Weekly prediction, 9.10. – 15.10., Last quarter Moon in Cancer – Seeking balance and emotional stability while accepting new realities of life

Last quarter Moon in Cancer


Transit strength: medium strength monthly transit.

Transit duration: profound influences during midweek and during the weekend.


Astrological layout

The transit will mostly affect members of cardinal signs, Libra, Aries, Cancer, Capricorn, especially those born in mid October, January, April and July and people with important astrological points and planets in these signs. It will emphasise the need for stability, security, and balance in everyday life. Mars and Venus in Virgo will continue to exert an influence which promotes orderliness, diligence, practical approach to life, usefulness. We will also feel the energy of a more spiritual transit, the aspect between Saturn in Sagittarius and the North node of the Moon Leo.

Emotional needs, moods, challenges, responses, frustrations

As mentioned above, the Moon in Cancer combining with the Sun and Mercury in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn will emphasise a strong need for emotional stability, security, balance, harmony, peace, a sense of belonging, a sense of control, personal strength, power and influence. The desire for greater success, effectiveness, self-confidence, competence will be emphasised. Finding balance in our everyday life will be a significant part of our daily focus. Life events, challenges, complications, problems will create situations that will generate frustration, feelings of disappointment, sense of insecurity, stress and will further emphasise the importance of fulfilling the above-mentioned needs and desires. It is recommended that you trust in your own abilities, personal power, that you exercise patience, that you remain cool headed with a diplomatic approach in your relationships. Also seek emotional balance, fulfilment and peace within a loving environment, strengthen your important ties and connections either with people or with something else that provides a feeling of belonging and a sense of identity and security.


Mars and Venus in Virgo will nurture our affinity for a more responsible, caring, diligent engagement in our everyday lives, they will also emphasise the importance of a healthy life style. These earth’s energies of the aforementioned planets will also be harnessed in order to establish or maintain a sense of security, stability and fulfilment.

During this week we can experience a special astrological influence generated by a trine between Saturn in Sagittarius and the North Node in Leo. It is an aspect that brings new awareness, knowledge, information about ourselves and the world around us. Despite the dominant harmonious energy of the aspect itself, its prime nature is extremely karmic, therefore it can also act as a disruptive and negative influence. It might especially appear as such to people with weak self-awareness and poor understanding of one’s own life-reality, as well as the reality and laws of the universe and life in general.


Changes in the perception of ourselves and the world around us, demolishing and upgrading personal beliefs, life expectations will have a positive impact on the more spiritually evolved individuals who will discover and begin to understand a lot of important things in this life, while accepting new knowledge, truths, points of views, perceptions. In particular, this new awareness or a new way of seeing things will produce important feelings of self-affirmation while confirming an existing life philosophy or belief. These energies will also make individuals more courageous helping them to gain greater self-esteem, self-confidence, self-expression, making them more determined as far as their personal creativity goes. The aspect will also generate a desire to accomplish certain specific, perhaps somewhat unconventional life goals, desires, and ambitions.

Individuals with less developed awareness of themselves and the world around them, individuals with inappropriate, problematic, conflicting and outdated life beliefs and views, accepting false or very limiting strains of life’s realities, may experience this transit as a shock, disappointment, frustration. New information and lessons will also bring new truths, but these individuals will experience great difficulty in trying to accept or integrate this new knowledge in order to upgrade, update or reconstruct their own personal beliefs.

Take advantage of the upcoming weekly energies in an open minded and positive way. I wish you a nice and successful week!


Weekly prediction, 2.10. – 8.10., Full Moon in Aries – initiating our self-interest while promoting cooperation and compromise


Full Moon in Aries

Transit strength: strong monthly transit

Transit duration: energies keep building up since the beginning of this week reaching their peak on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.


Astrological layout

The Full Moon in Aries will form an opposition to the Sun in Libra on Thursday at 12 ° in Aries. The aspect will have a strong impact on all Arians, Libras, as well as Cancers and Capricorns, especially those born between the 1st and the 5th of October, January, April and July. Energies will also be felt by all those who have important planets between 10 ° and 14 ° in the signs of Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn.

The aspect will be accompanied by an interesting conjunction of Mars and Venus in Virgo forming a trine with Pluto in Capricorn. This earthly energy will boost our pragmatic nature and ground our views, emotions and thoughts.


