Weekly prediciton, September 28th – October 4th. The Harvest Blood Moon.

4-blood-moon-by-Jorge-Capo-on-500pxThe coming week will open up with this incredible lunar eclipse happening in the morning hours this Monday the 28th, influencing the whole week ahead.The total eclipse will paint the moon red, which pretty much explains what this lunation is going to be about. This is a wild, fiery, sensitive, impulsive and very motivated Moon. Its position in Aries suggests we will be promoting ourselves more than ever before, we will actively pursue our goals, passions whatever they might be. Self interest at its highest with the desire to achieve, accomplish or initiate something will be very strong. We do not however want to get carried away to much. With the current retrograde Mercury in Libra together with the sun, the emphasis is on cooperation and diplomacy. Think before you act in the days around this moon. Its a great time to initiate many things but it has to be done with discretion. The balancing act will be a demanding issue. On the other hand, this might be a time when to much Libra weighing is not good for us. As we consider all the options, and think which one to choose, that’s all we do, unable to make a decision. This Aries moon in the beginning of this week might expedite our decision making process, giving us courage, and motivation to take a stand, to choose. Seeking harmony and balance is of great importance, but there can be no balance if we do not assert and express our own desires and interests. Make yourself and your wishes known to the world during this Aries Moon. It is the only way to start the whole balancing act. Yes the individual energies will clash during this week, but that is how it has to be. Putting yourself out here is a challenge, but the only way for the world to see, accept and acknowledge you.

As this is the full moon it is also the high point of this lunar month. Its influence will bring things to a conclusion, its harvest time. Issues we dealt with around the solar eclipse on September 13th, whatever we started or planted at that time, it is during this full moon, that certain issues will reach maturity, things will come into fruition. This moon will influence our relationships the most. Relationships with our selves, with our environment, people, the world and universe in general. How balanced are we? How assertive are we? Do we express our desires, do we pursue our goals? How do we engage with others, fairly, unfairly? How do we respect our selves? How do we feel, in balance with others or is something missing? Do we feel like we are treated unfairly? Is there a feeling of injustice, do we want compensation for something?
Trying to get what you think you deserve, what you want, need crave for, and trying to get it in the right way by cooperating with others will be the main theme of the upcoming week. The need to stand for ourselves, for our wants and desires, the need to be more assertive, and the desire to re-balance things if needed will be very important for many people. As getting what one wants will not necessarily be possible, anger, conflict, frustration and emotional upsets will be common. Respond to these energies with the energy of the retrograde Mercury. Contemplate your words and actions. The energy of the ‘winged messenger’ can be used to find new and better ways of communicating with others. We can actively, boldly express our thoughts and perceptions without hurting, upsetting people, but making them understand. These will go along way in establishing greater cooperation.
The moon is the archetype of feminine energy, the sensitive, the motherly, the caring goddess. This full moon also joins together the three other archetypes of feminine energy. The three goddesses, asteroids Juno, the married woman, Vesta, the old wise crone and Black Moon Lilith, the wild and sexually charged nymph will additionally influence the energy of this full Moon. We will need to recognize and accept these influences during this lunation. The trick will lie in sensitive, caring and active approach to our own needs and the needs of other people. We will need to use the wisdom of Vesta, the ability of cooperating Juno and the wild passion and drive of Lilith. Which aspect of this feminine energy will you pursue in your relationship with yourself, your desires, needs, and how will you use the triplicity of this feminine energy when dealing with others.
How will you engage, respond during this week? What will you initiate, start or end during this week? Assert yourself and approach others with self confidence, passion, but remember to seek the balance and harmony.


