Weekly report, 13.6. – 19.6., Part 1 – The Crossroads of my mind



In the week before the Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 20th, the energies of the mutable square aspect between Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune rise significantly in their influence and manifestation. We are dealing with all sorts of life situations where communication, decision-making process, learning,  seeking awareness and understanding will be key issues when dealing with  themes of selfless service and service in general, health, personal progress, personal growth and also when dealing with confusion, delusion and frustration in money, business, career matters and relationships.

The frustrations, pressures, problems, challenges, setbacks, confusions, irritations arise exponentially during this week. What was planted during the New Moon on June 4th gains momentum. The intensity will resume and increase until the Full Moon on June 20th when either relief, resolution or final climax arrives.

The period between the New Moon on June 4th and the Full Moon 20th is a testing period and soon the test result will be here. What is being tested you will say?

Well, it’s a time when the past resolves and opens a new path into the future.Our beliefs, our decisions, our relationships, our communication skills, our strengths our courage are the test subjects. But do not be mistaken, the cross will not choose instead of you, it will no doubt test you, show you the results, but the choice which path to take is still 100% yours to make my dears. 🙂


Moon in Libra

Transit strength: weekly weak transit

Transit duration: Monday morning till Wednesday noon


A time when adjustment, balance and fairness is sought. The needs are met when our relationships with others emanate harmony, when we successfully cooperate with others, when we meet the need of others as well. Conflict is not desired under such a Moon.

The mutable square and the retrograde Mars in Scorpio though, will bring frustrations and irritations. This can cause negative moods and emotions to become more and more frequent under this Moon.

Also a great need for justice or putting things to justice is present. Resolving any problematic situations of disharmony in our relationships will be imperative, though challenging due to the current planetary configurations. This goes for new, old, broken or recently reunited relationships.


Moon in Scorpio:

Transit strength: weekly weak transit

Transit duration: Wednesday afternoon until Friday late evening.

Scorpio will intensify our feelings and emotions, so watch out for even greater emotional upset. Anger management is advised, especially when the Moon joins with Mars in Scorpio on Friday.Watch for anxious, self-destructive behavior. Also be aware of more negative feelings of despair and avoid excessive martyrdom, addictive and obsessive behavior.

Scorpio Moons are known to elevate our passions, our emotional focus. This bring about strong and powerful feelings. She can also flush out a lot of buried, deep and perhaps problematic, conflicted, heavy and un welcomed emotions. In other words, especially with the current Mutable energy in the skies, expect your past to catch up with you again. Life situations, memories, experiences that frustrate, scare and perplex you will come to the fore. You will be required to combat your demons, accept new challenges and deal with your problems.

When it comes to new projects, undertakings, ventures, love affairs, proceed with caution. Retrograde Mars demands careful energy investment so make sure you decide properly on how to proceed so that your next move will be the right one and that you will not regret it further on. With the Moon joining in to the mix during this neurotic and stressful Mutable energy, our actions, decisions, might quickly become emotionally compromised and our behavior can become self-defeating, so pay attention, contemplate more!

To those who will learn to adapt to the changeable Mutable cross energy, to be cautious and prudent with the current Mars energies while harnessing the passions and intensity of the Scorpio Moon, some very powerful advances will become a reality. This might manifest in your private, public and career life as well.

Scorpio Moon is a very intense lady so listen to what she has to say.


Mutable signs of Virgo, Pisces, Gemini and Sagittarius will be generally exposed to this week’s influences. Scorpios, Libras, Taurians as well. People with important points and planets in these signs will feel the energy build up too.






Weekly prediction, 6.6. – 12.6., Part 1 – Journey of the young Moon



Throughout this week, influences and energies of the New Moon in Gemini are beginning to shape our daily lives even more. The seed was planted and now it has started to grow. The way we deal with issues and themes related to this New Moon’s influence will determine what will eventually become of the this seed. The time of harvest is set to occur around the Full Moon in Sagittarius on 20th of June. For better insight on how to deal with increasing activity and manifestation of the influences of Saturday’s New Moon feel free to revisit my weekly prediction article for the previous week. *


Moon in Cancer

Transit duration: Monday morning until Wednesday morning.

Transit strength: weak weekly transit.


Emotional needs


The week starts with the young Moon entering the sign of nurturing, needy and emotionally very sensitive Cancer. With the energy set up of the grand cross still being in effect we will respond to many of the themes and issues with great emotional response.* Our needs as always with Cancer are about belonging ( family, places, people we love, things we love to do ), nurture, safety, emotional stability, emotional fulfillment and peace of heart. Simply put, meeting these needs successfully will make us feel happy, not meeting these needs will make us feel frustrated, anxious and upset. This brings us to emotional moods and irritations.