Emotional needs, moods, challenges, responses, frustrations

The moon in Aries will trigger incredibly active, assertive and self-conscious energies in all of us, which will of course, manifest in different ways. While some are going to be extremely motivated and ready for any kind of action, work, creative endeavours, self-expression and various activities, others will experience high emotional sensitivity, which means they will be quick to anger and will be offended very easily. Severe emotional instability can occur with changing emotional moods. Choleric temperament and impulsiveness through actions and words will be a common phenomenon. You should be careful and avoid all forms of violence that can be triggered by chaotic emotional moods and highly charged impulsive emotions.

The important aspect of this full Moon are going to be focused energies affecting us on the individual level, boosting our self-interest, self-awareness and, of course, raising the question of healthy “selfishness”. The Moon will encourage us to actively express our views, wishes, desires, needs, expectations, she will also provide us with a lot of energy to adequately defend our positions, defend ourselves, she will provide energy so that we can successfully meet our own needs, fulfill our desires and achieve our goals. We will need to be determined, courageous while gaining self-esteem and awareness of what we want from ourselves and our environment. The Moon will encourage us to take care of ourselves and to stand up for ourselves!


Of course, since we also discussed the issue of selfishness and ego-centrism above, we will have to be careful not to harm others with our actions or words. Our behaviour can sabotage and offend people, it can cause others to suffer and become deeply disappointed in us. Sun in Libra will shine some light on these complex matters, with the help of Mars and Venus in Virgo of course. They will emphasise the importance of cooperation, mutual understanding, hearing other people out and the importance of the concepts of justice, equality, balance and harmony between people. Mutual respect and caring for others will also become important issues.

The powerful energies of this Moon can be thus exploited in three ways. We can stand up for ourselves, discover and acknowledge what we want and, defend our own self-interests, fulfill our wishes, achieve our goals and meet our needs. We can also use all this motivating energy in our day-to-day life and become more enthusiastic, diligent, active, positive and optimistic in terms of doing all those boring and tedious daily tasks, obligations in a faster, better and more efficient way. The third way of using this fiery energy through our relationships with other people and of course through our role in the broader social context. Strong, active energies can be utilised in terms of initiating different types of relationship compromise as well as productive, practical cooperation, mutual understanding, as well as creative, physical activity, providing mutual support and  mutual care. All of this should of course take place within our relationship sphere, whether we are dealing with group relationships, a working collective, interest groups, or one-on-one relationships. May it be a romantic, business like connection, a friendship, partnership of any kind, it doesn’t matter, energies mentioned above will affect all of our social interactions. The energy available to us can also be used to achieve and promote equality, equity, harmony, justice, both within intimate, private life or in the wider social, public sense.


I wish you a great week!

Weekly prediction, 25.9. – 1.10., Towards the Sun, down to earth and back to the clouds

Moon in Sagittarius


Transit strenght: weak weekly transit.

Transit duration: from Monday till Wednesday.

Astrological layout

The Moon’s transit in Sagittarius will primarily affect fire and air signs, Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra, Aries, as well as Leos and Aquarians. People who have important planets and astrological points in these signs will also feel the Moon’s energies.


By Ed Gonzales – Arrow to the Sun

Emotional needs, moods, challenges, responses, frustrations

The Moon in Sagittarius will imbue us with greater optimism, good will. There will be a needs and a desire for greater social activity, travels, smaller trips, acquiring new knowledge, especially in the field of general knowledge, spirituality and perhaps higher education. The Moon will emphasise our ability to think more comprehensively, she will help us expand our horizons, she’ll bring new insights, and also enable us to accept life, other world views and opinions of other people in a slightly more open and inquisitive way than we might do otherwise. In combination with Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aries,  the desire for greater personal growth and engagement in ways mentioned above will be further emphasised. We will also desire more spontaneity and unconventionality in our lives.


Moon in Capricorn


Transit strength: weak weekly transit.

Transit duration: from Wednesday till Saturday.


Astrological layout

The Moon in Capricorn will influence earthly signs especially Capricorns and Virgos. People with important astrological points and planets in these signs will also feel the Moon’s energies in a profound way.


By Kathleen Lulley


Emotional needs, moods, responses, challenges, frustrations

The middle of the week brings about astrological influences that will have a grounding effect on most people, may it be in a negative or positive way. Aspects between the Moon in Capricorn, Pluto in Capricorn and Mercury, Mars and Venus in Virgo will promote a serious, realistic, prudent but also an ambitious and diligent approach in many areas of life. Order, structure in general will be emphasised, good and efficient organisation will be very appreciated, as well as values ​​such as promptness, preciseness commitment, persistence, endurance. As planetary influences will prove to be mostly positive, many people will profit from their energies.  This will be mostly true as far as our work and our everyday responsibilities, boring and tedious tasks, duties and obligations is concerned. For many, the everyday life should run smoothly, especially for people who have at least some strong connection to earthly energies in their charts. Those who are not the most accustomed to earthly energy and do not appreciate its influences might feel a bit under the weather, stress out, under pressure, These people might encounter problems or conflicts while interacting within their working and social environment.