Monthly prediction for September 2015. – The New Seed

AstroMaestro is back ūüėČ

As we are already half way through this last month of summer, we are entering its most interesting period. The heavy karmic¬†energy of this concluding Venus retrograde cycle is now pretty much behind us. It did however bring revelations, changes and disruptions that will echo well into our immediate and near, possibly even far away future. This ‘cleaning up the attic’ energy was mostly active in and through our relationships. We saw breakups, some pretty difficult ones. There was also a lot of experimenting and coming together with new and interesting people. All this activity however served not the relationships themselves, it served us. Relationships were pretty much a very powerful catalyst during this karmically heated summer. The main issue was to deal with some much overdue, self destructive, obsessive and self defeating personal problems. Damaging behavioral patterns, crippling fears, traumas, complexes that in many ways hindered or even blocked us from enjoying this life in its fullness as a happy individual, were finally out on the open. It was necessary that we met them on the open battlefield.For some people this meant liberation, victory, release, some however were plunged in a very difficult personal crisis, without a clue how to respond to react.We all however came face to face with our greatest faults and demons. With September’ energy we seek new ground in combating and
dealing with ourselves.

As i am writing these lines we are in between two powerful lunations, a solar and a lunar eclipse. The first occurred in Virgo on Sunday the 13th, we will witness the lunar eclipse on September the 28th. We will be dealing with energy of the Virgo ( hard effort, acquiring skills, organization, servitude), Libra (adjustment, fairness, diplomacy) and Aries ( boldness, assertion, activity, initiation) throughout this month.

The solar eclipse in Virgo is all about healing of the soul, hard work invested in our own personal progress, its about taking care of our selves for a change, being aware of how can we be more useful to our selves. The karmic summer left a lot of scars, and reopened a lot of wounds. Virgo energy allows us to gain practical expertise from the events of the past few months. This energy allows us to learn through hard work, through error and trial, we are much like the sorcerer’s apprentice through this month, learning and perfecting our skills to handle the situations we were thrown in, to learn how to handle ourselves better than before. It is time to use this karmic experience in our favor.

With the lunar eclipse at the end of the month the energy pattern shifts to Libra and Aries. With the Mercury once again going on its retrograde journey, this time in Libra, this lunation will be once again focused on relationships. The bold moon in Aries will be about taking new pioneering steps in the matters regarding relations with others. The need and the desire to reconnect with people, starting something new, or rebuilding something old will definitely be the theme. It is imperative however that we enter in such activities with the newly gained awareness of ourselves. Some things have changed for good and this requires us to deal with our relationships in a very different way than before. Some people will leave our lives completely, with some we will rebuild and create something that truly works for our new selves.Diplomacy, fairness play a big part here. With Mercury retrograde we will rethink our role in our relationships. How much do we give to, how well do we listen to, cooperate with and understand ‘the other’ This energy will provide us with insights on how to put our relationships on the right track again. Realizing where and how we want and how we should reconnect with people will be the main theme of this lunation. Unbalanced, onesided relationships will be weighed on the scales of justice. Is it worth it or not, rethink your own part and than choose to abandon or return. It all has to be done in equilibrium with the intense karmic venus retrogarde teachings from the previous months.

It would be bad if we use this energy of fairness and justice to feed our own unresolved issues and obsessive behaviors. Trying to get your way, persisting in what is fundamentally bad for us and selling it as seeking justice, will serve no other purpose than plunging yourself even further into the darkness.It is important to understand, although the intensity and shock of the past summer is behind us, we have just barely started the journey on mastering our selves as a whole. The things this heavy period revealed to us were frightening, very difficult to absorb. Letting go of the demons, fears and traumas that debilitate us is a very difficult process as they represent something that we become used to. Changing ourselves even if it is for the better is hard, because killing an old habit is like dealing with a wide spread infestation. You never get really rid of it and you must always stay vigilant not to stray back to the old patterns and ways.

This September serves as a month of respite and as a month of hard work and effort to find our new bearing in this world. Temptations to revert back to the old will never be more strong or appealing, but the promised freedom and potential of letting go and moving forward are truly worth the effort.

Stay strong in your newly discovered center and from this center learn how to better take care of yourselves and the people, relationships that are important to you.