, actively engaging in many areas of life that stimulate our minds and our social sphere, etc. There will also be chaos, confusion, misunderstandings, frustration, troubled, difficult and conflicted communication, unexpected, unwanted and unwelcome events, situations and complications. Be brave and moderate in all things positive, prudent and patient in all things negative!


Have a nice and a successful week!

Weekly prediction, 20.11. – 26.11., First quarter Moon in Pisces – New land


Moon in Pisces

Transit strength: strong monthly transit.

Transit duration: strong energies at the end of this week and at the start of the next week.

Astrological layout

On Sunday at 4 ° in Pisces forming a square with the Sun in Sagittarius, the first quarter Moon of the lunar month will occur. The energy will primarily affect Pisces, Sagittarians, Virgos and Geminis, especially those representatives of these signs, who were born around the 26th of November, February, May and August. You will also feel the effects of the Moon if you who have important planets and astrological points between 2 ° and 6 ° in the sign of Pisces, Sagittarius,  Virgo and Gemini.

Emotional needs, moods, challenges, responses, frustrations

The transition of the Sun to the sign of the Sagittarius will bring more optimism, goodwill and benevolence, as well as a greater measure of phlegmatic emotional moods. The Moon in the sign of Pisces will emphasise the emotional needs for greater adaptability to the world outside us and, of course, the world within us. 🙂 More personal flexibility of our characters will be desirable and helpful, a broader and more flexible personal perspective, perception combined with compassion, empathy, intuition will also come in handy.


Due to the diversity of events and due to some burdensome life situations, circumstances and processes of late, we will greatly benefit from personal flexibility, adaptability and the ability to maintain a changeable and positive perception of the world. No matter what you will be dealing with in your everyday life, try to tackle things in a positive way with more understanding, feeling, with a calm heart and mind, without tension, nervousness, avoiding stress. Trust your intuition and your inner gut feelings as they will show you the right way to resolve things, issues, they will calm your restless spirit, your heart, maybe even shut down your overactive and over-analytical mind. 🙂  The development of personal spirituality while upgrading personal philosophies, mindsets, beliefs will be important. If you have certain artistic, healing talents or other gifts, then open yourselves to new inspiration, ideas, take advantage of your abilities, create, heal. Feel the artistic and the therapeutic vibe of the universe and tune in.

Go with the flow, trust in a positive, meaningful purpose of certain life realities, be open hearted and open-minded, observe and perceive the world and yourself from different angles and points of view. Try to feel the world and yourself in a new way. For better understanding, you can also put yourself in the shoes of someone else or try to accept and adopt the views, thoughts of others. It can bring you surprising new insights, revelations, you may begin to see something or someone in a completely new way, with a fresh pair of eyes. In certain aspects a more phlegmatic approach to life will help you. Being more optimistic will not hurt you as well and being compassionate will reward you.

Have a nice week and I hope these weekly astrological advice will help you to get by while discovering the new “landscapes” of your life! 🙂

Jupiter on rampage – An astrological advice to all those negatively affected by the current Scorpio energies


Jupiter in Scorpio had a profound negative effect on some people, it would not be far from the truth if we said that things actually blew up in their faces. Jupiter is known for his exaggeration style and when it touches a problematic issue, well no doubt it will only emphasise its characteristics, just as it would do with positive energies. It will drive the issue into an extreme, even more so since the Scorpio is also involved. For those of you whose problematic personal issues are exposed to this influence at the moment, that’s definitely not good news.

Running away from certain difficult issues, challenges such as psychological/health problems, emotional problems, everyday life problems, relationship problems as well overextending beyond one’s capabilities and abilities, indulging in destructive, harmful temptations, powerplays has now backfired through numerous events, situations. Jupiter made sure that you now have to face these issues one way or the other, including the fact that Jupiter may have even amplified the seriousness of the problem itself. The shocking emotional reactions, difficult feelings, frustration, despair, malcontent, anxiety, fear, anger, sadness, even poor health are all symptoms of these issues backfiring and of course they represent a normal response our bodies, hearts and minds have when facing the sudden, overwhelming outburst of these negative, suppressed and neglected energy buildups and ofcourse when also facing the missuse and exploitation of power, pleasure, ect. However, the question remains, how to handle these issues?

There is no going back, that is for sure, the bomb went off and caused mayhem, the only thing left to do now is to face all these consequences and results, to solve, fix things, correct things and most importantly it is time to own our shit, to deal with whatever we have to deal with! No more running from ourselves, other people, no more running from the truth, certain facts, realities, feelings, emotions, also no more stepping down, lying low for some and admitting defeat and accepting humility for others! The third phase of the current Jupiter transformation cycle in Scorpio demands that we step on a new path. Address all these problematic issues, do not hide do not be afraid, do not evade, do not wait for things to calm down, resolve on their own as they most certainly will not if we will not try to change ourselves first. Jupiter will provide guidance and guardianship for all who will seek inner strength to face their problems, frustrations and nightmares. If you continue to run away or if you continue to ignore this obvious sign that you must change certain aspect of your life, than I’m afraid things will not brighten up, but rather only escalate. Believe me, with Jupiter in Scorpio you do not want that to happen! He will stay here for another year!