Moon in Aquarius


Transit strength: weak weekly transit.

Transit duration: from Saturday till Monday.


Astrological layout

The Moon in Aquarius will primarily affect air signs, especially Libra and Aquarius, but will also influence fire signs, mostly Leos. People with strong uranian energy and important astrological points and planets in the above mentioned signs will experience these influences as well.



Emotional needs, moods, responses, challenges, frustrations

At the end of the week, more spontaneous, unconventional air energy will once again lighten up our lives. We will once more desire more social activity, especially within certain interest groups and collectives, through various activities and hobbies. We will fancy meeting new people, perhaps even those that are somewhat unusual or unconventional. A  little change in daily rhythm, changing our everyday environment a bit, going on a trip will also do wonder for us. Socialising, having fun, being productive, active with groups of friends, within collectives or communities, doing something for the society will be highly emphasised. The concept of friendship, equality, brotherhood among men, social integration, social liberty, rights, socially progressive ideas and activities will be important, especially in a more global, social context. The Moon will also highlight the awareness and the importance of economic approach towards natural resources and environmental approach to the environment in general. There will be more optimism an joy in general, a lighthearted kind of a vibe with lots and lots of inspirational energy in the air. Some people may be swept of the ground, some may choose to dwell in the clouds, but be careful not too stray to far and especially not too high! 😉

Weekly prediction, 18.9. – 24.9., New Moon in Virgo – Royal nature of simplicity


New Moon in Virgo


Transit strength: very strong monthly transit

Transit duration: strong energies throughout the week with a climax on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.


Astrological layout

the New Moon will occur on Wednesday the 20th with the Moon forming a conjunction to the Sun at 27° in Virgo. These energies will be additionally amplified by planets, which also travel through the mentioned sign of Virgo. Mars, Mercury and Venus will affect our motivation, personal energy, values, communication, reasoning and they will additionally enchant any new beginnings in our lives initiated by the New Moon in Virgo.

All these energies will profoundly affect Virgos and people with a strong presence of Virgo energy in their birth charts. People born around the 20th of the month of September, December, March and June will feel these energies the most. Similarly, energies will also have a strong impact on all those that have important planets and astrological points between 25 ° and 29 ° in the sign of Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces and Gemini.


Emotional needs, moods, responses, challenges, frustrations

New Moon in Virgo will be accompanied by strong influences of planets in this sign. All the inner planets of the solar system are currently travelling through Virgo. We will witness strong energetic influences that will mark our daily lives during this week. In addition to New Moon’s energies, it is necessary to point out the entry of Venus in the sign of Virgo and its conjunction with an important fixed star Regulus, which also changed signs a while ago leaving the fiery Leo and took over Virgo’s earthly aura.

Regulus represents the heart of the Lion and thus also the most important values ​​of this sign, which are now combining with the values ​​of Virgo. All that is Virgo in meaning, manifestation and origin will become especially significant in the coming days and weeks. Values ​​and characteristics such as simplicity, humility, diligence, usefulness, pragmatism, analytic approach and  mental focus, as well as  pettiness, stress, neurotic behavior will stir up feelings of pride, satisfaction but will also be the cause of hysteria, arrogance, drama queen situations. Leo self-importance, egocentrism, benevolence and goodness of the heart will also be associated with these traits and values.

Through all the aforementioned values ​​of Virgo, we will be able to recognize, in a much faster and more efficient way, what kind of work, activity or people make us feel content, successful, happy and emotionally fulfilled. We will realize who and what makes us happy, what and whom we like, value, we will achieve greater self-realization and self-expression through the daily activity associated with all that is Virgo. In short, the way of the Virgo will acquire a special status of a “royal” sign until the full moon in early October and that will emphasize any action in line with the above-mentioned Virgo values ​​and characteristics in a very special and profound way.