Emotional moods and irritations


Cancer is the native sign of the Moon so she is at home here, but the water – water combo makes her very emotional as far as her responses to the outer world goes, she becomes more impulsive. You will think and respond more with your heart then your head. Relationship decisions and communications with Venus and the Sun in Gemini will be highly influenced by this Moon in Cancer. Emotional confusion can be a factor.

Other manifestations of this energy will produce feelings of love, nostalgia, nurture, caring but also feelings of regret, loss, yearning, loneliness. Depending on the difficulty of the situations bestowed upon you by the Mutable Grand cross *, emotionally burdening effects of the Cancer Moon will fluctuate from moderate to heavy.

At the end of her journey in Cancer she will make a trine and a sextile to an applying opposition between Mercury in Taurus and retrograde Mars in Scorpio. Powerful emotions feelings and motivational drives, especially the ones related to sharing and giving in departments of love, sex, sensuality, pleasure-seeking, resources ( material and non material ) will arise. Watch out for coodependency issues. Achieving personal strength, stability and self sufficiency is imperative! These feelings and emotions will be processed mentally and expressed verbally at some point due to the Mercury in Taurus.

The earthly element here indicates prudent, practical and grounded approach to these matters. One should work, as said before, in one’s own interest by assuring their emotional well-being, safety, comfort and success. Take your stand, project and express your thoughts from your independent place of power and strength. You do not have to be selfish though, Earth Water combo can produce some very loving, sharing and caring state of mind and heart. You should strive towards such expression of your true inner being, but remember, do not leave your place of power and strength either by retreating and backing down when you should take a stand or advancing forcefully in the personal domain of others.

This transit and aspect configuration will influence Cancers, Scorpios, Taurians the most. People with important point and planets in these signs will feel the influences as well.


Moon in Leo

Transit duration: Wednesday morning until Friday morning

Transit strength: Weak weekly transit


Emotional needs


With Leo Moons we strive for being affirmed, respected and acknowledge for who we are as individuals. Our unique personality has to shine through for others to see. This is the prime need we have to meet during such a Moon. This however doesn’t mean everyone has to become some sort of center of attention for others to praise, adore and applaud. Well some people will strive for that, especially those who enjoy to perform or expose themselves publically.

But still, generally speaking, the Leo energy is about being true to yourself, it’s about persuing your truest life passions, callings, goals, desires and wishes, almost anything that defines you as a unique human being. That is what is really important here. For the most part You are the only one who has to really affirm your one of a kind personality. You must be proud of who you are and you must strive to express the very essence of your special self even more and more. That is the most important need when it comes to Leo Moon. Meeting this need bring emotional fulfillment, not meeting this need bring frustration. It’s that simple. People who have their Sun energy or Leo energy blocked during this transit will experience some difficulties.


Emotional moods and frustrations


Leo Moons make us passionate, proud, emotionally very sensitive, so watch out for negative manifestation of Drama queen effect. This is a general warning under Leo energy influence. You might be easily offended because of the increased feeling of personal pride, so be careful not to explode in anger or emotional drama. Frustrations can arise due to lack of possibility for self-expression or on the other hand, greater motivation to express true feelings, inclinations, desires and wishes can become more prominent.

The Moon in Leo will aspect the Mars/Mercury opposition in Scorpio/Taurus in a form of a square. A T – square pattern will dominate the skies through much of Thursday, we will feel the influence on Wednesday and Friday as well. This will be a collision of fixed energies, which are known for manifesting extreme stubborn behavior. We are combining the unstable yet passionate, motivational drive energy of Rx Mars in Scorpio, prudent, cautious, calculative grounded energy of Mercury in Taurus, and highly emotional charged, passionate, self-centered, self expressing, proud energy of the Leo Moon.

Much of the dynamics i was discussing when describing above Water – Earth  Moon/Mars/Mercury trine will increase in action. This can bring highly emotionally charged verbal expressions of one’s feelings, emotions, so do watch out when it comes to your relationship communications.

Here we are once again talking about giving, sharing concepts ( Scorpio, Taurus ), working in one’s own interest, dealing with coodependency issues, dealing with generosity and self-expression factors ( Leo ). Passions, desires, wantings, negative and positive will rule our expressions. We might take risks, but do not take the one’s where too much is at stake. On the other hand we might strive towards passivity, stability, continuity. We might seek, pleasure, comfort, greater sensuality. We might want to proudly express and show ourselves to the world.

Don’t be greedy, selfish and egocentric, thinking only of yourself. Remember to give when you can afford it resource wise ( love, caring, support through expression of feelings or through sharing your material resources. ) and when you’re suppose too, but withhold when you would only support unhealthy coodependency issues when you would feed the selfishness. Do not succumb to exploitation, addictive behavior and self-destructive tendencies. Take pride in the good that you do and in the goodness that is within you.