Do not maintain, feed and nourish the destructive, disruptive patterns of behaviour, mindsets, emotional blunders, do not feed your demons, or wrong passions find your true personal power, courage, persistence and face this long overdue problems. Transform! It is the Scorpio way and the only way towards happiness, well-being and success for many Scorpios out there momentarily, same goes for predominately Scorpio natured people. Change the attitude towards yourself, towards others and life in general! Use the New Moon’s energies during this upcoming weekend to do just that!

Godspeed and good luck!

Weekly prediction, 13.11. – 19.11., New Moon in Scorpio – The day after


New Moon in Scorpio

Transit strength: strong monthly transit

Transit duration: energies will be present throughout the week, strongest influence is expected between Thursday and Sunday, peaking on Friday and Saturday.

Astrological layout

On Saturday, the Moon will form a conjunction with the Sun in Scorpio at 26°, announcing the beginning of a new monthly lunar cycle. This transit will primarily influence Scorpios, then Leos, Taurians and Aquarians, especially those who are born around the 18th of November, February, May and August. Also, the energies of the upcoming New Moon will be felt by all those who have significant planets and astrological points between 24 ° and 28 ° in the sign of Scorpio, Leo, Taurus and Aquarius. The energies will be quite profound as there is a stellium of planets in Scorpio, with Venus and Jupiter also occupying this sign. A strong connection between Mars in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn will also spice up our experiences during the influence of this New Moon.


Emotional needs, moods, challenges, responses, frustrations

This young Moon, as usual, brings new beginnings, new energies, new impulses, but it also aligns with the third and final phase of the Scorpio cycle of transformation. The phase itself can be understood as a positive process of rebirth in a metaphorical sense, or we simply perceive it as a kind of adaptation to certain new realities of our lives. This is precisely the reason why this weekly forecast is named “The Day After”.

Past few weeks have brought many changes, unexpected, unpredictable complications, consequences, events, intense, powerful, even heavy and burdensome emotions, creating all kinds of interesting situations. For some, the process was inspiring, exciting, they felt refreshed, full of energy, and for others, the process played a role of a much more burdensome factor. They felt a lot of negativity was being produced, with new fears, anxieties incoming, old ones reemerging, with insecurities, feelings of disappointment, shock, despair, sadness overwhelming one’s heart.


In any case, the time of change and the time of transition from one life’s reality to another has mostly passed. In a positive sense, some of you finally became aware of a certain new purpose in your life, perhaps you gained some new ideas, inspirations, motivations, passions, life energies. Perhaps the aspects of your love life, your career life, you family life, your domestic life finally harmonised, got in tune, perhaps certain desires wishes became true, perhaps you have finally realised something important about yourself, about people, the world, and now you can finally, without mental, emotional inhibitions, live the life you truly want to live. It does not matter whether you have reached this stage of personal growth merely through the help of forces of destiny and fate, or through your own effort, willpower and determination. You have completed a journey and in any case, the second stage of transformation brought unexpected insights, new truths and a new awareness. Take advantage of all this, set up new foundations, build your castle!

This also applies to all of you who have experienced the above process in a much more negative and burdensome sense. Strong emotions, as well as all the negative events, situations, and revelations that overwhelmed your hearts and lives in the past weeks, challenging your self-confidence, courage, well-being, health, determination and self-image, served a higher purpose. In its final stage, the transformation process initiates rebirth, adaptation, the purpose of which is the acceptance, exploitation and understanding of certain life truths, facts and realities. Whatever you have experienced has changed you in some way, stigmatised you, with some people being less affected while others suffered more. The fact remains, there is no going back, so it is important to face the aftermath, the truth, the consequence, the new reality. However, all this new awareness, realisation of the truth, new circumstances, encourage or force us to adopt a new attitude towards ourselves, towards others, towards life in general. The process gives us new ideas, understandings, beliefs and perceptions. As is in the case of positive experience, the process of transformation is now helping us to discover new powers, new strengths which we did not know we possess, it brings awareness regarding our abilities, gifts, talents, knowledge, experiences, values or it restores our faith and trust in them! Still, nevertheless, it is much more difficult to get to know and see the true purpose and value of the said process if it is negative and full of hardships. That much is true.


It is important however, precisely for this reason, we do not resort to the negative and destructive patterns of thinking, behaviour and accept “The Day after” as something that leaves us empty, afraid, sick, ill, frustrated, confused, angry, sad, as something that violently pulls us away from things, people that make us feel loved, safe, comfortable but at the same time puts us in the position of discovery. The discovery of personal power, strength as we are forced to forge our own destiny instead of waiting for things to happen, to resolve, to heal, to go away on their own and even more importantly, it puts us in a position of awareness that in life we always have the last word when it comes to personal happiness and our well-being! The strongest among you, those of you most eager to live a happy and healthy life will understand this message in the fullest. Let it serve you as a key to happiness, well-being and success!


I wish you all a pleasant and a successful week!