As already mentioned in the title of the article, the very idea of Virgo, as a very simple natured and humble sign will experience a lasting and profound transformation. Its simplicity now more than ever holds that secret key to personal success, personal well-being, social affirmation, social recognition. The phrase slowly but surely will grow in importance now more than ever. Although it may sound corny and generic, it will summarize the very nature of the energy influence we are to face in the coming weeks. Our activities, work, everyday tasks, even the smallest and even the most difficult obligations, duties, if we spice them up with the special Virgo energy, if we remain diligent, careful, committed, organized, if we prudently accomplish our daily obligations, whether they are boring, tiring or not, whether they take forever to finish, or not, at the end of the day the reward will be much more than just that surprising feeling we somehow managed to survive. An awareness of how strong, successful and capable we truly are will really begin to echo through our minds, more than it usually does. This will imbue us with a sense of great pride, self-confidence and healthy self-importance, we will feel the power of the Leo! We will also attract more positive attention, praise, respect, recognition, admiration from our environment, which will do wonders for our ego, and naturally boost our self-confidence and self-esteem. Remember, a royal reward for those who work hard! 😉

Desire for greater emotional fulfillment, greater self-expression of certain passions, motives, parts of oneself that are extremely unique, all this will also have to submit to the ways of Virgo. We will need to become aware of the reality of the situation, we will need to analyze it, make a plan, organize ourselves, focus on the task at hand and then make that humble first step. There might be a big gap between our grand expectations, desires and our current life situation. Do not be overwhelmed by despair, fear, apathy, boredom, do not be so eager to quit, do not just stare at this terrifying gap between you and your life goals, just focus on that first step rather than on that last one! 🙂 In the coming weeks, anyone who will decide to follow his dreams, goals, desires, passions adopting the ways of the Virgo, whoever will engage in greater personal self-expression with a special Virgo enthusiasm will choose the right path. Simplicity, perseverance, diligence and modesty will be values ​​that will change our lives.


Have fun, i wish you a successful week!

Full Moon in Pisces and Mercury going direct, 6.9. – 10.9. – Decisions have been made, actions have been taken, but what happens now?

Full Moon in Pisces with Mercury direct

Transit strength: strong monthly transits.

Transit duration: energies will be strongest from Wednesday till Monday.


Astrological layout

These two mentioned transit will mostly affect Leos, Scorpios, Aquarians, Taurians, especially those born around the 20th of August, October, February and May and people with important planets and astrological points between 25° and 30° of Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio, Taurus. Sagittarians, Virgos, Pisces and Geminis will also be affect, especially by the Full Moon, people born around the 5th of December, September, March and June will feel this Moon the strongest, people with important planets and astrological points between 12° and 15° of Sagittarius, Virgo, Pisces and Gemini just as well.

Emotional needs, moods, challenges, responses, frustrations

The start of the month of September represents climaxes, conclusions, final outcomes, manifestations and final results of the plentiful August astrological activity. Full Moons, New Moons and eclipses in August started many personal processes of greater self-expression in search of emotional fulfilment, greater awareness, personal success, personal and social affirmation. Mercury Retrograde brought new insights, revelations, truths, information, it changed our beliefs, social interaction, communication, created stress, doubt, confusion, chaos all this for the worse or for the better.


We have learned much about ourselves and about others, we started new business ventures, projects, activities some of us were brave enough to do the things that helped us grow, evolve, express ourselves, despite fears and anxieties. Accomplishments, success are now the prizes for the courageous, new knowledge, information, understanding and awareness however is now enriching the lives of those who still needed time to think things through. Nobody is at a loss as long as we all  listened to what these August energies were trying to tell us. Doubts, insecurities were also common but most people will deal with them during this week especially with the Mercury going direct once again. All this August activity also might have referred to our self-expression processes, activities and personal decisions taking place for the past six months or even a past few years. We might stay on this path we chose, feeling reassured, stronger and even more confident or we might change lanes, make detours or choose different paths all together as we might have learned we have a different calling or a purpose, with something else giving us greater meaning. Closures of any kind will play a major role in the upcoming days and weeks of September.

Unfortunately, the development and expression of negative Leo traits such as false pride, arrogance, lust for power, childish, immature behavior, intense emotional sensitivity and dramatization, hysteria, all this was also common during the Month of August and this kind of behavior will reach its peak in the next few days, even weeks. Be aware of that!