Watch out when you will encounter problems, oppositions, setbacks or obstacles in the form of either frustrating events, occurrences, situations or other people’s feelings, desires, wantings and expectations. Handle these conflicts with a flexible frame of mind and with a tempered heart. At any cost avoid too self-centered, stubborn or even egotistic behavior. With predominately mutable energy in the skies right now, situations and people’s moods will be prone to extreme changeability so any kind of negative unrelenting fixed point of view or focus will be highly detrimental to your well-being. Adjust and adapt, leave your comfort zones, and abandon your false pride, ego, personal desires and expectations if need be!


These transitions and aspects will influence Leos, Scorpios and Taurians the most. People with important planets and points in these signs will feel the influences as well.


* https://astromaestroguy.wordpress.com/2016/06/01/weekly-prediction-30-5-5-6-new-moon-in-gemini-mutable-grand-cross/


Final summary of weekly influences


Important issues, themes and keywords:

  • nurture, caring, belonging, stability, safety, emotional sensitivity, fulfillment.
  • defensiveness, emotional confusion, impulsiveness.
  • prudent actions, communication, calculative thought patterns.
  • passions, pride, motivational drives, anger, frustrations.
  • self-expression, individuality.
  • sensuality, pleasure seeking.
  • generosity, sharing, giving.
  • coodependency issues, addictions, unhealthy behavioral patterns.



Weekly prediction, 30.5. – 5.6., New Moon in Gemini -Mutable grand cross


Alignment of the Mutable grand cross


Aspect strength: very important yearly aspect.

Aspect duration: in effect from Autumn 2015 until end of June 2016. Strongest influence from end of May 2016 until first half of June 2016. The New moon in Gemini on 5th of June is its peak date.


A grand cross is an aspect that is formed when at least four planets align themselves to form a cross like aspect form. Grand crosses are very potent and powerful aspect patterns and their main purpose is to increase the dynamics of our lives. This is done by either triggering our need for action and initiation or by leaving us no other chance but to move our butts and do something about certain difficult situations we might find our selves in. Action is used to tackle important life’s challenges, problems, it’s used to resolve conflicts of any kind and ultimately it brings progress.

The core aspect of this particular cross is formed by the Jupiter, Neptune and Saturn squares. These planets were coming in and out of exact orbs through out last eight months, creating a lot of tension, frustration and conflict by forming an imperfect cross pattern called the T – square as its shape resembles the capital letter ‘T’. From time to time, the transiting Moon perfected the cross by aligning herself in an aspect with these three planets.  Each time that occurred during these eight months the energy of the cross became more prominent and the influence of its major players became stronger and more powerful. With the New Moon in Gemini on June 4th/5th the Grand cross will reach its highpoint as far as the strength of its influence is concerned. The New Moon on 4th/5th of June and the period of three weeks is thus considered as one of the most important periods of the year 2015/2016! But what are these energies going to be like? Lets meet all the players of this Grand cross and lets see what is going to be their part in all this;

Saturn in Sagittarius: Saturn in the sign of Sage has been pounding us for quite some time, more accurately from the beginning of Autumn 2015. The planet that prefers structure, order, stability, promotes endurance and vigilance, demands dutiful, respectful, diligent behavior and forces us to accept our reality as it may be, can create quite a mess when it travels through the sign of Jupiter the planet of growth and expansion.

You see, Saturn often works through performing some sort of repression and restriction. It hinders our personal progress to some degree and creates frustrations in our lives. Why is that so? Saturn is a great teacher and main lesson we get from him is that greatest success in life is achieved only through real effort, discipline and great responsibility. There are no short cuts or easy ways out. We must accept the reality for what it is and make the best of what she has to offer. The progress is there, but if we are heavily affected by this planets it seems like everything is at a stand still, we feel really frustrated, pressured and strained. Self criticism arises.

With its position in Sage, Saturn brings reality checks in the realm of our personal beliefs and belief systems. We begin to question what we believe in and either update or abandon old ways of seeing and perceiving life. Our personal freedom or sense of freedom may be impaired, our growth process in any area of life ( love. work, career, family…) is perhaps brought to a halt and we cannot ‘expand’ in ways we used to or in ways we would like to. New knowledge and awareness is brought to mind, especially the one that raises our sense of responsibility and dutiful behavior.

Jupiter in Virgo: Jupiter is the planet of growth, limitless expansion, knowledge, greater awareness and understanding. With Jupiter we want to experience the world and learn about life itself. Jupiter is a benefic, but there are downsides to its influence as well. One of the most prominent cons is the feeling of omnipotence, where one is usually very irresponsibly convinced they can do or achieve anything. That of course is an error in judgement, especially if Jupiter would make a hard aspect to Saturn.

Jupiter in Virgo is about expansion of awareness and understanding as far as our health issues goes and our service to ourselves and to society. Virgo is about the dutiful, healthy life, where order and the application of practical personal skills enriches our daily rhythm. We want to grow in these matters of the Virgo and we want to learn more on how to better take care and provide for our bodies, souls and hearts.