Weekly prediction, Last quarter Moon and a Jupiter/Venus conjunction in Scorpio – Joy, happiness, drama and intense emotions of all sorts.


Last quarter Moon in Leo

Transit strength: a strong monthly transit.

Transit duration: energies will be most profound between Wednesday and Saturday. Saturday will also represent the climax of these influences.


Astrological layout

Moons’s transit will once again have the strongest impact on the fixed signs, especially Scorpios, Leos but also Taurians and Aquarians. Energies will be felt mostly by those who were born around the 10th of the month of November, February, May and August. The last aspect of this monthly lunar cycle will also be felt by all those who have important planets and astrological points between 14 ° and 20 ° in the sign of the Leo, Scorpio, Taurus and Aquarius.


Emotional needs, moods, challenges, responses, frustrations

The aspect between the Sun in Scorpio and the Moon in Leo will bring emotionally intense, even burdensome moods and feelings. Due to the very nature of the aspect, our emotions, as well as life situations to which our feelings are bound, will bring more motivation, energy, commitment, determination, assertiveness, more challenges as well as more excitement, anxiety, fear, nervousness, anger , frustration.

The energy charge of this lunar aspect will be strong and will affect the actions, words, thoughts and emotions of many people. Carefully, do not become the victim of the so-called drama queen effect, avoid hysteria! In either case, this applies to your own behaviour or to the social environment you are being exposed to! Do not allow this damaging energy to take control over you, avoid destructive, immature and egocentric patterns of thinking and behaviour! Take advantage of the upcoming lunar energy and work on your inner self, discover your positive powers, passions, talents, gifts, interests and express them, follow them!

Jupiter/Venus conjunction in Scorpio

Transit strength: a strong monthly transit.

Transit duration: powerful energies between Friday and next Tuesday. Climax occurs on Sunday and Monday.

Astrological layout

In addition to the importance and powerful nature of this astrological influence, the aspect itself will also be a real eye catcher for all those star enthusiasts who will set their gaze towards the eastern horizon in the early morning hours. 🙂

The conjunction between the two brightest planets in the night sky, the bringers of happiness, abundance and love, will mark the lives of Scorpios as well as Leos, Taurians and Aquarians, especially those who are born at the end of October, January, April and July. People with meaningful planets and astrological points between 5 ° and 9 ° in the sign of Scorpio, Leo, Taurus and Aquarius will also experience the profound intensity of this transit. 


What does the aspect bring?

In most cases, we are allowed to expect and to hope that the these two most benevolent of all the celestial bodies will bring us emotionally significant and positively charged energy influences. Our hearts will fill with joy, happiness, love, as well as strong passions, desires and temptations. Aspect will promote our self-expression, motivation, it will bring a lot of positive developments to our social interactions. Whatever you will be doing, you will do it with greater joy, zeal and passion, and that will be the right way to make things happen! In love and relationships, you can look forward to new opportunities, new positive developments, events, deep intimacy, profound emotions, fateful encounters, fatal interactions and new joint growth, ventures, adventures and journeys.


The conjunction of Venus and Jupiter will bring generally pleasant and comfortable moods, so it is possible that many will simply enjoy leisurely in the very positive atmosphere of these energy effects. Do not remain complacent, do not procrastinate, push forward, do something for yourself, for your well-being be brave, good fortune will be bestowed upon you, there will be plenty of optimism, luck will be on your side, it will be possible to do and to achieve many, many things, do not allow these energies to go to waste!

In spite of the mostly favourable energies, however, it should be noted that this conjunction occurs in Scorpio, which is, of course, known for its destructiveness and its dark side. If the aspect should touch a conflicting configuration between planets within our charts, or if the aspect will have a major impact on us during a difficult time, as we encounter troublesome and complicated personal situations or processes of personal growth, the influence of Jupiter in particular can and will produce heavy and intense, negative emotions. Jupiter is known to inflate, boost and further expand everything or whatever it touches with its energy, that is to say, any problems, difficulties, conflicts we are conscious or unconscious about, can become more pronounced and apparent as well as more damaging to our overall mood, health and well-being. This said, avoid the patterns of behaviour, emotions and thinking processes that we have already mentioned above. Take advantage of this energy and connect with your true essence, your heart, your inner self, try to find inner peace and of course try to accept things and situations that you do not have control over! Also, accept yourself!


As many passions, desires and temptations will arise, pursuing some may not yield the best of results and can bring harmful and negative consequences. In the long run especially, they will damage and upset our own well-being as well as the well-being of others. Most of these negative temptations, desires and passions will also challenge and undermine various ethical and moral value systems, personal and social. Be careful, many pleasures will have a beneficial effect on us, but in certain cases we will still have to exercise restraint while remaining sober, prudent, relying on our inner strength, accepting proper personal responsibility in any given situation! Do not be hasty, do not be greedy, reckless and especially do not overestimate your own abilities, capabilities possibilities. Do not tackle challenges you are not ready for, do not take on more you can handle, do not spend what you do not own, do not expand on other people’s expense! This will be beneficial for your physical, financial and emotional security!


I wish you a beautiful week and many many awesome experiences!