So what happens now? Stick with your decisions, stick with whatever you started doing if it brings you fulfillment and joy, do not allow this opportunity to slip away, do not be afraid, do not linger, accept whatever was revealed to you, things you have learned, use the new information and knowledge to express yourself even better. Allow the negative realizations of the truth to make you stronger and more self-aware, whatever the reality looks like, you have to face it, only then will you be really able to work on yourself even further. Deal with your doubts and insecurities by addressing the root of the problem, find the cause and set priorities. Explore new acquaintances, partnerships, nurture old or reconnected relationships, cherish all social interaction that allows you to really be and become yourself, or if it helps you discover your true self! Be playful, creative and original, these are all very important lessons brought to you by the month of August.




The start of the month of September represents climaxes, conclusions, final outcomes, manifestations and final results of the plentiful August astrological activity. There are and will be many revelations, new insights, greater awareness. We will gain greater success, knowledge, information, we will update and change our belifes. We will finnally and fully connect, recconect or disconnect with people, we will learn, and observe more. Affected by all these manifestations, if you continue to seek success, personal growth through productive self-expression of your truest inner self, then this Autumn and Winter will bring you many accomplishments and a lot of those highly satisfying, fulfilling sensations and emotions!





Towards the Full Moon in Pisces -Manifestations of the great solar eclipse, 1.9. – 7.9.

Mars conjunct Rx Mercury in Leo

Transit strength: very strong monthly transit

Transit duration: from Friday the 1st till Monday the 4th.


Astrological layout

The energy of the Full Moon in Pisces that will occur in Pisces next week will be significantly boosted by the powerful conjunction of Mars and Rx Mercury on the 28th degree of Leo, the very same degree of the Great solar eclipse that occurred a week and a half ago. In the upcoming days, especially until the September the 5th we shall witness and experience a number of important manifestations of some extremely powerful solar eclipse influences and energies. Get ready for this! Leos and Aquarians, Scorpios and Taurians will experience these energies in a very profound way, especially if they were born between 19th and 23rd of August, November, February or May. People with important planets and astrological points between 26th and 29th degree of Leo will also experience these influences in a very profound manner.

As the Moon get fuller and fuller, her power rises and her influence increases in potency. The solar eclipse planted the seeds and with the Full Moon coming up its time for harvest!


Emotional needs, challenges, moods, reactions, actions, frustration 

With all this energies right at our doorsteps it is important to remember what the August solar eclipse was all about as much what happens in the next six days will be closely related to the very themes, issues of that eclipse. Here is the link Weekly prediction, 21.8. – 27.8., Great solar eclipse in Leo – Rise and fall of “kings”



Needless to say, Mars and Rx Mercury will activate the energies of the eclipse, making them more potent and powerful in a negative and also in a positive way. We can expect increased mental activity, new ideas, revelations, development of new beliefs, personal truths positive, productive, constructive communication and interaction between people but also arguments, fights, conflicts, physical as much as verbal. Generosity, warmheartedness, nobility, dignity, respect for others, feeling of justice will influence and fuel positive dealings among men, blind pride, arrogance, anger, self-centered, childish behavior, excessive self-importance, selfishness, dramatization, hysteria will produce extremely negative and also violent actions, events, situations. Be aware of that. This will be true in all kinds of relationships bot personal, one on one, as global, political interactions among social groups, nations, states.

The most important thing to remember is that you can use this incredible buildup of Full Moon’s energy to really express your positive feelings, emotions, but also to face negative ones. Stay with your true self, let the fires burn inside you, feel them in all their intensity, you do not need to act or react, but acknowledge your true being, feel yourself in the truest sense. Honesty, sincerity towards one self as towards others will play an important role!

NGS Picture Id:1500684


Self-expression, creativity, productivity, initiation, greater self-assertiveness will be very much expressed during the next six days. Use these energies and try to accomplish certain goals, important personal success, personal accomplishment and emotional fulfilment is very much possible!

Be playful, creative, use the positive thoughts, charm and charisma to attract new wonderful things, people and experiences into your life. Have fun in any kind of social interactions, people will cherish and greet positive vibes and positive joyous behavior. There will be an increase in social popularity, many will become the center of attention, even perhaps if they do not desire to be in the spotlight so much. :)Personal social status can benefit tremendeously, we might gain more respect, recognition, affirmation ect.

As long we will not resort to all kinds of negative Leo behavior patterns and traits we shall expereince these energies in a very positive, profound and heartfelt manner! If you however choose the so called dark side, then beware, very unpleasant hings can happen to you and to others. the power of this eclipse is meant for the good hearted and not the corrupt. If we choose to exploit this power in a negative way, there will be dangerous and sad consequences. As said before it is “The rise and Fall of Kings”.