Neptune in Pisces: Neptune is the planet of dreams, unconscious realms, plains of existence that transcend life and death and combine both. It is the planet that desolves the sense of ‘EGO’ it goes against the concept of individuality and upholds the notion of unity, wholeness. Neptune represents the vast, pretty much unknown, perhaps even endless and limitless Universe. Its influence creates confusion in our lives, creates illusions, ideals and makes us day-dream. Neptune also raises our levels of empathy, selfless service, can cause martyrdom and it can increase our intuitive, healing and psychic abilities. Being in Pisces, its native sign, above mentioned influences only intensify.


New Moon in Gemini


Aspect strength: important monthly aspect

Aspect duration: in effect through out this week, strongest during the weekend on 4th/5th of June.

This Moon is the fourth player concluding the alignment of the Grand cross and she serves as the trigger point. She is one of the three lunations during the period of month and a half that will occur in the axis of Gemini/Sagittarius. The first one was the Full Moon on May the 21st and the third one will be the Full Moon on June the 18th. All three Moons create an important learning cycle and the quest for the truth is what it is all about.

Things we will learn, experience during this time will alter the understanding of who we are and we might perceive people and the world around us in a very different manner. We will need to deal with certain painful and sad facts of life, abandon old beliefs and adopt new, fresh and constructive perspectives of the world around us.

This period of three lunations is the period of personal enlightenment, where we gain precious new awareness. The Full Moon on 21st of May was a powerful but very conflicting trigger that started the whole process. This New Moon in Gemini is a cheerful promise of a new and exiting beginning. However, we must not forget that this Gemini energy has to face some very challenging influences of the other upper mentioned planets of Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune.


Emotional needs


With the New Moon in Gemini we crave fresh communication, new and perhaps different way of interaction with people in general. This is even more so with this particular lunation as Venus in Gemini conjuncts The Moon nad the Sun. Relationships, especially new beginnings, reunions, reconnections and ceasefires will be very important. We will be in great need to converse with others, to exchange ideas, to talk about exciting and interesting or important and essential things in our relatiohships. With this setup our curiosity to explore and to try new things will be quite powerful. There is a lot of mental energy coming to the fore with this one. Our minds, our intellect, our thoughts and the ways we express them are going to shape our lives during this week.


Moods and frustrations

This Moon serves as a fresh breeze and in its core energy ( Sun, Moon, Venus ) she is very playful, joyful, light-hearted, ready to respond to exciting stimulation. However as said before she has to deal with some quite burdening influences from Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune. With all these complex and difficult energy patterns bumping heads with each other, her greatest asset becomes her desire to learn.

With this Moon, finding your personal truth will be important, finding your new way out of a difficult situation will be important. You will feel frustrations, you will feel the pressures, obligations, you will be lost, confused and you will feel like you are stretched to the breaking point. However, there will also be a desire to grow to be free and to dream a new future for your self. Use the sharp mental energy of Gemini to navigate through the stormy waters of these aspects with great wit, agility and speed of thought. Devise new plans, rethink your moves, come up with better ideas or solutions to your problems. Communicate your problems with others, resolve conflicts through constructive interaction and cooperation.

There will be a lot going on, with all this mutable energy things can get pretty hectic due to high changeability of life situations. The best way is to avoid any activity or action that would raise your stress levels. Do not be excessively anxious, nervous as it wont be doing you any good. Also do not over think, don’t get caught in a vicious cycle of analysis. Use the mind to leave the comfort zone, make different decisions and choices this time around.

You should also become more flexible and adaptable yourself. This is no time for stubborn behavior, go with the flow, do not resist wherever these influences will carry you! They will show you what you need to see and teach you what you need to learn. The Moon will be at your side if you will be prepared to ride this new wind. Do not look backwards, throw the pointless things of the past overboard, make your ship lighter. This is how you will meet the challenges of days and weeks to come. 😉


Summary of all influences

And once again, you will be dealing with these key issues;

  • dealing with old structured beliefs and belief systems, updating, replacing abandoning them (religion, personal perspective or philosophy).
  • obligations, responsibilities, pressures, frustrations versus desires to grow, to be free and to expand.
  • health awareness issues, you will also deal with actual health problems ( illness, disease, healthy vs unhealthy way of life ).
  • issues of selfless and utilitarian service.
  • empathy, compassion, intuition.
  • confusion, illusions, deceit, exploitation.
  • relationships ( new information, communication, interaction )
  • learning, understanding, seeking the truth, gaining new awareness and knowledge.


The Grand cross and the New Moon in Gemini will affect mutable signs the most ( Virgo, Pisces, Gemini, Sagittarius ) and people with strong mutable energy in their natal charts ( having an important planet or point in these signs ).