Weekly prediction, 21.8. – 27.8., Great solar eclipse in Leo – Rise and fall of “kings”

Solar eclipse in Leo

Transit strength: very strong monthly transit

Transit duration: influences will be at their strongest during the first half of the week. The energies of this eclipse will however once again reactivate during the Full Moon period from 1.9. until 4.9.


Astrological layout 

Sun eclipse in Leo occurs on Monday 21th with the conjunction of Moon and Sun at 28 ° in Leo. Sun and Moon will form a trine to Uranus in Aries  and in addition to that Retrograde Mercury in Virgo will also spice things up, especially through difficult communication, unexpected, chaotic events and inconveniences, including accidents of all kinds, some  minor, some greater. The eclipse will also and conjunct the fixed star Regulus, also called the “Heart of the Lion “.
This eclipse will be best seen through most of the continental US, this is why it is called the Great American eclipse. Astrologically, the energies of this transit will impact the US in a rather special way, thus the name really is quite appropriate.
On the individual level this eclipse will be strongly felt by all Leos, Aquarians, Taurians, Scorpios, especially by those born between 18th and 22nd of August, February, May and November. It will also strongly influence those who have major planets and astrological points between 25 ° and 30 ° in Leo, Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio. Sagittarians and Arians will also feel these energies stronger than other signs.

Emotional needs, moods, responses, challenges, frustrations

While the noble “Greater Leos” will radiate playfulness of a child,  “Little Leos” will express a very negative immature behavior. Such immaturity can become extremely problematic in the wider social as well as global, political spheres. “Little Lions” will be able to cause real problems when in certain places of power, their reckless and irresponsible behavior will land can endanger peace and political stability in certain parts of the world or it will cause public unrest, protests. If these issues do not dangerously escalate, this eclipse will reveal the true nature and faces of certain people, may they be world leaders, politicians, demagogues, populists or greedy, power-hungry individuals. Certain negative mentalities, ideologies, beliefs, personal or social will need to be addressed and dealt with, especially as they fuel the actions of the traumatized, narrow-minded and limited egos of the “Little Leos”. As I said, this eclipse is not called the Great American Eclipse for no reason. 🙂
On the other hand This eclipse can affect your well-being negatively if you are in a period of any kind of distress especially emotional one. Anxiety, excessive dramatization, self-pity, martyrdom, anger, sadness, disappointment can occur. Do not allow these emotional states to dominate your everyday life; this eclipse will bring emotional crises for a reason. You must be aware of your own values, your own self-importance, uniqueness, you must be proud of yourself, but above all you want to allow this eclipse to encourage you to take an important step forward towards greater self-confidence and self-respect. Be confident, you are stronger than you think!
Regulus, The Star of Kings which represents the heart of the Leo in the constellation of Leo, expresses the royal nature of the sign. It expresses the noble, warmhearted, generous energies of true leaders, positive public figures, guardians, protectors, teachers, visionaries and brings true strength, renown, personal success, glory, fame, social acceptance, recognition, respect, to those of a worthy heart but it can also bring a steep and tragic fall into oblivion, infamy, shame and social disgrace to the unworthy. A personal and social collapse for those who exploit acquired, immorally obtained, or bestowed positions of power and influence, for those who exploit popullistic ideology for their own selfish benefits and do harm to others. This is  the reason I named this eclipse, “The fall and the rise of kings”. Indeed, only the Greater Leos will be able to take advantage of these energies, while Little Leos will only reveal their petty, selfish, little egos, showing their narrow mindedness by trying to achieve greatness.
Of course, this expression of the royal nature of man can also be understood in the sense of a positive individual and personal growth. The solar eclipse will allow you to become rulers, kings and masters of your own fate, giving you emotional maturity, instinct, intuition, wisdom, nobility, power, zeal and motivation of true leaders. With these energies you can truly take matters into your own hands, recognize your own desires, goals, ambitions, and also begin to work steadily towards realizing your own personal potential. Regardless of the astrological sign in which we were born, at the time of our birth, our birth sign is illuminated by the Sun, the ruler of Leo. with the Sun being the most important celestial body, the ruler of the skies it imprints an everlasting royal mark of divinity upon our souls. Our task in this life is to express and achieve the highest and most noble and positive attributes of our own astrological sign, to become the “Great” representatives” of the zodiac energies, “Greater Leos” of our signs. Remember, energy of the Leo is the energy of the Sun, and the energy of the Sun is the energy of life. As we all carry this life force within us, do take advantage of the vital energy of your sunshine, truly live your life expressing all of the divine potential given to you by the stars!